What to Expect From Sharing

What is this thing?

This is our Facebook login option. It allows you to access certain types of content: contests, archival stories, etc. by logging in to Businessweek.com with your Facebook account.

Does this mean you guys will be able to read my Facebook profile?

Certainly not. We're not trolling to see what your favorite books and movies are; it's a way for us to keep out spammers and other robots that junk up our comments and skew online polls. We will only be able to access whatever personal information you provide permission for. When you log in, you should be prompted to give us access. It's certainly not required for you to enjoy your experience browsing Businessweek.com

Are you going to start spitting every story I read into my timeline?

No. If you connect with Facebook, we'll give you absolute control over what shows up in your Facebook stream. If you'd like to seamlessly share what you're reading on Businessweek.com without any extra clicks, that's certainly an option, but if you'd prefer to determine what stories you share with the "Like" button, you can change things that way as well.

Why should I do this?

First of all, it'll allow you to participate in certain polls and other interactive features. Second, you'll get access to all of our archival content that you search for. No fuss, no muss.

I have more questions about this. Who can I email with comments, questions, and complaints?

    Feel free to reach us here.