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The Beijing Olympics and Openness in China

Posted by: Dexter Roberts on August 28, 2008

I’ve just been reviewing reader comments on the recent story I did “Beijing Olympics: Winners and Losers,” August 25, 2008. Thanks for the varied comments. To a number of you who wrote in saying politics should not be mixed with sports and with the Olympics in particular, I would like to point out the following: First of all, I’m afraid it’s impossible to keep the two separate—from the 1936 Berlin Olympics where Jesse Owens won four gold medals before a shocked Adolf Hitler and a delighted world audience, to the boycotted 1980 Moscow Olympics, the Games and politics inevitably become entwined. That’s the price—or the benefit depending on your perspective—of holding an event that brings together people and countries from around the world.

Secondly, why does the hope that the Olympics might encourage a more open society have to be seen as negative or an attack on China? Some of you suggested that and it frankly baffles me—wanting Chinese to have more freedom, including to speak out seems to me to be pro-China and pro-Chinese. After nearly 14 years living in China I can say with some authority that people here are living in an ever more open society—and that I think is a good thing. Why shouldn’t a monumental event like the Olympics provide a further boost to that process?

Reader Comments


August 30, 2008 12:09 AM

Olympics will not be separated from politics because the media involvement.
The problem arise because of bias news reporting from Western Media. It get to the point that almost no news cover the positive impact from China. Take a look at CNN, if you count the number of videos that cover China, approximately 50, about 90% of them from negative point of view. Business week, I can see still balance enough.


August 30, 2008 12:14 AM

I am sure Cinderella's mother also claims to be having Cindy's best interest in mind when she order Cindy to stay home and mop the floors and stay away from the Prince's ball. The stepmother may really believe she is being good not evil, but Cindy apparently did not think so. So what's the communication problem here??? I am not familiar who said what to whom in Dexter Roberts' particular case, but if Dexter feels like being a 'colateral damage' in the ill will between some Chinese netizens and Western media, maybe he should remembers while those 'western media' collectively are supposed to be experts in human communication skills, the Chinese netizens are mostly amateurs who depend on their instinct to judge wether a certain 'western media' is indeed: friendly or hostile, arrogant or objective, consistant or double-standard, honest or hyprocritical, etc.


August 30, 2008 1:35 AM

The problem is, that the west doesn't really care about freedom of speech. What they want is just freedom of attacking the Chinese government. How do you think the Chinese felt when the west twisted the truth of violence riots in Tibet by the monks and made it sounds like the Chinese police were cracking down the peaceful protest? Even after the killing of the police in Xinjiang, the western media still underemphasized the threat of terrorism in China and simply saying the Chinese government are exaggerating.

Just yesterday, the German media, DW, fired one of their anchor for speaking out to defend Chinese government's role in lifting hundreds of million out of poverty. Is that also part of the freedom of speech? The west doesn't really care about human right or freedom in China, they just want to see China fail.


August 30, 2008 1:38 AM

Oh well, the damage is done. The western media have lost their credibility with Chinese people forever.


August 30, 2008 1:39 AM

It's a matter of interpretation. The Chinese generally don't trust Westerners. Given the history of Western occupation of China, it's hard to believe a Westerner claim they care about the rights of the Chinese people. Westerners think they are sincere but there is really nothing to the Chinese to see that to be true. The Chinese suspicious especially when all the West has done is to vilify China during and after Western occupation. So what has changed? It's hard to believe. All the Chinese see is the West being dictator to China as always. Westerners can easily forget what they did in China because it make themselves believe no wrong was ever done to China so there is no excuse for the Chinese to resist. But then the Chinese know the truth. I live in the US and you see racists use the human rights issue to vilify China. That says it all.


August 30, 2008 2:35 AM

Not really interested in this stupid topic by this idiot writer trying to provoke comments. Well I'll give this dumb white boy this comment. CHINA will NEVER copy that failing US system and does NOT accept white christians view of human rights that caused genocide on so many native peoples by the European peoples. We CHINESE have our own view of human rights which is more humane. And CHINA will continue its ways with more Confuciunism, Taoism, and Socialism with CHINESE characteristics. You can take that one to the bank and cash it, SUCKA! p.s. Make that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)cause american banks are poo pee. hehehehehe


August 30, 2008 3:53 AM

Dear Mr. Roberts:

To me, it sounds pathetically weak to argue that “it is impossible” to separate politics with Olympics. Following that logic, we can link anything together subjectively as we want. If the Chinese should be accountable for Sudan’s Darfur civil war (there isn’t genocide according to UN conclusion, "genocide" is only a US concoction) simply because China buys their oil, are you going to write equally scathing articles on the British for how they do not deserve to be the host of 2012 Olympics, simply because they exploited so many parts of the world in the last century and plundered innumerable cultural relics of other civilizations and killed so many innocents during the process? They are still abusing their power in the name of anti-terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan (I remembered they pulled out of Iraq due to some reason). For Americans, they should be shamed of themselves to even think of applying for 2016 game just for their recent countless atrocities of killing hundreds of innocent women and children (UN put the number well above 600,000), creating human refugee disasters (but only take grudgingly 1600 of them), abusing Iraqi prisoners (Abu Ghraib?), not to mention notorious Guantanamo.

Frankly, there is nothing you should be baffled. We (Chinese people) all know white men are the smartest, in the meantime, never shy of being manipulative. “Democracy” comes in many forms. It is nothing holy, nor mandated by heaven or prescribed in any holy scripts. “Democracy” is merely an invented social and political ideal. It comes in many different forms, some work and some don’t. I think most people in China would agree that Chinese political system isn’t perfect, sometimes even awkward, but at least it works at current time. I think most people would also agree that copying the western political system isn’t going to work for China either. Philippines, India and numerous “democracies” just set too bad example for China. Russia is another perfect example for China not going western style democracy. We all witnessed the transformation of Russia from a powerful Soviet Union, through disintegration, loss of almost 20 millions lives due to poverty, nearly 11 years of life span drop for average citizens, economy collapse, humiliation by the west, monoply of national resource and wealth, all at a cost of pursuing “democracy” and “glasnost”. Did Margaret Thatcher gleefully announce that she found someone in Soviet leadership that the west can do business with? It turned out, that business was just to dissolve Soviet Union.
“Human rights”? To you, supporting Tibet independence is human rights issue, but not to China. Supporting any political dissidents to disrupt the government functioning is human rights, but not to China. How come I did not hear any human rights issue from US and western governments on Indonesia’s Suharto for his brutal 30 plus year’s rule, for Chilean former president Pinochet for his brutal rule?
I lived in China for 28 years. I witnessed how China has progressed steadfastly from Maoist era when truly there wasn’t any openness, nor personal freedom to today that people can pursue their interests, choose their own life and make their own decision. Freedom and openness are nothing absolute, but very relative. I see less and less freedom and openness in American society because of the 911 terrorist attack. Some the same reason, why there is no maximum freedom and openness in China (I did not even understand what freedom and openness specifically you were talking about), because it creates chaos and gives some powers in the world a long-awaited chance to make a big mess for China. Political chaos is simply out of option for China because there have been too many throughout Chinese history.

@ Peacemaker

August 30, 2008 10:36 AM

You got it all wrong. China is moving towards an more open society slowly and steadily or may not be in the direction you want. People are up-set with the calling for boycott of Olympics for various reason and the west, trying to impose western style demcrocacy in China at a pace dictated by the West, and not at Chinese choice. This is a new colonialism at its worst. You Westerners still don't get it. We don't have to be like you to prosper and to have an open and free society.


August 30, 2008 11:53 AM

You are "pro-China" and "pro-Chinese people"? Well no one in China would expect any western journalists to be "pro-China", people simply expected that you can all report news, events, and stories as they really are.
Turning 3-14 Tibet riots into a Chinese government bashing orgy, painting Chinese government's very restricted response into "brutal crash down", and murderous mobs into "peaceful demonstrators", surely wasn't "pro-China". It wasn't even "pro-facts".
In the west, every reader believed Chinese government was cruel and mercilessly killed hundreds of Tibetans because their "peaceful demand" for more "freedom" and "human rights", all thanks to you and your colleagues.
I will never forget in my life how pathetic you and your western were in carrying out 3-14 Tibet report. "Chinese government said 22 people were killed", then you would deliberately not even to bother to make it clear that it was rioters killing innocents. Leaving all readers to believe Chinese government at least admitted killing Tibetans, at least 22. You all knew too well, the riots were just photographed by western powers, either directly or indirectly.
The Chinese government, to me, is just pathetic, spineless and even today having "peaceful development is our motto". Many Chinese people admire Putin and Medvedev of Russia and are looking forward soon to have a leadership like Russia's. Until then, you can keep enjoy bashing China. Go, Russia!


August 30, 2008 1:29 PM

Mr. Roberts,
Starting from the 17th century, the West has been using Christianity as the excuse to conquer and loot the rest of the world by force. Europeans back then used the exact same lines that you are using now. "We are here to save you from your own ignorance". The only difference between is the excuse. The West was "saving" the world with "democracy" now instead of Jesus. Today, Western powers still station military forces all over the world as they did 400 hundred years ago. China has already been surrounded by hostile US military from Japan to Afhganistan. F22s are flying around China's doorstep while intellectual attack dogs like yourself are preaching "Freedom".

Freedom of speech is good. But the survival of the planet is even more important. The US is by far the biggest consumer of fossile energy per capita in the world, 10 times more than China. It is certainly a good thing for Americans to reduce their energy consumption to the levels of China. It is good for Americans as well as the planet right? Now, does that give China the right to set up military bases in Mexico, Canada, Cuba and all around the US while Chinese reporters demand that the US reduce energy consumption? I will be very baffled if Americans such as yourself hate that idea. All China wants is to save America from destorying the environment and stop depending on fossile fuels. I would think it is good for Americans and America. Why shouldn't each American reduce its consumption of fossile fuels down to China's level and use renewable energy today? why shouldn't California be given independence from the US federal government which is suppressing any efforts by California to go to renewable energy? why shouldn't Chinese fighter jets be circling around the US until America is green?


August 30, 2008 2:07 PM

Dexter, I thank you for your genuine intent, however, regreatably, genuine intents like this is only one out of a thousand, maybe ten thousand?! The general atmosphere on the western media is one and the same: evil China. There's hardly a day goes by without some belittling and pointing fingers at China. It seems anything that's positive like the Olympics became the feeding ground for those so-call human right activists. And the western media seems to love these kind of negative news from China; case in point, CNN.
How can such sentiments generate good will from the Chinese people??
Everyone deserves to be proud of their own country, Chinese included.


August 30, 2008 2:20 PM

Mr. Roberts, haven’t you read all hose biased reports on recent West Media from CNN, BBC, etc. regarding riots in Tibet and violent attacks on Olympics Torch Relay?

For those who really care about China, I console patience. Yes, China will become a more open-minded society but it will only on China’s own pace, not dictated by Western countries since most of them have their own motives.

For example, let’s look back at the history of America, the land of FREE. Do you know whom President Washington commanded and initiated his first military action against? No, it’s not against British nor against French. Yes, it was against his own fellow American citizens in Philadelphia who spoke out against the Exercise Tax on the spirit.

President Washington action was highly praised because it preserved Federal Government’s authority on taxing and no one blamed President Washington of limiting people’s Freedom of Speech. Otherwise, there would be no modern America today.

The moral of this historical American story is that sometimes different criteria such as stability for Chinese 1.3 billions population might be more important than Freedom of Speech.


August 30, 2008 10:52 PM

Mr. Roberts, haven’t you read all hose biased reports on recent West Media from CNN, BBC, etc. regarding riots in Tibet and violent attacks on Olympics Torch Relay?

For those who really care about China, I console patience. Yes, China will become a more open-minded society but it will proceed only on China’s own pace, not dictated by Western countries since most of them have their own motives.

Let’s look back at the history of America, the land of FREE. Do you know whom President Washington commanded and initiated his first military action against? No, it’s not against British nor against French. Yes, it was against his own fellow American citizens in Philadelphia who spoke out against the Exercise Tax on the spirit.

President Washington action was highly praised for his firm action because it preserved Federal Government’s authority on taxing and no one blamed President Washington of destroying people’s Freedom of Speech. Otherwise, there might be no modern America today.

The moral of this historical American story is that at different time criteria other than Freedom of Speech might have to take precedence of all others.


August 31, 2008 3:56 AM

"Getting rid of Christianity will be GOOD for America" because it is so fake and mind-controlling. Does my advice make me "pro-America"?

I am willing to shed my blood defend for China, will you?

I donated a large sum of money to the victims of Sichuan earthquake because I care, did you?

It hurts me every time when I think of "Yuan Ming Yuan", does that to you?

Maybe the west can show the Chinese how they are "pro-China" by starting to rebuild "Yuan Mind Yuan" for China and return all those cultural relics illegally displaced and ransacked during the invasionis.


August 31, 2008 9:50 PM

Dexter Roberts
 I think you read all the comment.what do you think of these comments posted by some one who can speak and write English or some one who live in the state or some one who received further education from American.
How about other people in China? How about their views of western media.As an native Chinese and an university student. I'm sure to tell worse than them.
YOu've been in CHina so many years. So you need to think about the change of views of western media through last 20 years and give your successor an advice!

Tell that to London Olympic can be mix with politics

September 1, 2008 12:28 AM

you want to mix olympic and politic? tell that to london when they host the olympic. You will be surprise, every one want to separate between the two


September 1, 2008 11:48 AM

As an American who lived in the west for the last 50 years I certainly cannot be described as 'brainwashed' by the Chinese government. Speaking of Olympics, let's focus on London 2012. I sincerely hope that the western media would have the objective minds (which is unlikely) to produce journalistic masterpieces instead of propaganda for domestic and nationalistic consumption (i.e. to rid of their own double-standard behaviors). A journey to British Museum would explain it all: UK does NOT deserve to host the Games. The first trip to the Museum shocked me tremendously, basically the Museum is a collection of buildings storing the stolen goods from countries around the world during the period of the Empire with emphasis on Middle East (specifically Egypt) and the 'Orient' (specifically China). The Dunhuang collection generated a lot of my interests which led me to a trip to western China. Research indicated that Aurel Stein and others illegally stole 30000 manuscripts and other cultural relics from the people of China and spread them throughout the world. The actual site of Dunhuang was left with nothing but a shell, caves with paintings and drawings that foreigners cannot remove. The removable objects are in UK, US (Ivy League university), France, Russia, Japan and India. That comes to the basic question: Do we in the West have the superior moral standard to justify these loots? Do we have the courage to return the contents to the countries of origin? Do the Asian and African nations deserve the 'human rights' to enjoy their own cultures and civilizations within their own borders? As a 'open' society, can we justify the 'benevolent' excuse (i.e. to safekeep the items). Something to think about!!


September 1, 2008 1:46 PM

Having given enough tirade to Mr. Roberts, take it easy, Mr. Roberts. Here is a direct answer to your question, if it still baffles you:

Any social change, to my understanding, is not like a chemistry experiment. If the experiment fails, it could be done over. Rather, the change is like climbing a ladder, in order to reach the top, you need to take one rung a step. If you force your step by taking two or three rungs a time, it is more likely you fall off, flatten your nose and bruise your pretty face. This is particularly true for a country like China.
Having the right to protest is good. However, did you see what happen in Guizhou where the public (if not mobs) burned down the whole police building, simply out of rumor which turned out to be totally false? Did you see what those Tibetan monks have done (burning and killing)? Did you see what the youngsters in Mongolia have done to the government buildings? The monks in Myammar? The oversea Tibetans did to Chinese embassays? I think you know better, the Uncle Sam's fingerprints were all over these tumultuous public shows.


September 1, 2008 11:16 PM

I told Mr. Roberts the same thing, that change cannot be made overnight. Both the government and the people have to progress together. Mr. Dexter Roberts, just like most others in the Western media, chose to ignore the most unambiguous answer to his questions about the overwhelming Chinese opposition to the Western bashing of China. I think the only thing that they can understand is the same medicine given to them.

I strongly urge the United States of America to stop destroying the only planet that all human beings live in and immediately reduce its consumption of fossile fuels as well as emission of CO2 to the levels of developing countries like China on a per person basis. Global Warming is already reducing the supplies of fresh water, raising the sea levels and creating huge hurricanes that will wipe out mankind. This is truely a gross violation of the most basic human rights of all -- the right to live. America must achieve the standards set by China on emission of CO2 per capita TODAY, not tomorrow, not 20 years from now. The American government should be condemned for this willful violation of human rights. The withdrawal of the Kyoto Protocol(as well as the invasion of Iraq) is completely unacceptable and made America unfit to host any Olympics in the future. Furthermore, California's anti-Global Warming efforts have been suppressed by the US federal government. California must gain independence and be freed to persue its own human rights.


September 2, 2008 3:00 AM

Fukai, Andy, JiaMing, talk about uptight! You guys need to learn how to relax.


September 2, 2008 12:07 PM

Wow! Look at all these serious comments. Good job Dexter.

I once read an article that questions why the Chinese educated in the West are more "pro-China". I guess that is because they've come to know the truth. Jim from USA has said, he was appalled by the exhibition of the stolen treasures in the UK museums. Most of the Chinese who got educated in the West, got a chance to see things similar to that, including the recent biased reporting from the western media on China. I guess we all come to realize that we are equally sinners albeit our level of sins may vary.

What's pathetic is how the remainder of Chinese trapped in its country border are still thinking that the "freedom" portrayed by the western media is the dreamland for all humanity. If there was any brainwashing that's happening in China, it's the government's brainwashing to make the people believe that there would be peace for all peoples. There's nothing wrong to that. You see for that 17 days of the Olympic Games, people really thought there'd be peace. But we know better there wasn't even a single day when the world is actually in peace.

Be careful of what you wish for. If democracy by the western standard does prevail in China, how much of your inherited fortune (in the form of a "good" livelihood) will you be willing to give up should the Chinese demand the return of their national treasures?


September 2, 2008 5:47 PM

whoever think that west has the moral high ground is kidding themselves. May be it feels good to lecture other countries, but the realty NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN! Not because the message itself, but because of west's deeds. West culture emphasize superficial or esthetic aspect of life, may be due to general good looks. But it lacks substance in decency and honesty. It is a hypocretic society ruled by laws, not ethics like in the east asia countries. This is based on my experience living in the west for more than 20 years.

Georgia started war on August 8th, the day Beijing Olympics started. Yet, I haven't come across any western articles criticise Georgian were violating Olympic spirit, still worse by bombing civilians in the disbuted regions. Georgia is a western alies, the reason is as symple as that. Same goes for Isreal's treatment of Arabics, Isreal is conducting its own holocaust credited to its war crimes in middle east, yet, people like Roberts are not daring to say a word about it. Where are your righteousness to speak up for oppressed Arabic people?


September 2, 2008 7:06 PM

Bob, Chinese do not know how to relax. That is one difference between American and Chinese. Chinese have to work hard in order to survive with so many people on a small livable and harsh land. American invaded the land of America and possess huge amount of resources. Now Americans can relax and point fingers. But it is not China's turn yet. As long as Chinese want to survive in a peaceful way without going out for a war, Chinese has to learn how to prosper with limited resources and quitely. Human Right is equal to ensure majority people to live a comfortable life instead of going to street to demonstrate. A minority interest may have to be compromised because China does not have the luxury to afford American style democracy.


September 2, 2008 10:20 PM


Try relaxing when someone talks smack about you and your home for a few decades. All while worse things are happening in his own back yard.


September 3, 2008 1:00 AM

China does need to progress and become a kinder, freer society for her citizens. To suggest (by some Chinese comments here) that Western societies are just as bad is unwise. Western societies do enjoy greater freedom and civil rights than China. However, contrary to the Western media's claim, a government, Chinese or Western, simply does not have the power to grant freedom of speech and civil rights as if it is some all powerful god-like entity. Just because the government does not incarcerate a citizen for what he says does not mean that his right to free speech is guaranteed. Many other organizations and individuals can take actions to threaten and punish him for his speech. Religious persecution is a glaring example of how many societies limit freedom today. We see violence committed by non-governmental groups for political reasons in many democratic countries like India. Hindu fundamentalists and Muslims are constantly at war with each other, resulting in deaths in the thousands. Does it mean that these people have freedom simply because their suffering and deaths are not the result of the government actions?

The truth is very simply. All societies/nations need to grow together as a whole, along with the government, different racial, ethnic and religious groups as well as every individual citizens. The United States did not achieve true democracy until the 1960s when the civil rights of minorities and women are guaranteed. That was almost 200 years after the country was founded! Only 100 years ago California was still ruled by the guys with the biggest and fastest guns. There was no human rights and freedom for Californians back then even though the government wasn't doing most of the oppressing and killing. To expect China to become a country where the civil rights and freedom are fully upheld and respected by the government and all of its citizens within 30 years of economic development is certainly hypocritical. It is a shame that a journalist like Dexter Roberts still tries to make a case for the West's constant attacks on China knowing full well that America has gone through a lot worse to get to where it is today.


September 4, 2008 2:53 PM

Being too pro-Chinese, a reporter could lose his/her job and that would explain why BusinessWeek and the Western news is so negative and alway attacking China

German broadcaster suspends Chinese worker
By Xiao Yang (China Daily)
Updated: 2008-08-29 08:40
Comments(85) PrintMail

A Chinese woman working at Germany's DW-Radio has been suspended from her job following remarks she made in the media on human rights and other issues in China, the German press has reported.

Four days before the opening of the Beijing Olympics, Zhang Danhong, an editor with the German broadcaster's Chinese program, reportedly said that "The Communist Party of China has more than any political force in the world implemented Article 3 of the Declaration of Human Rights", referring to the Chinese authorities pulling more than 400 million people out of poverty.

Similarly, in a TV talk show in late July, Zhang reportedly said the Chinese government had done a lot to protect local culture in Tibet and criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for sapping relations with Beijing.

The German media is said to have reacted strongly to Zhang's remarks.

On Aug 11, German magazine Focus attacked Zhang as someone who was "courting" China's Communist Party. On Aug 20, the Berliner Zeitung newspaper quoted parliamentary representative Dieter Wiefelsputz as saying that Zhang's performance was a "catastrophe".

Two days later, the same newspaper confirmed Zhang's suspension from work.

IPB Image
Zhang, 42, was born in Beijing, studied German in Peking University and in Cologne, Germany.

She became an editor of DW-Radio's Chinese program in 1990 and was promoted deputy editorial director of the program in 2004, the broadcaster's website read.

Many in China have voiced sympathy and concern for Zhang after the incident.

Experts refute Western criticism of Tibet's human rights
"The case proves that those who chant human rights and freedom of speech everyday in the West are so hypocritical," a Chinese netizen wrote on major Chinese portal,

"The Cold War mentality, ideological biases, political prejudice, and sense of racial superiority these things are deeply rooted in some parts of the Western world. Luckily, China is not bothered by these," wrote another netizen.

"I have noticed related information and I have read the reports Zhang had done," China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Thursday.

"We hold that the media should report under an objective and just principle."

Zhang and DW-Radio were not available for comment at press time.


September 4, 2008 2:54 PM

Why some Western media scared of reportage on true China
+ -
17:01, August 29, 2008

Related News
Overseas Chinese rally in support of Beijing Olympics, against Western media's biased coverage
Protests continue; restraint urged
Thousands rally in Europe, US
FM spokesman: "Anti-CNN" website reflects Chinese people's condemnation

The dismissal of Dieter Klaus Hennig from the senior editor position with SID (Der Sport-Information-Dienst), a German sports news agency, in early August has given rise to widespread concern of German media, and most of the German local media deem that Hennig has been ousted for his prolonged pro-China stance.

Is sports editor Dieter Klaus Hennig really imbued with an apparent "pro-China stance"? His boss or ex-employer, Michael Cremer, supervisor and president of the SID, has given a clear, explicit answer. Cremer said he insisted that his SID reporters need to keep certain distance from Beijing and should be beyond the hoopla and type of the Games with an implication that Hennig's reports were not "clean". In other words, Hennig should have made his stories dirtier or "filthier" with his reports of China's sports events. This has obviously posed the out-and-out double standards for the press media.

As a matter of fact, shortly after the incident relating to Dieter Klaus Hennig occurred, some media organs doubted and even questioned the so-called press freedom of the SID. The core point is that if there was a full freedom of the press, it did not matter at all whether Dieter Klaus Hennig had taken a "pro-China stance". Moreover, his reportage is well-grounded, and "neat and tidy".

In another development, Berliner Zeitung, a German daily newspaper, reported on August 22 that Zhang Danhong, the deputy director of Deutsche Welle's Chinese department, was suspended from duty also because of her "pro-China" position.

In response to a journalist's question on the suspension of her post at International broadcaster Deutsche Welle due to her remarks showing friendliness toward China, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Thursday that he knew (pretty well) of Zhang's previous reports. "The media should adhere to the principle of objectivity and justice when covering news," the spokesman underscored.

It is known to all that there has never been absolute freedom whatsover in the world, and the so-called press freedom cannot avert its attribute either. In the view of some Western media, however, the relativity of press freedom is manifested especially in the east, and they are particularly biased against China, a "Giant dragon of the east". the nation today is entirely different from its past. The Western world, which had overlooked the orient for about 100 years, has begun feeling both uneasy and reluctant to sit together with China as equals and is unwilling to see it play an ever greater role in the international arena.

In such circumstances, some Western media have started to deceive themselves as well as others. So they are reluctant to accept reality on one hand and, on the other hand, they are would rather prefer not to let the public know China's reality. In a nutshell, they have been obsessed with a drastic shift from an excessive self-confidence to no confidence in themselves.

A typical and most representative aspect of the shift from the excessive self-confidence to no confidence in the Western world shown by some media is the very assumption that the rise of China has menaced their age-old global outlook on the value effect and they do not like to see any other value concept to emerge globally. Some Western media do not like to get their audience informed on a true or genuine China precisely because they have regarded the all-inclusive Chinese elements and a new mode for China's national development as a "great scourge", and so they attempt to keep off the great might of China's value concept. This wishful thinking, nevertheless, has laid bare their dread fear at heart.


September 5, 2008 1:00 AM

Western "The monkeys" media not only are not trusted in China but also around the world.The media that calls for protecting Tibet's language and culture is the same media that helps robbing the pride of Tibet by calling the world's tallest mountain Quomolangma with the name "everest".It is the biggest rip off,don't you think?

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