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NOVEMBER 29, 2005
Iraq: Declare Victory and Get Out
That Team Bush built a selective case for war is beyond dispute -- and now that Saddam is gone and the seeds of democracy have been sown, beside the point as well

NOVEMBER 1, 2005
Treating Foreign Buyers Fairly
Congress may overhaul the rules governing purchases of U.S. companies. Some of the ideas don't make sense, but others do

OCTOBER 4, 2005
The Axis of Evil: From Rhetoric to Reality
By grouping Iran, Iraq, and North Korea together, Bush's policies targeting them have driven the countries into each others' arms

SEPTEMBER 20, 2005
A Dangerous Deal with India
The Bush Administration's recent nuclear accord with New Delhi creates many more threats than it resolves

AUGUST 16, 2005
The China No One Talks About
Below the economic miracle are explosive pressures, from labor unrest to spontaneous riots. If chaos erupts, the U.S. and its allies better have a plan

AUGUST 2, 2005
Israel's Thorniest Dilemma
With Ariel Sharon evacuating most of the Gaza Strip, speculation about Israel's future -- and final borders -- is growing

JULY 6, 2005
What Makes Suicide Bombers Tick?
A new report provides essential info for filtering fact from fantasy. The President would be wise to study its conclusions closely

JUNE 8, 2005
Is It Time to Bag Baghdad?
The insurgency has destabilized and isolated Iraq's capital, so it's time to empower the regions, says one Mideast expert

MAY 25, 2005
Buy America Can Hurt America
Curbs on buying foreign-made arms or exporting weapons easily available from other nations can harm U.S. security and businesses

APRIL 27, 2005
What Matters in the Bolton Debate
Legitimate questions abound as to whether he'll make a suitable ambassador to the U.N. -- but they aren't the ones being talked about

APRIL 6, 2005
Regime Change, the Pope's Way
He subtly spurred peaceful progress in Poland. If the U.S. wants such sway, it needs to regain some moral stature with more good deeds

MARCH 25, 2005
John Bolton, Terror of Turtle Bay?
Maybe not. President Bush's pick for U.N. ambassador has been one of its most vehement critics. That may make him the best man to help fix it

MARCH 23, 2005
Intelligence, Without Smarts
The U.S. is failing to show the Iraqis how to penetrate, confuse, and wear down insurgents. Minus that insight, it could be in for a long slog

MARCH 9, 2005
Arabs Respond to Policy, Not PR
U.S. ads in the Mideast didn't boost America's image, but pictures of Iraqis voting and Lebanese clamoring for change did

FEBRUARY 23, 2005
A Smart Pick for Intelligence Chief?
Bush's choice of John Negroponte could be a signal that the status quo will be maintained -- just when many say an overhaul is what's needed

FEBRUARY 9, 2005
Push for Mideast Peace -- Lightly
The U.S. shouldn't dive into brokering a big Israeli-Palestinian deal now. The two sides have a ways to go before they're ready for a pact

JANUARY 26, 2005
Pushing Liberty: What Bush Means
With the military at breaking point, he isn't likely to order another invasion. However, his speech may have surprising impact

JANUARY 12, 2005
The Method in Nuke Madness
Understanding nations' reasons for and against such arms can help maintain stability, even with North Korea and Iran in the nuclear club

DECEMBER 29, 2004
Hope Flowers Amid Iraq's Chaos
The daily news from Iraq tells an unremittingly terrible story. Still, Iraqi citizens are seizing opportunities everywhere to build a better future

DECEMBER 8, 2004
A Tale of Two Military Bases
California and Massachusetts communities fight the threat of their closure in different ways. But a shutdown may not be so disastrous

NOVEMBER 24, 2004
The Palestinians: Still in the Wilderness
After Arafat, a peace deal with Israel remains distant, thanks to obstacles like the lack of heroic statesmen to bring breakthroughs

NOVEMBER 10, 2004
Can Bush Afford to Stay the Course?
Rarely has the Mideast been so tense or U.S. relations with Europe more strained. Is Bush prepared to try a new tack? The signs aren't good

OCTOBER 27, 2004
Korans, Not Kalashnikovs at Madrassas
Islamic schools aren't key terrorist breeding grounds, as was previously thought. Their students don't learn the skills jihadis need

OCTOBER 13, 2004
Bush: Star Wars in His Eyes
His faith in a costly relic of the Cold War that has no credible capability makes little sense in an age of terrorist threats

SEPTEMBER 22, 2004
To Beat Jihadists, Know Thy Enemy
By making the fight mainly military, the U.S. misses al Qaeda's ideological aim -- boosting its following for a battle to the death

Will Tehran Overplay Its Hand?
With so much world attention focused on Iraq, Iran is freely pursuing its dangerous agenda. The mullahs could be mistaken, however

AUGUST 25, 2004
The Swift Boat Ads and the Press
The Fourth Estate is showing the healthy skepticism this time that was missing when the Whitewater story surfaced in 1992

AUGUST 11, 2004
Turkey in Transition
Its strong ties with Israel and the U.S. have been strained by the Iraq war, and little improvement is likely as Ankara angles to join the EU

JULY 29, 2004
Iraq and Niger: A Twisted, Tangled Tale
Despite two painstaking inquiries, the truth about Saddam's attempts to buy black-market uranium remains clouded in confusion

JULY 6, 2004
Foreign Policy: Flexible or Feckless?
Bush has often changed tacks on issues from Iraq to the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty to North Korea's nukes. Will voters care?

MAY 21, 2004
The Need to Fight Smarter, Not Harder
When it's tough to tell friend from foe, as it is in Iraq, aggressive tactics can win battles, but lose wars

APRIL 23, 2004
The Case for Leaving Iraq Pronto
A veteran foreign-policy analyst posits that the U.S. may be better off getting out, say, within a year. His argument is worth pondering

APRIL 5, 2004
Toward a Safer World
Ending the scourge of terrorism requires more than military action. It also needs law enforcement -- and hope for the world's have-nots

MARCH 29, 2004
Every New President's Fatal Blind Spot
As Richard Clarke's gripes demonstrate, newly installed Administrations instinctively reject their predecessors' hard-won wisdom

MARCH 12, 2004
"Analyzating" Bush's Grey Matter
The President's tendency to mangle words and syntax may be due to an undiagnosed language and hearing disability, say some experts

FEBRUARY 20, 2004
Halliburton's Rising Cost for Bush
The ever-growing list of charges swirling around Cheney's former company could repel key swing voters in a tight election

FEBRUARY 6, 2004
George Tenet Goes on Offense
The embattled CIA director explains his agency's Iraq intelligence effort -- and points to successes elsewhere. The last word? Hardly

JANUARY 15, 2004
A Safer World Takes More Than Might
The Bush Administration thinks the Iraqi invasion is pushing Libya, Iran, North Korea to negotiate. It's not that simple

DECEMBER 29, 2003
America's Many Challenges Abroad
The coming year poses serious foreign policy dilemmas for the Bush Administration, starting with Iraq -- but hardly ending there

DECEMBER 16, 2003
Saddam's End, Bush's New Start
The President now has greater freedom to reshape his Iraq strategy, mold that country's future, and ease tensions with Europe

DECEMBER 11, 2003
Bush's Latest Headache: Democracy
The President extolls free speech and elections. Trouble is, in Taiwan and Iraq, the people's will is at odds with U.S. policy

NOVEMBER 6, 2003
How to Avoid the Vietnamization of Iraq
The Administration needs new tactics on the ground and better arguments to win hearts and minds, both in the combat zone and at home

OCTOBER 22, 2003
Preemptive War Is the Wrong Weapon
Team Bush's rationale for invading Iraq -- to thwart terrorists before they strike -- runs dangerously counter to international law

SEPTEMBER 24, 2003
How to Lose Allies and Alienate Everyone
Bush's U.N. speech about Iraq will do little to sway the leaders most in need of swaying, especially those from countries that aren't democracies

SEPTEMBER 11, 2003
The Rehabilitation of Colin Powell
With Bush's Iraqi strategy in tatters, it falls to the State Dept.'s diplomats to woo the U.N. and defuse tensions in North Korea and the Mideast

AUGUST 1, 2003
North Korea: How Not to Handle a Tyrant
Where diplomacy is needed, the Bush Administration has opted for name-calling. It's time to drop the insults and start talking

JULY 10, 2003
Boxed In in Baghdad
With Bush facing rising troop casualties, slow rebuilding, and sliding approval ratings at home, his options are few -- and narrowing

JUNE 30, 2003
Five Truths about Boeing's Tanker Lease
The Air Force contract isn't a scam -- as the critics would realize if they knew more about business practices. Still, it's not so smart

MAY 19, 2003
Bush Is Flunking Reconstruction 101
His team proved it knew how to defeat Iraq militarily. Too bad it appears to have not much clue about succeeding at nation-building

MAY 8, 2003
What the Military Needs Most: Balance
Combining old weapons and new technology -- rather than any application of the Rumsfeld Doctrine -- ensured victory in Iraq

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