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JUNE 19, 2007
The Shiny Side of Subprime
There may be an unintended positive consequence of the mortgage fiasco: an actual economic dialogue between the rich and poor

FEBRUARY 9, 2007
Inequality for All?
The economic and opportunity gaps are growing at an alarming rate. It's no longer true that the rising tide of productivity will lift all boats

DECEMBER 4, 2006
In Praise of Vouchers
Liberals may be surprised to discover that there's a history of progressives who have supported the notion of school vouchers, too. Bipartisan effort is needed

OCTOBER 17, 2006
Raise the Minimum Wage
It's the least that can—and should—be done for low-income workers. But it still won't be enough to restore purchasing power

JUNE 20, 2006
Rethinking the Immigration Debate
There could soon come a time when the U.S. actually encourages Mexicans to come here—but by then the incentive to do so won't be as great

MAY 31, 2006
Walling Off Growth
The plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border symbolizes a worrisome backlash against free trade

MAY 2, 2006
Microfinance: Services the Poor Can Bank On
With the help of philanthropists, banks, and others, these institutions help local economies by providing small loans and financial services

MARCH 27, 2006
Let the Good Times Roll
The Fed chief's speech may have left investors scratching their heads, but the underlying feeling is that we're in for a long-term boom

JANUARY 23, 2006
It's Time to Cure Health Care
Nearly everyone agrees that all Americans need medical insurance. It's time for Washington to make it happen

DECEMBER 27, 2005
Why Give Capital a Break?
Economists generally agree that taxes on investment, not labor, should be lower. It wasn't always so, and it may be poor policy

NOVEMBER 28, 2005
The Global Spread of Higher Ed
American universities have set a precedent for the world. But as advanced education in other countries becomes more common, the U.S. is losing its edge

OCTOBER 25, 2005
Toward a Saner Tax Code
The President's tax-reform panel has penned a comprehensive plan to streamline the convoluted code. Is anyone in the White House listening?

SEPTEMBER 27, 2005
Poverty: The Crisis Katrina Revealed
The storm brought a brutal reminder of America's big class divide -- and the Bush Administration's policies are only deepening the rift

AUGUST 19, 2005
Higher Gas Tax? Smart Move
Raising it to 50 cents or $1 per gallon would push conservation and send a signal to America's enemies. It's the surest way to cut oil dependence

JULY 26, 2005
A Housing Boom Built on Folly
Disproportionate tax incentives are keeping the market's rise in overdrive. We need to correct the balance

JUNE 28, 2005
Alan Greenspan, Wizard or Villian?
Once it seemed the Fed chairman could do no wrong. Now critics say his policies will bring on a major bust. Both views may be off base

MAY 23, 2005
Innovation, the Best Investment
Thrift is an admirable virtue, but it is education and new technology that really drive an economy

APRIL 25, 2005
The Case Against Embargoes
Economic sanctions won't bring down a Castro or end the regime of corrupt mullahs. But flooding a country with investment and trade might

MARCH 28, 2005
Wasting the Capital Glut
With a surplus of savings around the world, Washington can afford to run big budget deficits. But it's spending the money on the wrong things

FEBRUARY 28, 2005
A New Kind of Drug War
The conventional one has been highly costly, with little return. Making narcotics legal -- and very expensive -- can reduce addiction and crime

JANUARY 24, 2005
Housing's Pillars Hold Firm
Mortgage rates are likely to stay low despite tighter money policy as inflation's weakness is expected to keep long-bond yields sliding

DECEMBER 20, 2004
It's Time for a Rate-Hike Break
Wall Street's new fears about inflation -- especially in wages -- is off target. The Fed should wait before making any more upward moves

NOVEMBER 22, 2004
Giving Thanks for Offshoring
America should stop fretting about exported jobs and take it as a wake-up call to invest in education and entrepreneurship

OCTOBER 18, 2004
How Tech Helps Liberate Women
Washing machines, frozen food, and other labor savers freed them to enter the workforce and determine their economic futures

SEPTEMBER 27, 2004
Health Is Wealth
Those who say U.S. medical spending is too high have it all backward as the benefits this buys far exceed the outlay

Rate Hikes: Enough Already!
Tightening monetary policy to fight inflation seemed like a good idea six months ago -- but not now, when hiring and growth are slowing

AUGUST 9, 2004
Diverse, Not Divided
The workplace has become America's melting pot, and that exposure to difference and the tolerance is a powerful economic force

JULY 23, 2004
Investing Lessons from Martha Stewart
The disgraced domestic diva didn't diversify and hated to sell, proving that even savvy folks have trouble beating the market

JULY 15, 2004
The Not-So-High Cost of Aging
If you heed the doomsayers, the graying of the U.S. population is a catastrophe. Look a little harder, and those fears are overblown

JULY 7, 2004
The High Cost of Bankrupt Politics
The business base withers, economies falter, and society suffers when partisan passion replaces policy. Just look at what happened in Boston

JUNE 18, 2004
Why the Fed Can Go Easy
Although inflation jitters are on the rise, prices are still fairly subdued. And that means small rate hikes may be enough

JUNE 11, 2004
The Gipper's Forgotten Tax Victory
His 1986 tax reforms made the system simpler and fairer. Too bad his successors have allowed the complications to creep back in

JUNE 4, 2004
Bush Is His Own Worst Enemy
Despite the economy's uptick, the President's poll numbers reflect voters' lingering insecurity. Making tax his tax cuts permanent won't alter that mindset

MAY 21, 2004
Against the American Aristocracy
The U.S. has made strides in narrowing the gap between rich and poor. Eliminating the estate tax would be a big backward step

MAY 14, 2004
The Roots of Deflation
In his new book, BusinessWeek's Chris Farrell looks at the history of falling prices and the implications for today's economy

MAY 7, 2004
Greenspan Has No Reason to Rush
The growing clamor for faster anti-inflation action is a reaction to a mistaken distress signal on prices

APRIL 30, 2004
A Deafening Silence on War Costs
Bush needs to level with Americans on how he plans to pay for a long, costly Iraq occupation without dragging down the economy

APRIL 15, 2004
Bonds: 1994 All Over Again?
Speculators are playing the same dangerous game in the face of a certain Fed rate increase. It could get ugly soon

APRIL 9, 2004
A Double Standard on Trade
Corporations that offshore jobs need to play fair. That means abandoning protectionist stances when it comes to their products

APRIL 2, 2004
The Global Payoff from Outsourcing
Intensely criticized in the U.S. these days, the practice offers a wide range of potential benefits to people around the world

MARCH 26, 2004
That Seldom Heard Encouraging Word
Yes, the U.S. has plenty to dread these days. Just don't lose sight of the many amazingly good things that keep moving America forward

MARCH 12, 2004
When CEOs Go Courting, Watch Out
Corporate titans love to play the takeover game. Trouble is, history shows that, more often than not, it costs their shareholders dearly

MARCH 5, 2004
Economic Models Favor Bush, Mostly
Formulas that tote up a host of factors show the President being reelected. One that stresses job growth above all raises doubts

FEBRUARY 27, 2004
Why the Bears Are Wrong
Yes, valuations are high against historical yardsticks, but profits are strong, and productivity is booming. This time, it really is different

FEBRUARY 20, 2004
Don't Let the Street Ruin Your Sleep
Disturbed by hype about the dire impact of higher rates? Rest easy. As Warren Buffett knows, it's the long term that matters most

FEBRUARY 13, 2004
The Biggest Bomb in Bush's Budget
His monstrous debt pile-up means lots of bad things, with starvation funding for education, R&D, and infrastructure the worst

FEBRUARY 6, 2004
This Fed Heeds No White House
Time was, the central bank wouldn't start hiking rates in an election year. Now, the only voice Greenspan hears is the bond market's

JANUARY 29, 2004
The Dollar's Not-So-Scary Swoon
Despite all the angst the greenback is generating, once put into perspective the situation isn't nearly as dire as it seems

JANUARY 23, 2004
A Fool, His Money, and a Sorry Book
David Denby's American Sucker claims to chronicle the dot-com bust, but it's really the memoir of a big loser's midlife crisis

JANUARY 16, 2004
The Deficit: A Danger or a Blessing?
Good arguments can be made either way. But no one could argue with a call for revamped, more transparent federal bookkeeping

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