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‘Anchor’ Babies: No More U.S. Citizenship

The U.S. should pass H.R. 1868—the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009—so all babies born on U.S. soil are no longer automatically made citizens. Pro or con?

Pro: Stop Population Overgrowth

Maternity tourism is just the beginning of the silliness of birthright citizenship that goes to the babies of foreign students, temporary foreign workers, international travelers—and the millions who break the law to criminally enter this country.

All told, federal law (not the Constitution) gives citizenship to an estimated minimum 400,000 babies each year who don’t have even one parent who is a U.S. citizen or permanent legal immigrant. This is a huge impediment to efforts to stabilize U.S. population to allow for environmental sustainability. And it is a great incentive for more illegal immigration.

Each of these babies becomes an anchor who retards deportation of unlawfully present parents—and who eventually will be an anchor for entire families and villages as chain migration leads to the immigration of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Birthright citizenship is an antiquated practice that has been abandoned by nearly all wealthy nations and emerging nations (recently India and Indonesia) and by the majority of poor nations.

The Supreme Court has ruled only that the Constitution requires babies of legal immigrants be U.S. citizens. It is time to join the modern world, pass H.R. 1868 (Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009), and limit citizenship to babies who have at least one parent who is a citizen or legal immigrant.

Con: Babies Aren’t the Issue

Scaling back the 14th Amendment’s definition of birthright citizenship, a cornerstone of civil rights in our country, would compound the problem of illegal immigration instead of addressing it.

Proposals to do this are based on the concern that immigrants give birth to children on U.S. soil for the purpose of using their citizenship to stay here. Even if there was evidence that this is common—and there isn’t—it would be largely beside the point: It’s indisputable that most people come here illegally because they desperately want work, employers are thrilled to provide it, and government usually turns a blind eye.

In addition to probably being un-Constitutional, H.R. 1868 wouldn’t alter that arrangement. Instead, denying citizenship to children would simply increase the number of people here who live outside the law—and it’s unrealistic to think that they’d be deported or driven out en masse. It would also raise countless practical questions. Would hospitals have to decide which mothers are here legally? Would the children of those children, and their grandchildren, also be deemed illegal? If so, would the resulting modern-day caste system help, or heighten, the concerns that native-born workers have about immigrant labor?

The best way to reduce illegal immigration is by addressing both its supply and demand, through realistic enforcement and better legal channels that meet business needs without causing unfair wage competition. Ending birthright citizenship would just change the subject.

Opinions and conclusions expressed in the BusinessWeek Debate Room do not necessarily reflect the views of BusinessWeek,, or The McGraw-Hill Companies.

Reader Comments

Oliver Ko

Why do we give citizenship for someone whose both parents are illegal? This is simply not right.

At least one parent must be an American citizen.


As usual, the Con argument goes along the familiar emotional lines--a) we cannot enforce the laws so why even try; b) we cannot deport anyone; it is cruel. Deport children, no way.

These are arguments for losing the concept of citizenship itself.

The pro argument is proven, solid, and logical. Change the incentives, and watch the behavior change on its own.


The intent of the 14th amendment was not to give citizenship to anyone born in the U.S. It was applied to a different era and people, which is well documented. It is being abused and misrepresented to apply to those that are here illegally and have a child.

The legal immigration system is fraud-ridden and abused daily. Legal immigration should be allowed on a proven need only and our present laws should be enforced, borders secured. Anchor baby citizenship leads to thousands of others through chain migration.


When voters in Ireland were given the chance to vote on this issue in '04, 79% voted to get rid of "birthright citizenship."

And Ireland is an island whereas we have a 2,000-mile border with the third world.

We should be allowed to vote this as well. It would end just as it has in England, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Phyllis North

I vote with Beck. We should be doing what other countries are doing. Otherwise, we will remain a magnet for illegal immigration and will have to bear the costs that go with it.

Georgia Roose

It should be stopped pure and simple--limit citizenship to babies who have at least one parent who is a citizen.

Ralph Kelly

I fully support the the ending of birthright citizenship to children born in the United States of illegal aliens. I don't think there is any doubt that many pregnant women living close to the border cross the border to give birth in the U.S. due to the free "emergency" delivery and with an equal motivation of acquiring their very own American citizen in their family. Although I agree that a big draw for people to illegally enter the U.S. is work or family reunification, the anchor baby aspect is a big bonus.

I feel that the argument that we should continue with this anchor baby practice because to re-define the present use of the 14th amendment would only "increase the number of people who live outside the law" is not valid. Just perhaps the opposite would be true. If it was clear that this citizenship loophole did not exist, there would be less illegal entry into this country.

To continue with the present policy only increases dual citizenship citizens to our population, many with divided loyalties, and adds to the demise of the sovereignty of the U.S.

Khalid Majid

The status of the child born in United States should depend on the legal staus of the mother. If the mother is a US citizen, then the new born becomes a US citizen automatically; if the mother has a green-card, then the child gets a green-card; if the mother is illegally int the US, then the child is in the US illegally; if the mother is in US on a tourist visa, then the child should get a tourists' visa.


Easy enough for illegals to come here pregnant, give birth, and then have all the rights. Enough is enough. Illegal immigration is bankrupting our society. Get rid of birthright citizenship and watch the deliveries go down.

Clay L

I worked in the Middle East for over 20 years and witnessed time and time again non-citizens flying over to the USA, 8-months pregnant wife in tow, to visit a contractor facility. Bingo, foreign baby born in USA now gets benefits which should be reserved for taxpaying citizens.

It is a much abused loophole and I am sick of watching my tax dollars wasted. Benefits should be considered "earned" by those who have been contributing, productive citizens, and citizenship is a benefit.


Oh, please! The 14th Amendment was written to apply to former slaves. To say it applies to babies born to parents here illegally or that it concerns "civil rights" would make the Founding Fathers roll over in their graves.

There is not even a compassionate component to this feeble argument. No one has said anything about denying the mother-to-be medical care; only that the baby would not automatically be granted U.S. citizenship.

American taxpayers have more rights in the United States than citizens from other countries because it's our country. Such as the right not to pay for those scamming the system and stealing our hard-earned dollars.


This is an interpretation of the 14th amendment only. The supreme court has never ruled that this amendment is applicable to the children of illegal aliens. The framers of the 14th clearly stated that it should not apply to illegal alien children--that's why they included language about the person being under a "foreign power." Let the court make a ruling and if they refuse to follow common sense and rule of law then we need a national vote.


It is amazing to me that anyone would legitimize/reward someone who blatantly breaks our laws. Babies born in this country to illegal aliens should not be made citizens. We have no moral obligation to support the world. We currently have a public health care system, Medicare and Medicaid, which have bankrupted our retirement system, Social Security, which when enacted in 1935,not designed to cover health care.By allowing illegals in, we risk quickening the collapse of our government, through economic and possibly terrorist means. My father was a legal immigrant from a poor family out of the hills of Lebanon in 1911. If his family could follow the law to citizenship, so can those who meet our country's criteria.If you who want to support others, take your salary and donate it these countries who help their citizens sneak in the U.S. you'll find the powers in these countries want the U.S. to carry the burden for their citizens; their leaders want to continue their fine living without responsibility for their own citizens.

Open borders allows these regimes to continue their abuse and fraud. It is moral to stop illegal aliens now.

Thomas Hart

Anchor babies do not qualify for citizenship if you actually read the law, which most liberals don't and do not adhere to the laws anyway. The law states born in this country and subject to the authority. Being illegal, they are not subject to our authority except for deportation. But liberals do not adhere to laws.

Laurie Gilman

I agree with the Pro side also--it is time for the U S to take a real stand and say no to citizenship for anchor babies or their families. Like Feorgia says, "It should be stopped pure and simple." Game over--send them packing with their diaper bags.


What Bill, Don, and MT said. Let the people decide if we want it or not. Better hurry before President Obama declares amnesty and games millions more votes too.


As immigrants, my family and I "fought" for our rights to become American citizens. The 1st thing my father did, after getting a job, was take night classes in English. Then he studied in order to pass the citizenship test as did my mother. Only then was I able to become a citizen also. How dare our government reinterpret the law to include illegals! I'm tired of needing to explain that I want help in English, not Spanish. I live in the USA and expect English spoken by all before being allowed to become a citizen. Pregnant women come here illegally in order to have medical benefits for their babies. Education is supposedly a right to all, overcrowding our classrooms, regardless of how they arrived in this country. When you fight for a right, you are apt to hold it more dear to your heart, as do I. Nothing was handed to me or to my family and I refuse to cater to, or hand over American rights, to people who break the law the minute they step foot on American soil. No paying of taxes, no benefits pure and simple.

M.J> Cunnningham

I agree and I say this as a naturalized citizen.

Phil Peterson

I believe that the practice should stop right now. We are losing our rights as a country by allowing people to have babies here that are in the country illegally. We must do what other countries are doing and enforce our laws. If we do not, this country will be no more.


I agree with Beck.

Stan Marciniak

Most liberal philosophies are driven solely by emotion, rather than logic and reason.

Our Constitution is absolute in every respect. There is no guesswork as to the limitations our Forefathers deliberately imposed on our government when they wrote our Constitution. Interesting to note that our Constitution provides the answers to all debates currently on the table. In this particular debate it says, "put an end to birthright citizenship."


Now that our legislators are supposedly on the same track with E-Verify, it needs to be rigorously enforced? California--a Sanctuary State--will need exclusive attention along with other border states, because they have been occupied by millions of illegal immigrants, causing major damage to their economies. Once E-Verify is fully implemented on a permanent basis for all the working population, including all persons on a payroll? My suggestion is an army of federal inspectors of perhaps retired civil servants, senior citizens in their resident community, to make unexpected inspections on large and small businesses.

The inspectors will probably have to be armed with a general search warrant, but honorable business will hardly impose this restriction if they have nothing to hide? This will be a strict deterrent to parasite businesses, who will never be aware--when that federal officer--is going to turn up, to observe their workers? They will audit their books and check for irregularities in the workplace. This is happening in Italy and other countries, because of the importation of illegal foreign labor, has caused major concerns amongst the countries bona-fide workers. If Washington is really sincere about the 10.5 jobless Americans, then we need to impose heavy penalties on those business that scorn the law. Another possibility is a reward system for informants, who have positive knowledge of companies that are scoffing at E-Verify, and committing the offense of hiring illegal aliens. Business are living off taxpayers taxes, because they don't convey health care to their illegal hires.

Get on the phone and tell your Representative, you support--the SAVE Act--202-224-3121 Believe it. Your voices are having the right effect? Support for the bi-partisan SAVE Act, which will expand E-Verify and protect American jobs. We must focus on the key to this major problem--the jobs that attract illegal aliens. It would phase in a requirement for every employer to use the electronic verification system. We must also be aware that the Democrats are ready to open the gates to our nation, once a path to citizenship is announced. Search out the facts at NumbersUSA, American Patrol. Copy, paste, and distribute freely.


I say keep birthright citizenship, but take the baby away from its illegal parents as soon as it's born. The illegals should be deported and lose their citizen children. That will do more than anything to stop anchor babies.

Robert Winiarski

I'm at a loss for words. After having lived for 70 years in this great country I sometimes can't believe how this land has degraded over the years. Beginning in the 60's when school children were thought about their "constitutional rights" instead of the three r's. It simply boomeranged from there and once the ACLU got into the picture it was blasted into outer space. All I can say is that I agree that illegal immigration and anchor babies cannot be tolerated and must be stopped. Added to that, I can only offer my sincere and deepest apology for the behavior of our "intelligent" politicians over the years and for how they've ruined this once fine country. But, the worse is yet to come and, for once, I can say I'm glad to be this old because I have no wishes to be around when it comes time to pay the piper. God help America and its fine people (the legal ones that is). Frankly I don't see where sending emails to our elected officials will change a darn thing. Rather, we should act as employers, which we are, and demand they either begin acting in the best interest of our country and it's legal residents or resign and give up all the incredible benefits they receive and let someone else step in and do the job as it should be done. How many politicians do you know that have "shouldered the burden" as so many Americans have? Lost jobs, lost homes, lower paying jobs out of desperation and no benefits at all. Isn't it time our "leaders in Washington" began accounting for their actions which caused all these problems in the first place? Should they not help carry the burden by beginning to pay part of their health care as most American do? Should they not forfeit their next pay raise in an effort to help keep government expenses down? Until the cancer is removed the patient (America) will die. We the people need for access to Washington and a better way to "fire" our representatives than wait two years for the next election. A lot of damage can be done in two short years.

Dirk Pearson

How can a baby born in the United States be considered legal if the parents are not?

The 14th amendment was written because of the slaves--not illegal immigrants.

Kevin Genzer

Sorry-the 14th amendment clearly states "subject to the jurisdiction of" and illegal foreign nationals are not, ergo their children are not. When will we stop allowing business to weaken the economy of our country? We allow them to move across the border to take advantage of cheap labor while allowing them free access to American markets. Bill Gates doesn't need a job-and the boat is getting full. It is time to stop using an amendment that was to grant rights to newly freed slaves to justify allowing foreign nationals to nest without an invitation. I think if you allowed Americans to vote on the issue, then all of this nonsense would stop.

Mike Kennedy

I absolutely agree with Mr. Beck. Removing the birthright, penalizing employers, and enforcing borders are all means to reduce the supply and demand, as Mr. Randhave puts it.

Maternity tourism needs to come complete with two one way tickets on the next ICE bus back to the country of origin. Park the buses right outside our hospitals.

Henrique Sequeira

We should not be supporting birthright baby citizenship when we cannot even support our own people living in shelters and in the streets, and are on hard times. US citizens come first.

JoAnne Schnepp

I am with Beck on this issue and for a very good reason. I am a former OB/GYN RN from a major teaching hospital in Tucson, Arizona and saw how much this affected our hospital's budget woes. I also learned first hand that most of the women having these babies immediately returned to Mexico, after setting up a local address with a friend or relative, and all they were looking for were the 'benefits' that came for their children. The money went right back to Mexico with them. I heard this from their own mouths--"Your government lets us do this, so why not do it? It helps my family" was a common statement in one form or another.

Of course, currently another good arguement for limited birth of illegal babies and to counteract the liberal beliefs that these people are desperate and looking only for work is to remember that our own unemployement rate is now approaching double digits nationwide, and whatever jobs are available should be available for our own citizens in these economic times. Of course, I never subscribed to the notion that illegals took jobs that our own people would never do, and I still don't. When someone wants money in their pocket, they'll do most any honest work there is. In my own family, both my parents picked fruits and veggies in their day, my brother worked in a fast food place during high school and college. I worked as a nanny and also did housework for people until I got a nursing license. And we weren't "poor." we just were willing to work at whatever jobs existed until we had the training/education to do something else. The illegals and our current laws are breaking this country and our individual states.


This madness must end. It is time that the citizens of this country make the decision on birthright citizenship. The politicians have been doing to little for too long and now is the time to put it to a vote with the 2012 elections. If it is voted that to be a citizen of this great country at birth one parent must be a U.S. citizen. We also should vote on a series of dates that are retroactive that take away the citizenship of people that should never have gotten it in the first place. With that we should have any and all sworn law enforcement officers enforce all the laws on the books of this country, including immigration laws. This idea that a police officer can pick and choose what laws he's going to enforce is ridiculous. That must stop.

A. Stone

I am all the way for H.R. 1868. I work at a county hospital in Texas. There are so many Mexicans on the L/D floors that a campus police officer has to be called for crowd control in some areas; they are down the halls, piled up in the waiting rooms while their kids are playing on the floors. Americans do not know how bad it really is. I say let the Americans vote for H.R. 1868 now.


The problem is with the numbers. In the early 1960s and for decades before, we admitted fewer than 300,000 immigrants per year. Now we are allowing 400,000 new citizens per year just by birth to foreign nationals, and simply by the accident of location. Our population, now 306 million, is forecast to rise to 439 million in 2050, and 82% of the increase will be the immigrants who arrive during that time and their descendants. It's crazy.

Vince Dunsworth

My wife, a legal Chinese immigrant, saw a Chinese web site promoting that pregnant Chinese women travel to the US to have their babies. Why: 1) Better, and free, medical care. And 2) The child is a US citizen.

This site even gave tips on how to hide the pregnancy during the visa interview. Is this what the 14th ammendment intended?

This bill needs to be passed ASAP and chain migration needs to be limited to spouses and dependent children only. Parents, siblings, cousins, etc. should not be able to chain immigrate.

A. Stone

I am all the way for H.R. 1868. I work at a county hospital in Texas. There are so many Mexicans on the L/D floors that a campus police officer has to be called for crowd control in some areas--they are down the halls, piled up in the waiting rooms while their kids are playing on the floors. Americans do not know how bad it really is. I say let the Americans vote for H.R. 1868 now. If they wait to vote, then down the road they will be so many hispanics here that they will vote to benefit their own race, and our vote will be drowned out. We will be the minority in our own country.


No more birthright citizenship. We're already flooded with illegals as it is, and they're bankrupting us.

Tom Lorenz

I'm with Bill. Birthright citizenship needs to end and is a magnet for those wanting free ride to citizenship with no appreciation to the bloodshed which affords freedoms we have. Politicians are incentivized to push amnesty for illegals corrupting themselves and our system with a voter base disenfranchising American citizens. Let the people vote and decide this for our Republic.


I say no to all illegal persons having children on U S. land--this does not make that child a U.S. citizen. For reason No. 1, they refuse to speak our language and do not care to even learn it. This is an English speaking country, not Spanish, French, or any other language. I come from a long line of military, and they fought for this country to be free from those that harm us in one way or another. When my dad fought the Germans, he learned their language so he could understand them. I went to California and the waitress was Spanish speaking and could not get my order correct. I refused it and promply left.


I should think that under the law, a child born to an illegal immigrant on US soil would be considered "fruit of the poisoned tree" (in a manner of speaking). If the parents have no legal claim to citizenship than neither should their offspring. The birthplace of the child is an act beyond the control of our laws, once the parent(s) have entered the USA illegally, but that should neither bestow automatic citizenship upon the child nor should it perform the function of an "anchor baby" for the parents. The child should share the same citizenship status as its parents--otherwise we reward lawbreakers who do not respect our sovereingty or our laws.

David McKinney

To allow babies born in the US to noncitizens to become citizens is insane.

David McKinney

To allow babies born in the US to noncitizens to become citizens is insane.


The United States is becoming a third world country. The rest of the world is laughing at us and at the same time taking advantage of us. I am only one person, but do you realize how many people I see taking advantage of birthright citizenship, every day I go to work? (I currently work at JFK International Airport, former INS Officer, now CBP.) We have H1B and L1 workers taking advantage of us. And then there are the B1/B2 (business/tourist) visitors and WT/WB visitors taking advantage of birthright citizenship. Some even tell us straight to our faces they want their kids born in America so they can have better opportunities. Then there are the Central Americans who in most cases are prior EWIs and now have TPS (Temporary Protected Status) in the US, along with a few USC kids.

Fed Up

Illegal immigration will tear this country apart. Enforce the current laws, require E-verify, strengthen border enforcement and regulate immigration on a as-needed basis. Sounds logical to me but our Congress is full of spineless life forms unwilling to represent the majority.


I came here with papers, so let them do the same thing--is that simple? No more anchors--we ran out of boats.


It is idiotic to give citizenship to illegal aliens. Does anyone understand that an illegal alien is breaking our laws?


If you really want to change things, then we need to change those who work for us or so that's what it said when we voted them in. We need to let our local governments and federal government know we mean business and start firing them and yes will get action, but as long as the same o'l same o'l is in office this is the stupidity we shall recieve.

Chester Lee McWhorter Sr

"...All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside...." Sound familiar? See section 1, amendment XIV. If the person is not subject to jurisdiction of the USA, they are not a citizen.


Two millegal immigrants in Los Angeles are gaming our social services this very minute. Yesterday LAT published a story about how the Mexican Consulate offers several additional social services benefits. Why do I have to pay for illegal immigrants children? Citizens are required to pay for these services.

Can you show me one of several million children born in LA since 1990 whose parents paid for their maternity childbirth and beyond medical bills. Just one? Anybody? This is how a state goes bankrupt. Complain about it, though, and you are a nativist and racist.


We must enforce the law or address it for change. In a country of the people, by the people, and for the people, a vote sounds good. Currently, if the parents are illegal that means they committed a crime even being here. They must leave and then enter the same way the legal immigrants do.


When Americans travel to another country, they are considered visitors, not citizens. Why does our government seem so determined to make babies of "visitors" to our country citizens just because they are born here? It seems to me that if our government is not going to enforce the law that we hired them to do,then they should be replaced. We are suppose to be a nation of laws but it seems that the people who break the law are the ones most protected by our government. People have a hard enough time supporting their own families without the burden of people who came here intending for us to take care of them too. Think how much better our lives could be if we didn't have all these illegal people here breaking the law and creating a huge financial burden on our already exploding deficit. Mexico won't let us stay there illegally, so why is it that they want to try to tell us that we should let their people come here illegally because they do jobs Americans won't do? Americans would love to have those jobs, just ask. Our government has lost all respect for our country and what matters to the people the most. "Freedom" is slowly being taken away and replaced with people who come here without permission and expect the same rights we have even though they don't pay taxes here. They are flooding our hospitals, schools, and prisons and costing the tax payers money we don't have. Please honor Americans and send them back across the border.

Our soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan to keep us safe while our government is thumbing it's nose at them by letting these people come across the border. If they really wanted to stop illegals from coming here, they would stop giving them incentives to do so. No more free handouts to illegals, we are sick and tired of paying for it.

Linda Bentley

The problem with birthright citizenship is we are giving away citizenship to people who often do not wish to be citizens. Illegal alien parents can raise their American citizen child as a foreigner in a foreign country, speaking a foreign language under a foreign Constitution. That citizen child can then come back here as an adult, legally, run for office, impose their culture, and change our country beyond recognition. It's already happening.


I think that is a very good idea that if both parents are from other countries, then the child should be considered from the same country and not automatically a citizen of the United States, because if the parents are sent back to their country of origin, then we taxpayers will have to pick up the bill to support the children unless or until the parents can come back into this country legally.

I think that is an extremely good idea and that is a fact.

Why don't people ask where Mr Obama is really born and just maybe he will be deported back to his orginal country? Besides he is a citizen of Indonesia and everybody knows that I least I hope they know.


There's no debate. The practice should be eliminated, but as long as we have a government afraid to enforce our laws, for fear of being labeled racist, there's no chance of saner heads prevailing. I think we could send illegals back if we'd just grow a backbone and do it.


Here is a better .dea.

This is the "change" we need. Please pass this on to your congressmen.

How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico Barak Hussein Obama isn't the first president to face a full-blown immigration crisis on the US-Mexican border.

Fifty-some years ago, when newly elected Dwight Eisenhower moved into the White House, America's southern frontier was as porous as a spaghetti sieve. As many as 3 million illegal migrants had walked and waded northward over a period of several years for jobs in California, Arizona, Texas, and points beyond.

President Eisenhower cut off this illegal traffic. He did it quickly and decisively with only 1,075 United States Border Patrol agents--one-tenth of today's force. The operation is still highly praised among veterans of the Border Patrol.

Although there is little to no record of this operation in Ike's official papers, one piece of historic evidence indicates how he felt. In 1951, Ike wrote a letter to Sen. William Fulbright (D) of Arkansas. The senator had just proposed that a special commission be created by Congress to examine unethical conduct by government officials who accepted gifts and favors in exchange for special treatment of private individuals.

General Eisenhower, who was gearing up for his run for the presidency, said "Amen" to Senator Fulbright's proposal. He then quoted a report in The New York Times, highlighting one paragraph that said: "The rise in illegal border-crossing by Mexican 'wetbacks' to a current rate of more than 1,000,000 cases a year has been accompanied by a curious relaxation in ethical standards extending all the way from the farmer-exploiters of this contraband labor to the highest levels of the Federal Government."

Years later, the late Herbert Brownell Jr., Eisenhower's first attorney general, said in an interview with this writer that the president had a sense of urgency about illegal immigration when he took office.

America "was faced with a breakdown in law enforcement on a very large scale," Mr. Brownell said. "When I say large scale, I mean hundreds of thousands were coming in from Mexico [every year] without restraint."

Although an on-and-off guest-worker program for Mexicans was operating at the time, farmers and ranchers in the Southwest had become dependent on an additional low-cost, docile, illegal labor force of up to 3 million, mostly Mexican, laborers.

According to the Handbook of Texas Online, published by the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas State Historical Association, this illegal workforce had a severe impact on the wages of ordinary working Americans. The Handbook Online reports that a study by the President's Commission on Migratory Labor in Texas in 1950 found that cotton growers in the Rio Grande Valley, where most illegal aliens in Texas worked, paid wages that were "approximately half" the farm wages paid elsewhere in the state.

Profits from illegal labor led to the kind of corruption that apparently worried Eisenhower. Joseph White, a retired 21-year veteran of the Border Patrol, says that in the early 1950s, some senior US officials overseeing immigration enforcement "had friends among the ranchers," and agents "did not dare" arrest their illegal workers.

Walt Edwards, who joined the Border Patrol in 1951, tells a similar story. He says: "When we caught illegal aliens on farms and ranches, the farmer or rancher would often call and complain [to officials in El Paso]. And depending on how politically connected they were, there would be political intervention. That is how we got into this mess we are in now."

Bill Chambers, who worked for a combined 33 years for the Border Patrol and the then-called US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), says politically powerful people are still fueling the flow of illegals.

During the 1950s, however, this "Good Old Boy" system changed under Eisenhower - if only for about 10 years.

In 1954, Ike appointed retired Gen. Joseph "Jumpin' Joe" Swing, a former West Point classmate and veteran of the 101st Airborne, as the new INS commissioner.

Influential politicians, including Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D) of Texas and Sen. Pat McCarran (D) of Nevada, favored open borders, and were dead set against strong border enforcement, Brownell said. But General Swing's close connections to the president shielded him - and the Border Patrol - from meddling by powerful political and corporate interests.

One of Swing's first decisive acts was to transfer certain entrenched immigration officials out of the border area to other regions of the country where their political connections with people such as Senator Johnson would have no effect.

Then on June 17, 1954, what was called "Operation Wetback" began. Because political resistance was lower in California and Arizona, the roundup of aliens began there. Some 750 agents swept northward through agricultural areas with a goal of 1,000 apprehensions a day. By the end of July, over 50,000 aliens were caught in the two states. Another 488,000, fearing arrest, had fled the country.

By mid-July, the crackdown extended northward into Utah, Nevada, and Idaho, and eastward to Texas.

By September, 80,000 had been taken into custody in Texas, and an estimated 500,000 to 700,000 illegals had left the Lone Star State voluntarily.

Unlike today, Mexicans caught in the roundup were not simply released at the border, where they could easily reenter the US. To discourage their return, Swing arranged for buses and trains to take many aliens deep within Mexico before being set free.

Tens of thousands more were put aboard two hired ships, the Emancipation and the Mercurio. The ships ferried the aliens from Port Isabel, Texas, to Vera Cruz, Mexico, more than 500 miles south.

The sea voyage was "a rough trip, and they did not like it," says Don Coppock, who worked his way up from Border Patrolman in 1941 to eventually head the Border Patrol from 1960 to 1973.

Mr. Coppock says he "cannot understand why [President]Obama let [today's] problem get away from him as it has. I guess it was his compassionate conservatism, and trying to please [Mexican President] Vincente Fox."

There are now said to be 18 million to 25 million illegal aliens in the US. Of the Mexicans who live here, an estimated 85 percent are here illegally

Paul Carter

I think that without a doubt the biggest problem facing the US today is the loss of trust the American people feel toward their government and their society's major institutions. Unreasoned, illogical behavior that hurts citizens motivates that distrust. The prime example of unreasoned, illogical government behavior that hurts US citizens is massive immigration, legal and illegal. The fact that many of our society's major institutions work hand in glove with government officials to pursue their self interests knowing full well that in doing so they are hurting their fellow citizens exacerbates the feelings of distrust.


It will only happen when the government starts responding to the wants and needs of citizens.

Ralph Kelly

I agree with Mr. Beck. It is time to regain control of our country and quit weakening our sovereignty. One of the imperative steps to do that is to stop allowing birthright citzenship to children born in the U.S to illegal alien parents.


Duh--the answer is so obvious (Pro) that one wonders why we are even having the debate. The Con argument gives no argument for granting citizenship to the babies in question; it only gives arguments about why the policy should not be changed. If there were no policy at all and the issue were one of establishing policy for the first time, what would make sense? (Oh, I forgot, sense does not count; emotions and getting new voters for my side are what count.)

John wilson

It was never intended to become what it has. Yes, I believe at least one parent should be a citizen.

Ron O

Well, for some reason I was cut-off in my previous attempt, so here I go again:

My problem is that most Americans do not know that if a 'natural-born' American couple goes abroad and the woman delivers a baby on foreign soil, their baby is not considered to be an American citizen. Not until they return home and the child has been here for a number of years (I don't recall the exact number).

This seems so incongruous to me when you consider the 'anchor baby' situation.

Someone please help me understand.


The con statement is a con job. There is no doubt that birthright citizenship is used by illegal aliens to try to gain an anchor in the US. For example, Elvira using her child as a human shield to stay here, the innumerable anchor children who appeal to Congress not to deport their parents and to enact amnesty, and the countless pregnant Mexican women who walk across the border to deliver on this side. Come on, Mr. Randhava. This is a scam at the American people's expense, literally, and you know it.


It's not just Mexicans and Central Americans who exploit birthright citizenship. Thousands of pregnant Chinese citizens schedule a "tourist" trip to Saipan (a U.S. territory) around labor time to deliver what they call a "golden baby." Even thousands of South Koreans (from a wealthy First World country) schedule "tourist" trips to the U.S. around labor time so that they, too, can deliver a "jackpot" baby. Our 19th-century laws did not foresee cheap air travel and loose visa requirements or a world with nearly 6 billion poor people in it.

Michael Hargrove

Why do we give citizenship for someone whose both parents are illegal? This is simply not right.

At least one parent must be an American citizen.

Debbie S

America has changed a lot in 200 years. We are no longer the land of limitless spaces and resources.

If a person is not a legal United States citizen, then in my opinion, you should not have been granted automatic citizenship just because you were born in an American hospital on American soil. If we went to the majority of other countries in the world, and entered the country illegally or were "just visiting," our children would not be granted citizenship. America cannot continue to absorb the rest of the world. The reality is that our economy is collapsing, our welfare system is overburdened, our hospitals are going bankrupt, and our school systems cannot keep up with the costs of education. There is a legal way to become a part of the fabric of America. Americans have become the tired,the poor,the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. We are the homeless, tempest-tos't. God bless Americans. We need to quit with the bleeding heart syndrome and being "politically correct. We need to take care of our own. How can we even think of helping another country when our own country is fraught with so much?

Tammy Edwards

No one including babies, should be given citizenship birth rights. If both parents are not legal U.S. citizens, the babies should not be given legal citizenship. This has got to be stopped; these parents know that they are not legal. Why should their children be legal? The United States needs to wake up, and take note of where our tax dollars are being spent. We need to start taking care of American citizens first. I bet if we would stop giving handouts, these people would stop crossing the borders so freely.

New Mexico

I live along a highway near the Mexico border. Almost daily, Mexican women ready to give birth show up at the border asking for medical help. I see the local ambulance taking them to the nearest U.S. hospital. We taxpayers pay for the birth, plus "free" medical care and other benefits for the rest of the child's life, because he is automatically a US citizen. A few years later, he comes across the border every day for school, even though he lives in Mexico and his parents pay no US taxes. About half of the students in the local elementary school cross the border each day for their "free" education. We pay; they benefit. Not all anchor babies stay to live in the US. They just reap the benefits. Is this what the framers of the Constitution had in mind?

Military Brat

Personally, I think that both parents should be legal citizens of this great nation. However, I would be willing to compromise with the opposition and allow children born to female US citizens to obtain citizenship at birth.

And I also agree with the part in the "con." We should also be going after the employers. There are some real nice amendments to E-verify to assist the unaware employers.

Using E-verify would seperate the guilty users of cheap labor from those employers that have hired potential "identity theives" and illegal aliens. The SAVE Act is another fair method of cleaning up the problems of job theft.


No baby born in the USA should receive citizenship unless at least one of the biological parents is a citizen. End of story. In my area we have seen many cases of illegal parents being allowed to stay in the US because they have a child who was given citizenship just because they were born here. It makes it very difficult to solve the immigration issue when these children are being used as an anchor and a valid reason for illegals to stay in the US. I feel that if the parents are here illegally then they should be deported regardless of their children being given citizenship. Take the children back to the country the parents are from as they never should have been given citizenship in the first place.

Gregory Steinmuller

The larger question may be: Has Speaker Pelosi violated her oath of office and committed treason. She seems to be repeatedly meeting with criminal aliens and even encouraging sanctury for them
in her district. I was under the assumption elected officals are supposed to enforce our laws. In the Speaker's case, it is only the ones that won't vote for her she respects.

Richard Ackerman

If we really care about our environment, we will put an end to the 'anchor' babies. Do it for the American kids. I vote with Beck.

IC Mike

The XIV Amendment has a word everyone is ignoring: "and." As in, "... and of the State wherein they reside." All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. Illegal aliens do not, cannot legally reside in any state other than that of their home country. End of story.

Matthew O

Jus Solis is un-Constitutional and if it that were acknowledged it would bring us up to where we should have been more than a century ago. Strictly speaking, citizenship is held by many people who, Constitutionally, do not have the right to it.


I agree with Bill, let the American citizens vote on this issue.


A U.S. citizen is a very special person with very special privileges. Those privileges should not be taken lightly and just scattered to the wind, knighting anyone and everyone upon whom they might fall. Protect our country, not only from without, but also from within.


I say we send Plan Parenthood to Mexico to lower their population so they can stop flooding our streets and taking American jobs and also ruining our health care system. Wake up, America.

Bud Grounds

Although I consider myself to be a compassionate person, the truth is we simply can't afford to allow the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in this country to obtain free health care.

I agree with Oliver Ko that citizenship for someone where both parents are illegal immigrants does not make sense and should be corrected.


I almost had to laugh at the statement that there is no evidence that illegals give birth in order to use that citizenship to stay here. Why does he think that 8-months pregnant women eat dust, walk miles, swim rivers, and cram themselves under car seats to get here? To enjoy California weather?


I'm from California. And 45% of the kids under now 5 are hispanic. Our schools are a mess because they don't speak English. Illegal aliens are "only" $4 billion to $5 billion dollars a year to support and Schwartzinkennedy says eliminating that cost will not help balance our budget problem. We are subsidizing their housing, education, and health care at huge expense. The "legal" kids are then used to gain sympathy for deported parents and antipathy toward I.C.E. And the cost to the court system is very high. Stop anchor babies, support e-verify, and strengthen the borders.

Bill M.

I think if we were allowed to vote on issues like this, to find out what the majority of America wants, then we actually might see some results. When the lawmakers stop making the laws according to their own agenda and start doing what the majority of America wants, this is a democracy, right? Majority rules? Then laws passed would allow the agencies, law enforcers, etc., to have the budgets and manpower to do their job. This whole system sets up corruption from the get go. Limit citizenship to children born here who have at least one parent who is a citizen, and who became one, legally.


Birthright citizenship is a harmful policy to the U.S. because we've been getting many people coming from abroad for the purpose of giving birth here and getting citizenship for the child automatically. Newspapers have printed accounts of travel agencies in other countries promoting or helping with travel arrangements. Also most of the illegal aliens who come into the country are young, and well aware that as soon as they have a baby here, they're home free in practical terms. This is so obvious in areas that have high levels of illegal immigration. The sooner birthright citizenship is ended, the better off this country will be. It never should have been applied to illegal immigrants or persons temporarily here legally. Citizenship of babies should automatically be that of their parents.

Paula Wunder

I believe anchor babies and birthright babies are two of the same.
Many illegal visa persons come to this country for health care when they delivery their babies. These mothers come in for care only just before the baby is born with all kinds of problems. They have to be treated or have their baby and leave the country without paying anything. If the pre-vote consensus is no more anchor babies, this would give the illegals time to leave before the next presidential election, which should have the vote on it. Congress isn't listening to the people. Therefore it should be put to a vote by the people, for the people. The problem with this is that the elections have become dishonest. And we can't seem to do anything about that either. So what is the answer? We need action, not a bunch of comments.

barbara cook

All illegal immigrants need to go back to where they came from. Coming to America, they have taken away jobs from Americans, and they are eating up the cost for living here. All birthrights for citizenship should only be for Americans that are here legally.

The illegal immigrants have no right to citizenship rights. They are here illegally,and they should go back to their country and stay there. They come to America and take away all of the good jobs, in order for the Americans to suffer, because they come and say they will work for less. They don't even pay taxes here in America, and the Americans are the ones that have to suffer because of them coming over here illegally.

If we were to go over to their country, they would be afraid that we would take away their jobs from them, so we need to fight for what is rightfully ours. We were in the United States first. We need all of the help that we can get from our politicans in office, to help every American that is working to be able to keep their jobs, so that they can support their families and put food on their tables for their families and help with medical expenses for the Americans families.

Send every illegal immigrant back across the border to their hometown, and help all of the Americans first, because the Americans deserve to have all of the politicans help. Help the Americans with their medical expenses before you help the immigrants.

Every American deserves the birthright of citizenship before the immigrants do, because our fathers and their fathers fougtht to protect the United States from terrorists. We even had some family members to be killed fighting for America,so please keep the birthright citizenship for all Americans that were born here legally.

My father was a WWII veteran from 1945. He fought proudly for his country and for his family to be safe from any terrorist attack. If my father was living today, he would say that every politician is crooked, because he wouldn't beleive in what every politician would promise to do for the Americans, because he would say that there isn't a politican in office that says they are going to help the Americans, and then once they're in office, every politician changes their minds for the worst.

Do what is right for every American, and send the immigrants back to their country, and keep the Americans safe from all evil.

Barbara Cook
Daughter of a WWII Veteran

Sondra Smith

Birthright citizenship is just one more of the many incentives we give to illegal immigrants. Illegals are bankrupting our education system, as well as slowing down the progress of education (according to teachers I speak with). Also, they rarely pay taxes, as they are hired for "cheap labor," and most times paid in cash, thus driving down wages and keping them down for legal Americans. Illegals do not spend anything like most of their money here. They either go back to Mexico and spend it or send it back to Mexico, as they tell me. I pay for groceries, while I watch them load two buggies, and then pay for them with food stamps. They vote illegally, thus changing the political direction of our Country. They march in the streets and demand more rights and that we speak Spanish. Good grief,if we tried that in Mexico or another country, we'd be shot. Really, Americans have found we can no longer afford to have the children we want, because we have to pay for the illegals. Wise up, America before it's too late. Stop the B. Citizenship, cut the entitlements off, and you'll see what happens.

Joseph A Ciraolo

It's a no brainer as far as I'm concerned. Most of the illegals come here for that reason. It should be stopped ASAP. In response to RR's question: Would hospitals have to decide which mothers are here legally? How difficult is it to show citizenship papers if you're legal? Would the children of those children, and their grandchildren, also be deemed illegal? This would be a yes. Not so difficult a question.


Don is right, the 14th Amendment was to allow the children of slaves who were born in this country to be considered "Natural born citizens," not to allow anyone who sneaks across our borders with no respect for our sovereignty and laws to drop a baby and claim citizenship.

Illegal immigration is straining our welfare, education, and penal systems. It is time for those who took oaths to uphold and defend our Constitution to do so.

The argument that deportation separates families is hogwash! The parents need to take their children back to their own countries. Those that were born under the "anchor-baby" rule can return to this country if they wish once they reach legal age, and not dragging thier families along except to visit.


I vote with Mr. Beck. At least one parent should be an American citizen. We have long run out of resources to provide for our own citizens down on the luck without trying to take care of every illegal immigrant that manages to make it accross our border before they give birth. If I had my way, we would make it retro-active back to 1980! Restore the Republic.


"Proposals to do this are based on the concern that immigrants give birth to children on U.S. soil for the purpose of using their citizenship to stay here. Even if there was evidence that this is common—and there isn’t..."


Nine-months pregnant women cross over the border, go to an emergency room--at taxpayer's expense--and give birth to their "anchor baby." Then, this baby receives additional welfare and is a further burden on schools and other social services--and will often have several siblings. Then their relatives come, too, adding to the costs of social services, and eventually they gain political power to legalize this activity.

The USA is virtually the only developed country that has a population growth. Could this be because we grant anyone who is born here citizenship? These growing pains cause a lot of problems in our country--traffic, depletion of natural resources, lost farmland, etc.

If you look at countries that have recently experienced increased standards of living--especially Asia--they did this by lowering their birth rate, thus more resources could be put into higher education and industrialization.

The real reason that immigration laws are not enforced is that the One World Government (aka central banks), which have control over the US government and the governments of other countries, want a world without borders.


I agree that citzenship by birth by illegals and with neither parent being a citizen needs to be stopped immediately.

The businesses that bring them here pay them way below the prevailing rate, and then the rest of us have to pick up the tab. Hospitalization, extra police, new schools, extra teachers that speak Spanish, free lunches.

Giving these people's children citizenship when born here only complicates matters and makes it worse.


If I was born on the White House lawn yesterday, so would that make me a member of the Obama family? I think not.

I too vote with Beck. We must cease granting citizenship to children of illegal aliens.


Beck is right. I am extremely concerned about our growing population and H.R. 1868 would go a long way toward giving us a sustainable future. I am completely fed up with our idiotic and unsustainable immigration policies.


The birth right amendment was meant to protect newly freed slaves and the childern. The way it's treated today is an insult to everyone of us who are desendants of slaves.

LC York

There is no justification for granting automatic citizenship to any baby born in the U.S. unless the parent(s) are legal citizens of the United States and are "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" (Amendment 14 of the U.S. Constitution). I support H.R. 1868 without hesitation.

Debbie W.

Roy Beck is 100% right.


If any female in the world, heavy with child, can fly, ride, drive, swim, or crawl across our border to drop her little bundle of joy in the good ol' USA, she'll be fixed for life. We're educating, medicating, housing, feeding, and paying anyone of these people who happens to be working under the table.

We're committing national sucicide. We have to be the stupidest people on the face of the planet.

Charles G.

Granting citizenship to children of illegal aliens is wrong, pure and simple. Congressional leaders who want to grant amnesty, thus granting backdoor citizenship, are rewarding illegal aliens who are breaking immigration laws. It's not fair to legal immigrants who are following the process to become American citizens. They are being placed at the back of the line.

The current economic crisis that federal, state and local governments are currently facing is due to the outrageous cost of illegal immigration. These entities have to pay for the education of illegal alien's children, medical and social services as well as the incarceration of illegal aliens who are being deported or have committed criminal acts committed in the U.S. These very examples have helped to create California's current crisis, a budget in the red by $26 billion.

I have sympathy for these people but 15 million unemployed Americans are currently in a world of hurt. The unemployment rate for them is 100% with illegal aliens currently holding permanent jobs. They take first priority for my sympathy. Americans want to work and if given the chance we will work our way out of this economic crisis. The money we earn is used within our country to make our economy flourish. Our earnings are not sent out of the country or our economy.

"We the People" need our elected government officials to suspend immigration. Do not grant amnesty in any form and do not cover illegal aliens under the proposed health care plan. Enforce current immigration laws, make use of E-Verify mandatory for existing employees and new hires, do away with birthright citizenship and anchor baby policies. If our elected officials can't make this happen to take care of the 10% unemployed American citizens, we need to vote them out of office in the next election cycle. We currently have a Democratic controlled Congress but this has not given them a mandate to play politics with our lives.

Congress is out of touch with the common citizens who in some cases make minimum wage. It is my understanding that members of Congress make over a $1,000 per day and American citizens on minimum wage make less that $60 per day. Congress needs to walk a mile in their shoes.

Debbie S

We are no longer the land of the wide open spaces and limitless resources. Our infrastructure and economy is eroding right before our eyes. We have become the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free. Why should someone who is not a citizen gain access to our economic resources because they were able to have sex and reproduce? Our hospitals are going bankrupt, our state governments are running out of cash, our citizens are unable to get a job. This easy ticket to the land of plenty has got to stop.

Concerned Sailor

One parent? Both parents should be here legally, and at least one should be a US Citizen. When the nation was small and growing, sure, but now we face being driven to third world status by our massive weight of numbers.

Sad really, when we can't take care of everyone in our borders, but, this is a way to control it.

I also vote for a two dependent limit per family on social welfare programs. Mom, Dad and two kids, or maybe Dad and welfare/disabled mother and child. I can't see funding people with three and more children.

Mike R

Saying that just because a baby is born here they should be US citizens, then if we have a baby in another country would that mean that our baby is no longer a US citizen. Is that what we want? I don't think so.


Absolutely, it should be stopped. It makes no sense the way it is.


How quickly we forget who we are, how our country originated and the integerity of being the United States.


I feel the same as all of you. I thought citizenship was earned,
not just plunking a baby out and this saves the parents butts from being deported. I always thought the 14th amendment was for the children of slaves--correct me if I am wrong. Bill, how do we get this on the ballot?


What was that other story when people decided to go after babies? Moses? I think everybody pretty much recoils at that. What's happening here?


Americans are the most financially stupid people on earth. They would give away freebies to the illegal immigrants like citizenship to their babies and then burden themselves with the cost of raising the child and everyone--parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts - related to him. Keep it up, Americans, and see the country becoming bankrupt and taken over by people south of the border.


I concur wth Mr. Beck. This practice of giving amnesty to people who have broken the law and come here illegally, was started by Reagan, back in 1986, by giving amnesty and citizenship to 6 million illegal crooks. What gives one man the right to do this? That is not the way a democratic society is supposed to work. Everything should be put before the people (not our corrupt congress or other politicians or federal judges). It is the right of the legal, tax-paying citizens to decide, by a vote and not be able to be overturned, as was done with California Proposition 187, back in 1994, by one federal judge. He had no right to overturn the will of the people, but he

Law School in Fall

14th Amendment of the US Constitution:

Section. 1. "All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

Is there any difference between the words person and citizen in the paragraph above?

Is an "illegal alien" a person?

How can a person be an "illegal alien" if they are not "subject to the jurisdiction thereof"?

If they are not "subject to the jurisdiction thereof", does that mean they can rob a bank with impunity? If not, then doesn't that imply they are "subject to the jurisdiction thereof"?

The reason "birthright citizenship" does not apply to the US born children of foreign diplomats is diplomatic immunity. This means that diplomats are literally not "subject to the jurisdiction thereof".

This one is a slam dunk. Go ahead and take it to the US Supreme Court, Roy Beck, you will lose.


I agree with MT. We reinforce illegal immigration by allowing this to happen.

We need to take away all incentives which support.

Of course, if one parent has to be a citizen, then we will encourage illegals to seek out and marry citizens. Of course illegal hispanic males already do that. But that's another issue.

I know they want a better life and I don't blame them for that, but they need to follow established procedures in order to protect America and be fair to those who come here legally.

Betty Clements

Parents illegal, baby illegal. This nonsense should stop.


End "anchor babies" now. If we did not take on so many financial burden--"always being the good guy"--we could do so much more for this country.


Why should we continue to support people that are breaking our laws and then reward their children citizenship? This law was not meant to be used in this way and it only encourages people to break into our country and take advantage of an outdated system. Stop the madness and let's start taking care of our own.

Delmar Jackson

Immigration to a country should benefit the citizens of that country, not burden them. To propose that a half million "anchor babies" a year and the millions of mostly poorly educated added immigrants they bring through chain migration benefits the average citizen is false.

Immigrants, even cute baby immigrants, are a tax on the poor already here and a burden to our social sysyems and environmemt. The country has wanted less immigration and zero illegal immigration for 40 years. The Democrats want more immigrants for the votes, the businesses like the cheap compliant labor and do not have to pay the social costs, the ethinic advocates like the increase power through increase population, and the churches like more for their pews, and the news media and academics are 90 percent Democrats that live in gated communities and favor immigration policies in which they never have to confront the realities of in their daily life.

We should end anchor babies, chain migration, no more amnesties, make e-verify mandatory, and jail those that hire illegals or use fraud in using work visa programs.

What is wrong with a stable prosperous unified homogenous assimilated population versus a crowded Balkanized multiethnic distrustful poor society we are becoming?


Birthright citizenship is absurd. Case in point: If a foreign pregnant woman flies into the US to visit friends and gives birth on our soil, that baby is a US citizen. Is that not insane?

I agree with the person who posted that at least one parent must be a citizen. Otherwise, we will continue to rapidly descend from a 2nd World country (yes, that is what has happened already) to a 3rd World one.


As a US expat living and working in Asia, I literally have seen both sides of this issue.

Simply, at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries the USA was rapidly industrializing and needed unskilled labor to fill its thousands of factories. It was a win-win for both the country and the immigrants.
What new factories do we need to fill today? Most have moved overseas, therefore eliminating the need to import further unskilled labor. Yet we have more legal immigrants entering now than we did during the golden age of industrialization, not to mention illegal immigrants. And from experience I can tell you that the majority making up both categories are unskilled and generally under-educated.
We need to get our heads out of our proverbial holes and adopt the same sane policies as every other country.

Regarding legal immigration, why not be like Singapore and cherry-pick the best and the brightest and those with enough savings to support their families as well as invest in Singapore. Of course that would be in the interest of the USA so it won't happen.
No birth right citizenship for illegals.

Arthur Wentworth

It's my understanding that this was put into place so that children born to legal immigrants who were working to become citizens wouldn't have to apply for citizenship. The people who passed this law would be outraged at the way it's being abused. This is one change we need.


They are illegal and should not receive any benefit from it.


Beck is right. It just makes no sense to allow this insanity to continue. The costs of the tidal wave of illegal immigrants are astounding. This slick and abused avenue to gain citizenship for the "anchor baby"--which ends up leading to an entire family (if not a village) to "legally" invade our country must stop now. I'm tired of paying for them, and you should be too. The USA cannot house and care for everyone in the world. If we try, we will soon be overpopulated, overrun, and a third world country ourselves.

Neil Hendrickson

The 14th Amendment was adopted in 1868. It was written in a different era to redress an injustice when slaves and their descendants were excluded from possessing Constitutional rights. The intent of the 14th Amendment was not to advocate people to enter this country illegally, have a child, and then claim their baby as a reason for legitimizing their residency.


Its absurd that we should make anybody and every body of the US. I cannot see in my deepest imagination how this is going to help the US. On the contrary, it will change America as we know it. Why should we make everybody a citizen--how is that going to help us? We can understand that suggestion coming from Newsweek, for to me, they are anti-American.


People have been flying here from all over the world to have babies free and to have citizenship. What a joke. An American has to pay for his baby and this all goes with this great health plan they are trying to come up with.


This economy alone should be reason enough to stop the practice of letting the babies of illegal aliens become citizens at birth.

These folks as well as their anchors cost more than they could ever contribute.

The 14th needs to be fixed, as it stands it rewards criminals when it comes to pregnant illegal aliens and all who live in the same house.

Instead of catering to criminals we need to stand up against the crimes, being illegally in this country is still against the law. Why reward them for having a baby?

Jorge Diaz

I agree with Beck. Chain inmigration is draining resources such as Social Security and Medicare, which were originally intended for those workers who paid into them. Although I feel sorry for the millions who are suffering from the failures of their own societies and governments no one country can save all humanity by victimizing their own citizens in order to do so.


HR 1868 should be passed to law. Immigration is totally out of hand, both legal and illegal. I urge anyone who cares to go to Mr. Beck's website and learn how to stop this nonsense.


Beck is right. It makes absolutely no sense that a baby born to two illegal aliens is a U.S. citizen.

To say illegal aliens do not come here so their children can be U.S. citizens is ridiculous. I've seen it first-hand here in Texas. I really can't blame them for wanting better for themselves and their children. I understand that. They just need to immigrate here legally.

When did people in our country lose all common sense?

Linda Rock

Citizenship in the US is being misused and abused all over the US. Everyone has a right to have to have a better life, but not illegally. Our family members who came here years ago did it lawfully, not the way its done today. Our country can't keep turning our backs to the problem--we can't look the other way and just let everyone in who think they have it bad in their own country.


The whole concept of "anchor babies" is a cynical and unfathomably destructive abuse of U.S. law and tradition. It is way past time that a law like H.R. 1868—the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009 be passed.

Sheryl P

What in the world is the reasoning that says that a child should be given US citizenship at birth because his mother who held citizenship in another country was visiting the US just prior to his birth or, worse yet, his mother broke the law to be here? And why would it be unthinkable for his mother to have to produce proof she is a citizen before a birth certicate is issued showing the baby's is a US citizen? We are asked frequently to show proof of identification before receiving benefits much less valuable than US citizenship.


I agree with Pro/Roy Beck.


With the continued unchecked increase in illegal immigration and the foolish direction our congress is taking with amnesty it's time to stop the foolishness. There are many alternative options for those wishing to enter this country and become citizens.

Gerry J

Rob Randhava says there is no evidence of anchor babies. Ask any hospital along the southern boarder and you'll find plenty of evidence. It's a fact. It happens in large numbers.

Birthright citizenship is a magnet to a better life which would not be otherwise available to millions of people south of our boarder in countries that have been poorly managed for a century or longer. Rather than running to the US let them stay home and fix their country.

Illegal immigrants do not have any civil rights here as far as I'm concerned. End the bestowing of presents on illegal immigrants. End birthright citizenship.


If any of you watch Discovery Health Channel, which I am sure that some of you do, then you will know that there is a clinic in San Diego run by 3 women doctors. I have caught this show on many occasions, and have seen many number of women who have deliberately waited until almost ready to give birth. These women have planned ahead enough to have everything in place where they can hop a plane and come here to give birth so that their child will be a citizen.

These doctors gave a number on one of their shows how many foreign babies are born in their clinic one time. At this writing I can't remember the number however it was a large percentage of their births per year.

We as citizens should stand up to the government and demand that this practice be stopped ASAP. This practice costs our country as well as our states billions of dollars each year.

Sydney Spradlin

We need to follow suit. Illigal immigration is fueling the health care crisis. Millions of uninsured illegal aliens are closing our hospitals due to non payment. Illegals come across our border, have babies, and demand rights and services, ie health,education and social security that are being denied citizens. We need to stop the flow of people who are essentially stealing from us, from citizens who are paying taxes, car insurance, and tuition through the nose to make up for them. It's ridiculous to keep allowing these anchor babies to blackmail us into bankrupcy.


I am against automatic citizenship by birth. At least one parent should be an American citizen.

Charles Kim

The arguments for illegal immigration are always based on emotional pleas and illogical arguments. Illegals are already living outside the law, getting free healthcare (at me and my fellow taxpayers' expense), etc. This legislation would simply help pave the way to eliminate red tape and allow more efficient, effective deportation of those claiming and fighting for anchor citizenship (tying up legal resources in the process too), and send a message loud and clear to current and would-be illegals that this tactic isn't going to permit them to stay here simply because their child is born here.

The U.S. needs to stop being the "relief valve" for countries with poor economies. All this does is prolong their economic woes and our immigration problem as the biggest dissenters risk their lives to come and work here illegally instead of staying in their own country and fixing their own economies.

We need to either 1) drastically step up border security and deportation efforts to get and keep illegals out, or 2) create a timely, accelerated rational citizenship process for current illegals provided that we sumultaneously radically increase border security (such as lining the southern borders with National Guard troops to back up the Border Patrol to keep all illegals out with force if necessary).

I'm a legal immigrant, worked and studied hard, paid my way through a Top 5 university, and have had a successful business career for 20 years. If illegals want the proverbial "American dream," they can do it legally as far as I'm concerned.


My Grandmother and Grandfather came over here from Sweden. They had a sponsor and that was Walgreens. The reason for a sponsor was that they were be identified and sponsored for a job. Today we hear the gibberish that Mexicans will do jobs we won't and that may have true 20 years ago but not today. They break our laws and run back to Mexico. Mexico has never brought anything but trouble to America. President Reagan gave amnesty to 8 million Mexicans and said that was his one regret after leaving office. We have pandered to the Mexicans for 20 years by putting everything in Spanish for them and we wonder why they don't bother to learn English. Immigration is all about votes and nothing more.


To claim the solution is to immigration is to curb the demand to come to US, is equivalent to saying we need to change fundamentally how Mexico rules its country. Where do we get the right to run other nations? Look how everyone cried when we went to Iraq even though genocide, which mandates action according to the Geneva Convention, was occurring to the Kurds. The Mexicans must demand government reform and let Americans deside if we are willing to go to war for them.


Birthright citizenship should be abolished. Only when at least one parent is an American or a legal immigrant should the babby be given citizenship. This is just one more way for Illegal Aliens to suck more money out of American taxpayers. The only reason employers are thrilled to get illegal workers is so they can pay them lower wages and avoid being taxed. The unimployment rate in America does not support adding more workers to compete for jobs. Any politician that votes to continue birtright citizenship or amnisty for illegal aliens is voting against the American people.


Mr Randhava's arguement forgets one very important fact.

The United States of America is a sovereign nation and has a "civil right" to protect it's borders and its citizens.

I guess Mr. Randhava has not seen the famous photo of a Mexican woman who went into labor in the middle of the International Peace Bridge. She admitted she was trying to make it to the USA so her baby would be a US citizen but instead she was picked up by a Mexican ambulance and returned to Mexico to deliver her baby.

There is a mountain of evidence pertaining to foreign nationals coming to the USA to give birth so their child will be a US citizen yet Mr. Randhava claims there is none.

I would ask Mr. Randhava: If they are not coming here so their children will be US citizens then why do they apply for US citizenship instead of the citizenship of their countries? I think the answer is obvious and blows huge holes in Mr.Randhava's arguement.

One more question for Mr. Randhava: Do you think it is fair for foreign women to come here,have their baby and expect US taxpaying Citizens to pay for it because most of the foreign nationals do not pay their hospital bills? Where are US citizens civil rights?


If we did a poll: How many want more overpopulation added to your neighborhood?

It's clear, 90% to 98% would say, "Hades no."


Birthright citizenship should be stopped, and babies should have the status of their parents. People come here just to have their babies and have a way to stay in the country. We're broke; we can't afford it anymore. We need to enforce our laws; anyone here illegally needs to be deported.


I agree, the original law should be in effect. Illegils coming here just to have babies is wrong, and we should not allow it. They are not U.S. citizens, and should not be allowed in. We need strong defenses against this. We should join the other countries who have more sense. Those already here should not have free medical, education etc. This will force them to go back to where they came from.


Mr. Randhava purportedly respresents "civil rights" for U.S. citizens. In his above pro-lawbreaker piece, he not only defends the indefensible but he codifies "civil rights" on people who have no civil rights in the U.S.--illegal aliens. He refuses to answer the basic question: Why do Embassy personnel--foreign nationals from other countries--who have babies born to their foreign national wives in the U.S. not get birthright citizenship granted to those babies when border jumping foreign nationals' and visa overstaying foreign nationals' anchor babies are given U.S. citizenship? Hmmm?

Clark Coleman

The claim that the House bill is "probably unconstitutional" is absurd. Congress always implements the details of constitutional amendments via statutes. The 14th Amendment says that all persons born in the United States, and subject to its jurisdiction, are citizens. Congress would merely be defining that illegal aliens have not made themselves subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, because they are breaking its laws to be here. This clarification is in keeping with common sense and the original intent and understanding of the amendment.


There's no debate.

On one side there is law.

On the other there is whining about having to follow it.

Everything else immaterial.


If work is the issue, then we need to fix the work situation at the point of entry (country level). We simply do not have the real estate in this country to bring the inhabitants of all other countries here. The problem that leads to everyone coming here in the first place needs to be fixed in those countries so that the majority of wayfarers can seek satisfaction in their country of origin. The U.S. Constitution only pertains to American citizens. If it pertained to the world, then other countries would adopt our Constitution, but that is not the case. U.S. citizens are confused and ignorant, and they don't want to be perceived as mean-spirited, but fail to realize the impact that allowing the status quo to continue will have on our nation. End anchor babies and temporarily suspend immigration into this country until we can stabilize our own economy. We're no good to anyone else if we can't even fix ourselves.


The mother should be required to be a US citizen; otherwise the courts may become a paternity testing center.

If citizenship was based on the father, any woman could claim a citizen was the father. If citizenship is based on the mother it would eliminate bogus court hearing and paternity testing.

Pregnant women fall over the border everyday, rushed to US hospitals for free delivery and the baby qualifies for all services including the eventual chain migration that Roy mentioned.

Illegals are laughing at us--one was quoted in an article saying how stupid we are as he was being deported for the 5th time.

I believe that the politicians are allowed to remain in office way too long. There should be limits placed on their terms for a maximum of 8 years. They get too comfortable and lose sight of the wants and needs of the people that elected them.

The 14th Amendment was created for the children of slaves, not ollegal aliens or tourists, students, etc.

The government ignores the laws and continue to walk all over us for the sake of cheap labor which is benefiting many of them.

Mexico's president told Obama that it was crucial that 400,000 to 500,000 Mexicans migrate here each year otherwise they would have societal problems. It is crucial for us that they don't, they are their problem that is causing us big serious problems.

Mexico is not our friend, and they continue to prove it.

Vivian Thomas

Stop birthright citizenship.


I don't understand people like Randhava. Is it their desire to ruin America? It must be because surely they understand that illegals are here only to milk the largess of the American taxpayer. Besides cheap labor (which comes at an enormous price), illegals contribute nothing to America. They are a burden on our schools, our healthcare facilities, our welfare systems, our prisons, etc.

Unless we clamp down seriously on illegals and stop this birthright lunacy, America will be dragged down to the level of a 3rd world country with the next 10 to 20 years. Of course at that point, illegal immigration will cease to be a problem, because there won't be any reason to come here anymore. Instead, Americans will start emigrating (either legally or illegally) to other countries.

Judy Newton

The question is, do we wish to maintain a distinct country with a definable language and culture, based on a specific constitution and legacy, or do we wish to become something altogether different? I know there are quite a few who would prefer that we do away with what remains of our traditional values and history, even our constitution. They are "globalists," who are working to undermine our sovereignty, put us under the rule of the United Nations or some other global legal entity, do away with our sense of cultural identity, etc. Massive legal and illegal immigration is an effective way to accomplish this end. There have been radical changes in our society over the last few decades. Expect our quality of life to continue to erode in the future, unless by some miracle this direction is reversed.

June V.

Outside of jobs, birthright citizenship is the biggest magnet for people who break into our country. The insanity of this is beyond me. If someone breaks into a home, he is punished. Illegal aliens break into our country, which is our home, and they are rewarded. Billions of dollars are spent on their upkeep. When illegal immigration ceases to be profitable in some way to our government and greedy businesses, it will stop. Otherwise, we will continue to be a lawless country full of criminals, and the dumping ground of the world. Mr. Beck is a true patriot who upholds the law in a country that increasingly overlooks the law. Being poor has never been an excuse to break the law. I'm sorry for the country I'm leaving my grandchildren, and sorry that they will never know the America in which I grew up.


Our social programs are completely messed up. Compounding it involves the ever expanding committment to illegals. It is interesting that our elected officials fail to follow the laws of the country. Especially the 14th Amendment concerning legal citizenship.

I feel as if there's basis enough to convict most of the officials we have in government, as in Bush's statement: "..if you're not with us, you are against us"..and not to worry about all the critics because if the laws are not being followed, their opinion is groundless.

Where I work, you follow company rules. If you don't, you're fired. Why is it so difficult for the House and Congress to follow the Constitution? And how crazy is it for Congress to give themselves pay raises?

I have faith in many U.S. citizens allegiance to U.S. after the New Jersey raid. Could it also be done in Washington D.C.--and rid ourselves of illegal politicians? I also believe the people should hold state governers responsible if they create a sanctuary city for illegals. And I mean to arrest these mayors and relieve them of their responsibility of mayorship. This is our country. They are our employees. We, as citizens, do not belong to them. Same with the federal government. Period.


Everyone of you needs to become involved on this issue. Call your Senators and members of the House of Representatives. They need to know how you feel. Support NumbersUSA and support the Birthright Citizenship Act. If you don't make your voice heard, nothing will change.


Please end this utter stupidity (birthright citizenship)once and for all. We (U.S.A) cannot continue to be the world's savior, and we have to end this absolute madness along with our idiotic immigration and visa policies now.

G. Golden

It comes down to an enforcing of our borders. Let's let all of our congress know by a popular vote that we want this this "unlocked" door to be secured. How can we even claim to have a Homeland Security Department if they are not doing the first thing needed to our security by securing our borders of all illegal entry by anyone. I really don't expect a lot of help from our non-citizen president on this. So it is up to us the "silent majority" to speak up as someone said earlier, instead of waiting until it is too late. We the people...are sitting here while they give our country away. Let's make our representatives be our representatives and raise the fines on companies hiring illegals to the point that they will verify citizenship or work visas on anyone they hire. Send them back across the border and let them see we mean business and keep doing so until it stops. They can find everyone at income tax time, why not where illegals are concerned?


Are you all just going to keep posting your views on this column or do something concrete about it? You think your congressman is reading these posts? Be real. Write to your congressman, senator, and the president. Take some concrete action, folks.

Jim Beck

We need to stop birthright citizenship.

The argument "realistic enforcement and better legal channels that meet business needs without causing unfair wage competition" doesn't make any sense. I think that the mother should be legal and should have proof at hospital admission.


Many of you have pointed out the failure of our government to enforce the laws concerning illegal immigration.

The reason immigration laws are not enforced is a higher power--the central banking cartel (including the Fed) and their stakeholders, aka The New World Order--are the ones that really control congress and the president's administration. For decades, if not centuries, they have envisioned a one-world government (which they control) without borders. To them, there are no borders, so "local" US laws are not enforced.

The USA is losing its sovereignty to entities like the UN, WTO, New World Order, and multinational corporations. I suggest watching "Freedom to Fascism" on Google Video or renting it through Netflix.

Something is broken in our "democracy" when laws like TARP pass, even though 95% of Americans opposed it. I'd guess that at least 80% of legal residents would support restrictive immigration policies and strict enforcement--however the laws are full of loopholes and enforcement is poor--because the elite want a one world government.

Diane Erickson

Birthright citizenship is wrong plain and simple. When is America going to wake up and have some common sense? Let's reclaim America.

Larry May

How do we get past the wording of the 14th amendment? Congress simply tells us what they think it means? It means what it says: If neither parent is a citizen, then neither is the baby. This should end the debate about birthright citizenship.


One thing we never hear about is the growing need in this country for "Spanish as a second langauge." Why do I say this? Because more and more jobs are listed with "bilingual Spanish/English." American children who speak only English will be seriously disadvantaged in the future job markets of this country unless they can speak fluent Spanish.

It is time to stop birthright citizenship.

I, too, would love to vote on all of these immigration laws. If citizens were allowed to vote on them instead of our insanely lobbied Senate and Congress, the subject would end.

Ronald Christopher

Representative John Hall responded to me quoting the 14th amendment, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." He stated an amendment to the Constitution is required to change the citizen requirements outlined by the Fourteenth Amendment.

How can anyone make a law that contradicts the 14th amendment without making it an amendment to the Constitution?

I would agree with such an amendment.

Kelly Muckleroy

Obviously, by reading all the comments posted, I am not alone in my frustration with what is happening to our country. Insanity seems to be the rule of the day.

I know about Prop 197 in California and how a federal judge overturned the voice of the people against benefits for illegal aliens; I was there as a teacher in LA.

Also, I know about the burden of illegal immigration on our schools, such as overcrowded classrooms, lack of supplies (money), and "dumbing down" the curriculum for non-English speakers or LEP (limited English proficient) children who were placed in classes based on age and not achievement level. And, of course, teachers are held responsible for student scores on the state exam without anyone considering that scores are low because most illegal immigrants are not at the same entry level generally as the American counterpart or grade level.

Furthermore, our politicians warn that Social Security will not be there in the near future. Yet, our government is depensing SSI checks to illegal immigrants for their babies born here. Does that make you angry after paying into the system for years and years?

Some people who have paid into the Social Security system for many years cannot draw full payment if they choose to teach later in their careers because of a law called Windfall Elimination Provision. Yet, a Mexican apartment manager is getting a Social Security check because she said, "I had a baby." Is this fair?

Our leaders are lacking in vision. If I could vote some of them out now, I would. The next time we have an election, we shouldn't be sidetracked by issues that are not as important as illegal immigration and the population explosion created by the birthright law.

Send faxes, make phone calls, and make a noise. Forget party lines (Dems or Republicans). Don't be a sheep. Be loyal to yourself, your family, and what is good for America. Anyone with any sense can see what is happening. I've always been proud to be an American. My ancestors fought in the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War II, and the Korean conflict. I hope they did not fight in vain. It is up to us during our life to keep America for the people and by the people, who are legal citizens.

Mike Nelson

The only reason we have the "born on US soil, you are a US citizen" was to give citizenship to the babies born to the freed slaves back in 1865/1866. The illegals that pump out babies to gain citizenship and milk the system were not considered back then and it is a total and complete abuse now. Nowhere else in the world is this allowed or permitted. The freedoms of the USA are being exploited and it's absurd to allow this to continue.

Jake - NYC

The numbersusa crowd has been busy here;

If the numbersusa xenophobes were to succeed in abrogating the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, how far behind is the dissolution of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms?

Or the 1st amendment guarantee of freedom of expression?

The NY Times is reporting that former Vice-President Cheney advocated sending military troops to Buffalo to arrest the so-called Lackawanna Six as enemy combatants violating the 4th Amendment.

Are Americas days as nation ruled by law soon to be replaced with rule by mob?

Is the US Constitution just a "GD piece of paper"?

Roy Harper

Anchor babies create an albatross hung around the neck of every American, whether they are natural born or immigrant. They are used to circumvent the legal immigration process and drain tax dollars from our coffers.

What is most sad is the idea that stopping illegal immigration and ending birthright citizenship are considered conservative values. Unlike most illegal immigrants, every natural born and legal immigrant citizen to the USA has a vested interest in this nation.
Anchor babies who lead to chain migration rob Americans of job opportunites and place an unnecessary strain on our economy. The whole process is corrupt and destabilizes the security of our borders. While anchor babies do not violate the 14th Amendment as written, passed, and ratified, one has only to look at the debate which occurred over 140 years ago on the Senate floor to learn the intent of the 14th Amendment. Birthright citizenship violates the intent of the 14th Amendment to the detriment of every American. The time to end it is now.

M. Caldwell

According to The Social Contract, Spring, 2007, p.177, the Supreme Court ruled in 1885 Elk v. Wilkins and 1889 Wong Kim Ark that the citizenship of the parents determines the citizenship of their child.

Based on the 14th Amendment, the parents must "owe direct and immediate allegiance to the U.S.A and be completely subject to its jurisdiction"

President Obma's father owed his allegiance to and was subject to the jurisdiction of Kenya where he was a citizen.

I believe when a child has parents who are citizens of separate countries, he must declare his allegiance to one or the other when he becomes an adult.


I don't support HR 1868, because it is just going to create more illegal immigration in the United States. It would work like the grandfather clause, preventing future generations from a privilege/right because of their inherited citizenship status. If passed, the HR 1868 will not fix the broken immigration system. It's not fair to only allow illegal immigrants in times of crisis and war; it's only fair to enforce our laws more, but deportation is not the answer to everything. Illegal immigrants are persons, of flesh and bones, of heart and dreams, and people in the U.S. need to stop saying that they steal taxpayers' money, because they don't.

Americans need to get their facts straight, learn more, read more, know more, change the flow of things. Be humanitarian. Be logical. Gather all the facts before making racial comments against Mexicans; they are not the only illegals in this country. Gather all the info, don't only consider things that confirm your prejudice or ideas.


The Marine Corps has a high percentage of Hispanics. I don't see what the big deal is.

These kids are born on our soil, and they are Americans as far as I am concerned. Attacking babies and making them non-persons--this is just outright cruel in intent and immoral. The guy who came up with this really deserves a commercial on national TV showing just how nasty he and the rest of the GOP folks continue to be.


This is a phony piece of legislation that will never in any way reduce illegal immigration. I have been very involved with illegal and legal immigrants for a very long time, and to some degree I speak for them. No birthright legislation is going to solve illegal immigration that we invited to occur. Furthermore, I am an "anchor baby," because my mama was an immigrant who remained a British subject until her death. And I'd be darn upset if this were the 1950s and I was about to become a woman without a country. Why punish innocent children for the crimes of their parents' employers?

This legislation being proposed is sheer hypocrisy. No we can't afford it--this proposal is a farce. It's a bandaid disguised as preventive medicine.

H. Wong

Why am I not surprised this came from a white guy? Hmmmm...this couldn't have anything to do with how the Hispanic vote went overwhelmingly Democratic in the last election, now, could it?

If you can't win elections, change the rules.

This is part of the GOP agenda to "whiten" America's future electoral landscape. Republicans see the future and they don't like what they see.


The GOP has had abolition of birthright citizenship on its official presidential platform for at least 20 years. It's a nasty right-wing talking point, but it's not going anywhere. You'd have to change the 14th Amendment, and the United States fought a bloody civil war over that. Even in the direst of times, I don't think there would be the remotest chance of ratification. It's just raw meat for the worst of the base.

Incidentally, I read a lot of immigration history around the time of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, and many historians have pointed out that throughout American history, anti-foreigner sentiments have tended to correlate with bad economic times. But over the last 20 years or so, that pattern has been broken. Anti-foreign hatred seems to keep steadily growing, whether the economy is up or down.

I wouldn't be surprised, however, to see the current economic crisis lead to wild new anti-foreigner outrages.

The Republican Party = Bigotry, Hate, Greed and Lies.


Why must Republicans be so hateful and evil? They have become the party of no ideas who only accepts White Christian males and women who are subordinate. Now they want to get rid of the 14th amendment? What's next, amendments one through ten?

Guess what? We don't live in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, or Scotland--we're American and birth right citizenship is a part of our history! This has nothing to do with "illegal aliens" (read Mexicans) and everything to do with bigotry. Many seem to forget that when their ancestors and mine (German-Dutch here) stepped off the boat, there were hardly any immigration laws at the time. America pretty much accepted anyone who wanted to come here. My ancestors came here in the early 1900s and merely signed a piece of paper stating their name and later became citizens while in the country. Many of you here are citizens by birthright since you came after your parents. Yet, you want to deny that same right to people who just happen to have darker skin than you do? That is the very definition of hypocrisy and bigotry.

Karen Martin

I agree, we need to stop this and do it now. We have enough to take care of.

Why should the American people who work hard support someone who just fell over the fence and had a baby here. It's absolutely insane. You people who have the last say should think of us who you are suppose to represent. We do not want this.

Texas George

Funny how folks are so afraid of the scary brown people and their language. When are more Americans going to learn a second language, like most of the world? So many people in this world speak multiple languages, and there are many of these immigrants who speak a whole lot more English than people think they do.

I raised my kid (and now am tutoring my grandkids) to speak Spanish. After all, our closest neighbors are just across an imaginary border and I figure it's nice to be able to communicate with people who we will no doubt run into frequently.

Americans are getting dumber every year, and it's by design. The powerful don't want us to have second languages or much knowledge of anything real. It's all about buying stuff. We are so dumb apparently that Gillette thinks we need videos to show us how to shave.

Go ahead people out there, keep putting down the Spanish, and see where you end up. Or get off your lazy butts and learn at least a second language, if not several. And no, I'm not Latino, I'm an American (age: 53).


Our Anglo Saxon "jus soli," which gives birth right to children born in this country, may appear unfair, but there are disadvantages of the opposite system as well. Proponents, of course, never mention the disadvantages. The Germanic jus sanguis in Germany, which doesn't grant birth rights, leads to the consequence that third-generation German-born residents still don't have German citizenship, if they don't have German parents. They have people whose parents were born and raised in that country, and who don't even speak their own language any more, but they can't become citizens. This leads into problems with military service, taxation, retirement, inheritances, and other issues. Over there, they were actually debating to do away with their system, and adapt ours.

Greg Allen

The "anchor baby" (aka Bobby Jindal baby) thing gets abused.

You right wing yahoos need to ask Bobby Jindal what his views are on this proposal.

Jindal's mother arrived in the USA already pregnant. Had her travel plans been delayed by a few months, Jindal would have been a citizen of India.

Was it an orchestrated plan for Jindal to be conceived in India and born in the USA so that he would have automatic US citizenship?


This is just an addition to my earlier writing after thinking more on the subject. We should ask president Obama why he signed a presidential decree allowing large numbers of Hamas refugees into this country without any background checks or anything? I like many others here am sick and tired of having to push 1 for English. The Hamas are our enemy and he is just letting them come here live and work.

I for a time thought that I wanted to have my own business. I bought a truck and went to work driving for myself. That lasted about 3 years. I ended up losing my business, owed the government a sum of taxes. What made me angry was the fact that foreigners that came here, got money from the government to start their own business, which they were never required to pay back. Their taxes were waved for a set number of years. I know this as I would hear them bragging about it in the truckstops and over the cb radio.

I for one as an American citizen am sick and tired of taking care of the world. These actors on TV crying about starving people in other countries--what about the people in our own country that need help? You never hear them hawking about that.

On this upcoming health care issue, I think that the President and the others right down the line should have to rely on Social Security and the same kind of health care that we have to rely on. No exceptions.

Thank you for this space,


Coming into the country for the express purpose of having a child in order to anchor that child and yourself is, in effect, gaming the system, claims the contemporary "know nothing party"

God forbid that some unwashed immigrant should "game the system."

Gaming the system is, or should be, the exclusive right of corporate farmers, the military-industrial complex, public servants turned lobbyists, et al.


Now the way I see it, my great great great great great + granddaddy and grandmama came over here from Scotland and where ever in the early 1700s and took land from somebody and though I feel what they did was probably wrong, I'm glad they did because I don't like haggis. Luckily for them the folks who were already here didn't have an INS or guns, or resistance to measles and several other diseases, so we got to keep the land. It's worked out pretty well I suppose, at least for me and my family. We are now considered to be native born Americans with all the rights and priveleges thereof. That gives us a god given right to be against all these new people moving here and having babies and expecting to be treated like they belong. The very idea of these people thinking we are a nation of immigrants and opportunists. Then again, I think I'll learn Spanish. Buenos noches amigos.

Dave W

Another silly idea that comes up every few years from some wack job. The problem, if you think it is a problem, is with people crossing the border to enter the United States, not with people crossing the birth canal.


Why does the GOP always pick the losing battles?

It is there in the constitution that all persons born in the US are citizens of the United States. Only the kooky "birthers" claiming President Obama isn't a citizen either dispute this.

There must be an amendment to the constitution before that can be changed and there are two ways to amend the constitution and the one taken so far in the past is:

1. 2/3rd vote in the Senate (With Democrats in control of the Senate; this bill is DOA - Dead On Arrival)

2. 2/3rd vote in the House (same as above DOA)

3. 3/4th of States most approve it (i.e. 38 States voting Yes) - DOA.

So why waste taxpayers' money on this futile exercise?


So much for give us your poor, your tired, the huddled masses. Sad. I am so embarrassed to be a Georgia resident right now.

This nutty proposal is not cognizant with the American spirit.

Constitutional Law

Birthright citizenship is a constitutional guarantee. The powerfully plain language of the citizenship clause of the Fourteenth Amendment embodies the jus soli rule of citizenship, under which citizenship is acquired though place of birth. The citizenship clause was proposed, enacted, and ratified with the understanding that it granted automatic birthright citizenship to children born in the United States to alien parents. It is worth mentioning that the expansive citizenship clause was not forged in some more enlightened era.


Yet another unworkable initiative to pander to the racists' vote. INS can't manage our borders or our workplaces to control illegal immigration. But now they expect the hospitals to decide who's a citizen?

This stinks to high heaven and leads us down a path of politicians deciding who is worthy of being called an American. And how many of you would like to see if they made the short list?

It's irrelevent anyway. It would require a consitutional ammendment to overturn the 14th.

Kelly Muckleroy

To equate doing away with benefits to illegal aliens with doing away with guns is ludicrous. Illegal aliens are criminals in that they have broken the laws to be here. Therefore, because they are flying under the radar of adjudication under the laws of the state or federal government, their children also should not be considered a citizen based on the 14th Amendment which was written with other criteria in mind.

If children born to foreign diplomats are not considered citizens due to diplomatic immunity, then how can anyone argue that children of criminals, who have broken federal laws with the sole purpose of gaining benefits through illegal entrance, should be awarded by our taxpaying citizens?

For those who still want to play the party game, this should not be about Republicans and Democrats. This is about all of us saving America from becoming a 3rd world country, overrun by many of those who don't really want to be Americans, to speak the national language, which is a melting pot of many languages, to fly their flags, to boo the Americans at soccer games and beauty pageants, to not want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, to force Americans to speak Spanish, when there are many other languages of people in America, and brag about outnumbering the "old white people who are dying in America."

Go ahead, Americans, and squabble about the two parties, while foreigners can eventually rule in the end. Keep your borders open, let the masses change and vote themselves into power, and see where America will end. It will not be pretty, and the America we have known will no longer exist.

People in other countries are predicting the decay and demise of what we have enjoyed as Americans. History has shown all great nations fall, and the ignorant are going to make it happen.

And for those who cry about abortion, keep telling everyone to "come on in" causing a population explosion, and eventually we'll end up as China with laws to prevent the birth of more than one child to each family. Abortion won't be an issue upon which to vote, but it will be a requirement to limit population in order to survive with enough fresh water and food.

It is time to have other representatives other than our two-party system if the citizens of America must follow blindly like sheep to slaughter. It is sickening to see the war of the Democrats and Republicans all trying to get as many votes, even illegally, to stay in power. Any attempts by independent parties are not supported and popular with the voters. Our country should not be at stake because of competitive games played by our politicians and the voters. Blind loyalty to any particular party is a detriment, not an asset. We should look at the issues regardless of party and vote for the people who represent what is best for Americans.

Furthermore, for those of you who whine and gripe about America as it was and is, and want drastic change, then move to some other country who suits your needs. Look at the changes that are being made now. Do you like it?

Go if you don't like America, please. Do those of us who have loved America a favor and get out. Your cries for change are going to be the downfall of a democracy.


If some of you stubborn know it alls would check the 14th Amendment and absorb. It was written during the Civil War (war between the states) and pertained to slaves.

It does not mean illegal aliens and their babies that have put a horrid financial burden on this great country. We wouldn't need "health reform" if it were not for these problems. We would not have to be paying for WIC except for them.

Food banks are overwhelmed because of all of the unemployment of legal Americans and the illegals that are still getting all of the freebies. We can't take care of our own legal citizens and the rest of the world who chose to invade rather than come through the legal green card system. I'm with Roy Beck.


Why should several generations of Koreans live in Japan, and neither they, nor their children nor grandchildren ever have a chance to become a citizen of the only country that they, their parents, their grandparents have ever known?

The birthright citizenship is not found in many other countries, but neither are many aspects of our rule of law, our innocent until proven guilty, or many of our other Constitutional rights. It is one of the things that makes our country the best in the world.

Vince Dunsworth

Ah yes, the race card. Sorry, but those of us who oppose birthright citizenship are not necessarily racists.

I guess it's easier to attempt to discredit those who you disagree with than to stick to logic and reason. Bush taught you well.

Roy Beck's NumbersUSA site is explicitly against racism. Maybe you should visit his site. Perhaps you would learn that illegal immigrants harm black workers more than whites. Sorry, Beck is no racist.

And it's not just Republicans who oppose illegal immigration--in fact the Republicans are largely for illegal immigrants. Why? cheap labor. The Chamber of Commerce demands cheap labor and wage depression.

So please keep it civil and don't call names. We're not racist and we're not going away.

Kelly Muckleroy

Regarding Americans learning a second language, I agree that it is wonderful to be multilingual. I studied Spanish in middle school and French at the university. Frankly, I prefer French. But I don't want to be "forced" to speak any other language but the one that has been the melting pot of America for over 400 years. Why is only one foreign nationality out of many demanding that we speak their language?

Eighty-one different languages were spoken by various students at a California high school in the San Fernando Valley where I taught English.

Therefore, considering the many different residents from foreign countries in the U.S., why are all Americans forced to speak only Spanish as a second language? Why? Because of the overwhelming masses of illegal immigrants who are demanding rights without citizenship, and our businesses and government are pandering to them for their dollars and votes.

Banks, Fannie Mae, etc., are being bailed out by our tax dollars because they gave credit cards to illegal aliens and made bad loans for mortgages to those who were not even citizens and would not or could not repay their debts. And, we can't forget the greed of the people running our fine institutions.

English is a language that unifies America. All other immigrants came to America and learned English. However, our south-of-the-border friends want this to be their country on their terms. Many of them do not want to assimilate and speak English. They want us to speak Spanish. They should learn English just as immigrants from all other countries have done.

Recently, while in Los Angeles, Spanish music was playing on the buses to and from the airport. At a popular restaurant, the sports bar television was tuned in to a Spanish-speaking station. At my hotel, it was run by Hispanics. The whole scene felt like Mexico, not California where I once lived. I felt foreign in my own country.

And why is this scene happening? Because masses are crossing the border daily, legally and illegally, to claim America.


Listen to the People, not our "representatives" in Congress who have personal, selfish ulterior motives for aiding and abetting the influx of illegals into our country. The vast majority of Americans want immigration (legal, and especially illegal) stopped until we can get a handle on our country's fiscal state. Our tax dollars fund the uneducated, unskilled underclass of people who are filling the pockets of Big Business and the agriculture industry. Pandering for the hispanic vote is prevalent in almost every state and Congress doesn't even try to hide it anymore. Let the people vote and this archaic law will be abolished.


The right is dying to change the Constitution. They certainly don't respect it as they are constantly trying to change it. They can't just make a law or something like that or have a policy--first thing they talk about is changing the Constitution. They obviously don't think much of it.

Well, I guess if it meant I could watch Michelle Malkin being deported to the Philippines, I might be able to get behind it.


The con argument, in favor of birthright citizenship, is woefully out of touch with the enormity of the problem and the consequences of keeping the status quo. The writer clearly isn't well-read on this issue. Work isn't the only magnet; our rich menu of social services and benefits are enticements also. Birthright citizenship is arguably one of the biggest rewards in the sense that it grants U.S. citizenship to the recipient and enables chain migration to take place 18 years in the future. That's quite a prize.


The government is doing nothing to address this overall huge problem of illegal immigration. And not just illegal immigration, but individuals who also come here on a tourist visa and end up getting pregnant by someone here in the U.S.

It's time every day people do something about this and start making this country intolerable to those who come here to exploit it and those that have lived here to make this country what it is today.


To Victoria1597,

Is Michelle Malkin here illegally? Didn't think so.

I can only assume you are one of the many individuals who have come to this country to exploit it and it's people.

If the government isn't doing anything about this, then we all need to start doing what we can to make life intolerable for illegals, those coming on tourist visa, etc., who come here to exploit the system.


The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was not intended to be construed the way it is currently. That's why we're having this debate.

Citizenship and its inherent responsibilities should not be taken lightly nor should it be relegated to choice as it is under the 14th Amendment; instead, it must be a process established under law that's consistently and fairly enforced.

Birthright citizenship, like illegal immigration, is another form of stealing. It's an enormous problem with very detrimental impacts on the whole of society. Anyone who believes otherwise is clearly not well-read on the issue.


Enough already. If you come here illegally, then you and your child should not be given any rights at all. Why is it that we have open borders when people knowingly can enter here through our porous borders and get all sorts of hand-outs. Most other countries have secure borders and do not give birthright privileges, so why should we? To be a US Citizen is a privilege.

It seems we cannot take care of our own struggling citizens yet we can take care of these illegals with welfare, medical, food stamps and other freebies. Enough. Let's deport anyone that has come here illegally and get tough with our borders now. No amnesty. Sheriff Joe Apiro should be our next president.


The most stupid thing I ve ever hear about inmigration until now. No doubt America has lost the path.

Years and years citizenship have been given to born people in the us. So, are you going to get citizenship out from black people born here too?


It is my belief that the section of the 14th amendment that is often quoted to grant those anchor babies citizenship was never intended for such a purpose. The 14th amendment was ratified in 1867 (I think) and was meant to emphasize that the newly freed slaves and their children were full citizens.

Delmar Jackson

The Democrat Party is racing to create as many new immigrants possible since most of them vote Democrat. In this way they will destroy any Republican chances of ever winning a national election again. Anchor babies is just one way they will do this.

I am a Democrat; I voted for Carter and Gore. I am not some right wing wack job that cares only about taxes for the rich or if gays get married or women have abortions. Immigration is a tax on the poor already here and is terrible for the environment and our national unity.

The Democrat party and the business lobby that works for those that hire illegals and fraudulent worker visa immigrants are going to destroy this country!
We will end up a balkanized multiethnic squabbling mess. Ironically for my party, once the ethnic minorities get the vote they will vote for one of their own the first chance they get as to get more of the spoils from the government.
All countries should benefit from immigration, not be burdened by it. What we are getting now is not immigration, but COLONIZATION!
we need to end anchor babies, illegal hiring employers, Chain migration, phony work visa programs, church sponsored refugee programs that flood cities with immigrants that need classes on how to turn on light bulbs and make sure immigrants are not those that historically end up on public social services for generation after generations. We also need to recognise it is insane to import huge numbers of people that have religous grievances( Muslim) and territorial grievances (Mexican). Look to europe to see how well the Muslims have adapted to their new countries! Go visist Mexico and learn how they are taught in school we stole their land and one day there will be a revolution and they will get it back.
Wait and see!!
Sen Barbara Jordan and her BiPartisan commission on immigration back in 1995! had over a dozen ways to end illegal immigration and make regular immigration work for our country. The Media and the usual suspects shot down all the comissions ideas.Immigration contrary to media is not hard to fix, however it is hard to get our elected representatives to do what most Americans have wanted for 40 years- less legal and ZERO illlegal immigration. We Want Our Country Back!
can we do it?


Illegal immigration can and will bankrupt this country. My home town of Fresno, California, is overrun with illegals. Outdoor signs In Spanish are everywhere In the city. Mexican women with anchor babies in tow (and pregnant) are literally everywhere on the streets, in the stores, in restaurants, etc. White flight is growing throughout California. It's just not being reported on. The budget mess here in California is because of one thing, illegal immigration. They dismiss our culture, refuse to speak our language, and steal our services that should go to legal U.S. citizens. California will never recover if it does not stop all of the free services, and incentives that draw illegals to the state. As people like me leave (and take my $75,000 per year job with me), who will take my place? An illegal alien that mows your lawn for $20 and doesn't report it? If the nation does not wake up, and soon, the whole country will turn Into California. More gangs, graffiti, violence, drunk driving, hit and run. It has to stop, and a good start would be to stop all birthright citizenship, and retroactively rescind all illegitimate births that resulted from two illegal parents. This Is the only rational thing to do, because the government has let this get way out of control. All of the Democrats In the senate need to find another occupation, or better yet take all of their expertise on this subject, and move to Mexico, and run for office there, where they will better be able to serve their true constituents.

Letty Hasbargen

Don't you just love the people who like to thwart our Constitution? The birthright issue is one that we should not even be having. No one unless are here legally or at least one parent is an American citizen should be granted citizenship. Giving these citizenships out is absurd because in order to stay in this country you have to have a sponsor or be able to prove that you can be self-reliant. A child cannot provide this and should not have to unless they are an adult and have met the criteria. Most of all, I believe that these parents use this mechanism at the behest of Mexico who does not want to provide for t heir citizens. I lived on the Mexican border where both my children were born and it is like a swinging door for the women across the border to come and have their babies and guess who gets to pay for their birth and hospital stay? You guessed it--the good ole USA. Now on the birth certificates it does distinguish as to whether they are here legally by residency, parents' name, place of birth. But as usual, the laws are being circumvented by the ones who support this behavior. If you do not have a legal residency, technically you are not legal in this country. If you read the 14th amendment you will see that it has to be in state of legal jurisdiction. In other words, you have to prove you are here legally whether it is a visa, green card, a passport, etc. We cannot afford to have all these third world countries sending us their people who they do not and will not take of them. There are many hardworking people who come to this country and they are paying the price for the ones who just want to rip off the USA because they have been taught they are entitled since they believe that we stole land from them. However, if they really research and read the history of Mexico and here you will find that their own government sold them out and sold their land. They are still doing it today and count on the people to come to USA to support Mexico who refuses to modernize and spend the monies to bring their citizens in to modern society. They will not even educate them in many areas and make it difficult for their people to send their children to school--instead many have to work to support the family. Mexico should be ashamed of itself but they know no shame and when the PRI regains its strength they will find out again.

David Ryan

I tend to see my political views as center-left and I've always voted Democrat. I'm from Upstate New York and never cared about Immigration until my job put me in Mexico working directly on immigration issues. After being here for a year, and getting a deeper appreciation for the impact birthright citizenship has on illegal immigration, I believe that it's an idea that made sense in the past but whose time has come.

I think H.R. 1868 makes sense on so many different levels - and I think it makes sense for America. I am a supporter of immigration and my father immigrated to the US legally in the 60's from India. I believe in our immigration laws. What I would like to see is that people who do want to come to the country, and become true Americans actually follow those laws. Those people who do attempt to immigrate legally go through the time and expense of doing so - a process that can take a year or longer - and sometimes they're not given that privilege. Why should someone who's in the US illegally or in the States on a non-immigrant visa have that right bestowed upon their children - simply because they crossed the border? Shouldn't we want people to immigrate legally, or at least be a legal resident of this country to grant them that privilege?
I don't fault illegal immigrants for wanting their children to be American. American Citizenship is truly a gift. However, I feel that to earn that citizenship through illegal entry into the country is akin to stealing and I don't think people should be rewarded for that. I think the elimination of automatic citizenship for people who aren't residents of the State makes sense and would have two impacts. First - it would reduce the amount of illegal immigrants streaming into the country. I spent a day in Altar and Sasabe Sonora - two Mexican cities whose livelihoods revolve around illegal immigration. I talked with families from Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. I met at least 7 couples who told me they planned to have children in the States because they wanted that for their children. Yes, they wanted to work in the US - but they also wanted to give their children a part of the American dream. What if their kids couldn't become American citizens? Personally, I feel that I wouldn’t have met 7 couples that days. – definitely less. And what would that mean? It would mean our Borer Patrol could focus less time on stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into the US and more time on trying to control the flow of drugs north, guns south an d other issues more critical to national security. The best think about H.R. 1868 is that it would also be free – unlike the expenses fences the US government is building today.

The other impact would be that it would encourage people to legally immigrate to this country. Additionally, it would reward those who do immigrate legally with citizenship for their children. American is a country of laws and I think H.R. 1868 would go a long way to help the U.S. reinforce its existing immigration laws.
I am also one who believes in passionately in Immigration Reform. Simply put – it needs to happen. This country needs to do something that brings 12MM people out of the shadows. But this reform needs to be a long term solution– not something that, due to continued illegal immigration, the country must confront again in 20 or 30 years. I think H.R. 1868 can help make that happen.


It is an outrage what these illegal aliens are doing for 30 and more years. These illegal alien moms come and lie about were they have their "jackpot" babies.


I figured you woud not post my prior comment... whatever happened to freedom of speech? I guess you do not believe In It. You are just like all the other news media In the United States. You only print news or views that you agree with This Is the exact reason that newspapers and other forms of media like yours are dying. Our government has become dysfunctional,and you are helping with this countries demise.... James


Wausau Way

On Sunday, April 19, 2009, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano went on CNN's "State of the Union" and proclaimed that crossing the border without proper authorization is not crime.

Former US Attorney for the NY region Rudy Giuliani:

"Glenn, being an illegal immigrant, the 400,000 were not prosecuted for crimes by the federal government, nor could they be. I was U.S. attorney in the southern district of New York. So believe me, I know this. In fact, when you throw an immigrant out of the country, it's not a criminal proceeding. It's a civil proceeding."

Former U.S. Attorney Serving the District of New Jersey and current GOP nominee for Governor of New Jersey, Christopher Christie:

"Being in this country without proper documentation is not a crime," Christie told more than 60 residents and town officials. "The whole phrase of 'illegal immigrant' connotes that the person, by just being here, is committing a crime."

Being undocumented may be a civil wrong, but it's not a criminal act, Christie said.

"Don't let people make you believe that that's a crime that the U.S. Attorney's Office should be doing something about," he added of entering the country illegally. "It is not."

"While an illegal alien is subject to deportation, that person's ongoing presence in the United States in and of itself is not a crime, unless that person had been previously deported and regained illegal entry into this country."

I am so sick of all the hate and racism against our Latino friends and neighbors. Enough already. Republican hate mongers lost last year for a reason--they're a bunch of bigoted, narrow minded, Neanderthals. Hey rednecks, we have a black president now. Americans have moved beyond your bigotry and left you behind.

Not Marx

The way to keep our country free is 3 fold. Jail anyone who employs illegals, remove the democrat wannabe Marxists from power and last, don't buy publications or support advertisers of publications that not only advocate for illegal aliens but have the treasonous effrontery to use recognized propaganda techniques to "sell" the idea.

The last word on any subject has always counted and is invariably provided by the left throughout the world. The rights of the American people are not to be used or abused to enhance profit margins of people who either don't realize what is happening or are calculating enablers.


H.R. 1868 is moot because overturning birthright citizenship requires a constitutional Amendment to amend the Fourteenth Amendment. Neither the Congress nor the courts can unilaterally change a Constitutional Amendment. For the right wingers who claim to be strict constructionists talking about "times have changed" reveals their hypocrisy. The Fourteenth Amendment is very unequivocal: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."


I grew up in the fifties in the south. When I was a child, there were racist and bigoted men who would hang blacks and non-whites from trees for looking at white women and other ridiculous "crimes." Those men are the ideological ancestors of those who seek to punish unborn children for the "crimes" of their parents.


The intention of the 14th amendment does not apply in our country today. In 1866, they were not dealing with illegal immigration as we are today. It's all about votes, folks.


To the last 15 or so posters who are for continuing birthright citizenship:

What a disappointment to read your "arguments" to support your position. Instead of debating the facts, you reduced yourselves to name-calling and emotion. You were the only posters to talk about skin color, including the fact that the author of the Pro stance to end birthright citizenship is a "white guy."

At least the poster "Law School in the Fall" had reasoned arguments.


I agree with this. Citizenship should not be gained through birth. In fact, it should not be inherited either. We should adopt the ways of the future as described in Starship Troopers. One must prove themselves worthy of citizenship through military service.

Oops, is there anyone left in the government?

This is rediculous.


I love my country, but I'm tired of our Constitution being trampled on by both sides of the political aisle. Illegal immigration is a huge problem in our country and one of the main incentives for these law breakers to come here is the Anchor baby law, which is being used incorrectly today. We need to correct this mistake--a person is not a citizen just because they were born in our country. They are only a citizen when they were born to parents who are American citizens--end of story.

Illegal immigrants do not have alliances with the USA nor do they care for America, they just want to use us for monetary gain. It's pathetic that this abuse against the American people has been allowed to happen for so long, because politicians want to seem "sympathetic" to the hispanic people.

They're not sympathetic, they just want your vote. The more law breakers that come here, the more government expansion occurs to take care of them on welfare, Social Security, Medicaid, free school lunches, translators, free hospital care, etc.

The government wants more control and more votes for Democrats, which pretend to care about social issues; but really just care about votes. This needs to stop immediately.

We need to secure of borders, find out who's here so we can deport any illegals with and without children so we can keep ourselves safe from terrorist attacks, as well as financial ruin on our economy from illegals.

If we take away all the "free" stuff illegals get when they get here and the gaurantee of citizenship if born on our soil, then it would help our border control problem. Also, nothing is for free ever. Someone always has to pay. I'm tired of illegals and lazy Americans stealing from me. Why should I work hard to give a lazy person part of my paycheck, because the government thinks it's okay. No way. If you don't work, you can starve or rely on your community food bank, churches, or family.


Absolutely ridiculous that we allow babies born here to be automatic citizens, when neither parent is a US citizen.

Think if you and your spouse were traveling to Russia and your wife gives birth while there, should your child be an automatic Russian citizen?

Give me a break.

Our country cannot handle the huge inflow of immigrants that we have experienced over the past 10 years. We need to get back to historical numbers like 130,000 per year or so and getting rid of automatic birth-right citizenship is a good start.


Are you kidding me! No way breaking the law should result in citizenship. This is insanity and destructive to our fundamental society.


Being clearly stated in the 14th Amendment, doesn't changing this require another Constitutional Amendment?

Well gosh, isn't that what the Repoopnicans are dearly wanting, another issue to claim a need for an Amendment for, like flag burning, gay marriage. and loyalty oaths? Perhaps one day soon they'll pass an Amendment that will require PID chips be surgically implanted in all new born babies (immigrants included), to clarify issues like citizenship, religious choice, sexual preference, political party and of course, racial purity. If one of these baby's (as they grow older) behavior violates the restrictions of the PID chip, they'll be sent to a camp for, what Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann called, re-education...which involves a regimen of "safe and effective" interrogation and attitude adjustment. It's no longer a tough love program, it's an enhanced love program, with healthy doses of electricity "safe and effectively" applied, along with varying forms of sodomy performed by a variety of "safe and effective" enhanced love specialists.


It is truly amazing that we the people see the problems in our country and yet our paid representatives do not. In fact they all too often take the other side to our detriment. It is long past the time when we the people must demand several things:

1) All government representatives need periodic reviews and must be held accountable. Depending on the poll review they can be ousted from office.

2) A new category on ballots must be "None of the Above." This will force the parties to go back and get candidates more in the public's interest.

3) Illegal immigrants do not have rights and are not entitled to anything except deportation and or jail.

4) Emergency "humanitarian" care can be given and after the emergency, deportation and forfeiture of all possessions gained while illegally in this country.

5) The police force should be allowed to detain illegals and hand them over to INS for finger printing, picture taking, and deportation. We seem to be able to afford everything else, so why not deportation?

6) INS must be held accountable for not doing their job of finding and deporting illegals. If you think the job is too big now, wait a few years. It will get much worse when the illegals realize what they can get away with.

7) Illegals do not pay taxes and making them legal will not motivate them to be patriotic and pay taxes.


The Constitution says they are citizens. We all have to live with a bad interpretation of the Second Amendment, which is far more devastating to this country than the 14th Amendment.

Maybe we need to have education training camps for rednecks to make sure they understand the Constitution.


Agree with Mr. Beck. If you people really care about this nation and are fed up with illegal immigration, fed up with footing the bill for children born to illegal aliens, then do something besides vent on these posts. Contact your representatives and let them know that you are fed up and what you expect from them. We, the people, pay their salaries and we can fire them. Time to get off our apathetic butts and be heard. The open borders and amnesty advocates are working overtime--while we gripe on line. Mr. Beck's organization is a place to start if you want to make a difference. Numbersusa keeps its members updated on what those so called reps in DC are doing daily to sell us out. There is no concern up there for our citizens and our nation. They do not know the meaning of patriotism and loyalty to America, though last I heard, we are still part of the globe. Let them know where you stand--it is so easy to do and so fast through reputable organizations like Numbersusa. Thank you, Mr. Beck, for loving America. I am so deeply saddened to see our great nation headed toward being a third world nation with our elected leaders pushing us right along. Big corporations only see dollars; they have no love of country. Politicians only see dollars and big money lobbyists--they have no love of country. What a sad direction we have allowed our great country to be driven. Time to stop it and a major step is border security, enforce our immigration laws now, stop allowing more and more legal immigration into our land when we cannot even employ and provide decent living standards for our own people. They are dragging us down, not lifting us up. When we reach the bottom, then we cannot help any other nation. We need to take care of America, make her strong and prosperous, and then we can offer our help to others. They are going to miss us and our aid when our leaders have allowed us to become just as overpopulated, unemployed, poor and crime ridden as those nations we have been around to help for decades. Who will help us? Stand up for our country - call your reps and blast them daily if necessary. Be heard where it counts before it is too late for all of us.


The Founding Fathers only stipulated in Article II of the Constitution that the president must be a natural-born citizen, which clearly indicates the intent after the Revolutionary War-era generation passed that those born here would be citizens. The Fourteenth Amendment not only defined citizenship for former slaves, but also clarified what a citizen is. Without this protection, any of us or all of us could face a challenge to our citizenship. This is a chilling thought. If you are born here, then you are an American, regardless your parentage. You, after all, do not/did not have a say in it; nor are you responsible for the actions of your parents. There are much simpler and more effective legislative means to stop what is perceived to be a big problem.

Undercover Brother

Those racist idiots on the Right are relentless.

They can't pick on African Americans anymore (at least publicly), and as for Brownie, they just know that they are saying something about them in Spanish.

There is no good reason to change this unless you want to reduce the number of "brown" US citizens.

So glad I don't live in the South. These people are stuck in the 19th Century in the worst way.


It's astonishing how devious these people can be in trying to hide their fear of brown people beneath the guise of other issues.

The GOP has already admitted they're losing the country to brown people, and that they feel they have to stop it. Once upon a time it was the Irish, and the Chinese. Now it's Latinos.

If the country is turning tawny, learn to say "Hello" in Spanish and get on with your day. The anti-discrimination laws protect today's Latino minority. That's what makes this country so damn great.


Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA, a group that favors restricting immigration, said the policy of granting automatic citizenship to people born here is "an antiquated practice that has been abandoned by nearly all wealthy nations." He said that the U.S. is one of the few wealthy industrialized nations that still allows birthright citizenship.

Oh, so now they want to use that argument? So they'll accept the same reasoning for abolition of the death penalty? Or in fixing our health care system? Somehow I think not. When it comes to other matters, the right has no problem with being "out of sync with the modern world." So this argument reeks of insincerity and coverup for their true motives.


Just think: If this was in force in 1970, we might not have to suffer the venomous spewing of that well known former "anchor baby," Michelle Malkin.


"The best way to reduce illegal immigration is by addressing both its supply and demand, through realistic enforcement and better legal channels that meet business needs without causing unfair wage competition. Ending birthright citizenship would just change the subject."

This was a comment I read by one person. Why not do both? I firmly believe that ending birthright citizenship is a must.

So how do we do it and not just talk about it?

I am thrilled to see such a long list of people who realize what a common-sense answer this is to the problem of our country.


I love those "most of the rest of the world doesn't have it" arguments.

Hey, most of the (Western) world, in one way or another, has health care for all, free or affordable education, gun control, unemployment benefits, and compensations for job losses, paternity leave, etc., etc.

Can we have all that, too?

Vince Dunsworth

Again, this is not about race.

The fact is that we have 12 million to 20 million people who have broken our laws, stolen IDs, worked under the table, driven without licenses, ad nausium. We already gave a huge amnesty in 1980 that was supposed to solve these problems.

The fact that these people are predominantly hispanic has nothing to do with our opposition to their being here. If the invaders were Canadian, the reaction would be the same.

So are we to accept these lawbreakers simply because they are mostly hispanic? That sounds racist to me.

So please tell us: Why should we retain birthright citizenship? What reason is there to do this? Please stick to the facts, no race card please.

Julian Bray UK

Careful, Hidden Agenda. This also about your President--his dad was a Kenyan, ie, at the time a Colony of the UK and therefore a British Citizen.


I may be wrong on this, but I don't think when the 14th Amendment was passed in 1868 there were any illegals--everybody was free to come to America if they could get here. I think the immigration laws came into being in the 1890's. The issue of illegals had not yet arisen, and Mexicans (in particular) were freely coming and going across the border to the California they had owned just decades before.

If we are going to literally interpret the Constitution to mean in 2009 only what it meant at the time it was written or amended then we have to accept what it says at its face value and you cannot put further qualifiers on citizenship anymore than you can take away a citizen's right to keep and bear arms.


Allowing citizenship to continue, granting health care for illegals, education, and social security benefits, stimulus money, and on and on is another way for Barack Obama, the number 1 illegal citizen and usurper in the White House, to continue to pay for the Spanish speaking vote.

San Francisco Girl

OK--we can rescind citizenship for children born here just so long as it's absolutely equal. None of the people born here whose families lied about their status as draft evaders in the 1848 revolutions can be citizens so, of course, neither can their descendants. No one who came here one step ahead of the law in their home country can be counted, so of course, neither can their descendants. My great grandfather lied about his infirmities so my grandmother and her sister cannot be counted so neither can my father or therefore me. That should clear the air and move us along, huh? We just want to change the rules for "them" since "them" ain't us. So we deny the same human values that made this nation what it is. But sure--let's go for it--if and only if we have an absolutely level playing field, OK? Absolutely level.


Good grief! What's next, some sort of reverse means test to be covered by the bill of rights?

Members of Congress from both parties have failed to control our borders or to even articulate a coherent immigration policy--term after term after term for decades now.

Of course, Republicans are particularly schizophrenic on this issue. After all, there aren't many things that can warm a supply sider's chilly little heart quicker than the thought of an endless supply of cheap labor combined with a workforce that won't get too "uppity" about asserting their rights.

On the other hand, the Republican base is so hyper-vigilant looking out for a "them" to look down on, fear, and blame, for all our problems, that it's just irresistible to demagogue the issue to a standstill.

By the way, I can't resist adding--Republicans, are particularly literate in political code speak.

For example, until recently I thought that empathy was a universally desirable quality in human beings generally, including legislators and supreme court justices.

Who knew that when the President opined that an empathetic justice might be a good thing that what he really meant was a firebrand flaming socialist who would takeaway our guns, ban God, institute mandatory gay marriage, and reallocate our rights and our money to undeserving welfare recipients and illegal aliens.

Its not right to punish children yet unborn (usually the only kind Republicans like) for our failure to control our borders.


A vote is a waste on issues like this--look at California and prop 187. Most all in California wanted them cut out, yet what we have in the high courts is a group of anti-Americans who want all these illegals here.


Only children of legal U.S. Citizens should be allowed citizenship.


End the maddness--I agree. I recently hired a man who came from South America with his wife, and together they got jobs, went to school and applied for citizenship. In seven years they earned and paid for out of their own pocket, a college education and have now become citizens of this country. Our immigration system works just fine if you try. Its time to stop citizenship babies and the immigration chain.

Add no sales of American land to non-citizens or non-American based corporations, and I'll be happier still.


This is evil and needs to be stopped. The USA was built on people coming here to have opportunity, not "just our citizens."

These sort of people really deserve to lose their citizenship for these sorts of hateful schemes.

Why doesn't Roy Beck man up and just say he hates Mexicans?

What is it with the cowards on the extreme right wing? When I was a kid we were proud of these values.

My grandmother came here from Europe as a stowaway on a ship. Of course, she was arranged a marriage upon arriving but she entered illegally. I don't think anyone cares about that though because she was white.

You can call this the "Don Quixote Bill" because it has no chance. This is just pandering for votes from the right wing xenophobes.

The right wing is stuck in the Stone Age.


I love how all the pro-immigration arguments rely exclusively on the "you guys are racist" meme. These people are fundamentally incapable of rational debate.

This country is not a "nation of immigrants." It is a nation of colonists and conquerors. We came here, staked out some territory, and took over. The American Indians tried to stop us, but couldn't. They put up a noble defense of their homeland, but unfortunately they are now a tiny and marginalized fraction of the population.

That is our future if we do nothing. We could put a stop to this, easily, if we held our leaders accountable. The Indians sold their land for a few golden trinkets, before they realized what was going on. Let's not sell it again for a few cheap maids and gardeners.

Mr. 14

Amen to that Mike. Colonists and conquerors is right. Thatis the lesson of history and we are witnessing its repetition in communities all across America right now. We have neither legal nor illegal immigration anymore; rather there exists an implicit policy of colonization with the express purpose of breaking up the United States of America. No nation that relinquished control of its borders has ever survived.


Anybody born on US soil is a US citizen. It has always been so and always will be so.

So I take it all you nativists studied and took the citizen test to show your desire and commitment to become a U.S. citizen? Or did you happen to be born in the right place at the right time? Or did you happen to be born in the right place at the right time with the right parents and therefore want to modify the constitution?

This is a complex issue. I wish more of them would learn English and integrate faster but we cannot blame them for our economic problems. Bussiness owners liked illegal aliens as they could pay them less and rake in more profits. The right wing got us into these 3 trillion dollar wars and allowed out of control corporate theft through a "deregulation free for all " orgy and they now want a scape goat.

Not to mention that most of these politicians are old enough to be not that far removed from relatives that were immigrants. Making it retroactive would ensure these folks are not citizens.

I think we should pass laws outlawing right wing nutjobs.


Another right-wing bill with a purely anti-immigrant agenda.

This is all about bait and switching topics--now that the tea bagging has died down, anti-choice people are getting nowhere and gay rights will be coming, too slowly, but yes they will happen.

The right-wing looked around and said hey, let's stir this issue up.

As so with the right-wing, this is an irrelevant argument. For over 200 years, this is how most Americans became US citizens. Their parents immigrated to this country legally or illegally, and their children became citizens through birthright. (If they changed the constitution retroactively, than most people would not be citizens.)

This is just the White Man's Party (GOP) trying to stop the Brown people from having relevance in this country. They are using racism to stop their dwindling numbers.


"I think we should pass laws outlawing right wing nutjobs."

Imprison everyone who disagrees with me!

RIP Freedom
1776 - 2009


Tessy said:

"I say no to all illegal persons having children on U S. land--this does not make that child a U.S. citizen. For reason No. 1, they refuse to speak our language and do not care to even learn it. This is an English speaking country, not Spanish, French, or any other language."

Now Tessy, now you know how our forefathers felt, when your European illegal invading hordes came to our shores, brought diseases, overpopulation, destruction and slaughter, speaking a strange tongue, and destroyed our civilization. Now you know our forefathers' anger. Life is coming full circle for you people now.


Wow, a lot of comments here. Obviously an emotive subject.

Reading this here in London it constantly surprises me when it comes to subjects like immigration, gay marriage rights, abortion and such are just way behind anywhere in Europe. Its sad really.

As someone who lived in the US as an entrepreneur and whose green card application took too long and so ended up creating a company in London and certainly the UK benefitted where the US lost out due to its silly Immigration rules such as this one.

This is a silly immigration rule which should be abolished but also if they are going to abolish this they need to look at immigration properly. Encouraging highly skilled workers/entreprenuers/thought leaders into the country to create companies/business, etc., because right now all those folks are going to Europe or Asia instead and the effects will hit the US economy and competitiveness over the next 20 years increasingly.


Can we not amend the constitution and remove the automatic citizenship by birth? Surely, it is a big drain on American resources that we desperately need to conserve now and in the future.

Texas Minuteman

The backlash that will be unleashed once Americans realize a crypto Muslim illegal alien from Kenya is sitting in the White House usurping the US Presidency will finally give us the political impetus to implement what I call the Texas 2 step solution to the illegal alien crisis;

1) Revoke birthright citizenship for all children born on US soil to illegal aliens--retroactively to 1970.

2) Authorize Americans to execute citizens arrest of illegal aliens as illegal aliens are criminals by definition.

Armed with these 2 tools--Americans (like the Minutemen) can quickly take back our country from the illegal alien vermin by rounding up ALL illegal aliens--without charging Uncle Sam one cent--we'll even transport them back to Mexico (or Kenya) where they belong!


Following is from Ben Stein's recent article on socialized healthcare. "Why should everyone be guaranteed free health care? And if we guaranteed to people goods and services they could not afford, where would it ever end? Where would it end short of assuming that everyone has a right to everyone else's property and labor?" Same applies here. The hospital (and physician) that birthed the baby didn't get paid thanks to the largest unfunded mandate ever-EMTALA. The school system that will support the child isn't getting tax dollars. Etc. I'm all for charity, but not forced charity. Wake Up America!


Well I see the Klan is alive and well here. Looks like they have gone virtual.

Seriously, so exactly how many generations would it require for someone to become a citizen?

If retroactively applied, wouldn't that disqualify almost everybody from attaining citizenship?

This is the first step toward all of us having to proove our worthiness to be a US citizen. Left to these rightwing ideologues, we would have to proove our worthiness by espousing and vowing to uphold all of their wackery.

Since changing this fundamental tenant of the constitution will never happen, this bill will simply paint the GOP into a corner and cost them virtually the entire hispanic vote.

This is nothing more than another attempt by Repugs to fire up the bigots in their base. Of course there would be no problems if they were white babies, but Mexicans? OH NO, we can't have that!

They have nothing but hate to offer.


First they say unborn babies have rights, rights which they want to legislate. Now they're saying babies who are born don't have rights to citizenship. Bass ackwards if you ask me.

This is not intended to pass into law anyway, this is representative of the long-standing RW tradition of playing to the lowest common human denominator, fear. This time we return to the anti-immigrtaion sentiment which in many regions escalate in times of reccession or financial struggle, the easy explaination is that "foriegners" are taking jobs and using resources, Lee Atwater and Fam did the same thing with blacks stereotypes, and the fear rhetoric of anti-affrimative action legislation, (i.e Willie Horton).


The US definitely needs to stop the practice of anchor babies, or risk total annihilation of the country very soon.


This is ridiculous. Any child that is a US citizen can't help in any way in terms of legalizing its parents stay until the age of 21. So we are going to end up with children growing up in the US, going to school, to college, and living the American dream 'unlawfully'--not an ideal way forward for this country that's for sure!

Elizabeth Cooper

I agree 100% of the way with Beck. There is no excuse for all the years of abusing this law except that, as many have pointed out, it has been allowed. Why not put more National Guard to work at immigration checkpoints so immigration officers can no longer defend their lack of appropriate action on a dearth of resources? And bad enough there are so many babies being born without proper planning and commitment to a solid parental relationship--even worse that people are using them as a way to jerk the system around to benefit themselves. We have said the same things over and over, and I am so tired of watching people exploit the system that was created in our nation to provide a level of security and assistance to those truly in need, who want to support themselves and get "off the system" eventually. It's back to the old grade-school statute of "even one small person can ruin it for everyone else."


When a controversial issue is framed in a real-world context, such as the "anchor baby" issue, it is very encouraging to read that the predominant opinion is one of common sense. And in time of the Second Great Depression, approaching 17% unemployment and more than 18 million Americans [the U6 component] without full-time employment, the issue of mass immigration--legal and illegal plus the children of these two groups--and the approximately 70% - 75% that they represent in increase in the population of the U.S. makes it all but impossible for Obama and the Congress--the Congress has exclusive authority in regulating the numbers permitted to enter the country--to achieve any meaningful reduction in the rate of unemployment. Has anyone ever heard a Republican or Democratic politician address this very uncomfortable, inconvenient fact of which both parties are responsible?


It's so easy to point the finger to free us of the responsibility. It's really sad to read such hateful responses. Blaming illegal aliens for the problems we are 'all' facing today is simply absurd. We need, as a nation, to start taking responsibility of our own actions and stop blaming others for our own failures and mistakes.

Kelly Muckleroy

Anyone born on American soil whose parents are citizens of the United States is a “natural born citizen.”

Note: "...whose parents are citizen of the United States...."

Also, for those of you with arguments about the "welcome mat" for immigrants to come to America in the 1600's to 1800's, few people inhabited this nation. To encourage colonization, land was given away. I know because my ancestors received land. Things are different today. Millions of people are here now. Having the same lax or loose laws for immigration does not address the millions who live here now.

Consequently, we have a problem. We are being colonized by people from another country, but there is no "free land" to give.

Also, the cultural differences impact the U.S. dramatically, since the lack of birth control, resulting in huge families, will exacerbate the population explosion occurring now and worsen within the next 20 years.

Also, why have laws if we are not going to abide by them? For the leaders who have said that it is not criminal to enter illegally prove the point that our government is guilty of putting us in this position in the first place for 1) not securing our borders, 2) inhibiting our police from arresting illegals, 3) creating sanctuary cities, 4)not prosecuting employers who hire illegals, taking jobs away from Americans, and 5) giving our taxpayer money to the very people who have broken the laws.

The definition of crime, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, is "an act committed or omitted in violation of the law." Consequently, a criminal is "one who has committed a crime."

It is disheartening to see the lack of common sense exhibited by some of our leaders and some who have posted here who can't seem to grasp the negative impact of unbridled immigration regardless of race or the country from which they came.

Reducing the problem to name-calling, such as "Republicans, rednecks, right-wingers, Southerners," etc., or blaming racism, is useless. Massive, illegal immigration of any race from any country is a serious threat to the well-being of the U.S.

We should reinforce the border, prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens, deport those who have broken the law, and, above all, give no benefits to anyone who is not a citizen. However, allow emergency treatment for sick or injured who come to the hospital, but check their credentials, which all citizens have to do anyway to enter the hospital. If they are non-citizens, without proper credentials to be here, then deport them immediately after treatment.

Neither Social Security benefits nor crossing the border to have babies to rob our taxpayer dollars should be tolerated.

Contact your representative and tell them what you think by phone, letter, or fax.


I ask again, can we not amend the constitution and remove the automatic citizenship by birth? Surely, it is a big drain on American resources that we desperately need to conserve now and in the future.


A few of the respondents need to wake up to the reality of the jobs/overpopulation situation. The oh so ugly message most are sending--at least to some degree--is that the USA does not have enough jobs to satisfy the number of Americans desiring to work full-time. A number of folks are very much disconnected to this severe imbalance which has existed for a decade or more. Wake up, please! And in 2050, the projected population of the USA will be between 450 460 million; the country is 307 million currently.

I hardly think I'm sticking my neck out on this prediction, but the Obama stimulus package will not begin to seriously address the severe shortage of jobs versus the U6 component of unemployment at 17% and 18+ million Americans. Anybody ever hear of outsourcing of millions of jobs (3 million alone during George Bush's regime) and the fact that entire industries have left the country. Now add the approximately 70% - 75% of the annual population increase in the US to mass immigration, well, should there be any surprise that massive unemployment will continue for decades.

Nurse Ratchet

Notice to the right wing buffoons:

As a mother myself, I cannot sign onto punitive measures against children who are our fellow citizens by birthright according to our constitution.

Don't expect me to become an immigration agent in the maternity ward. How about no to your preposterous plans, you right wing wackos?

Bayou "Awl Bidness" Man

@ Kelly Muckleroy

"an act committed or omitted in violation of the law."

You mean like the underground railroad?

What about actively opposing apartheid in South Africa?

What about women agitating for the right to vote?

What about Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus the day she ignited a revolution?

In all cases above, we have an "an act committed or omitted in violation of the law."

What's more, you fail to distinguish between civil and criminal violations of law. For example; people getting parking tickets have broken the law, but the violation is a civil infraction, not a criminal matter.

If undocumented immigrants are committing a crime; why are their deportation proceedings in civil courts and not criminal courts?

The US House of Representative attempted make undocumented immigration a crime in 2006...indicating it is not.

On Sunday, April 19, 2009, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano went on CNN’s "State of the Union" and proclaimed that crossing the border without proper documentation is not a crime. It is a civil infraction.

"crossing the border is not a crime"


The House and the Senate are politicians' residences. Most of the 535 members do not represent the people who elected them and re-elect them. Perhaps some have heard the perception that "my representative and senators are good," but those other representatives and senators are who are screwing up the country, and why 90% - 95% of the resolutely ignorant keeping re-electing their own hangmen. There are very few examples to display on a pedestal as virtuous to many of us, which is a good indication of the conundrum savvy, alert types face: the dufuses keep re-electing many of the same 535 folks in whom the majority of voters hold in contempt, oh, say in the middle to lower teen percentages.


If H.R.1868 is ennacted, then Obama and John McCain should be stripped of their citizenship. Obama was born in Hawaii, which is on the Asian continent, and McCain was born in Panama, which is in Central America.

Indians=Fastest GROWING segment of illegal aliens

The San Jose Mercury News notes that the fastest growing group of illegal immigrants comes not from a Spanish-speaking country but rather from India. A recent report from the Department of Homeland Security shows that their numbers jumped 125% since 2000, up to 270,000 (though the Merc cites Pew Hispanic Center's Jeffrey S. Passel putting the number closer to 400,000). By comparison the numbers from Mexico, the country from which most illegal immigrants originate, rose 37% to 6.6 million.

Kelly Muckleroy

In response to Bayou "Aw Bidness" Man:

Not all laws in our history have been equitable or just. Consequently, we fight to have the laws changed, as we did with the Civil War. However, until the laws are changed, like it or not, one is considered a criminal by definition if he or she breaks the law. The punishment is not always equitable either. In some cases, a rapist or child molester may get away with a slap on the hand while a fellow goes to prison for having a marijuana joint.

As to women's right to vote, they were citizens of this country. They protested and won their right through hard work. I definitely know about discrimination against women.

Your comparison to the "Underground Railroad" is a false analogy to the point made about immigration. Slavery was an abominable way of life, not only in America, but also in other countries evident in our oldest history records. Yes, the slaves, along with the white folk who helped them escape in the Underground Railroad, were breaking the law. But the law of slavery, including indentured servants, was so unjust that it resulted in the Civil War. Again, it was about people who were Americans...people who wanted to make America better for its citizens.

However, to compare the masses of immigrants from other countries with those who were Americans here under the rule of slavery is also a false analogy. A person who crosses our borders illegally are not American citizens.

Consequently, your arguments comparing early African Americans to people who are residents of other countries do not apply.

Your arguments seem to favor doing away with any laws which regulate our borders. If you think it is a bad law and you want your tax dollars to give free benefits to people other than yourself and your countrymen, then you have a right to march and protest the law. But you would be jeopardizing our security by not regulating our borders and bankrupting our country by not limiting immigration.

We must have a law to regulate immigration. Our nation is presently going bankrupt. I have just been informed that one of my banks is going out of business. Too many bad mortgages, etc., is to blame. Also, the "Money for Clunkers" is in trouble. And the change in health care is scary. I was under an HMO in California, and I must say, that my dental and medical care under the program was inadequate. The doctor was getting a bonus for not referring me for more expensive tests such as MRI's or heart exams other than the ECG.

Regarding civil and criminal, you know the misdemeanor and felony laws. There are state and Federal laws. If you tamper with the mail, you're breaking a Federal law and it is punishable as a felony for which you may be imprisoned. Tell me why the Federal laws governing immigration, including guarding our security against terrorism, is not a felony? Now tell me why a felony falls under a civil law instead of criminal?

As you know, "civil" by definition means "citizen" or "of ordinary community life." Illegal immigrants are not "citizens." Consequently, what Janet Napolitano said about it not being a crime is, once again, as indicated in my comments earlier, people in government who have led us to our present situation and bent the laws for their own personal agendas.

Therefore, as to your question: "If undocumented immigrants are committing a crime, why are their deportation proceedings in civil courts and not criminal courts?"

We have something in common because I ask the same question: Why aren't they? They definitely should be in the criminal courts and not civil.


Most of the pro-anchor baby "arguments" are childish, insulting and absurd. "Repoopicans?" "Rethuglicans?" The insults are not even clever; they are on the level of five-year-olds screaming insults on the playground.

They have no rational opinions, just emotional blathering that they delusionally think is a substantive argument. Our schools are indeed "dumbing down" based on these comments, but it's not because, as one poster claimed, we refuse to teach our children Spanish. It's because emotion and childish temper tantrums have replaced intelligent discourse. God help our nation.


Nurse ratchet, instead of resorting to inflammatory extremes, maybe you should read what the majority of posters are saying before flying off the handle.

Nobody is denying that the mother should be given proper medical care if indeed she goes into labor while in this country. You are not being asked to be an immigration agent in the maternity ward. The only thing that is being suggested is that said child does not automatically become a citizen simply because they were born here. So continue to do your job as usual, by all means.

And to Bayou Man--the "crime" is in the identity theft and forging of documents that many illegals engage in in order to partake of the benefits in this country. And whether you want to classify it as criminal or civil, the law is still being broken. Furthermore, regardless of whether it is a civil or criminal offense, there is still enforcement of the law, just as in the parking ticket example that you gave.

I live in South Florida and we have the same problem with maternity tourism but with Venezuelans. We have an entire city, Weston, that is now commonly referred to as "Westonzuela."


Pro, if I decide I want to lead the country down the road to financial ruin, chaos, and suckerdom, and relieve myself of guilt and shame. Con if I decide I don't want to do that. I haven't decided yet.


All those in favor of birthright citizenship either are direct beneficiaries of the law or have no idea of how financially unsound this is. I ask again, why not amend the constitution or bill of rights, some of which are irrelevant to the present conditions?

I'm in; now close the door

Randhwa says there is no evidence people are crossing border to have babies. He should come to Rio grande Valley, to Brownsville Texas to see pregnant women, so called swimmers, crossing the river purely to have a US citizen baby, collect the birth certificate and SSN, needless to say all free of cost, to return to Mexico. Then they will return in a few years to collect disability, medicaid, social security (SSI), and other entitlements for the kid. Now, is this cause enough to amend the constitution? I am not sure about that.

texan for indian

Response to: "Indians=fastest growing segment of illegal aliens" comment.

It is hilarious that this guy is even allowed to write a dimwit comment like this. He is comparing 270,000 people from India to the 6.6 million illegal aliens from Mexico and complaining India is the problem. Can somebody enroll him back in second grade please? Someone needs to teach him which number is larger.


While I oppose birthright citizenship that occurs on the basis of illegal or guest (worker or visitor) presence of the mother, it would be easier at this time to pass legislation terminating chain migration. This has the added advantage of immediately eliminating the many parents of new citizens from being brought to this country and being dumped on Medicaid, Medicare and SSI.

This is typical dicussion on immigration forums:

"I am US citizen thru naturalization (from India) and planning to sponser family based GC to my parents. Have couple of questions. Can anyone respond?

1. How long it takes to get approve after I-130 submitted?

2. What's the next process after it is approved? How do they get GC?

3. My parents are aged (father is diabetic) and would like to know how the Medical coverage works for them?

I heard Govt sponser Medicare but no idea how it works. Can someone explain how medical works for them here?

Thanks in advance"

Fed-up in CA

Evaluate our legislators; put them out of office. The reps and the senators have to go. Sign the petition.

Mike Scott

The 14th Amendment states, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." But as the framers of that amendment made clear, not all persons in the United States were subject to its jurisdiction. American Indians and former slaves were the only substantial groups of non-citizens living in America in 1866. While the 14th Amendment conferred citizenship upon blacks, it didn't grant citizenship to American Indians in 1866 because it was believed they owed allegiance to their tribes and not to the United States. In 1924 Congress extended citizenship to all Native Americans.

Is it reasonable to believe that the authors of the 14th Amendment, in excluding citizenship for Native Americans, were making special allowances for any woman on this planet who sneaks under a U.S. border fence? Is it rational to assume that those who actively defy the laws of the United States by illegal entry were granted the constitutional right to confer citizenship upon their children? Does it make any sense to believe that the 14th Amendment extended to the children of illegal aliens what it didn't extend to Native Americans? Since the answer to all these questions are obvious, without question the mention of illegal aliens in 1866 by the authors of the 14th Amendment was simply a legislative oversight, and was never intended.

Enough of this mindless blather to continue the pathology, "just make it across the border."

David Ryan

Look at the story below and tell me that our current policy doesn't encourage illegal immigration:

From El Financiero (Mexico City) 7/31/09

"US authorities reported that of the 97 immigrants rescued from a refrigerated trailer near Nogales, Arizona, (sic) 96 are Mexican and the other is Guatemalan. The driver of the truck is a US citizen. Arizona Department of Public Safety (ADPS) agents [responding to a Border Patrol lookout] stopped the truck Thursday in which the undocumented immigrants were hidden. All are in good condition despite their confinement in the refrigerated container. Of the group, three were pregnant women and there were also several children between 8 and 12 years old who were returned to Mexico."

I guarantee you that if those kids of those wouldn't have been AMCITs, those woman wouldn't have risked their lives or the lives of their children to get into the US illegally.


All of the anti-birthright citizenship arguments here are completely lacking in substance or reason, and are based on fear, hatred, insecurity, and other emotions of the weak, cowardly, and marginalized. But mostly they are rants about illegal immigration (or, in some cases, legal immigration) having nothing to do with the topic of discussion.

Commenter after commenter writes about the supposed "drain on social services," yet not one of you provides a shred of evidence.

Do you really think eliminating birthright citizenship is going to stop illegal immigration? Of course not. As long as there are Wal-Mart customers demanding cheap goods, illegals will come here. Unless you are willing to pay $15 a pound for grapes, when the pickers are making minimum wage and not $2 a day?

What ending birthright citizenship will do is create more illegal immigrants. At least if the baby is a citizen, when he grows up, he'll pay taxes, and so will his kids. That's the exact opposite of being a drain on social services, which you guys claim to want to eliminate.

I am no fan of people who come to my country illegally, and am worried that it's only a matter of time before you walk into Home Depot and the "Enter" sign on the door will be bigger in Spanish and smaller in English underneath. Actually it will probably be called Casa Depot.

Anyway, the fact that the anti-birthright commenters here are letting their emotional insecurity overwhelm their logic makes them unable to see that their position would actually exacerbate what they say they want to fix.

Kelly Muckleroy

KdNicewanger, "being cute" and seeing how rude or insulting you can be has no place here for a very serious subject. It's quite glaring that you have no evidence or facts at all.

We need to set our priorities straight.

The money given to masses of illegal immigrants, crossing the border to have their babies in order to reap U.S. dollars, should be given to the many Americans who are poor, elderly, handicapped, jobless, etc. We have plenty of needy people in America, especially now during the economic crisis. I know quite a few, both young and old, right here in my community.

I ask, "Where is our patriotism?"

Mike Scott

Looking for proof KdNicewanger?

Los Angeles Times, 12-23-06 Medi-Cal spends about $400 million a year on birth-related care for illegal immigrants. Private hospitals gain.

"Such births and associated expenses account for more than $400 million of the nearly $1 billion that the program spends each year on healthcare for illegal immigrants in California, documents and reports show. More than 100,000 undocumented women each year who bear children in California with expenses paid by Medi-Cal, according to state reports. They now account for about one in five births."

According to the Department of Labor, 14.5 million American workers are looking for jobs. Our jobless rate is 9.5% nationally, and 11.6% here in California. For non-college American minorities the national jobless rates are horrifying. For African Americans it’s 15%, and 11.3% for Latinos. Many of these figures apply to unskilled & less-educated Americans. We’ve got the highest national jobless loss in 26 years. Three million + jobs lost in 2009. In spite of this, we continue to hear clamors from militant open borders organizations like the ACLU, MALDEF, La Raza, Southern Poverty Law Center, and stealthy politicians like Senators Reid, McCain, Kennedy, and Speaker Pelosi--to continue ignoring the unemployment horrors of unskilled & unemployed Americans--a population segment with the fewest resources with which to cope. With such massive unemployment throughout our nation, it's unconscionable that 5.4%* of our work force is comprised of 8.3* million illegal immigrants, jobs that should be taken by millions of less-educated, low-skilled Americans who are now unemployed. It’s time to end the shameful practices of favoring the welfare illegal immigrants and their outlaw employers--at the expense of unskilled & unemployed Americans. No American should ever be jobless while millions of illegals remain employed.

California is wrestling with a $26.3 billion budget deficit. The net cost to Californians for illegal immigration is $9.1 billion annually. That 34.6% of our state’s deficit. No big deal for KdNicewanger, but an obscene amount for most Californians.

Être sur vos gardes. Aux Barricades!

* Pew Hispanic Center

Donald Surr

It becomes rather obvious that most of us would prefer that native-born citizenship apply only to those who have at least one parent who is a legal resident or citizen at the time of birth.

It becomes equally obvious that such a change would require a constitutional amendment to become binding, and that it could not be retroactive.

Kelly Muckleroy

Merci, Mike Scott! A well-written argument.

Mike Scott

Thanks Kelly. All Americans should view with scorn and contempt, those Americans who favor the welfare of illegal aliens above the welfare of unskilled and unemployed American workers.

Victor Hugo nailed it 157 years ago when he said, "There is one thing stronger than all the kings and queens, and all the armies of the world combined, and that is the power of an idea whose time has come."

And that idea is that in the final analysis, no democratic society can indefinitely allow a relentless flood of illegal immigrants to contravene its laws, violate its borders, overwhelm its infrastructures and social systems, diminish employment possibilities for its indigenous uneducated and poor, and degrade its way of life, as is happening here in California, and throughout our nation.

Paul Short

In his letter "Sotomayor's Ties to La Raza" Tom Tancredo sums up my opinion of illegal immigration:

"Sotomayor was a member of La Raza and her comments about "Wise Latinas" being superior to white men appeared in the La Raza Law Journal. The National Council of La Raza bills itself as "the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States" who works through "its network of nearly 300 affiliated community-based organizations."

Among these affiliates are several chapters of the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán) who La Raza helps fund. Aztlán is what radical "Mechistas"-as they refer to themselves on La Raza's website-call the American Southwest, which they claim still belongs to Mexico. Their slogan is "Por La Raza todo, Fuera de La Raza nada" meaning "For the Race everything, outside the Race nothing." One chapter says on La Raza's site that their mission is "empowerment of our gente and the liberation of Aztlán."

La Raza receives tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to set up charter schools like the Aztlán Academy of Tucson where they fly the Mexican Flag, but not the American Flag and teach students "Aztec Math."

In 1994, La Raza gave their "Chicano of the Year" Award to Jose Angel Guitierrez who once said, "We have got to eliminate the Gringo, and what I mean by that is that if the worse comes to the worst, we have got to kill him" and that "our devil has pale skin and blue eyes."


Almost Americans are christians, so that is determind the "birthright babies" babies are children of the God, even though their parents are illegal citizen. Why do we change this law, why their parents must be USA citizen?

Tony Benvenuto

I would love to see this thing passed. There is no reason to give anything to someone that is breaking the law. If you come legally, we'll give you an option. If you crawl under a fence or swim across a river, go home and stay there. We have enough problems in the U.S., thanks to the illegals.

Ed Devine

Overpopulation, congestion, urban sprawl, crumbling infrastructure, diminishing resources. An overburdened energy sector, lack of affordable housing, overcrowded schools and hospitals, crime, pollution, vanishing farm land and green space, depressed wages, increased tax burdens, the balkanization of our communities, the marginalization of American workers, taxpayers and voters, are all the result of unconstrained immigration. The refusal to secure our borders and ports, and enforce our immigration laws isn't just misguided, it dangerous. Too many people competing for the same limited resources is not sane, sustainable social, economic, or environmental policy.

Ed Devine

Folks, we can begin the process of taking back control of our government by demanding our House members co-sponsor and support HR 450, the Enumerated Powers Act that is presently gaining momentum. At last count, this legislation had 48 co-sponsors, and it's companion legislation in the Senate, S. 1319 had 21 co-sponsors. Please take the time to read and understand both these bills, and let your elected representatives know that you expect them to represent the will of the people and support this responsible legislation.

Liza Childress

All of the comments are racist and small headed. I agree there is a big problem that needs a solution, but you have to understand everyone except the native American Indians are immigrants. Weather you came over in a boat as slaves, traveled from other countries, swam accross the river or other wise. A citizen is a citizen weather he or she is first, second, third or what ever generation. A citizen is a person born on American soil or born in a foriegn country to an american citizen. This person has the same rights and should be respected. Were all of your ancestors legal? I don't believe so. You just don´t know that because more generations have passed.


How can our voices be heard so that HR1868 is passed? I am so sick and tired of paying illegal aliens' health-care benefits when I myself need to pay for my very own insurance. This is so sickening.

Mike Scott

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich recently made public the staggering amount which the taxpayers spend on illegal aliens living in L.A. County. This June alone, the county paid out $48 million to the children of illegal aliens, known as "anchor babies," an increase of $10 million over June 2007.

$26 million of that total came in the form of food stamps, while another $22 million was given to the illegal alien families in welfare checks.

If the current pace continues for the remainder of 2009, Los Angeles County will spend nearly $600 million on those two programs this year alone. That is in addition to the more than $1 billion that the county spends annually on the medical treatment, education, emergency services, and incarceration of illegal aliens.

California's budget deficit is $26.3 billion. Of that amount, illegals are costing us $8.9 billion annually. That's a third of our deficit. When will these outrages cease?

Glendora, California

Louie Lopez

Illegal immigration doesn't even seem that big of an issue as some make it out to be, but even I'd have to agree that it's ridiculous to make a child whose parents are illegally here a citizen. The problem is worse for some undocumented people who have more than one child here. Here in New York, I've seen cases where an undocumented couple have as many as five US-born kids and that's what gets me angry--the abuse of the US system by some of these people who are hurting their own cause even more. Can't these people just use protection?

Louie Lopez

Deporting kids is horrible. Undocumented couples having kids may just be part of the natural course of their relationships but it's common sense that some may have the intention of using their US-born kids to stay here. The bottom line is that America is not doing so well and that many Mexicans (sorry but they have large numbers here) have too many kids in Mexico and bring this same bad habit to the US when they come here. There're too many people in Mexico and what do you get with overpopulation? The World 3 model, economic models, etc. All cite overpopulation for bad things happening in the affected area. America needs to control its population. Allowing undocumented couples' children to be citizens is not going to help America much.


I am all for this bill, but I will not hold my breath for our elected idiots to enact it. This is no longer a democracy, but a fascist state with power in the hands of a government that does not recognize the will of its citizens.

Louie Lopez

The problem is we were never a democracy. Remember it's "to the republic for which it stands." Greece had a democracy. It might be cool if we had one, too, but I agree with John in that the US government today pays less attention to the will of the people.


The immigration debate boils down to whom we believe should be eligible to be part of the American landscape.

Past immigration laws were colored by white supremacists, segregationists, and political opportunists.

In the current global geo-political environment, the so-called birthright citizenship bill just tells the world that the U.S. continues to be a racist, backward nation that isn't focusing on more important issues like how to ensure that all citizens have health care plans similar to members of Congress.


I'm so fed up with both parties that I'm an 'unaffiliated voter.'

While the craven conservatives like to give their corporate taskmasters cheap (for them, not for the country) labor, the irrational, lunatic liberals are the biggest Constitution-ignoring, treasonous hypocrites. 'Tee' sounds like one: There is no logic or thought in his/her post except to play the race card and call us names, and then to hypocritically complain about health care citizen, when the billions spent on the illegal alien invasion is once of the blocks to this very thing.

This group has spent decades fighting "unsustainable growth" in every form from buildings and roads, to dams and power plants. Yet now, all the way up to the two-faced Sierra Club, they are "protecting and defending" the flood of over-breeding illegal aliens who make up most of the prime-mover of all the other growths--population growth.

California has had it. The racist 'reconquistadors' will have their wish: Mexico will own California. But it will devolve into the same 3rd-world that they all left behind, because illegal aliens aren't immigrants. They refuse to learn English, they don't want to assimilate to American culture (especially regarding birth-control), and they just want to live the the same way they always have, while sponging off of Americans and sending their excess cash south.

The most maddening thing about this whole idiocy, is that we shouldn't need a new law to spell out the logical, rational, and legal conditions of citizenship. The traitors in our government and their mindless supporters who refuse to research and analyze anything outside their emotions and opinions, also conveniently overlook:

- If the phrase "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" meant the same thing as just "everybody," it wouldn't be there.

- Two years prior to the 14th Amendment, the Civil Rights Act of 1866 affirmed that those who were "subject to a foreign power" did not produce legal offspring, which dovetails nicely with the Citizenship Clause.

- Finally, the author of the clause, Sen. Jacob Howard (Google him) stated in the Congressional Record that, of course, this would not apply to foreigners, aliens or diplomats.

Taken together, along with the post-civil-war abolition context, this obviously means that foreign nationals illegally invading this country were never supposed to receive birthright citizenship for their prodigious progeny.

But what have all the crooked politicians done? Ignored these things, and codified the ridiculous notion that two wrongs do indeed make a right.


My thanks to the editors at BW. While there are some missing punctuation and a few modifiers, they have faithfully reproduced my previous post--and I really didn't expect that in this day and age.

James Semaj

Liza Childress said:
"All of the comments are racist and small headed. I agree there is a big problem that needs a solution, but you have to understand everyone except the native American Indians are immigrants."

My response:
Humankind did not evolve in the Americas. We are all immigrants, even those we call Native American Indians are descended from people who walked across a natural land bridge during the last ice age.
How many countries in the world do you think are still held by the people who first settled there? My guess would be none.

We are talking about a nation's sovereignty; the right to control access to its own resources. The United States government has both the right to defend its sovereignty to the world, as well as the responsibility to protect its citizens from foreign invaders. Whether they come in the form of soldiers, terrorists, opportunists or as the downtrodden masses of a third world neighbor is of no consequence. They are invaders, and they should be stopped.
By the way: I am part Native American, so don't call me a racist.


I believe that any man-made nation is going to be just like its creators: greedy, stupid, and full of it. The conservatives vultures are only out there to find cheap labor for their large machine-like corporations and then kick them back out, and those bleeding heart liberals have complete disregard for rules and regulations. Where's the swine flu when you need it, eh? We as a nation have tried to find somebody to blame for our problems throughout the years, Mexicans being our newest victims. An upcoming problem: We're running out of people to discriminate against. Not to worry, soon enough, actual aliens will land we can discriminate against them and blame them for our problems.


NULL17, you must not live in California. Out here we are not blaming the illegals for our problems; we are rightfully blaming them for the problems they are causing. My town is unrecognizable from 20 years ago, and not for the better. Schools, health care, courts, and jails are all bursting with the effects of the flood of illegal immigration.

Due to their own racist belief that they can do whatever they want because they are hispanic, they are over-populating and bankrupting this state.

Fact: At least half of the population growth in California from 28 million to 38 million has been from illegal aliens and their anchor babies. The net migration of Americans is out of the state.

Fact: The state spends $15 billion every year to educate, medicate, translate and incarcerate illegal aliens and their irresponsibly prodigious progeny.

Fact: The cities and counties spend billions more on top of that: This year, L.A. County alone will spend $1.6 billion. The grand total surely reaches an obscene $25 billion.

Fact: Illiterate, untrained, unlicensed, uninsured illegal aliens are a plague on our roads. They have no more respect for our other laws than they do for our immigration laws. When they are caught, they are allowed to walk away from their impounded vehicle, and they just buy another used car with good registration, and no paper trail for red-light cameras or witnesses to hit and runs.

Fact: Allowing illegal immigration, without the health and criminal checks that accompany real, legal immigration, has imported and created many thousands of vicious gangbangers in our state and country. Norteños, Sureños, Mexican Mafia, MS-13, Nuestra Familia, ad infinitum, the gangs have mushroomed, and in California now outnumber all black, white, and asian gangs combined.

Fact: Even here in the Bay Area, which is hardly Fresno or San Diego, my own local school district is over 50% hispanic, climbing every year, evidence of the flood of illegal aliens and anchor babies. Our own children are seeing their education degraded because the illegals refuse, even when they have been here for years, to learn any English, so their children don't know any when they begin school. We have to provide bilingual teachers to first teach them English before they can be taught anything else. Some districts are even employing a "bilingual immersion" program that starts out only 10% English and peaks at 50%, thus slowing down American kids to keep pace with the illegals.

I do agree with you on one point: The only time those venal "representatives" in Washington, Sacramento, etc. do anything 'bipartisan' is when they are screwing we the people.
As you said, the craven conservatives want cheap labor for their corporate taskmasters (instead of traditional Republican rule of law) and the loony liberals either want to fix the whole bloody world at our expense, or 'buy' all those future votes for the Democratic machine (instead of traditional Democratic concern for working Americans).

Mary Baum

Quit blaming Democrats for illegal immigration and all the other things conservatives like to blame liberals for. "Liberals rarely follow the law"? Illegal immigration is good for employers--it keeps wages down for everyone. You think you're gonna complain about low pay or high health-care costs if you can be replaced with illegal workers? What do you think happened to a lot of the skilled construction jobs before the housing bust?

Do you remember in the 1990s they used to talk about the shortage of engineers? Now we have the internet, and suddenly, if you don't have ten million bucks in the bank, you'd better figure out how to be an entrepreneur--because otherwise you're just a cabbie on the information highway, competing with the lowest-wage workers in the world--who are ten times harder-working than we are and will work 24 hours a day for basically minimum wage, for the privilege of programming a web site. Meanwhile the unions here are shot to hell, there's almost no point in having a job in the US any more--you work basically 24/7 anyway--and it all goes for the bonus of some corporate vice president who announces another round of layoffs. At which point, god help you if you develop a chronic health condition, because you will never see the inside of a doctor's office again.

You think you have health insurance? You think you have a nice job? Well, maybe you do--today. Tomorrow, it could all be gone, and you'll never know why. But it sure as hell won't be a liberal's fault. Liberals are the reason we have, or used to have, anyway, the 40-hour week; overtime; what little remains of the labor benefits we do have.

Liberals are the reason we have laws that say you can't be locked in a factory with your children while it burns to the ground because the bosses are too cheap or lazy to find the keys to open the doors to save your life before you're overcome with smoke inhalation. We're the reason they have to have insurance so that if you do, your heirs are entitled to some sort of compensation to bury your butt. (Or has that been overturned yet?)

Liberals are the reason Medicare even exists for those Grandmas to be so worried that the president is going to do something about--and by the way it is a government program.

Liberals are the reason that not only is a black man president--but that he can vote, and so can I, a woman. And the reason that I can not only earn a fair wage but also hold title to it separately from my husband, so that if he were not the responsible man I love, but a different sort, I won't be legally required to turn everything I earn over to him that he might drink or gamble it away while our children starve.

Liberals are still too busy trying to figure out how to get it--or something like it--back, so that even conservatives won't all wind up dead on the street, waiting to turn 65.

And liberals are the reason I not only have the right to bear children when and how I choose but even to get anesthesia when I'm having them.

Oh by the way, pro-lifers: After you ban abortion and birth control, are you going after epidurals next? How far back into the stone age are you planning to take women's health? And, pro-choicers: you think I'm kidding? A lot of Bush's people are still in the federal government--they did what's called 'burrowing in.' I suggest you do some research--the last guy who was in charge of family planning thought a woman shouldn't be too available sexually to her husband. I'm sure he's left friends behind in case this Obama presidency thing doesn't work out.

And another thing. Let's define some terms here.

If you are personally opposed to abortion, but you believe you are not qualified to make that decision for another person, you are pro-choice.

If you are personally opposed to abortion and that therefore, women who need to end their pregnancies require your approval or must go to jail, then you are pro-life.

If that latter statement makes you angry, you are finally starting to see that each of us thinks that God is on our side. A good working definition of humility might be the dawning of the realization that if the God we created in our image got a really good look, s/he might not like what s/he sees any of us doing to each other.

Well, we liberals will keep working to make things better for all of us here on earth--because none of us really wants to go back to the laws of 1850--and you conservatives ask your parents about what life was like when Blue Cross and Blue Shield were nonprofit organizations.

Then, find someone in Europe. And ask them why, if the healthcare is so much worse than it is here, where are all the dead people? (Or read some European newspapers . . .)

Dennis Rogers

Palin 012, that should take care of the problem! Face it libs obama is a compleate failure, has no chanch of a second turm. currently I live in L.A LA land,moving to Nevada, so I can help vote Sen reed the hell out of office dosent look good for the house, would'nt that be nice to see Streach pelloise lose her seat as mojority leader. Lets make it happen!Also Meg Whitman for Governor, if that happens, I'll move back to CaliMexico


You guys that can sit here and tell me that it is not right, blah blah, freaking blah, have never been in the position to have to watch your baby grow up without a parent because the dad got deported. I don't care what you have to say, live it, and then have an opinion. Please. And as far as immigrants, we were all immigrants at one point--get off your high horses. That's what this country was built on--immigrants. Learn your history, please.


I am old enough to know my history very well and can say that our earlier immigrants, my German and Italian grandparents included, helped build this country with the will to work hard for their community and their children. Surely they didn't speak English but they learned. They didn't take handouts but worked for what they had. That is how those immigrants built this country.


At least one parent should have to be a US citizen or legal naturalized permanent resident in order to gain US citizenship.

Getting knocked up and crossing a fence or landing on a plane in the US should not automatically confer citizenship on the child.

We should do the humane thing and take care of the child's birth, but then make the illegals travel to their country's consulate to get a passport and birth certificate.


Everybody is complaining about how citizenship to children born from illegal immigrants should no be given to them if everybody wants to go with that then I guess the US should be given back to the native Americans, because if anyone remembers they were the very first ones in the US. It was later that the Europeans came to the US and stole the country from them. The US is made up of illegal immigrants, so at some point everybody was. Without the sacrifice your ancestors made leaving their home country to provide their families with a better life than they had, you guys wouldn't even be debating this subject, so what's the problem? I'm saying if your ancestors had a chance to live a better life to give you a better life, why not let other people do the same? I mean this is the country of liberty and justice for all. Who are you to say who gets to stay and who doesn't?


I just read another blog site where a poster stated "Make HR 1868 retroactive to 1986," the year Simpson-Mazolli Amnesty was passed and signed by Reagan. However, Deal's Birthright Citizenship bill doesn't do that.


All of you guys are sick. Who cares about of whether you think these babies should be made US citizens? The way I look at it--you may have been born here yourself, but you did not build this country.


Anchor babies qualify for tax credits from the IRS. The illegal immigrant parents work under one ID and file taxes under another, which results in them showing not enough wages to rise over the poverty level so they get a lot of child tax credits and refunds from the government. This is the way that the US citizen babies also qualify for WIC, and food stamps,welfare, free school lunches, etc. because the parents lie about their incomes.

This will also bite back when the anchor babies get old enough for college and can show that their parents have below poverty level incomes. Bingo--here come easy scholarship and loan qualifications.

Delaware Bob

This is a very draw for the illegal aliens. This is why our health care in in such terrible shape--4.2 million illegal alien children born in the U.S. and everyone of them paid for at the expense of the American taxpayer. Each birth cost about $8,500-$25,000. Do the math. Then we have to school the illegal alien children. Then they get food stamps, public housing, and God knows what else.

How many hospitals had to close due to this illegal immigration and all the free health care? Was it 16?

You wonder why people are totally against this illegal immigration, (except the ACLU, Catholic priests, and LaRaza).

Our federal government has left us down big time in protecting our borders and not enforcing our immigration laws.

Now we just recently had another demonstration in Washington D.C. with these illegal aliens demading, yes, demanding we give them amnesty. First, what gives them the right to demand anything? Yes, what right, when they don't even have a right to be in this country?

Illegal aliens have no right to demand anything in this country. Get them back to their own country where they have every right to demand anything they want.

Get our immigration laws enforced and get these illegal aliens out of this country. They don't belong here.


Back to july, 2009, Carol wrote "Why don't people ask where Mr. Obama is really born and just maybe he will be deported back to his orginal country? Besides he is a citizen of Indonesia and everybody knows that I least I hope they know."

As I know, Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii, his mother is American, and his father was from Kenya. Later, her mother remarried to an Indonesian man. That is it.


Anchor kids are destroying our country, the same way that illegal and legal immigration are doing. Take our money and benefits, do not be held accountable. We pay for it. We have one kid; they have 10. We can invade Iraq and Afghanistan but we can not control our border. It is a joke. This cannot go on. Our authorities do not care. Do something--denounce businesses that hire illegals. Go out of your way to do it. Do not hire laborers. Deny them everything. We do not have anywhere else to go; they do. Our economy is destroyed already. It will just get worse.

James N

When our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, there were a great many things they could not imagine, air planes, the Internet, and "Birth Tourism."

How is it right for foreigners, some of whom hate Americans, to give birth in our country just so their children will be citizens? Even when "legally" done and the person pays for their own medical bills it is still not right. In countries like Turkey, it is a growing business, but we are doing nothing to stop it. On the other hand, Turkey gives the US nothing but grief.

If you are a legal resident working or married to someone working in the US, or married to a US citizen then that is one thing. However, when two foreigners come to the US just to have a child because they want that child to be American, well that is something completely different, and I am sure our Founding Fathers are rolling over right now.

George Hernandez

My parents came to this great country legally in 1982 from Mexico. My father joined the military and earned his citizenship for himself and my mother, and they learned English and both worked extremely hard to get an education. My mother is currently a registered nurse and my father a carpenter. It is not fair for my parents to have to go through so much to come to this country and become citizens and earn the benefits while an illegal alien criminal can cross the border, illegally and get the same benefits my parents worked so hard for. That's BS. Let the American people vote.

Chris Jer


Draon Wave

I came to the U.S. from China in 1995 as a graduate student and I spent almost 12 years to get U.S. citizenship. It's a long time and a lot of hard work and...taxes paid. In my mind, I must be a contributor of this country in order to become a real citizen. Nobody should be getting benefits without contributing, let alone violating its laws.

Birthright citizenship is a very unjust, unfair, and unpractical law for all hard working American citizens. I just wonder how this obviously rediculous law can exist for so long and no Congress even ever touched it.

No offense, but I often heard people from other countries talking about Americans being stupid, which I, in this case, would have to agree--sigh.

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