Everyone's a Winner at the Physics Olympics

Posted by: Bruce Einhorn on July 31, 2008

Sure, everyone else is focused on Beijing, where there’s some sort of athletic competition about to start. But as fans of Eye on Asia can tell you, our obsession here lately has been with mathletes. Fortunately, after China blew away the competition at last week’s Math Olympiad, the results of the recent International Physics Olympiad give people in countries like India and Korea reason to cheer. In the competition of high school students from 82 countries that concluded on Monday in Hanoi, China once again came in first with five golds and the top overall student, Tan Longzhi. (See the Xinhua report here.) However, the students from Taiwan also won five golds. India, which performed way back in the pack in the math games, nabbed four golds and silver. So, too, did the U.S. and South Korea. Now on to Beijing.

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July 31, 2008 11:07 PM

students from mainland China won 5 golds

Physics olympiad 2008 contest, Students from mainland China won 5 golds

Chemistry Olympiad 2008. Students fom mainland China won 4 golds

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