Business and the Olympics

  • More Red Tape for Olympic Advertisers
    A new policy set by the Beijing Olympic organizing committee means Games sponsors will now have to resubmit their bids to buy ads
  • Olympic Sponsors Cheer the Home Team
    Western businesses are harnessing Olympic fervor in China and playing up national pride in their advertising campaigns Slide Show: Multinationals and the Beijing Games
  • Olympics Security Is No Game
    U.S. companies are supplying high-tech surveillance gear to the Beijing Olympics. The concern is how it might be used after the Games
  • Video Piracy's Olympic Showdown
    Beijing is finally tackling video piracy. China wants toprove it can protect the lucrative broadcasting rights forthe Summer Games
  • Olympic Diplomacy: Don't Fear China
    The mainland has everything to gain from a stable relationship with the U.S. It's not going to act rashly, and neither should America
  • China's Li Ning Toe-to-Toe Against Nike and Adidas
    Chinese athletic wear maker Li Ning is raising its international profile to win over shoppers at home Slide Show: Big China Deals for NBA Players
  • Beijing's Olympic-Sized Headaches
    Ahead of the 2008 Summer Games, the list of potential embarrassments for the Chinese government rangesfrom issues of human rights and pollution at home toviolence in Tibet and Darfur
  • Multinationals and the Beijing Games
    How companies are planning to capitalize on the Games' rich marketing potential—and sidestep the pitfalls

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