More On TicketMaster-Live Nation

Posted by: Jon Fine on February 12

My take on the Ticketmaster-Live Nation merger (shortform: I am not a huge fan) can be found in my column in the brand new issue of BusinessWeek. (And, uhm, up...

Industry Woes Finally Hitting Country Music

Posted by: Jon Fine on January 09

Last summer, Glenn at called my attention to a very interesting music-biz stat: In 2007, country album sales were in steep decline. And they were. Around the time we...

Obscure Music Statistic Of The Day, Part 2: Coolfer's Analysis Of The Mid-Tail

Posted by: Jon Fine on August 29

Just saw this post on where proprietor Glenn Peoples has been slicing and dicing SoundScan data in all manner of ways in an effort to further parse music sales...


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