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"impartial, objective and fair"

Posted by: Dexter Roberts on June 06, 2008

It’s just before the upcoming fourth Strategic Economic Dialogue between the U.S. and China—this time happening June 17-18 in Annapolis, Maryland and bringing together Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and vice minister Wang Qishan. So the foreign ministry has organized a bunch of ministerial officials (including also from the ministry of commerce, the national development and reform commission, and the ministry of environmental protection) to meet a group of mainly American journalists. And this time it is over lunch in the often inaccessible Diaoyutai, the beautiful government compound of lakes and willow trees in west Beijing, so even more attractive a session to attend than usual.

I decide to ask about the rising resentment we’ve seen of late directed at foreign companies including American firms, over perceived slights to Chinese national pride. Sharon Stone got Dior in hot water after her unfortunate comments connecting the terrible Sichuan earthquake to Chinese bad karma that she suggested was due to Beijing’s treatment of Tibetans. But the ire extends way beyond one luxury brand.

There were the multinationals including McDonalds and Coca Cola and Motorola and Nokia criticized for supposedly not giving enough for earthquake relief, and earlier the calls for a boycott against Carrefour after Chinese netizens became convinced that one of the French company’s executives was a Dalai Lama supporter (Carrefour has denied that.) Finally, there was the Internet campaign attacking CNN (and others in the Western media) for perceived bias in reporting on the unrest in Tibet earlier this spring.

So is the ministry of commerce at all concerned about the growing anger directed at foreign investors who are often accused on the Internet of getting rich off Chinese, while at the same time insulting Chinese pride? Well, I didn’t quite get the answer I expected. Instead we heard what seemed to me to be yet another mini lecture on how the Western press should do a better job. Here’s how a director general in the commerce ministry began:

“This is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Commerce.” ——Okay, not very satisfying, but it is certainly not the first time I’ve heard that one…

He continues: “On the other hand, I believe a society’s public uses the Internet to express their desires and own opinions. And this is a certain kind of public opinion. I believe that you journalists can have important influence on public opinions too.” —-Well, we certainly hope we have some influence, I think…

“As for the view of the American public on their trade and economic relationship with China, and the view of Chinese public in this field, as well as similar issues, perhaps you should discuss all of this more with your Chinese [media] colleagues.” —More discussion with Chinese reporters—sure, sounds like a good idea to me…

And now for the word of advice, one I’ve heard ad nauseam, but still can’t quite get used to: “And I’m afraid you [the media] should do more work aimed at leading public opinion in an impartial, objective and fair way.”

—-Ahhh…… that lecture once again. And I’m still surprised to hear it, every time. And no, never a trace of irony, even when it comes from an official here in China—remember this is a country that requires its own media turn to the careful Party-approved utterances of Xinhua, whenever reporting anything of major political or economic importance… Impartial? Objective? Fair? No—just reprint or broadcast whatever the government tells you…

So no thanks—I’ll take my journalistic cues from elsewhere. By the way, the food was great—and it was a lovely, sunny day to visit Diaoyutai…

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Reader Comments

To Mr. Dexter!

June 6, 2008 03:09 PM

I guess it is not the same feeling when getting lectured as opposed of doing the lectured Mr. Dexter!?

BBC & CNN were caught using Nepal and India crackdown on the Tibetan protest in their respective countries and then passing them as Chinese crack down! Is a minor mistake? This type of action were caught in the German news that was using other countries crack down and saying that it was occurring in Lashas!
This is too much of a coincidence, don't you think?

When the Tibetan thugs and goon were killing Chinese people in Lashas, Western news conveniently ignore it as if their death was insignificant until the Chinese people and government that Chinese people are human being even when Western news might not agree with it.
The demonization of China has been going for quite some time and it took the cake during the Lashas riot when you and your ilk were exposed to the Chinese people in General as bunch of liar and no matter how many time you keep telling yourself how impartial and fair you are does make it true!
Get used to be criticized and accept be criticized by the Chinese people in general!


June 6, 2008 04:05 PM

A good advaice for you but you just feel unhappy. For the multinational companies, it their own PR work. They should make people feel in love with them and the investment is a part of the contry. If you cannot do it, the companies should make changes themselves. Basically, it is an adaption issue for the companies.

For the media coverage from western reporters, Chinese, both inside and outside China, now have the same feeling about the bias from the western media, including Businessweek. Then do you think it is a Chinese government issue? For so many Chinese outside of China, we know what is happening in China and what you are reporting outside of China. We can feel the huge gap between the truth and what you guys reported. Then: who should make changes? Chinese government or your media? CNN was unluckily singled out by Chinese only because it is one of the most important media in the western world.


June 7, 2008 03:41 AM

To Mr. Dexter
Here is the link for your education and edification in case you still pretending to think that your CNN, BBC and even BusinessWeek and the Western news have been fair and impartial when it comes to reporting about China

Educate yourself a bit before acting so high and mighty. BusinessWeek is not for you to get paid while venting in public!
This is a turning point between Chinese people inside and outside of China to really understand how Western news behave and think!


June 9, 2008 11:56 AM

Not only BBC and CNN were caught in the fraud. Almost all western mainstream media were caught. The rampant media distortion against China in the western world made Chinese angry. The bad thing for western media is that angry had nothing to do with Chinese government this time.

As I said, Chinese grass-root media (Internet forums and blogs) have big imfluence in China. Chinese can access and understand what is reported in the outside and know what is happening inside China. We Chinese are checking how things are reported.


June 9, 2008 12:15 PM

Some people live and learn. You live(the good was great), but you don't learn(So no thanks—I’ll take my journalistic cues from elsewhere"


June 9, 2008 12:27 PM

LOL, I guess this is one of the few times the Chinese government let their people to voice their opinion freely on the Internet . The new age of propaganda involves heavy use of the internet.

I don't know why CNN had to apologized. CNN just resized the photo. If CNN has to apologized, China's own CCTV must have been apologizing to the west on a daily basis LOL.

On June 4, 48,000 people in Hong Kong attended the annual ceremony in remembrance of the 1989 Tienanmen Square Massacre. You know what CCTV reported? it was a ceremony for the victims of the earthquake. Not a single word about June 4, LOL.

Let those mainlanders have it, they are so conditioned to play the victim role.

Dave Chiang

June 9, 2008 12:39 PM

Plenty of disinformation by the Western media against the Chinese people. The Western media described the looting, arson, and assaults in Lhasa Tibet as a "peaceful demonstration" which the Chinese authorities had attempted to suppress.

Now here are the video pictures of ethnic Chinese physically attacked and murdered in the streets of Lhasa Tibet. Even women and children were burned to death.

So you be the judge, are the Western media being truthful in the situation in China when the US mainstream media is supportive of overt physical violence and criminal activity. If a black person moves into a white neighborhood as some ethnic Chinese moved to Lhasa to live, do they deserve to be beaten like dogs and animals?

Have right to complaint about Western media!

June 9, 2008 02:56 PM

To Mr. Roberts, author of this article:

Freedom of speech does not give you right to lie, distort and hurt other people. In America, if anyone use the kind of words that Sharon Stone and CNN's Jeff Cafery used on Chinese on any black or Latino, Jews, she/he will be fired immediately. Just look at Don Imus.
Get your fact straight.
(1) The Chinese protest of Carrefour is because the French's protest of China in the form of protesting the Olympic torch.
(2) Sharon Stone said regarding China earth quick that when you are not nice to others, bad things happen to you. What if any one says Katrina happened to you because you do all the bad things?
(3) CNN called Chinese "groon". What if anyone call you or your fellow westerners "groon"? Western countries supposedly are politically correct, but that does not seem apply to Chinese.
(4) BBC, CNN, MSN, Newsweek and other western media completely failed to report China's side the story regarding Tibet. They never bother to report how much money China had spent on Tibet. They never reported how awful Tibet was under Dalai Lama. Even recently China has committed $70 million to an international fund to preserve Tibetan culture!
Your article here is basically demand Chinese people never to voice any complaint about you western media's insults! Do you have any slightest respect for Chinese people's right and liberty not to be insulted by you western media? Are you trying to suppress how we Chinese people can even feel?

T Thomas

June 9, 2008 03:19 PM


You seem to intentionally forget what the CNN commentator Jack Cafferty said not that long ago. That is worse than perceived bias. Go to the internet and refresh your memory.



June 9, 2008 03:32 PM

I never trust any media as well as any politician in the world. If you do, you are stupid. All resources from the media are not reliable and biased. If you wish to know something, try to go to the university` library to get more reliable stuff. Try to talk to people from that country or culture, then, you will get differnt things. Do the Tibetan really want to be indepent or something that was claimed in our media? I am wonderign one thing that is why just monks and people out of Tibet and even most of them westerners to call for a free Tibet. Please tell me what the Tibetans who live in Tibet want. THat is what the media should do. But who did?


June 9, 2008 03:39 PM

Never trust media and politicians. They are all dirty, no matter where they are: US or China. I am wondering one thing, since Tebet riot, I read lots of news but I could not find anything that related to the really feeling and needs from Tibetans who live in Tibet. If Tibet issue is not an issue for Tibetans who live in Tibet, then whose it is? Daila lama`s, US`s or Europe`s? You media never cares about the really Tibetans`, how can I trust you? I would think that the Tibet Issue is just another political trick. you guys make me sick indeed.


June 9, 2008 06:57 PM

I absolutely agreed with To Mr. Dexter! We in the west depend on a few of you (CNN, BBC, etc)guys to do a good job but your coverage of the Tibet incident in March was absolutely disappointing. Little that you know, we (Chinese Americans) do double checked with foreign language sources (including Chinese) before we believe. There are 40 million overseas Chinese who hate being lied to. By the way, we are not exactly ignorant people. Just one question, where did you obtain your journalism degree? Do you check with the original source before you publish. Now you are being lectured by a foreign government, shame on you. Next time do a good job before a paycheck is issued.


June 9, 2008 07:34 PM

Do you guys get it? A minister who spouts Orwellian slogans from a government that controls the media was telling him to be "fair" and "objective".

But then again, I wouldn't expect many Chinese to have read 1984.

Chinese people are a funny bunch. Go ahead and get angry at the Western media for criticizing your government/country when you think it doesn't affect you, but don't expect us to hesitate to say "I told you so" when your kid's school falls down and he dies because your government is corrupt.

Just sayin..


June 9, 2008 08:16 PM

I do not see anything wrong with what the Chinese minister say. Do you, Mr. Roberts? Isn't that the value of a responsible media?

For China requires its own media turn to the careful Party-approved utterances of Xinhua is just a way to ensure that media is impartial. an you just imagin that the Chinese gov't allowing unfiltered CNN into China, airing partial and distorted news to the Chinese people and the gov't just standby and watch?

Give me one good reason why the Gov't should not filter and ensure that news is impartial?

Don't tell me CNN management do not review your news and even your background before they allowed its news to be air. You are just upset because the party who gets to filter the news is not you.


June 9, 2008 08:16 PM

I do not see anything wrong with what the Chinese minister say. Do you, Mr. Roberts? Isn't that the value of a responsible media?

For China requires its own media turn to the careful Party-approved utterances of Xinhua is just a way to ensure that media is impartial. an you just imagin that the Chinese gov't allowing unfiltered CNN into China, airing partial and distorted news to the Chinese people and the gov't just standby and watch?

Give me one good reason why the Gov't should not filter and ensure that news is impartial?

Don't tell me CNN management do not review your news and even your background before they allowed its news to be air. You are just upset because the party who gets to filter the news is not you.


June 9, 2008 10:11 PM

You Chinamen are a hypocritical bunch. You criticize the Western press yet don't have the stones to criticize or stand up to your own authoritarian and oppressive government. You like to benefit from free speech in the West, but do so by criticizing the press for exposing how morally bankrupt the Chinese government is. The reality is that the Chinese government has oppressed ethnic Tibetans for decades and have sought to dilute their cultural heritage by sending ethnic Chinese to colonize their lands. They are entitled and justified in their uprisings against the Chinese government.

Take yourselves back to your oppressive dictatorship if you think you are being mistreated in the West. Let's see if your beloved Chinese government tolerates your free speech there when it doesn't adhere to state-approved propaganda.

Either way, the reality is that most in the West have no interest in listening to lectures from any of you.

To Mr. Dexter!

June 9, 2008 10:13 PM

There is law that require the news to be truthful in every country either Eastern or Western and I hope that you are familia r with it. The media need to check every detail and fact before airing them on the air to avoid spreading false information, lies, partial truth or the media could be sued for defamation and here is the link for your edification and eduction

There is check and balance to make sure that the media is telling the truth and even the harsh one but the media is not allow to use it power to defame and spread lie with impunity like they were doing with China during the Tibet riots!
Do you understand why you were lectured by the Chinese authority? You can pretty much get away with lies and falsehood against the Chinese with impunity until now! From now on your report on China will be viewed and evaluated by its quality and content. If you are telling the truth then you are welcome and if you think that you can spread lie and disinformation with impunity, well, you will call on it and have to own up to it! Have a nice day!


June 9, 2008 11:03 PM

Like Americans, being the biggest and worst human-right violators while claiming to be the fighter of human rights, western media's "free press" is nothing but a cover for mud-raking other governments and people that they don't like.

Tibetan riots in China was a typical example. The western media was used as a perfect tool to turn the facts upside and down, turn Chinese government as a bad guy, turn the world's biggest and shameless liar-Dalai Lama-into a saint.


June 9, 2008 11:03 PM

Dexter displays typical traits of Western "journalist" ie arrogance, self-righteous and ignorance. My advice to him is to learn some Chinnese so he can be informed of what Chinese think and say and not conjuring up fictions to fit his agenda.

as for someone like Uhh,, why don't you people mind your own filthy business and stop your presidents and politicians from blowing up women and children in Iraq and Afganistan. They can do the world a favor too by not creating harvoc, pushing up record fuel prices and and not bring more misery to the poor. Chinese can fix their own house.


June 9, 2008 11:43 PM

You may not satisfied with answer from Chinese officials, but please do give a right attitue and judgement on reports by western media for tibet riots.

It is not something so light as your described. Please respect Chinese nation as you do for YOURS, like so called "America dream", "Liberty", "human rights"

Your essay seems to me, when you did something wrong, you didn't admit your wrongdoings, but shift attention to other aspects.


June 9, 2008 11:55 PM

Hah, how did I know you'd try to dodge the issue at hand.

You know what, sure. I'll quit going onto Chinese forums and making outrageous statements about the Chinese government.

Oh wait, I forgot. You're the one who's making silly anti-western comments on an American website. Why don't you follow your own advice and mind your own business?

In response to your Iraq and Afghanistan jabs, sure America might have made some mistakes, but tell me one single thing China has done to combat global terrorism. Point missiles at Taiwan?

Will Lee

June 10, 2008 12:23 AM

Everyone has the right to their own opinion. But reading these comments, I'm laughing at those ranting against western media. Don't you readers have anything better to do to change the world instead of criticizing western media? You just talk but don't do anything. For centuries, media have been used to drive the minds of readers and listeners (Mongolians have used media to win their battles psychologically). You can't change how media is driven by your negative comments on one man.

To "Bullshitweek," you have no idea what's going on in Afghanistan; who's really killing women and children? Women are treated like dirt there and there are more dead young women in the ditch than dead men who attacked US, Europeans, Mongolians soldiers, and even Chinese (yes, there are Chinese workers doing construction work in Afghanistan and have been killed just for being non-muslims). Go to Afghanistan and see what's going on there; I've been there.

I wish a lot of Han Chinese people would criticize themselves instead of criticizing others. And when I say Han Chinese, I only meant Han Chinese people, not other Chinese people (I'm proud Chinese but not Han Chinese).

As for my position, everyone is biased. Just check your multiple sources and criticize yourself sometimes. I do.


June 10, 2008 12:45 AM

Americans should stop leacture human rights - what Americans need is to import thousand of cheap mirrors from China.

End of story.


June 10, 2008 01:02 AM

Mr. Dexter, of course you won't get the answer you have expected, cause what you expected wasn't the truth. When the officials told you the truth, you considered it as a lecture. The western media downplayed the riot that attacked and killed innocent people in Tibet, while exaggerating the violent nature of the crackdown on rioters. I'm sorry, but with that kind of mentality, western media is doomed in China and probably in the rest of Asia.


June 10, 2008 01:03 AM

I accept any constructive criticism from those who are not hypocrites.

However, when criticizing China becomes a fashion for westerns who wish to portrait himself as a local hero, he or she needs to be put back to where they belong.

CNN’s Jack and Sharon Stone were among the hypocrites who desperately tried to become local heroes.

Since Western media is profit centric, they try to be the first to report. As a result, they have no time to do their homework and often became reckless.

These days the criticism of China by the westerns is mostly not constructive and partial.

And to make it worst some refuses to accept the truth when told.


June 10, 2008 01:19 AM

Gosh, the author and the magazine never learned that the world has much smarter now than ever! Really, I am disappointed with the author's attitude and writing. These people has to be fired as soon as possible if not the Western media will lose its credibility! Well, it probably has loss it. Plunging already.


June 10, 2008 01:31 AM

"(2) Sharon Stone said regarding China earth quick that when you are not nice to others, bad things happen to you. What if any one says Katrina happened to you because you do all the bad things?"

there were conservative ministers who blamed both Katrina and 9/11 on the liberalization of the US and the prevalence of gays. they still have their jobs...

To Mr. Dexter

June 10, 2008 01:46 AM

BusinessWeek is a magazine to report about business not your personal blog or rag to put a tantrum like that!

Growth up and stop using BW or abusing it for your own purpose!


June 10, 2008 05:59 AM

Dexter, don't hold yrself above Chinese journalists. They wrote what were told and may disagree with it secrectly. Y, y don't need any guuidance to write biased report. The bias has been instilled deeply into yr mind and heart, that y can not even feel it anymore. It has become part of who y are. Gosh, the Chinese government got so much to learn. If they can find a way to automatically produce reporters like y. They don't ever have to worry about press control. What a load off of their mind it going to be

shame on you

June 10, 2008 06:14 AM

you don't have the right to have the food.

I think your arrogance and ignorance will feed yourself somehow.

BTW, I am a Chinese citizen and netizen too:)


June 10, 2008 08:05 AM

The Western Media (CNN, Businessweek, Newsweek, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSN, Reuters, Associate Press) is a F*cking Joke!!!!


June 10, 2008 10:27 AM

Wow, I read 3 comments here that is against the trend and says the Chinese people (mainland or overseas) should not complain about western media bias.

One is ken...he actually thinks its a good idea to compare Chinese official propaganda (which every Chinese know is government propaganda) with the "free" western-media. I wouldnt take that if I were you Mr. Dexter Roberts, such an insult. I thought BusinessWeek was suppose to be a highly professional, unbiased, non-government related, and “FREE” media!

Another one is Uhh,, who's view of the world is still trapped in a book written in 1947 during the Cold War about a world in the year 1984 of the last millennia. Advice to uhh,, dude, the Cold War is OVER, even the Chinese Communist Party has abandoned its. This is the year 2008, there is something called the “Internet” which the Chinese make up the largest online population. Please join us in the 21st Century. We'll even let you party like it is the year 2000...WOOO.

As for Armando, judging by his first two words written as I quote “You Chinamen”…obviously, he’s a racist and his brain is functioning too poorly to make proper judgement by a normal human being standard. At least by today’s standard, maybe he should join ‘Uhh,,” back to the good old days of 1947 when racist remarks of such would probably be tolerated.


June 10, 2008 12:27 PM

US journalists, including Dexter Roberts and his BW fellows, should take the responsibility to tell Americans the truth about the outside. The world is much larger than US. When so many Americans are so ignorant about outside or have false impression about what is happening in the outside, no matter how free you think your media are, your reports are not ""impartial, objective and fair".
China has been experiencing so many disasters this year. But this year it is determined to a turn-point for China. We suffer but we gain too.Chinese are so united and are completely independent from western propopaganda. These two gains cannot be measured by any meand and are unexpected for most of the people in the world.


June 10, 2008 07:41 PM

KC, you tool. 1987 is a book written by George Orwell about a totalitarian government that represses peoples thoughts through brainwashing and censorship.

This whole "impartial, objective, and fair" thing strikes me as pure bullsh*t considering how the Chinese goverment JUST THIS WEEK allowed access to the BBC News website.

Go read a book, KC. But then again, I bet they don't have a copy of 1984 in your local Chinese library. Or Fahrenheit 451 or Brave New World.

Oh, and FYI, 1984 isn't a book about the last year of the milennia. Go ahead and try looking up "Fahrenheit 451" or "Brave New World" on Wikipedia and see how far you get past the censors. And see if someone doesn't knock on your door tonight and snuff you out.

Afterall, China's real "impartial, fair, and objective" right?


June 11, 2008 08:47 AM

Duh...thanks for pointing the obvious "Uhh,,", everyone knows who George Orwell is, you must be really proud that you read this book and somehow thinks other including the Chinese and myself wouldnt have. So what, you think you can live the rest of your life without ever finding out what the real world is like these days? Or people who havent read that book cannot tell whats right and whats wrong?

I say it again, your mind is still trapped in that book, get over it! I am from Australia, I already read "1984" AND "A Brave New World" high school.

Big Brother is a reality TV show, and the country with the largest, most sophisticated survillance system in the world is the is called the NSA...have you ever heard of them? Wikipedia that first.

FYI, Britain has the most Closed Circuit TVs in the world and the BBC News website AND Wikipedia was allowed DIRECT access in China 2 month ago, NOT THIS WEEK (you dont believe...then wikipedia it!!!).

Im not a Chinese in China, but you know what, go ask them. Seriously, and they will tell you, as they have done on this blog, that they can access whatever website they want in China by using proxies (guess can wikipedia that too!!!). How do you reckon they could have caught CNN cropping pictures? Think.

In anycase, it is the Chinese PEOPLE, not the government, that complained about western media bias. The government is merely going along with the trend, but hey, who can blame them. Any capable politicians in the world would've.


June 11, 2008 06:00 PM

China prevents its people from obtaining full information on events inside and outside China. China then lectures journalists on how to provide proper information. The point is obvious, and the article made it clearly enough. Thanks for writing it.


June 11, 2008 06:47 PM

Many Western news are angry and upset about alleged bias against them from the Chinese people in general. This alleged bias against them make them to write silly articles like the one above.

There is a perception among Western reporters such as Dexter and company that their reputation among Chinese reader has taken a beating. This perception or imagination of alleged bias from the Chinese people in general against them is unfounded and injust. Western reporters should learn to take criticism from the Chinese people in general since Chinese people has the right to vent their view, don't you agree!?


June 12, 2008 06:38 AM

Dear KC,

Yeah, in accordance with your aforementioned statements, I would've gathered that you didn't read any sort of books related to authoritarianism based on your blind accusations of bias against the western media.

Mr. Dexter was chastised for not being "impartial, objective and fair" by the Chinese government, which as you claim only two months ago allowed access to Wikipedia. Wow. Two months for Wikipedia, one week for BBC News. What's next? Two months from now will Chinese be able to criticize their government openly in the street? Give me a break.

You know what, it seems my assumptions about you are as deep as your assumptions about me. Sure, I'm a proud American, but I'm living in Japan right now and can speak three foreign languages. I'm not as ignorant as you seem to think.

However, I will go out on a limb on this one. I bet you were one of those tools who were in pro-Chinese protests during the torch relay in Australia. And no, I didn't happen to make it down to Nagano for the Japanese leg. I was in Thailand working on my tan.

I still think you're a tool, though, KC. Don't get me wrong.


June 12, 2008 10:39 AM

Ray, you get it. I really don't understand why these other drones don't get it. I think it's because they're too afraid to stand up against their government.

I mean take that guy who stopped the tanks at Tiananmen Square. He's probably either dead or living in the West.

Let's see how KC defends that one.

Did you meet him in Australia, KC? Let's see you go to the mainland and make accusations against the government. They'll have you locked up in days.


June 12, 2008 12:17 PM

Uhh,, you still have not checked wikipedia to find out the facts have you. "I claim", it is written in black and white text, that the BBC News (go ahead and ask the BBC itself if you like) and Wikipedia became directly available on Chinese ISP at the end of March 08, i.e. during the hight of the Tibetan protest. The Chinese would have read what the western media have said and what the Chinese media presented.

A cropped picture by CNN does not lie; pictures of Nepalise police beating monks labelled as Chinese violent crackdown on Tibetans (these are rioters by the way) does not lie; the fact that there were no mention of large numbers of Chinese protesting against the riot and false/misleading reporting in Tibet in cities of the world in the media does not lie. Needless for me to say here, you can wikipedia all these too, but sadly to say, even IT was ignornant of the chinese people's reaction.

There was clear biased, false, unresponsible and at best unprofessional reporting by many main stream medias. It is not a new occurance, these has happened before with other issues and countries, but this aint an excuse to keep on doing it and making it worse. The Chinese people are complaining, and they have every right to and their view to be respected. Afterall, aint you saying that the Chinese government should be respecting their rights and views?

I'll say it for the second time, censorship in China exist but people in China can access all main western media website through proxies, it is very easy. You dont believe me check the link below and make sure you read the whole article to get a good grasp:'s_Republic_of_China

I may be a tool "Uhh,,", but Im sorry to say, just by what you said and the attitude that you say it, not only you are ignorant, you are an ignorant fool. You may be proud, you may speak 3 languages, you may live in Japan, and you may have read this book called "1984" that somehow seem to be your holy bible of how the world is, especially in China. However, unless you really care about the subject, and spend time living in China, travel there, understand their way of think, their way of living, their history, or to the least, spend some bloody time online or in your local library as you say and do some research, your statements are out of date, inaccurate, prejuditory, full of assumptions and presumptions, and outright wrong.

Please, spend that effort before making statement and give your opinion, otherwise you are being irresponsible and self-righteous. So go work on your tan in Thailand. I assume it is very nice, but I have never been there, then again, I was never at the touch-relay protest here either, so I will say no more.

Btw, for once you might actually be on track with something. You mentioned authoritarian. That is a big difference to your previous mention of totalitarian. The book "1984" was mainly against the Totalitarian state of the USSR (the Cold War is over, it no longer exist). China WAS a Totalitarian state, but things change if you are not aware. It is still to a degree an authoritarian state, but the grip is loosening due to social-economic development. A lot of that credit also goes to western countries like the USA for been a great example. However, just because you are from a better developed country, you shouldnt discriminate and belittle others who are not. Isn't that a fundamental value you believe in - all man are created equal?

Im done on this post, have a nice life Uhh,,. Easy on the tan though, can give you skin cancer, Im only saying this because I know the risk, I live in Australia.


June 16, 2008 04:18 PM

Where is the right thing? Tibet, oh how Tibet became part of China, and why China so concern for Tibet? Any one, including folks from China.

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