Special Report


China Goes Luxury

The luxury-goods designer is seeing its sales rise smartly lately, thanks to an innovative use of traditional motifs

Plus: Inspiring Shanghai Tang's Fashions

Isaac Mizrahi: One-Man Brand

On the eve of the "Radical Craft" conference in California, the fashion designer talks about art, beauty, design, and Target

Uniqlo, Brand of the Rising Sun

The hip clothing retailer hopes a new Manhattan flagship--and a fresh take on Japanese design for the masses--will lure U.S. shoppers

Fashion Conquistador

Zara's quick turnover lures shoppers, but global expansion could be a strain

Riding Hip Jeans Into New Luxury Markets

Denim used to be a way for high-end fashion designers to go mass, but a new generation of brands is using $150 jeans to launch upscale lifestyle brands

The Business of Fashion

India: Bridging the Fashion Culture Gap

Apparel company Murjani Group is leading the charge, bringing Western labels such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein to Indian shoppers

What Gap Needs to Do Now

With the CEO out, the chain is hunting a new chief and a new direction. Here's what various experts advise

High Style Goes High Tech

Well-dressed consumers are snapping up stain-free, nonwrinkle suits and shirts, and fashion brands see growth opportunities in enhanced clothing
Video: Tech-Wear for the Office

Gucci's High Style—and Growing Revenues

The luxury label has overcome sluggish sales and rebounded, thanks to savvy branding strategies
Slide Show: Gucci Glamour

Casual Male: Combining Fit and Fashion

No longer the "Big & Tall" store, the company is looking to lure larger-sized men seeking stylish clothes across the price spectrum

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