Julie Roehm: Enough With These One-Horse Towns!

Posted by: Jon Fine on January 24, 2007

In marketing-geek circles, this counts as a big get. Julie Roehm, the star marketer who was bounced as SVP-marketing communications at Wal-Mart in December amid a flurry of colorful accusations, today made what I think was her first public appearance since she split the Bentonville, Arkansas-based Borg of the retail landscape, appearing on a Reuters-sponsored panel discussion that examined whether Super Bowl advertising was worth it.

As such, a mini-scrum of reporters surrounded her, notebooks in hand, just before she took the stage. (“I never felt this popular before,” she laughed.) In case you were wondering if she divulged where her next job is, well, this will be disappointing, as Roehm was more content to crack wise and utter platitudes about her state right now. (All the options before her are “very freeing, very liberating” etc.)

Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist asking where she might relocate to next.

To which she said: “Someplace with a name that doesn’t end in ‘Ville.”



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