Son Of Bad Ads, Designer Jeans Department: Moving On From This Obsession Now, But First These

Posted by: Jon Fine on January 6, 2009

Bravo, Australia. I may not be able to find the Cotler jeans ads I was talking about, but this might be even better.

Made in the Seventies, back when commercials still had to extol the product in neverending detail. I mean, we're talking about a pair of jeans, right?

This is a Levi's attack ad--by which I mean "an attack on anyone watching it." Scary!

I promise to find other pop-culture obsessions now.

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January 6, 2009 7:55 PM

the scariest part of the Levi's ad is remembering that those "pants" were once considered fashionable and that dacron polyester was once considered a positive design element.

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