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Small Business

Investing Tools
Stock Search
Personalize our menu of screening criteria to scan thousands of stocks for the ones that best suit your investing needs

S&P Global Funds Screener
Search all the European and international funds rated by S&P and read the research to uncover investments that suit your aims

Don't Be Underpaid
The Salary Wizard compares the pay of thousands of jobs based on title and geographic area


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Personal Finance Calculators
Every calculation you need on auto, bank, mortgage loans, credit cards, insurance, and financial planning

Capital Gains Calculator
Can't decide whether it's better to hold a stock or sell it and reinvest? Here's the help you need

Mutual-Fund Search
Now you can see predefined screenings, using advanced filters, of the Standard & Poor's mutual-fund database

Financial Events Calendar
Listen to conference calls and check our calendar for corporate earnings release dates

Economic Events
This month's economic releases, and S&P's predictions on the numbers

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Financing Your Business

Fast Track Micro Loans
This SBA program makes funds available to nonprofit intermediaries, who in turn make loans of up to $25,000 to eligible borrowers. Find an intermediary in your state

Preferred Lenders
The most active and expert lenders qualify for the SBA's streamlined lending programs, which result in faster service. Find a preferred lender in your state

Tips for Day-to-Day Operations

Search for Suppliers
Free access to's searchable database of more than 520,000 distributors, manufacturers, and service companies

Legal Guide: Hiring & Firing
An in-depth look at the issues facing employers in the realm of human resource management

Legal Guide: Starting & Running a Business
Covers topics such as corporate formation, taxes, real estate, & HR. Includes worksheets, checklists, and forms

Intellectual Property Basics
Introductory information on copyright, patent, and trademarks

Taking Care of Your Staff

Compare Salaries
Use the Salary Wizard to find out if what you pay matches the market rate

Health Insurance Help
Learn the ins and outs of health insurance plans and receive free quotes from's vendors and online partners

Managing Your Wealth

401(k) Plans
Looking to beef up your benefits package?'s research will help you learn what the right plan for you is

Pension Plans
A comparison of major retirement options and their key features, compiled by the Pension & Welfare Benefits Administration

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