Special Report


Graphing the Development Gap

Hans Rosling's brainchild, a nonprofit called Gapminder, uses interactive design to render global statistics comprehensible

Taking the Pulse!! of Medical Training

Students are learning from a computer simulation that borrows elements from shoot-'em-up games. But don't call it a video game

Architectural Wonders: Building Innovation

Architects face such challenges as terrorism and costly energy, while designing ever-higher, technologically advanced buildings

A Leg Up for Crutch Design

Other medical aids have evolved rapidly over the past century, but crutches still hobble along, awkward as ever. It's time for new ideas

Cars That Tell a Story, by Design

Each one of Chip Foose's vehicles has a unique inspiration. An exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum puts it all in context

The Best Product Designs of 2005

Many of the winning entries from this year's competition for Industrial Design Excellence Awards spring from a close observation of the customer

Cutting-Edge Designers

On the Real Cutting Edge

The most innovative designers don't necessarily create fun gadgets. Meet 10 who have developed solutions for jails, flour mills, and much more

Case Study: Issey Miyake, the Dream Weaver

The fashion innovator responsible for no-sew clothing is joining with other avant-garde designers to create wearable chairs and reversible jeans
Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Inventions

Think Big

Want to hook customers? Remember that good design isn't simply about the product -- it's about the entire business environment

China Needs Design That Sells

As the country changes from a manufacturer to a consumer nation, companies must learn how to market to a diverse public

Test Your Knowledge of Inventions

Think you know the history of cutting-edge products over the last 100 years? Take our quiz and find out

Podcast: Serious Gamer

A former board-game designer and software programmer, Doug Whatley discusses how first-person shooters inspire military, medical, and management training tools -- and vice versa
Slide Show: Scenes from a Virtual Hospital

Podcast: Citizen Cottam

RED director Hilary Cottam explains her "do-tank" work and how innovative design can improve the lives of poverty-stricken slum dwellers

Podcast: Low-Tech Innovation

MacArthur Fellow and MIT instructor Amy Smith develops design solutions to humanitarian problems in developing communities all over the world

Podcast: Interactive Stats

Gapminder founder Dr. Hans Rosling explains how the nonprofit uses interactive design to help "mind the gap" between the world's rich and poor, and discusses what Google is doing to help

Podcast: Brand Building

Leading architect Peter Marino discusses how he conducts in-depth, in-house R & D before designing show-stopping flagship stores for the world's most chic luxury brands
Slide Show: Buildings with Bling

Podcast: Digital Manufacturing

Physically, Freedom of Creation is based in Amsterdam. But it thrives on the edge at which technology meets design. Founder Janne Kyttanen talks about how his small studio found its place on the cutting edge

Podcast: Picture This

Angela Shen-Hsieh wants to save us from our data -- the spreadsheets, databases, and search-engine results that seem to offer few answers
Interactive Graphic: Picturing a Better Business

Podcast: Threadless: Nude No More

It all began with a T-shirt competition -- one that continues today. Threadless has received some 60,000 T-shirt designs since the competition was launched in 2000, proving the power and potential of co-creation

Podcast: The Making of Superman

In 1977, R/GA cofounder Bob Greenberg helped pioneer digital special effects for films. Now he's expanded into marketing and advertising

Podcast: Green Engineer

In this podcast, Guy Battle discusses buildings that breathe, sheds for Wal-Mart, and why CFO's are his new best friends
Slide Show: Green from the Ground Up

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