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JetBlue's recent operational fiasco led BusinessWeek to cut the company from our first ranking of Customer Service Champs. Would you have kept JetBlue on the list?
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The Onliness of Strong Brands

Marty Neumeier, author of Zag, talks about good vs. different, and zagging when others zig to make your brand stand out

In Ads, It Pays to Aim for the Heart

Commercials with a high level of emotional content carry more resonance with the public, a B-school researcher finds. Plus, reasons for retailers to avoid the Web, and the repercussions of a grouchy boss

Retail's Next Wave: The Niche

Former Staples CEO and VC expert Tom Stemberg talks about why big chains are facing increasing competition from well-funded concept retailers

The Revenge of the Generic

Copying Target's model, chains such as Office Max and Costco are developing more upscale, store-brand products—and customers are buying them

OXO, Remade in Japan

The housewares maker made its name using Universal Design principles—but it found some of those didn't travel well when it looked East

The Real Genius of Apple's iPhone

Word is the newly announced phone from Steve Jobs will transcend superficial design and deliver user-friendly function and limitless adaptability

Customer Service

Customer Service Champs

BW's first-ever ranking of 25 client-pleasing brands included JetBlue, until it got stuck on the runway

Slide Show: Customer Service Champs

Read on for customer-friendly tools, techniques and strategies practiced by the best

Interactive Table: The Customer Service Elite

Through innovations in technology, employee training, and customer-centered strategies, these service leaders anticipate and exceed customer needs

No. 1: USAA

Soldiering On In Insurance

No. 3: Cadillac

Looser Rules, Happier Clients

No. 8: UPS

How Technology Delivers For UPS

An Extraordinary Stumble At JetBlue

Will the airline's flight plan for a service recovery work?

Playbook: At Your Service

Creating consistently good customer experiences is one of the hardest tasks in business. Here are ideas from our winners


What It Takes To Be A Winner

Slide Show: Satisfaction (Not Always) Guaranteed

Whether via blog, Web site, or news reports, consumers have a means to get back at companies for dishing out poor service

Attention Shoppers: Quit Whining

Talk about the pros and cons of customer service in The Debate Room

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