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MARCH 30, 2005
Robert Iger's First Big Decision
Who will he pick to succeed him as Disney president? Here's a good choice: Dick Cook, head of the studio and a well-liked Hollywood pro

MARCH 2, 2005
A Hollywood Split's Shrunken Assets
Disney's Miramax without the Weinsteins is just another artsy studio, and Harvey and Bob on their own are showmen needing financing

FEBRUARY 25, 2005
Oscars: Will Clint Be Left Standing?
Million Dollar Baby's star may not be the favorite for Best Actor, but a building tide for him could create an upset victory

FEBRUARY 2, 2005
The Moral of Ray's Story
Like Ray Charles, who overcame all that life threw at him, the movie's maverick producer helmed an Oscar contender by refusing to give up

JANUARY 19, 2005
Disney: Top Bet for No. 1? No. 2
The surprise front-runner is its president, Robert Iger. And rising earnings are helping him shed the taint of being Eisner's pick for CEO

JANUARY 5, 2005
Smart People, Stupid Choices
Even powerful, savvy media moguls screw up sometimes. Plenty did in 2004 -- just ask Paul Allen, Rupert Murdoch, Brian Roberts, and others

DECEMBER 15, 2004
Back in the Ring: Murdoch vs. Malone
These sometimes partners, sometimes adversaries are duking it out again. This time the stakes appear to be a degree of control over News Corp.

DECEMBER 1, 2004
At Disney, Showdown or Letdown?
With the deadline near for nominating directors, the board seems to have outfoxed dissident shareholders Roy Disney and Stanley Gold

NOVEMBER 17, 2004
The NFL's Big Score
Thanks to Commissioner Tagliabue's offensive coordinator, NFL Vice-President Steve Bornstein, big-buck TV deals are up -- way up

NOVEMBER 3, 2004
A Blunder Haunts the Magic Kingdom
Disney's court battle with ex-President Michael Ovitz underscores the outfit's challenge now: Finding a new CEO with internal support

OCTOBER 20, 2004
Can Polar Express Make the Grade?
Even with Tom Hanks and director John Zemeckis, the performance capture animated epic faces tough competition and a slew of doubters

SEPTEMBER 29, 2004
Has ABC Found Its Way with Lost?
The new drama may have broken the ailing network's hit drought. A smart new programming exec and a buzz-worthy fall lineup also helps

SEPTEMBER 15, 2004
MGM Puts a Content Crown on Sony
Owning Hollywood's largest library will make the consumer-electronics giant a power as distribution technology evolves

AUGUST 18, 2004
Filling the Shoes of Missing Friends
NBC is betting big on Matt LeBlanc's new show, Joey. The other networks, however, see the Peacock as vulnerable on Thursdays

AUGUST 4, 2004
For Some, a Bummer of a Summer
Who would have thought that veteran crowd-pleasers Spielberg and Bruckheimer would disappoint? As for Catwoman, me-ouch!

JULY 20, 2004
In TV Land, Being First Doesn't Matter
Industry execs need to end their petty name-calling. The winning shows are all about doing an idea, wherever it originated, better

MAY 14, 2004
Eisner's Lucky Numbers
A dazzling second quarter has given the Disney CEO a boost. Too bad the same can't be said for the stock

APRIL 29, 2004
How Comcast Let the Mouse Get Away
Brian Roberts made two big mistakes: Misreading his shareholders' willingness to buy Disney and mishandling its board

APRIL 21, 2004
ABC Needs an Apprentice
The shakeup at Disney's tumbling TV unit doesn't change the primary problem: Too few viewers to generate networkwide buzz

MARCH 30, 2004
Without Friends, Is the Peacock a Turkey?
The Thursday-night ratings leader ends its long run in May, so NBC needs a solid replacement to keep viewers -- and advertisers -- happy

FEBRUARY 27, 2004
This Oscar Could Be Pirate's Gold
Sean Penn's harrowing performance in Mystic River is deserving, but Johnny Depp's rock-star buccaneer will be tough to beat

FEBRUARY 9, 2004
2004's Other Election Battle: At Disney
It's Roy Disney and Stanley Gold vs. Michael Eisner on the campaign trail, trying to woo shareholders in a coming showdown vote

JANUARY 28, 2004
A Less Suspenseful Oscar Night
The biggest surprise this year is what and who didn't get nominated, including no Best Picture for Miramax for the first time in 12 years

JANUARY 21, 2004
Trouble in TV Land
Viewers are defecting to cable, DVD, and other formats -- and with them may go the networks' traditional business model

DECEMBER 5, 2003
The Nicest Guy in Disney's Jungle
In the midst of all the turmoil and back-biting, cherubic Studio Chairman Dick Cook has steered his unit to a record-breaking year

NOVEMBER 21, 2003
Paramount's Cold Snap: The Heat Is On
After several high-profile misses, studio chiefs Jonathan Dolgen and Sherry Lansing could wind up on Sumner Redstone's hit list

NOVEMBER 3, 2003
At Lion's Gate, It's Only Intermission
CEO Jon Feltheimer's deal for Artisan Entertainment isn't likely to be the last at the film studio, which may itself be a takeover target

OCTOBER 20, 2003
Arnie in the Cast, Money in the Bank?
His cameo in Around the World in 80 Days could help Phil Anschutz' studio land backing from a U.S. distributor for its big-budget flick

OCTOBER 6, 2003
Kill Bill: A Bloodfest Soaked in Red Ink?
Quentin Tarantino's kung-fu send-up may well appeal to the younger crowd. Covering its sky-high production costs is another question

SEPTEMBER 23, 2003
Diller's Part in the NBC-Vivendi Deal
Thanks to a previous pact with Vivendi, Interactive Corp.'s canny CEO must approve the merger. His price could be considerable

SEPTEMBER 11, 2003
Dreamworks' Three Amigos and GE
If Universal's likely new owner doesn't satisfy Spielberg, Katzenberg, and Geffen, the trio could nix a $60 million-plus distribution deal

Bob Wright's Post-Vivendi Schmoozathon
For the NBC chairman, the megadeal was just the start. Now, he's making the rounds, intent to assure any and all that it's a good pact

JULY 31, 2003
Will the Peacock Bag Vivendi?
A joint entertainment venture between GE's NBC unit and the French conglomerate would make a lot of sense

JULY 14, 2003
Things That Go Bump at the Box Office
The success of low-budget horror flick 28 Days Later shows the power of savvy marketing -- and the reach of the Internet

JULY 2, 2003
The Terminator's Tinseltown Tease
How does Governor Schwarzenegger sound? Moviegoers may decide the star's future at the box office, rather than the ballot box

JUNE 27, 2003
MGM: Dark Horse in the Vivendi Derby
Kirk Kerkorian's studio has quietly put together a surprisingly compelling offer for the French company's entertainment assets

MAY 23, 2003
A Dream Deal for Dreamworks?
Rumors and denials aside, here's why this hot studio likely will play a key role in the bidding war for Vivendi's media assets

MAY 9, 2003
ABC's Susan Lyne Talks TV Strategy
The programming chief explains why the network is embracing scripted programming and tells what show mortified her this season

APRIL 28, 2003
All Reality TV, All the Time
Some former contestants are banding together for a new challenge: Launching a 24/7 channel of reality thrills, new and old

APRIL 18, 2003
NBC and Dick Wolf: It's Dog Eat Dog
The Peacock network, desperate to score in the May sweeps, is willing to risk alienating one of its top producers

APRIL 10, 2003
Murdoch's Satellite Power Play
If the News Corp. mogul lands DirecTV, he can rewrite the rules that govern the deals between program suppliers and TV service providers

APRIL 7, 2003
The Royal Treatment for Queen Latifah
MGM is wooing Hollywood's current box-office darling to help it build a franchise out of its hit movie Barbershop

MARCH 28, 2003
Paul Allen: Poor Little Rich Mogul
If he can't get some hungry banks off his back, losing control of cable outfit Charter Communications is a distinct possibility

MARCH 20, 2003
And the Oscar for Best Mogul Goes to...
...Harvey Weinstein of Miramax. Some say his campaign to get Martin Scorsese a Best Director nod pushes the envelope. I say, bravo Harvey!

MARCH 11, 2003
How Big Is Universal's Problem?
Hollywood buzz has the studio, which French parent Vivendi has up for sale, on the verge of mutiny. Not so, says boss Ron Meyer

FEBRUARY 10, 2003
The Dark Horse in the Vivendi Race
When it comes to handicapping this sell-off, Marvin Davis may have a much better chance of winning than most folks think

FEBRUARY 3, 2003
For Fox, It's Daredevil vs. February
The studio is betting that its new superhero flick will beat that month's usual box-office blahs for action movies

JANUARY 27, 2003
The Miserable Lives of Media Moguls
Being a kingpin used to be fun. Now, when not being forced out, they feud with former allies or hunger for deals that never reach the table

JANUARY 13, 2003
Sued for Following Suit in TV-Land
Hardly flattered, Les Moonves and CBS are suing ABC over what they contend is a show that consciously mimics CBS's Survivor

DECEMBER 24, 2002
John Malone's New Year Resolution
The Liberty Media mogul landed few deals in 2002. Now, as he rejoins the fray, he won't be a passive partner in whatever his cash helps buy

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