George W. Bush and a Unified Theory of Open Mikes

Posted by: Jon Fine on July 25, 2006

A pal sends an email about the whole Bush/Blair/caught-on-open-mike to-do. Said friend smells a set-up. If this were an episode of the West Wing, he says,

you’d have a debriefing session on how it went: The real prez connected with the real guys. ‘Let’s stop this s….’[sic] And look at how the press fell for it.

I dunno. I don’t think this is another Bill-and-Hillary-dancing-on-the-beach-and-“caught“-on-film thing, if for no other reason than talking through a mouthful of food sounds way more bovine than President-ine.

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July 25, 2006 2:41 PM

I'm with you... if it were a PR thing, it was poorly thought out. Most people thought his comment was a hideous oversimplification of a really complex problem. Then again, i live in NorCal and am surrounded by people who don't love Bush as president...


July 25, 2006 3:20 PM

I agree that this could not have been a public relations ploy. Too sloppy. Instead, it was Bush business-as-usual.

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