On Aggregation

Posted by: Jon Fine on May 29, 2007

I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of aggregation on the Web—how a bunch of stuff from lots of different companies is much more powerful than a standalone site featuring the best stuff from one company. This is, perhaps, why CBS’ interactive honcho Quincy Smith told the Wall Street Journal that a more accurate address for CBS’ video site Innertube would be “cbs.com/nobodygoeshere.”

Anyway, Morgan Stanley just released some data that compares how various kinds of online jobs sites are faring. Bear in mind that Yahoo’s HotJobs recently inked a deal with a bajillion newspapers to, among other things, get access to their help-wanted ads. But check out how the average solo newspaper is doing relative to the aggregators:

Job Postings y/y % change for the week ended 5/27/07 were as follows:
- Monster: 18.3%
- CareerBuilder: 6.2%
- Yahoo!HotJobs: 11.7%
- Local Newspapers: -10.9%

Job Postings y/y % change for the week ended 5/20/07 were as follows:
- Monster: 16.8%
- CareerBuilder: 6.1%
- Yahoo!HotJobs: 6.0%
- Local Newspapers: -11.6%

Job Postings y/y % change for the week ended 5/13/07 were as follows:
- Monster: 18.9%
- CareerBuilder: 4.9%
- Yahoo!HotJobs: 5.0%
- Local Newspapers: -9.7%

(Source: Corzen)




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