It's Super Tuesday, but No One at Work is Talking About It, Apparently

Posted by: Jena McGregor on February 5, 2008

It’s Super Tuesday, and that means my inbox is filling up with studies on yet another national event (lost productivity during March Madness, online holiday shopping during work hours) and how it clashes with the workplace. To wit:

According to a new study by the American Management Association, more than one-third (35%) of business people surveyed said they are uncomfortable discussing their political views with colleagues.

Whether or not they’re squeamish about it or not, 48% of respondents in a survey are uncomfortable enough with talking politics that they haven’t been open their political views at work.

And in a “Monster Meter” poll from the online job site, a full 57 percent of respondents said they did not feel comfortable talking politics at work.

Let’s hope the polling firms that came up with this wide range of results aren’t the same ones picking the winners of today’s races.



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