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What Should India Do About Tibet?

Posted by: Bruce Einhorn on March 19, 2008

The other day I wrote about the impact the Tibetan crackdown might have on politics in Taiwan. It will be interesting to see if there’s fallout in India, too. India’s government has been trying to improve relations with Beijing for a while. So folks in New Delhi might have been pleased yesterday after Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao praised India for its support during the current crisis in Tibet. “China appreciates the position taken by the Indian government to handle the ‘Tibet independence’ activities masterminded by the Dalai clique,” Wen said at a press conference yesterday at the close of the annual National People’s Congress in Beijing.

Ironically, Wen’s words of support might only encourage Indian critics of China. Opposition politicians have been using the Tibet issue to attack the government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. According to this report in the Hindu, opposition lawmakers staged a walkout from the Parliament on Monday to protest the Indian government’s Tibet policy. One member of the BJP (the Hindu nationalist party ousted by Singh’s Congress Party in the last election) referred to “ethnic genocide” in Tibet. Another opposition figure criticized “ethnic cleansing” in the region. And former Defense Minister George Fernandes called for politicians to show their support for Tibetans.

The anti-Beijing rhetoric can get pretty heated. See, for instance, this column in Newsweek by Sumit Ganguly, a professor of political science at Indiana University who argues in favor of taking a harder line by easing the pressure on Tibetan exiles in India: “If India wishes to be considered a great power, it needs to display a greater degree of independence and not kowtow to Beijing.” Ganguly goes on to hit the hot-button issues sure to rile Indian nationalists, such as the 1962 war between China and India (won by the Chinese) and the ongoing border disputes between the two countries.

Reader Comments


March 19, 2008 8:26 AM

Shame on You,Einhorn!
Your website should be blocked in China.


March 19, 2008 8:36 AM

Bruce Einhorn,

What India can do is helping China tackle down the terrorists. You saw in on TV. Indian police did wonderful job, didn't they?

Thanks you! Indians


March 19, 2008 8:54 AM

Hi, Bruce,

I think what happened in Xizang is the gane between big powers of this world. China definitely won this time. You can see that ALL Chinese are united tightely this time. Isn't that nightmare for China-basher and haters? I hope you slept well last night. I hope you take it easy though.

If you put this incident in history, you will find this is the process of world order changes. We Chinese are prepared to pass that test.

United 1.3 billion people is a horrible thing for some people, and a wonderful thing for China. Some people, including you and some Journals, including BW, contribute a lot to it. Thank You!

China and India have been side by side for thousands of years. That's the two countries full of wisedoms. No one will act like a US cowboy. Indians will not follow you since you are not a commander. Don't you see that India is trying hard to keep some distance with US? The earth does not rotate as US wants.

Bruce, Xizang is still a part of China. Sorry for you.


March 19, 2008 9:40 AM

Look, this is what Xizang(Tibet) was.

Bruce, I think you like it.


March 19, 2008 10:59 AM


March 19, 2008 2:49 PM

Bruce, You cannot alienate India and China this time. Indians are much wiser than you think.

As I said before, India has much big internal trouble than China has. But China never take those chance to damage India. Indians know this well and Indian government just did right thing they can do for their own interests. Of course they helped China too.


March 19, 2008 3:05 PM

Nice video. Isn't it?

Bruce, do more and you have chance to be added to the video. HAHA. Kidding.

Bruce, serious suggestion. Make your BW censorship system more efficient. Blocking readers' comments for such long time is not fair for readers in this so-called free speech country.


March 19, 2008 4:50 PM

A country where 800 million people live in poverty, and half of its population is illiterate is considered a great power? India have 3 choices either kowtow to America, China or Russia.


March 19, 2008 6:04 PM

I personel sympathy Tibet people. But if Western countries who occupied the America, Australia etc...( The white stole the native chidren) should help all the native people whom been brutally suppresed to get back their old culture and help them create their language like at least Chinese help the Tibetsn to have their luagage in computer software.
Then It convince China give back Tibet.


March 19, 2008 11:43 PM

India should play a constructive role in helping both China and Tibetian people resolve their problems.India being a country which is hosting maximum number of Tibetian refugees is duty bound to see that Tibetians can safely return to their motherland and live with dignity and religious and cultural freedom. But the problem with present congress led government in India is it is supported by 60 odd MPs from Communist Parties. These parties are unashamedly pro China. They have always acted against Indian interests and prompted by China they are even vehemently opposing better relations between India and US. Since India is democratic the present government, inorder to continue in power has to know tow the anti national policies of Communists in India. The readers here should be made aware that the same Communists supported Chinese aggression on India in 1962. In any other country it would have been treated as sedition and they would have been banned from public life. But in over tolerant India everything is tolerated including acts done on to harm it.
India also has a siritual duty to facilitate preservation of Tibetian culture. It is in India that Budhism was born and later thrived in Tibet.Tibetian monks painstakingly preseved the original Budhist values which India, China and rest of the world so badly needs in this era of mindless consumerism, greed and intolerance.


March 20, 2008 12:33 AM

Prakash, you are talking as India has no troubles. As I said, India has much more trouble than China. What kind of damage India can do on China via Dalai? Nothing. CIA provided weapons and transported Dalai's militants to China, so waht? just like moths fly to fire. That's why Dalai became some sort of "peaceful" after that.

For India, a really troubled country even without interfere from western countries. China never takes those chances even India hosts Dalai.

You Indians really need to learn how to appreciate China.


March 20, 2008 1:32 AM

What should Indians appreciate China for?

The Indian governmet tolerates criticism and opposition against its own policies, why should it clamp down on demonstrations against any foreign govt.

Its a free and democratic country that we have over here and different people have different opinions and all of them have the equal right to air their views.

Unlike in china where any voice opposing the communist party's stand is clamped down on with force.

All that Dalai Lama wants is a dialogue to resolve the crisis, but China knows only how to send to send in the milatary tanks when ever there is trouble.


March 20, 2008 1:40 AM

When can you come out of this China Vs others syndrome? Posturing would not help. First rule of discussion is we must have respect for the other person though we have different views.
I appreciate and respect China for its rich past,practical philosophy and economic development etc and not for what the Communists want to show case. You may not ape the west in the structure of your governance but in every other walks of modern life Chinese want to be more western than the westerners. I visited China last year and I could not get a traditional Chinese dress in any shop. To that extent you have wiped out your past. Please remember country is not its GDP or mega buildings. National identity is in its soft power which is the assimilation of its rich heritage and modern development.
No one says India does not have problems. We have plenty of them.But we have safety valves to vent those problems. We have elected governments as against mobs who occupied power 60 years ago.We can change the government every 5 years.Whole world can see our problems. They are not opaque. If I am wronged I can even sue our own government.This is the power of democracy. I can critisize my prime minister. Can you do it to your president?
There is a saying that 'when everyone thinks alike no is is really thinking'. That is the problem with Communist propaganda. I have nothing against Chinese people. They too have the same desires, likes, dislikes and problems of common people like everywhere else in the world.
Regarding power of nations. Let us not have any delusions. China may have a few more missiles than India. That does not make it more powerful. Even a mighty America could not defeat Vietnam. Old times are over. In 1962 India sufferered because our leaders innocently belived Chinese leaders and were unaware of backstabbing. Are you aware that it is India that proposed UN permanent membership for China? Are you aware that it was India which first recognised China when there was dispute between China and Taiwan as to who is real China?
Edward De Bono recently said that argument is the worst form of discussion. I am ashamed of repeating the mistake.


March 20, 2008 5:31 AM

I think it is natural for the Indian oppsition party to attack the ruling party on Tibet issue.It is politics,everything can be tool.Let us look at U.S., the candidates of both parties become transparent to the public and have no privacy during the election .{by the way ,where is human right fighter to protect these candidats},Politics is dirty,different position,differnt voice.

Prakash: I am Chinese, I enjoy INdian culture and large development in economy,but Tibet issue is China's internal issue ,nothing above country's interests,do you welcome China to intervene in Kashmir issue? Regarding to India's contribution to the Taiwan issue and China's position in UN,Chinese people enjoy these support and we think all these things done by India is based on India's interests.


March 20, 2008 12:05 PM

I have been always wondering why so many Indians claim Communist party in India are serving china's interest.

You look around all Communist party around, all of them are nationalist party too. They may give out money, weapon for the common ideology they share. But they never give up sovereignty and interest of their own country.

Chinese communist party could take the risk of war against USSR. Vietnam also had war with China.

Indian communist party do things according to their ideology.

About Chinese identity, I bet you can easily tell the difference between Chinese and other people, right? China and other eastern Asian countries are very adaptive in culture. That's an open culture that can last for thousands of years. We changes with things outside change. None tthinks his culture is the best, then why not learn some from outside.

India's democracy has no attraction to Chinese. On the contrary, India, Taiwan and Philippines are the three democracy jokes in Asia. Taiwan's democracy brought chaos. Philippines' democracy made it a poor country in Asia even it was a very rich country before. India has an achieve-nothing democracy. After 60 years of independence, there is a little industry, very very low social development score. So many people have to take weapons for justice.

China, we do have communist party in place. But those 70 million communist party members come from ordinary people too. Most majority of China's elites are in that party. Jiang Zeming had to leave the top positions after 2 terms, Hu Jingtao will do so in serveral years. As long as there is no individual dictators in CHina, everything is just worked out smoothly.

Even you can see a lot of problems in China, but few like what happened in Xizang this time. No one of the problems are as servere as Maoist and independence movements in India-controlled Kashmir and northeastern India. Bombings, killing happen there almost every day, aren't they?

Prakash, you really need to look at India's problems.


March 20, 2008 1:16 PM

I think the Chinese government is embarrassing itself and making a huge mistake by not accepting the truth, though they are hosting the 2008 Olympics. Shame on you communist Chinese! It is clear that Tibet was an independent country and the Chinese have illegally occupied Tibet since 1959. And Tibetan spiritual leader H.H. the Dalai Lama is a world wide peace leader who is asking not for full independence but a genuine autonomous region, which mean freedom of religious, cultural and basic human rights for its Tibetan people, which every individual on this earth deserves. Heʼs not asking for anything more than that. The Chinese government is not listening to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and continuously being critical, blaming on him even the current situation in Tibet, which has nothing to do with H.H. the Dalai Lama. It is clear that the current riots in Tibet are out of frustration with the Chinese unchanging bullying of the Tibetan people inside Tibet. Wake up Chinese! How long are you going to embarrass yourself? This is the 21st century. Please elect a dignified government that will respect human rights and values, not just materialism. Remember, we came to this world naked and we have to leave this world naked one day, whether you are a billionaire or not, you can't take a penny with you, only good karma. So be good!


March 20, 2008 1:53 PM

Folks, Bruce is much more objective than the rest of media, Americans in particular. This is a free country and everyone is entitled his/her own ideas. However, lots of recent reports on Tibet riots are biased and misleading. It should be no surprise at all ever since American started this China-bashing campaign last year. Media just bash and demonize China with or without evidence. I am not saying China does not have issues. The media reports are just blown way out of proportion. If you think the “FREE-MEDIA” in democratic America is unbiased, not manipulative and neutral, you are then royally screwed.

Coming back to the subject of Tibet riots, American media, including main stream CNN and MSBC, misled readers that Chinese government violently cracks down on peaceful monks and kill innocent monks. If you read news on actual witnesses, it is actually the totally not peaceful monks committing violent crimes against innocent peoples. Chinese government sends troops to bring disciplines and stability. What is wrong with that? Shouldn’t these violent monks be prosecuted as criminals? Whether for the PR of Olympic game or not, we should credit Chinese government for not using violence to bring down the riot. Indeed, Chinese minorities are angry and feel injustice; this does not justify crimes against innocent people and private properties. Remember Rodney King riot in the 90s. African Americans righteously felt injustice. However, that did not justify violence committed against whites and Korean Americans. U.S. government sent troop to L.A. and brought down disciplines by deadly force. I did not remember any media condemnation. Hypocrisies, isn’t it?

More importantly, the debates and arguments should never be whether Tibet is a legal part of China. This is like an argument whether California or Texas should be independent from U.S. or returned to Mexico or Louisiana was illegally robbed from France. If your country sponsors any illegal activities towards those goals, she will possibly end like Iraq. Likewise, you can boycott Chinese product, Olympic game, or even go to a nuke war with China. China will never concede a tiny bit of Tibet. Remember that not a single country argue for that. Debates on these will only play to hands who do not want an effective solution.

A lot of angers and frustrations from Chinese minorities, Tibetans or Uyghur or even Han Chinese in the inland provinces, are caused by ever increasing unbalanced development, wealth gaps and corruption. In recently, Chinese government improved a lot on respecting life styles of Tibetan and Uyghur. However, majorities of Tibetans and Uyghur feel marginalized and treated like a second citizen in recent Chinese economical boom. If you commentators are from China, just ask yourselves: How many of recent new riches are Tibetan or Uyghur? It is NOT an overestimate that 90% of the Chinese new riches are descendents of high rank Chinese communist officials. There are riots among Han Chinese in the remote provinces. It will be a disaster in the making if China does not handle it properly.

As for the way India should handle Tibet, my suggestion is to do whatever India government think appropriate since India is an independent state. Just try not be misled or fooled by whatever media, including lot of American ones, feed you or try to make you to believe. I am an U.S. citizen too. I feel disgusted by all those biased and manipulated media whenever it comes to China or just because it is related to China.


March 21, 2008 12:23 AM

Prakash, You need to look at Cashmir. Let those muslim independent. Can the situation in Cashmir better than China? give me a break. Thousands die there anually.


March 24, 2008 12:11 AM

The recent feeding frenzy of Western media coverage on Tibet is quite distorted. Chinese people in and outside China are united against the Western onslaught of media distortion. That is a fact that can be easily seen on any Chinese language media, especially the internet. Western press may not want to admit it, but it is true.

The Western media left an atrocious track record of distorted coverage of other countries, hightlighted by their callous indifference toward the death and suffering of millions of Iraqi people, including innocent women and children during the twelve years of Western imposed sanction, and their cruel treatment of the struggle of the Palestinians against Israel, who is bulldozing over their homes to make way for Jewish settlers even today.

George W. Bush may have openly announced to the world that "you are either with us, or against us", but the truth is that the American media has been practicing this principle for decades. If you are not a friend or do not submit to America, then you are its enemy and you shall be presented in the most negative ways possible.

What should India do? that is the question the Western media want Indians to ask. However, the real question is that what CAN India do? and the answer is not much. The Western media had not been very kind to India for many decades. In recent years, they have been more positive about India, although in their usual, disgustingly patronizing way that constantly reminds the audience how backward and unworthy the country still is compared the West. After all, in their minds how can a former British colony who broke free do well? The question is, has India become more free and democratic than say a decade ago, or have America's needs changed? I think Indians know darn well what the answer is.


March 27, 2008 10:44 PM

its all a matter of time, india is a democratic union, and communism is the only thing that holds china together.

eventually china will become a democracy, and as in the sovjet union there will be no union left.

tibet will be free, and the best thing that india can do is help tibet gain its independence.

india dominated china culturally and intelectually for more then 2000 years for gods sake.

china is a communistic bubble ready to explode, and india should take advantage by freeing tibet, as its the only country in the world that can!


April 30, 2008 9:38 PM

Yo Carrot_Brain

Do proper research before posting ridiculous comments.

You really think India can mess with China?

Let India try to stir up &*^% with China and India will get an ass-whipping from China that will make 1962 look like nothing in comparision.


May 4, 2008 2:30 AM

Remember Gujarat where thousands of Muslims are slaughtered by the extremist Hindu. The coming decades will be the decades where India will sink into chaos and destruction.

Celestial Emperor

June 14, 2008 1:43 PM

Yet another delusional Indian says:

"its all a matter of time, india is a democratic union, and communism is the only thing that holds china together."

FOOL!! You Indians know nothing about China or even about India itself. China didn't come about because of communism. China has been around for thousands of years and Chinese civilization has developed consistantly ever since. Unlike your Indian democracy which is the result of your British colonial masters and before that you were slaves to Central Asian muslim rulers. If the British hadn't put present day India on the world map, there wouldn't be any India today.

"eventually china will become a democracy, and as in the sovjet union there will be no union left."

Keep on dreaming for China to break up so that you pathetic losers can feel good about yourselves. Just hope India doesn't desend into an all out cast and religious war that will see India break up into a thousand seperate pieces. You have already lost territory to create Pakistan and Bangladesh because of those differences.

"tibet will be free, and the best thing that india can do is help tibet gain its independence."

Tibet is already free under China. The Tibetans were virtual serfs under the autocratic fuedalistic rule of the dalai lamas. If India wants to start war with China over Tibet then feel free to do so. I assure you it will be India that will be the first to flinch and flee. Don't try to chew what you can't swallow.

"india dominated china culturally and intelectually for more then 2000 years for gods sake."

YEAH RIGHT!! Every Indian claims ownership for all of China's achievements. From Martial arts to Acupunture and even Fung Shui, Indians claim that Chinese learned it all from Indians. If Indians are soo great and innovative then how come India has always never played any role in the world throughout history? India has always been dominated by others. Read your own history first before talking about China.

"china is a communistic bubble ready to explode, and india should take advantage by freeing tibet, as its the only country in the world that can!"

People have been hearing about all this "China will collapse" mantra for close to a generation now. Since you Indians claim to be so smart, maybe you can give an accurate date as to when China is set to collapse, LOL!!

Listen up you Indians. We Chinese may not be the like the USA yet and we have a very wide set of extremely challenging problems to overcome before we even start to think of ourselves as superpower but don't mistake China for just another overpopulated third world superpower wannabe banana republic like India.

"Moral Paper Tiger"

July 5, 2008 5:03 AM

Good to find another place for my thought out play. It is intended for western readers, expecially readers of USA:

A Gangster-turned-Christian apparently is trying to convert another Gangster, here is their dialogue:

Christian: You gangster are doing all bad things no good! You got to convert in order to save your soul.

Gangster: What you are saying about me isn’t entirely true. More truth will come out.

Christian: The whole world believes what I say.

Gangster: That’s because you control the world. However, even if what you are saying about me were true, you still can't preach to me like this.

Christian: Why not?

Gangster: You were worse regarding what you did to that red Indian girl and that black African boy. You were a white colonist and a slave owner.

Christian: That doesn’t count. It was only in the past.

Gangster: But the descendants of that red Indian girl are still going out to protest on your birthday -- every July 4th.

Christain: Precisely! They are free to protest! Freedom! Democracy! Do you have those?! Do you! Do you!

Gangster: You seem very forgetful, and shamelessly self-forgiving and self-congraduating. Well, however, you are still doing the same, see what you are doing to that Iraqi girl. You are an invader and a war profiteer.

Christian: That is different. It isn’t about me, it is about you, you!

Gangster: That seems very indifferent of you.

Christian: No! I am full of passion, My heart aches when I think of that poor Tibetan boy! I hate any injustice! It is my duty to do justice to this world!

Gangster: But that Hindi guy took Miss Sikk Kim too…

Christian: You shut up, I don’t know who Miss Kim is, the Tibetan boy aches my heart whenever I think of him! Behides, that Hindi guy is basically a good man but you are such a bad person!

Gangster: What!?... Why?

Christian: Because that Hindi guy is a democracy and you are not. Democrasy is good. No democracy no good, period!

Gangster: All democracies must be good?

Christian: Yes.

Gangster: How so?

Christian: Because they are like me.

Gangster: Man… I am almost wordless. So far, I must say that you are unreasonably self-centered and self-righteous.

Christian: Shut up! I know the Truth, God speaks to me! You don’t do what I say, I am going to boycott your Olympics!

Gangster: ……Wait a minute……Gosh! Be respectful for yourself! The Olympics is yours! It is your tradition, I am hosting it for you to spread your culture. YOUR culture!

Christian: Mine is universal! Serving my universals is your honor! Failing it is your shame!

Gangster: So if a westerner hosting a Chinese New Year Parade, for whatever reason a Chinese guy doesn't like that westerner and pulls the westerner's pants off in public, you think it is the westerner's shame?

Christian: Yes, because he is embarrassed.

Gangster: It is the westerner's embarrassment indeed, but it is the Chinese guy's shame. For sure, that poor westerner is not going to do the Chinese New Year Parade again. Whose loss is it? Making the Olympics Ugly, yes, my embarrassement, yet your shame! Don't you get that?

Christian: It is your shame! your shame! I insist!

Gangster: Only confused, rude, and fundamentally un-cultured people would think and act that way. You seem very arrogant too. I used to worry how I could catch your guys up, but if this is the character and quality of your men, I am no more worried. Your men are no match of my men! You are no match of me!

Christian: Shut up! You are just such a bad person. And you are stubborn!

Gangster: You are a hypocrite!

Christian: I condemn you!

Gangster (angrily): I contempt you!

Christian: The contempt is mutual!

Gangster: Let it be!

(A moment of silence)

Gangster: Maybe I don’t need that stupid Olympics any more. I am going to cancell it. You will see whose loss it is.

Christian: Wait! You can’t do that either.

Gangster: … … How come? Don’t you want to stop it anyway?

Christian: I still need it to make money in you.

Gangster: Money!? I thought your concern was the Tibetan boy…

Christian: Yes, I still love that poor boy, my heart aches whenever I think of that poor boy, but we can talk about him some other time. It is about me this time.

Gangster: But… but…earlier you just said that it is all about me! The bad person…me?

Christian: It is about me now.

Gangster: So confussing… When will it be about me again?

Christian: I will remind you when I need you the bad person again.

Gangster: You are such a Moral Paper Tiger !

(The End)


July 8, 2008 9:40 AM

OMG!! It is too funny and clever! I applaud you, Moral Paper Tiger!! Well done!


July 16, 2008 11:15 PM

don't know about china's chances of becoming superpower but I know for sure that india is a hyped up bogus superpower being fed to the world by the western media


September 27, 2008 10:25 PM

Tibet is a part of China and India had better learn to respect that coz India can't do anything about it. The painful lesson of 1962 should serve as a remainder to all those Indians still harbouring their pipe dreams of beating China.


November 16, 2008 11:17 PM

I pitty about the people of china

i wonder why the chinese people want to relate themselves with the communist rule.
do u know what is meida and press
in china it is controlled by communist government. do u know what does that mean you people may not be knowing the facts about happenings in your surroundings
if india had communist rule it would have solved the tibet, bangladesh and pakistan problems by just killing the people.
I have seen some one pointing out abt gujurat riots. you need to understand that the once again its media through which you have come to know abt that if it was china they would have said that the casualities are '2'.
I know that people of china worked hard to be in this position but a nation is called developed when its people naturally know the meaning of development and people can choose what they want and what they dont
In china you dont have much options
even if some people have a different perspective you can hardly express that in your country
You making fool of yourself saying a developed country because development under slavery is false its just illusion
china rise to democracy and then prove yourself
i tell its a test to china whether china is a nation or just group of states controlled by a corporate office
Dont be so worried about demo


November 17, 2008 7:31 AM

What is this Indian mumbling about?


March 2, 2009 1:17 PM

I am a part of a multi million strong youth of India.
I personally don't condemn any country or any policy.I and all of us youth don't speak a lot but believe in working.I wrote here just because i wanted all of you to leave discussing about our poverty as this can't be neglected and we have to take in for the sake of this noble land.But it is we who are working hard to make India a great country and not we want India to be a peaceful land.About the points related with the disintegration of India, let me assure you all it would never happen.All hatred
will vanish as we won't teach our children about hatred.....but about their duty for India.
Our hard work is fructifying now.India is recognized I.T giant and a space faring nation......we will continue this in all fields and it will be all of you people who will see it and appreciate it.
Life and satisfaction to all humans no matter in any country....peace to


March 9, 2009 10:26 PM

Peace......Indians and Chinese should not fight over stupid issues that should be left in history text books....cause seriously we guys should learn from the people of Bhutan...who don't measure success in the form of GDP, number of nukes etc....try reading about their gross national happiness index.....

if you wanna fight and find a vent for you're on u're play station,go for a jog or go make love to some one....cause both counteries would lose more than they would gain from such instead the two counteries should concetrate on bettering themselves......


August 11, 2009 12:14 PM

Please! stop all this fighting over nonsense! It's a fact that both India and China can't win if we start fighting. Better cooperate and respect each other. Both will be winners!

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