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DECEMBER 18, 2003
Is Deflation Defeated? Don't Bet on It
Economists are ready to write it out of the picture, but that doesn't mean it's gone -- and maybe that's a good thing

DECEMBER 12, 2003
A Smart Solution to the Net-Tax Issue
Forget the Web tax exemption, says Hal Varian. Kill levies on sales altogether -- and replace them with income or consumption taxes

DECEMBER 5, 2003
How Bush Is Mortgaging the Future
Short-sighted policies have piled on debt that could slow -- or even reverse -- growth. And he's leaving future taxpayers to foot the bill

NOVEMBER 21, 2003
Bush's Wobbly Line on Trade
Election-year politics spurred him to slap quotas on Chinese imports. That short-term thinking could be bad for the economy

NOVEMBER 14, 2003
Why Index Funds Can't Be Beat
For typical investors, managed mutual funds have never made much sense. Now that scandal has struck, they make even less

OCTOBER 31, 2003
Why the Recovery Looks Like a Keeper
Despite the Administration's dollar confusion, the omens are good -- even for job hunters -- as renewed capital spending kicks in

OCTOBER 24, 2003
Bush Is Blowing a Chance to Lead
When it comes to fostering an economic revival, the President is missing major opportunities, both at home and on the world stage

OCTOBER 20, 2003
Protectionism Won't End Workers' Pain
Readers gave me an earful about U.S. jobs going abroad. And it's true: Americans need much better safety nets as globalization proceeds

SEPTEMBER 19, 2003
How to Turn Unemployment's Rising Tide
First, it happened to factory hands. Now, white-collar workers are seeing their jobs shipped overseas. The solution? Training and education

SEPTEMBER 12, 2003
Team Bush's Clueless New Math
No matter how you crunch the numbers, the President's fiscal policy is irresponsible, and could lead to serious trouble down the road

The Rules of Rational Exuberance
As the bulls rush back into stocks and broker greed builds, diversification and risk management are still the keys to success

AUGUST 29, 2003
This Time, It Really Is a New Economy
As the U.S. welcomes a return to growth, Americans shouldn't forget that inflation's familiar threat is being traded for a deflationary one

AUGUST 22, 2003
A CEO Whose Life Is an Open Book
Former Medtronics chief Bill George has some compelling thoughts about corporate ethics

AUGUST 18, 2003
An Economic Reprieve for Gray Davis?
The California recall could fizzle if signs of a rebound keep strengthening. George Bush's fiscal goosing could actually save the governor

AUGUST 7, 2003
Art for Art's Sake? No, the Economy's
How many dancers, musicians, and authors in your town? According to a new study, a critical mass of creativity spurs a vibrant business sector

AUGUST 1, 2003
Stable Prices Are No Cure-All
Economists promote the condition as an intrinsic good, but coupled with Washington's fiscal irresponsibility, it may be a recipe for trouble

JULY 18, 2003
What's Holding Up the Recovery?
Weakness overseas is a big stumbling block. Fortunately, America's foreign partners are starting to take stimulative moves, too

JULY 11, 2003
The Making of an Equity Culture
As badly as investors have been treated in recent times, they haven't fled the market. That phenomenon is a reason for hope

JULY 3, 2003
Needed: A Politics of Generosity
These days, Republicans and Democrats fight as if the U.S. economy will never bounce back. They're doing the country a disservice

JUNE 27, 2003
Living Longer with the Global Economy
Increased longevity in poorer countries is a clear -- though overlooked -- benefit of the exchange of money, knowledge, and technology

JUNE 20, 2003
Free Trade's Perilous Position
The latest round of world trade talks is floundering, as rich countries insist on keeping farm subsidies high, at the expense of poor nations

JUNE 13, 2003
A Timely Book with a Timeless Message
Worry-Free Investing is written for today's investors: It explains how you can preserve your standard of living while limiting risk

JUNE 6, 2003
Have the Markets Gone Crazy?
Stocks have been heading up -- but then so have bonds. And economists are divided on the outlook. Your best bet: Make the most of it

APRIL 14, 2003
Slash Taxes? No, Heal the World
The President wants another tax cut, but a spiraling deficit is the last thing America needs. Better to promote trade by mending global ties

MARCH 21, 2003
Bonds to Beat the Investment Cycle
TIPS and I-bonds are fixed-income tools that can help you avoid many of the risks associated with other instruments

MARCH 14, 2003
One More Cut, Please, Mr. Greenspan
Far more than an impending war is rocking America's economy. Another quarter-point rate reduction would be prudent insurance

MARCH 7, 2003
Extreme Times, Extreme Portfolio
In an era of war and oil shocks, an unconventional mix of risky stocks and cold, hard cash may be the prudent strategy

FEBRUARY 28, 2003
The Economics of a Fatter America
While larded with calories, fast food is cheap, tasty, ubiquitous, and time-saving. No wonder obesity is on the rise

FEBRUARY 14, 2003
Baby Steps in the Tax Plan
Bush's proposals have some merit. They won't, however, make the tax code any simpler, which is exactly what America really needs

FEBRUARY 7, 2003
State Taxes Need New Thinking
With budget gaps across the country widening calamitously, governors will have to be bold. How about pooling their resources?

JANUARY 31, 2003
The Dollar's Precarious Position
Though its decline is giving the U.S. economy a short-term boost, if an Iraq war causes it to keep plummeting, things could get ugly fast

JANUARY 24, 2003
The Dawn of a Supply-Side Century?
The business cycle has been tamed by economic insight and innovation, says Nobel laureate Robert Lucas. Now, the challenge is growth

JANUARY 17, 2003
Betting to Win, Place -- and Grow
When scolds and sermonizers denounce gambling on the stock market, pay no heed. A little responsible risk-taking is a good thing

JANUARY 9, 2003
The Uncertain Yield of Untaxed Dividends
If the President gets his way, expect a transformation in the mutual-fund industry and, just maybe, more honesty in the boardroom

DECEMBER 13, 2002
The Real Cost of War with Iraq
Whatever the final tab -- $100 million or $1 trillion -- it clearly threatens the President's other pet cause -- tax cuts

DECEMBER 5, 2002
Spend Less, Save More
Still pinning your retirement hopes on stock-market gains? Don't get your hopes up. As always, thrift will remain your best bet

NOVEMBER 27, 2002
Biting the Invisible Hand
Ongoing corporate scandals prove that top execs didn't quite get what Adam Smith meant by enlightened self-interest

NOVEMBER 22, 2002
The Best Investment: America's Kids
Tomorrow's workers will need more brains than brawn, so funding early-childhood education is vital. It's time for Uncle Sam to ante up

NOVEMBER 15, 2002
The Other Side of Adam Smith
A neglected work by the 18th-century economist is the taking-off point for a fine new book on how economics can improve society

NOVEMBER 8, 2002
Deflation: The Clear and Growing Danger
If Washington doesn't apply stimulative measures to revive the moribund economy, the consequences could be catastrophic

OCTOBER 31, 2002
Paul Wellstone's Legacy of Compassion
The Minnesota senator was wrong to oppose free trade, but his concern for workers hurt by globalization will live on after his tragic death

OCTOBER 25, 2002
401(k) Choices: Too Often, More Is Less
Despite studies showing that many participants make the wrong calls, retirement funds keep offering expanded investment options

OCTOBER 18, 2002
Why Retirement Isn't All Play Anymore
More workers over 55 are staying in the labor force out of both financial necessity -- and personal desire

OCTOBER 11, 2002
Sobering Lessons from Arthur Levitt
The former SEC chief's new book, Take on Wall Street, is a must-read (even if depressing at times) for individual investors

OCTOBER 4, 2002
Want Fries with Your Freedom?
Not only does globalism -- genuine free trade, not just hollow pieties -- foster prosperity, it can also bring down dictators

SEPTEMBER 20, 2002
Stock Options for All!
Increased employee share ownership and less gravy for the greedy few will encourage what every company wants: motivated workers

SEPTEMBER 13, 2002
The Dilemma of Declining Prices
The U.S. may be entering a deflationary era. If so, sweeping reviews are needed of everything from retirement planning to monetary policy

A Bum Rap for Alan Greenspan
The Fed chairman is being blamed for talking up the bubble market. More than unfair, such talk could derail America's future growth

AUGUST 30, 2002
Is Today's Market Fairly Valued?
The numbers tell veteran strategist and historian Steven Leuthold that it is, which would be good news for frazzled investors

AUGUST 23, 2002
A Real Cure for Health Care
Reforms will get to the crisis' cause only if they start by putting plans in the hands of consumers...not their employers

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