Self Sabotage 101 -- The Fine Art of PR

Posted by: Diane Brady on March 12, 2008

Public relations seems so easy, until you see how easily it can go wrong. Today, for instance, I received a generic pitch from a major West Coast PR firm to be on a “Media Business Masters Keynote Panel” at a digital conference in June. Besides not telling me where the conference was taking place, the person inviting me couldn’t say why they wanted my “perceptive” (I think they meant “perspective”) over any other writer on staff — like, say, the ones who cover digital media. I suggested to the e-mail sender that the head of the firm call me to explain what they were looking for. I never heard back.

Now, I read that Ronn Torossian (whom we dubbed the Bad Boy of Buzz a few months ago) is engaged in what appears to be a blistering obscenity-laced battle with a former member of his own staff. While I can’t assume to know the finer points of this ‘he said/she said’ brouhaha, it seems safe to assume that calling an ex-employee by a crude term normally associated with the female anatomy is not a good move. It certainly goes against the advice most PR mavens would give their own clients.



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