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Sunday, February 1, 2015


A weekly personal finance television program about money. Earning it. Investing it. Spending it. Broadcast from the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square


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Contacts and Support
BusinessWeek TV contacts and information on satellite feeds

Viewer Feedback
We welcome your comments, questions and story ideas. E-mail the producers of BusinessWeek TV: feedback@businessweektv.com

Production Questions
For information on obtaining custom promotional materials or to arrange for talent interviews and/or appearances, please contact:

Alex Cohen
PH: 212-512-2528
Email: alex_cohen@businessweek.com

Syndication Questions
We can assist you with any general information that you may need and for specifics we can direct you to the appropriate parties.

Nancy Smeltzer
PH: 843-883-5060
FX: 843-883-9957
Email: nancy@litton.tv

Website Information
Visit http://www.businessweektv.com/ to find the most up-to-date press and broadcast support including biographies, graphics, photos and additional resources. For questions on navigating the site, hot-linking your site to ours, or any other web-related issues, please contact:

Peter Clem
PH: 212-512-6181
Email: peter_clem@businessweek.com

Satellite Information
There will be two Business Week feeds each Saturday morning:
Primary Feed
1:00am - 1:30am EST
(0100-0130 ET)
Galaxy 25/Transponder C14
Audio is on Mono 6.2/6.8

Secondary Feed
10:30am - 11:00am EST
(1030-1100 ET)
Galaxy 25/Transponder C14
Audio is Mono 6.2/6.8

Trouble number is (201) 784-5241. Questions? Cal Audio + Video at (201) 784-5238.

DBS satellite feed on Sunday mornings
Direct TV Channel 386, ABC East
10:00 AM Eastern, Sunday mid-morning

Eutelstat Hotbird 3
13 Degrees East
Freq: 12.4845 GHz
FEC: 3/4
Symbol Rate: 8.3 MS/s
Typical L-band Freq: 1734.5 MHz
Signal Polarization: Vertical
Network ID#1: H-pol setting to provide 19V to LN for High Ku-band
Network ID#4: V-pol setting to provide 13V for polarizer control

Gorizont 32
53 Degrees East
3.8082 GHz VOA
Audio: 3.8075 GHz Music Mix

85 Degrees West
Polarization: Horizontal
3.9865 GHz
Transponder 14
(FEC) 3/4
Symbol Rate 5.632 MS/s

19.2 Degrees East
Via Audio Signal on DTH Television System
Carrier: 11.671 GHz
Audio: Ch 2 (7.56 MHz)
Polarization: Horizontal
Transponder 31

Asiasat 2 Analog
100.5 Degrees East
Polarization: Horizontal 3.879 GHz
Transponder 7 B
Audio 6.6 MHz PAL

Asiasat 2 Digital
100.5 Degrees East
Polarization: Horizontal
Downlink Freq: 3764.75 MHz
FEC: 3/4
Symbol Rate: 6.1 MS/s

Eutelsat W3
7 Degrees East
Polarization: Horizontal
Audio: 12.5655 GHz - Worldsource
(Contains VOA Music Mix on channel 4)

New Skies Satellites 703
57 deg. E
Transponder: 35 (Global beam)
D/L Freq: 4055 MHz
FEC: 1/2 rate
Symbol Rate: 20.4 MSym/s Network ID:
D/L Pol: RHC
Typical LO Freq: 5150 MHz Typical L-bar
IF: 1095 MHz Video Format: PAL

New Skies Satellites 806
319.5 Degrees East
DL Freq: 4123.25 MHz
L Band DL Freq: 1026.75 MHz FEC: 3/4
Symbol Rate: 8.90 MS/s
Network ID: 2

Intelsat 605
Eastern Hemisphere Beam
332.5 Degrees East
Polarization: RHC
3.715 GHz
(FEC) 1/2
Symbol Rate 8.448 MS/s

For all other satellite feed questions and information, please contact:

Joe Garzillo
Waterfront Communications
Ph: 212-599-1011 x215 Fx: 212-599-4172
Email: jgarzillo@wtrfrnt.com

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