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An Official Measure of Innovation

A U.S. government-sponsored brain-trust is developing a better set of metrics for innovation initiatives—and they're asking the public to help

McDonald's 24/7

By focusing on the hours between traditional mealtimes, the fast-food giant is sizzling

How Bob Iger Unchained Disney

The Mouse House has been racking up enviable numbers since Iger settled into Michael D. Eisner's throne

The Soul of a New Microsoft

Edgy thinkers like J Allard are looking far beyond Windows for the next big thing

How Failure Breeds Success

Everyone fears failure. But breakthroughs depend on it. The best companies embrace their mistakes and learn from them

How to Live Up to Innovation Hype

Companies known for inventive tech were dubbed the Next Big Thing and then disappeared. Now they're back, and they're growing

The World's Most Innovative Companies 2006

Their creativity goes beyond products to rewiring themselves. BusinessWeek and the Boston Consulting Group rank the best

2007 Most Innovative Companies

The World's Most Innovative Companies

The leaders in nurturing cultures of creativity

The Most Innovative Companies Interactive Table

A sortable list of the 50 innovation leaders on this year's BusinessWeek-Boston Consulting Group ranking

Meet the Most Innovative Companies

What makes these 50 companies innovative? Click here to find out

Innovation Insights

Key findings of the BW-BCG annual survey of senior executives

Top Innovators by Industry

A breakdown of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by sector

Disney Bets Long on Film Shorts

Under Iger, it's giving up-and-coming talent a chance to shine

First Mover in Mobile

How Nokia is selling cell phones to the developing world

Slide Show: Nokia Gets It Right for South Asia

The mobile-phone maker has blanketed India with handsets tailored to the country's people and their environment

P&G Asks: What's the Big Idea?

Now famous for its open approach to innovation, the maker of Pampers and Crest is looking for life-changing product breakthroughs

Are Patents the Measure of Innovation?

Maybe not, since the number of patents filed by a company doesn't give a full picture of its creative prowess. But analyzing citations produces some interesting of patents filed by a company results

Behind This Week's Cover Story

BusinessWeek's John Byrne and Jena McGregor analyze the leaders and organizations behind this year's Most Innovative Companies

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