Nintendo: No regrets about Wii

Posted by: Kenji Hall on June 9, 2006

Nintendo’s chief exec, Satoru Iwata, is a confident man. Earlier this week, he went before the media to declare that the company’s name for its next-generation video game console, Wii (pronounced “we”), would stand the test of time. I guess the company has taken its share of lumps since announcing the new name in late April. Check out the reports.

Many analysts have portrayed Nintendo’s soon-to-be-released machine as likely to come in a distant third to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. But Nintendo has proved it can’t be written off: Its DS handheld console is kicking the pants off Sony’s PlayStation Portable thanks to great games. If Nintendo can repeat that success, most people will probably forget that there ever was a debate over the Wii’s unusual name.

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