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DECEMBER 9, 2002
A Box-Office Franchise to Klingon
Paramount has good reasons for sinking big bucks into the latest Star Trek movie, despite the earlier installments' less-than-stellar record

NOVEMBER 18, 2002
MGM Can Bank on Bonds
Die Another Day, 007's new release, looks set to rescue the studio from the consequences of a string of bombs

NOVEMBER 11, 2002
With Friends Like Rupert Murdoch...
Cablevision's pact with News Corp. seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, it may well cost the cash-strapped outfit its crown jewel

OCTOBER 21, 2002
How ABC Could Salvage Its Season
The network is running a distant No. 3 now. However, it just might have enough going for it to gain viewers -- and save Eisner's job?

OCTOBER 11, 2002
Now Knockaround Guys Has Diesel Power
Made two years ago, this New Line flick was just gathering dust -- until the muscle-bound star turned into such a hot commodity

OCTOBER 8, 2002
TV Ratings: Winners, Losers, and Spinners
Any shred of positive news is grist for the networks' publicity mills -- never mind if it's not strictly true

OCTOBER 1, 2002
Charlie Ergen Goes for Broke
His plan to merge EchoStar and GM's DirecTV could cost him $3.3 billion -- and that's if the deal doesn't get done

SEPTEMBER 12, 2002
Diller and Malone's Vivendi Waltz
The two media sharpies are trying to come up with a plan to rescue the heart of the French company's entertainment unit

SEPTEMBER 10, 2002
Fox: Turning a Hit into a Home Run
Using ad spots on summer smash American Idol to showcase new-season shows was a smart move -- the sort ABC should have made

AUGUST 16, 2002
Eisner's Challenge: Beat the Buzz
If speculation about the ouster of Disney's big cheese remains the dominant story, he may not last long enough to turn the Mouse around

AUGUST 12, 2002
Paul Allen, Cable's Defender of the Faith
When it comes to the future of the Wired World, Microsoft's co-founder continues to put his wallet where his vision is

AUGUST 5, 2002
Moguls Who Shopped Till They Dropped
They thought bigger was better, but Messier, Pittman, and Middelhoff sealed their fates by assembling unwieldy, debt-ridden monsters

JULY 30, 2002
Talking about Joe Roth's Revolution
Nervous backers of his studio are hoping its next movie, XXX, will give it some long-awaited blockbuster credibility

JULY 22, 2002
Can ABC's Bob Iger Avoid the Hook?
Disney honchos are none too happy with its TV network's performance. Absent a quick revival, someone's head will roll

JULY 15, 2002
Barry Diller's Universal Appeal
He seems to be everyone's top pick to keep running Vivendi's studio, should it be cast off. The question: Who'll foot the bill

JUNE 28, 2002
Is the Clock Ticking for Messier?
No one seems to have a good word for the man heading debt-plagued Vivendi. Could that be the sound of a guillotine being sharpened?

JUNE 14, 2002
Box-Office Boom, Profit Gloom
When top movie talent is paid a chunk of the box-office take, the flick better be a blockbuster, or the studio can go hungry

JUNE 6, 2002
A Loser's Race for Media Moguls
The Power Lunch Stakes pits Messier, Pittman, Karmazin, and Eisner in a contest to see who's first to be put out to pasture

MAY 29, 2002
Get Set for Nights That Go Niche
As cable steals their viewers, the networks' best bet may be to copy radio formats and target specific audiences. Some have already started

MAY 14, 2002
Eisner and Parsons Put on a Happy Face
For two execs facing so much grief, the heads of Disney and AOL Time Warner are remarkably upbeat. Confidence -- or just wishful thinking?

MAY 6, 2002
John Malone Will Be Back Over There
Just because some recent foreign deals haven't worked out doesn't mean the U.S. media mogul has given up his vision of a global empire

APRIL 29, 2002
Content vs. Distribution: The Rematch
If the Comcast-AT&T and EchoStar-DirecTV mergers get O.K.'d, media giants may have no choice but to start teaming up, too

APRIL 15, 2002
Unraveling Spider-Man's Tangled Web
After lawsuits and bankruptcies delayed the superhero's big-screen debut for 17 years, Sony may finally have a franchise with legs

MARCH 22, 2002
Why the Oscar Belongs to Halle
At least, it should, because of her star turn in Monster's Ball -- and the all-out push of her marketing machine

MARCH 15, 2002
Nickelodeon's Pint-Size Profit Machine
If Jimmy Neutron doesn't bag an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, the little guy's creators will be too busy tallying box-office receipts to cry

MARCH 1, 2002
Pax TV's War with the Peacock
Founder Bud Paxson wants to scuttle a 1999 deal that could give NBC control of his network because other suitors may be in the wings

FEBRUARY 8, 2002
NBC's Big Bet on the Olympics
No business like snow business? The Peacock better hope that's true because low ratings for the Utah Games will cost the network plenty

FEBRUARY 1, 2002
Eddie Murphy: Oscar Nominee?
His voice gave life to Hollywood's funniest character last year, the jackass in Shrek. But the Academy may not view that as acting

JANUARY 25, 2002
Schwarzenegger Flexes Some Muscle
Collateral Damage could restore the action hero's momentum. Even if it flops, he'll still pocket $30 million-plus for Terminator 3

JANUARY 18, 2002
There's Gold in MGM's Oldies
The studio is rumored to be for sale at an amazing $7 billion. What's the appeal? Hollywood's richest library of classic titles

JANUARY 11, 2002
Charlie Ergen, the Best Show in Town
EchoStar's CEO is playing consumer advocate these days, but will it be enough to get the better of Disney and secure his grip on DirecTV?

DECEMBER 28, 2001
Media Deals to Remember from 2001
Vivendi, Comcast, NBC, Disney, and other big names spent billions -- and remade the industry's landscape

DECEMBER 27, 2001
Edgar Bronfman's Visionary Script
He may be slipping out of the picture, but the Vivendi-USA Networks blockbuster deal is really the result of work he began in 1995

DECEMBER 17, 2001
Murdoch vs. Ergen, the Rematch
Does News Corp.'s chief want to prevent his nemesis at EchoStar from getting DirecTV? Just look at how hard his troops are lobbying against it

DECEMBER 10, 2001
What's a Retired Media Mogul to Do?
Chances are that really big shots like Jerry Levin, Ted Turner, and Edgar Bronfman can't stay away from the game for long

DECEMBER 3, 2001
Will AT&T Broadband Go It Alone?
Rather than sell, Ma Bell may create a tracking stock for the unit. And that could spark merger frenzy in cableland

NOVEMBER 16, 2001
The Oscars Get Animated
Chances are very good an animated film will take Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The stakes are huge, and so are the egos

NOVEMBER 12, 2001
Now It's Diller vs. Vivendi
The French company owns 45.8% of Diller's USA Networks. But that doesn't mean the American media mogul dances to its tune

NOVEMBER 6, 2001
In a Twist over Trailers
Tinseltown's best show these days is a bitter bit of jockeying between Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks about these fleeting bits of film

OCTOBER 29, 2001
In Hollywood, War Is Hell
Studios shelved movies about terrorists, bombs, and battles after September 11. Now they are agonizing about reversing that strategy

OCTOBER 12, 2001
What's Univision Worth? A Lot More Now
NBC paid a premium $2.6 billion for Telemundo, the Hispanic broadcaster's smaller rival, which means bidders may have to up the ante

OCTOBER 5, 2001
The Fast and Furious Spenders
After a single hit movie, Vin Diesel's next flick will likely earn him $10 million -- a sum that reflects Hollywood's craving for fresh beefcake

SEPTEMBER 28, 2001
Toy Story 3: Out for Blood
Don't let those cute characters fool you. Behind the scenes, Disney and Pixar are battling over who gets how much from the latest sequel

SEPTEMBER 21, 2001
Hooray for Hollywood -- at Least for Now
It's showing restraint, sensitivity, and generosity in the wake of Sept. 11. How much longer can that attitude last?

John Malone's New Shopping Cart
Following a familiar pattern, the serial dealmaker seems to be preparing one of his obscure holdings to become an acquisition vehicle

AUGUST 31, 2001
James Bond's New $35 Million Wheels
Aston Martin outbid BMW to get its $228,000 V12 Vanquish a feature role the next 007 flick. Can it be worth the money?

AUGUST 23, 2001
Hollywood vs. Blockbuster, Now on DVD
As consumers catch on to the disks' superior digital format, studios are trying to keep as much of the new revenue as possible

AUGUST 10, 2001
Murdoch's Problem with Charlie Ergen
Once again, the EchoStar CEO is trying to foil his fellow mogul's bid for DirecTV. Does he want it for himself, or is there another motive?

AUGUST 3, 2001
The Hollywood Numbers Game
In Tinseltown, box-office receipts aren't crunched, they're spun -- often to the outermost limits of absurdity

JULY 27, 2001
Hollywood's Sweetheart, For a Very Good Reason
At $20 million a picture, Julia Roberts doesn't come cheap. Unlike some of Hollywood's other leading ladies, she's worth every penny

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