Another Crack At, In Which A Cagey Robert Wright Forces Me Into Acting All Pollyanna And Stuff

Posted by: Jon Fine on January 23

Noted author and impresario Robert Wright was kind enough to have me back for another bloggingheads episode. As he said in the, uhm, "diavlog" he hadn't gotten much sleep...

Timing! Always With The Timing!

Posted by: Jon Fine on February 22

Last Sunday I taped (webcammed? digitally-videoed?) this episode of with’s Washington editor, Ana Marie Cox....

Pure Web Video Brutality

Posted by: Jon Fine on January 31

At least it seems like that if you try to get through the entire thing. Ex Gawker-ite Choire Sicha and I, uhm "clash" on a new-ish and very rambling episode...

They Still Let Anyone Do Video On The Web

Posted by: Jon Fine on January 08

Michael Hirschorn, executive vice-president of VH1 and a columnist for The Atlantic and I squared off recently for an episode of, a site I've been fond of for quite...


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