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Burma, an investment destination?

Posted by: Bruce Einhorn on October 10, 2007

Leave it to the People’s Daily to find some upbeat news from Burma. Yes, the junta may be killing monks and crushing dissent. But according to the official newspaper of China’s Communist Party, there are still plenty of investment opportunities in the impoverished Southeast Asian nation. At least, so says Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency. The People’s Daily has a Xinhua story on a report from the press in Burma (or Myanmar, as the regime there has renamed the country) on a German delegation that visited the country last month to look into setting up production of pharmaceuticals there. Writes Xinhua: “German entrepreneurs are planning to set up pharmaceutical industries in Myanmar to produce home-use capsules and tablets as part of foreign engagement in the development of the sector, a major local news journal reported Tuesday.”

Apparently the delegation traveled to Burma in September, before news of the latest protests really spread worldwide. We’ll see whether the investment really does go forward. In the meantime, though, I did learn from this that not only does the Burmese newspaper the Yangon Times Journal have a website, it also has one of those slogans that would be unintentionally funny if not for the fact that people are now dying: The paper describes itself as “Your Best Choice for Truth and Usefulness.”

The rest of the site is in gibberish since there’s no English version; you need to download special fonts if you want to read it in the original. So no, not the most useful. And you can take a guess on whether the part about truth is any more accurate.

Reader Comments


October 10, 2007 12:49 PM

Is this a surprise? Thanks to Red China, leaders in North Korea, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Burma (not Myanmar) are safe and secure while their citizens are starved, persecuted and fre4quently worse. And they have the money and clout to do it thanks to their Allies in Bentonville, Arkansas financing their drive to global supremacy. When will people wake up and realize the danger wrought by these immoral sabre rattling thugs in Beijing.

Burma Activist

October 10, 2007 6:04 PM

sadly, no one is surprised by the kind of greediness China is displaying while blocking UN Action to intervine, all the while people are getting brutalized... China is being its typical self i guess...

supporter of democracy

October 10, 2007 10:03 PM

this is the world of money, world of Greed, and world of arrogant human beings. China is the worst in terms of neglecting human rights and supporting rogue regimes and brutal dictators throughout the world. just to gain short terms economic gains, China is going the wrong way. let's face it, Chinese favoured Burmese generals won't be in power indefinitely. One day, people in Burma, and Africa will rise up. Ordinary people in those countries have already hated China. By that time, China will be too late to reverse its own arrogant decisions. Who knows? some revange may come for China.


October 10, 2007 11:18 PM

I would say that China looks at things more positively than the rest of the world. Apparently according to Chinese, the glass is half full.

Btw, the sanctions and isolations are the ones that caused sufferings in those nations, not China. In fact, it is China that the west ask for help if something goes wrong in those nations. Imagine if China didn't have influence on N. Korea or Sudan, who will stop them from continuing whatever they pursue? The US doesn't have that kind of power.


October 10, 2007 11:45 PM

to the reporter:what information you want the readers to get from your article? Is it possible that you want to tell us that Chinese leaders are
selfish and inhumane,and Chinese people living in Red China is blind and has always been fooled by their leaders .

to comment writers: please learn more truth about Red China rather than impose ignorant and irresponsible view on China to the public.


October 11, 2007 10:15 AM

China should allow US to enter Myanmar to do what they are doing in Iraq. Iraqis are almost liberated, the next one should be Myanmar.

The liberation cost of 1.2 million civilians lives in Iraq is ignorable comparing with the democracy Iraqis are getting.

Support democracy!


October 11, 2007 6:58 PM

I am not surprised by China's reaction to the current events in Burma. We know that China is single mindedly focused on its economic growth. For the Chinese, it does not matter if the cat is good or bad as long as it catches a mouse. This explains why China is heavily invested in countries with rogue regimes and brutal dictators.

Ironically, China is also a permanent member of the UN. Any direct intervention by the global community will most likely be veteod out.


October 11, 2007 8:17 PM

Is it so obvious that the monks were instigated and organized by the invisible hands behind the scenes? You and I both know those hands were. You and I both know what those "democracy" was for.

If nine monk lives are worth so much passion from the West, then where were the passions for the innocent millions of Iraqis, for over 100 millions native Indians who once roamed on the American continent, 3 millions of Vietnamese civilians. Which country used atomic bombs on civilians?

If it is all about democracy, then where is the democracy in Saudi, Lybia?

If human rights has been ever the concern of the Western hypocrites, which countries committed most war crimes, atrocities, inflicted the most death of innocents? Who created Abu Graib prison, secret prisons, and used advanced systematic torure techniques at very the start of the 21st century? I don't thin you want more.


October 11, 2007 8:43 PM

"Democracy", for most countries, particularly developing countries, is almost equal to "guaranteed chaos" and "legal political manipulation". The biggist examples are Phillipine and India. Sadly, people only see that rich countries are democracies. But, they missed to see how these countries got their first bucket of gold.


October 12, 2007 8:26 AM

The author of this blog's logic is funny.

What happened in last month was not the biggest event in that country. What happened in 1988 was much much much bigggggger. Let me ask you: why western companies invested so much there and you don't blame them but singling out China?

many people simply know nothing about Myanmar that is composed of many tribes with a alot of conflicts. Only the current gov can work thing out.


October 12, 2007 8:44 AM

YinduAsan...Which countries committed the most atrocities to their own people and others...How about Chairman Mao killing 30 million of his countrymen, Uncle Joe wiping out 20 million of his citizens in the Soviet Union, the previous militaristic Japan killing 20 million in Asia, and the Nazis responsible for the death of over 20 million and the recent "Democratic Kampuchea", a China client, killing a qurter of their citizens...Then we have your friends in Sudan, North Korea, etc. carrying on the tradition today..I don't see a democracy among them... This western "hypocrite avoids any products made in the Middle Kingdom gulag.


October 12, 2007 1:13 PM

I hvae to say that comments YinduAsan and iHateHyporites are hitting right at the target...
People should be aware of the current media crap who fed us everyday without much truth being told...


October 13, 2007 12:19 PM

First of all, Mao did indirectly caused millions of death in modern Chinese history. The 30-million figure was grossly overestimated, done by a scholar in former colonial Hong Kong. The relevance of that piece of history to today is, the Chinese people and government has passed judgment on Mao by giving his rule of China as 7 to 3 as Right to Wrong, and completely admitted the responsibility of deeds of the government in that history, restored all wrongly accused to their right honor and position. The biggest example was Deng Xiao Ping himself. Yet, did the West ever admit their shameful past and return the treasure or wealth they plundered? What they are doing now is to appoint themselves as the self-evident new century crusade of “human rights” and “democracy”. The Chinese are keenly aware that these are only excuses by the West trying to bring China in check, in the grand scheme to sabotage or derail China’ rise.


October 13, 2007 6:03 PM

Isn't it strange or even funny that the West did not even recognize the right of naming their own country's name? "Burma" was gone, now it is called "Myanmar", by the will of the people and government of Myanmar. And in fact, that is the one that only counts.
Now is "Myanmar a good business detination?". To the China, you bet, absolutely. Without Wests' meddling and ill-intentions, Myanmar is even a better destination. Political stability is a paramount must for Myanmar. Those good monks died of nothing of a worthy cause, but sacraficed as pawns in the grand chess game


October 14, 2007 11:17 AM

The World seems to be confused between Democracy & the Free Enterprise System. The Free Enterprise System is not Democracy. A Government "Of the People, By the People, & For the People" is Democracy, The Free Enterprise System is big oil companies & Corporate America looking for ways to make $$$$$$ on the Blood, Sweat,& Tears of the people ruled by crule dictatorships of a few bad guys, who would be lacking any ability to resist change if they were so challenge. The problem is that American Politics has become confused. A few public statements by the Administration will do nothing to bring Democracy to Burma. It will fade away & America will go on as Business as usual.

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