Best Product Design 2006


IDEA 2006

All the winning entries from this year's competition for Industrial Design Excellence Awards


Two-Second Shelter

A weatherproof tent that builds itself in an instant

Ace Shooter

The creation of Kodak's dual-lens camera

Laptop Impossible

MIT Media Lab wanted a cheap, sturdy - and really cool - computer for developing-world kids

The Soul of a New Machine

How China's king of PC makers transformed itself from imitator to innovator

Warehouse Wonder

Crown Equipment's crowning glory is its innovative design team


The Best Product Design of 2006

Design teams from Asia nabbed a quarter of this year's gold awards, up from 8 percent in 2005. What's more, the bar of excellence is moving ever higher
Slide Show: 2006 Idea Awards

Table: Winners for 2006...

Who took the medals at this year's Industrial Design Excellence Awards

Table: Five Years of Winners

Who has won the most medals of the past five Industrial Design Excellence Awards

Matsushita's Award-Winning New Look

The Japanese appliance-maker—home to Panasonic—has revamped a dull image and revived profits. Design chief Toyoyuki Uematsu explains how it happened

A Jury of Different Stripes

Diverse backgrounds and expertise made the best mix of professionals to choose this year's IDEA awards for best industrial design


Sirius Radio's Radical Handheld

The Ziba-designed S50 aimed for simplicity and ease of use. The result: A satellite radio device that plays stored broadcasts, not live ones

The Right Design for Condo Marketing

To lure buyers for their new high-end towers, two Oregon developers took the radical step of turning the job over to a design firm

The Man Behind a Kitchen Revolution

Meet designer Jerome Caruso, creator of the Sub-Zero fridge/freezer and modern status symbol, plus an array of other innovations
Slide Show: Slide Show: The Creations of Jerome Caruso

Prefab Sprouts

A Los Angeles realty firm adds a division that specializes in the promising housing form

Behind Philips' "High Design"

Philips Design CEO Stefano Marzano draws on multidisciplinary knowledge to mold the look of tomorrow. His goal: Humanized tech
Slide Show: A History of Hot Ideas
Slide Show: Sense and Simplicity
Slide Show: On Second Thought...

Samsung Design

The Korean giant makes some of the coolest gadgets on earth. Now it's reinventing itself to get even cooler

"The Front Lines" of Innovation

HP design chief Sam Lucente on the challenges of "orchestrating this complex ecosystem to create a wonderful customer experience"

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