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Cover Photograph by Richard Morgenstein

Cover Story
 Sun Power
    COVER IMAGE: Sun Power
    CHART: Sun's Big Computers Are Selling Fast
    TABLE: Sun's Expanding Universe
    PHOTO: Java Logo
    ''Microsoft Ought to Be Scared to Death''
     What's That Glow around Sun's Stock? The Internet

Up Front
 Talk Show
 Leave GOP Bashing to the GOP
 Honda Could Use a Little Pickup
 Publishing: Purchase or Perish?
 Racers, Make Vroom for Russia
 To Bill and Monica, from Abkhasia with Love
 An Unlikely Fan of RJR
 Fast-Forward for Fiber-Optic Nets
 CHART: Please, Somebody! Open a Window!

Readers Report
 An African American Who's Not ''Invisible''
 Greener Pastures Indeed for the Patriots
 Managed Care Is a Bust, but What's the Cure?
 Beijing's Real Fear in Taiwan
 Wall Street Is a Lousy Bet
 In Privacy Rights, All Roads Lead to Rome

Corrections & Clarifications
 ''Once more into the breach'' (Cover Story, Dec. 28/Jan. 4)
 ''So much for the experts...'' (Cover Story, Dec. 28/Jan. 4)

 The Titan Who Remade Tinseltown
    PHOTO: Cover, ''The Last Mogul''

Technology & You
 The Year of the Home Network?

Economic Viewpoint
 Even Economists Can't Wait to Spend a Surplus

Economic Trends
 When Taxes Spell Good News
    CHART: Taxes Take a Rising Share of Personal Income
 Parental Leave: Healthier Kids
 Another Huge Budget Surplus?
    CHART: Two Estimates for Fiscal 1999

Letter From Curaçao
 Cruising into the 21st Century?
    MAP: Curaçao

Business Outlook
 U.S.: Still Hammering Away--Just Not So Hard
    CHART: Where Construction Looks Wobbly
    CHART: Purchasers Say Weakness Is Spreading
    CHART: New Home Sales: Up, Up and Away
 Czech Republic: Unease, Even after the Easing
    CHART: Central Bankers Take an Ax to Rates

News: Analysis & Commentary
 The Euro: We Have Liftoff!
    TABLE: The Fallout from a Strong Euro
    Outside, Looking In
       TABLE: Fence-Sitters Weigh the Pros and Cons
    Commentary: Now the Dollar Has a Co-Star on the World Stage
 A Cell Phone in Every Pocket?
    CHART: Prices Drop...More Users...Minutes Boom
 'Twas the Season for E-Splurging
    CHART: Online Sales Rise...Mostly at the Top
 Priceline's Bid for the Big Time
 Commentary: The NBA's Boss Wins It at the Buzzer
 Microsoft's Defense: A Tough Sell, but Not Impossible
 At the Auto Show, a Bevy of Hot New Rumors
 Commentary: Censure Means Having to Say You're Sorry--but How?

In Business This Week
 Robba Benjamin: Casting a Wider Net
 Snap, Crackle, Coup?
 Texaco Women Get a Settlement
 Raising the Bar on Medicare
 A Rainbow of PC Colors
 Another New Sidekick for AT&T
 Et Cetera...
 Network Solutions' Split
    CHART: Network Solutions Stock Price

Washington Outlook
 A Backlash against Beijing Is Building
 My Dinner with Denny
 Navigating to Nowhere
 Giving Peace a Chance

International Business
 For Japan, a Year of Fresh Disasters?
    CHART: Japan's Plight
 Commentary: How the Tycoons Are Hobbling Hong Kong
 Snapping Up South America
    TABLE: Multinationals' Latin Shopping Spree

International Outlook
 Japan's Premier Is a Survivor, but Is He a Real Reformer?
 Murdoch Jumps into Russia
 Warning Jolts SAP Shares

 Commentary: Save the Species--but Add Incentives

Sports Business
 Few Leagues of Their Own
    TABLE: Women's Leagues Since 1996

 Knight Ridder and New Media: If You Can't Beat 'Em...
    TABLE: Prospecting for Web Gold
 At the Starting Gate: A Channel for Railbirds
    CHART: Riding a Trend

 That's Why They Call It Vanguard
    TABLE: How Vanguard Equity Funds Stack Up
    TABLE: The Low-Cost Producer
    CHART: Vanguard Is Gaining on Fidelity
    Here's Where the Dough Really Rises
       TABLE: Brawny Index Funds
 Day of Reckoning for Day-Trading Firms?
    TABLE: Day Trading: The Trouble Spots

Inside Wall Street
 Christianity on the Web
    CHART: Will Didax Run Up Again?
 Finova Is on the Prowl
    CHART: Dogged by Industry Chaos
 Closely Watched Trains at GATX
    CHART: A Low Price May Draw Buyers

 Larry Flynt's Latest Hustle
    TABLE: Flynt's Empire

Science & Technology
 Custom Treatments: This Drug's for You
    TABLE: Betting on Customized Drugs
    TABLE: Harnessing the Power of Pharmacogenomics

Developments to Watch
 Bringing the Speed of Light to Computer Chips
 How Ultrasound Scopes Out the Material World
    PHOTO: Ultrasonic Force Microscope
 Speakers That Won't Take over Your Living Room
    PHOTO: Benwin Speakers
 Y2K: The Bug That Couldn't Wait
 Developments to Watch Contacts

Bits & Bytes
 Textbooks: The New War Zone on the Web
 Have Plug, Can Play--Anywhere
 Is Your Online Broker Any Good?
    TABLE: How the Sites Stack Up
 IBM Stands by Its PC Alternative
 Bits & Bytes Contacts

The Corporation
 Andersen vs. Andersen: Next Stop, Splitsville
    TABLE: The Feuding Andersens
    Up from Bean-Counting

Personal Business
 Frequent Fliers: Make Sure You Don't Get Clipped
    TABLE: Mileage Deals and Dogs
     Tips for Playing the Frequent-Flier Game
     Where to Find the Real Deals
     You've Earned the Miles. Here's How to Use Them
    The Airlines' New Buddy Systems
       TABLE: Perks of Pairings
 With Index Funds, Who Needs Gurus?
    TABLE: Why Indexing Works
    Slicing and Dicing the S&P 500

Business Week Index
 Business Week Index
    CHART: Production Index
    HISTORICAL DATA: BW Index Back to 1992
 The Week Ahead

Investment Figures of the Week
 Investment Figures of the Week
    CHART: Mutual Fund Returns
    CHART: Stocks and Bonds

 What the Euro Means
 Mergers Are No Menace

International -- Spotlight on India
 A New Studio Aims to Lure Hollywood...But Red Tape May Prove Too Scary (int'l edition)
    MAP: India

International -- Readers Report
 Reform the Chaebol--or Let the Worst Die (int'l edition)
 China Should Nourish a High-Tech Giant (int'l edition)

International -- European Business
 Europe's Wired-Collar Workers (int'l edition)
    TABLE: What's Driving the Boom
    CHART: Where the Jobs Are...And How They Are Growing

International -- Asian Business
 What Can Taiwan Do with All That Waste? (Int'l edition)

International -- Finance
 Snapping Up South America (int'l edition)
    TABLE: Multinationals' Latin Shopping Spree
 Beijing to Crooked Brokers: Watch Out (int'l edition)


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