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NOVEMBER 29, 2007
Sports Leagues vs. Cable Cos.
The NFL and the Big Ten are fighting hard to get cable giants such as Comcast to make sports programming part of their basic service

NOVEMBER 21, 2007
Disney's Enchanted Holiday Formula
This year, Disney has improved on the holiday hit formula by turning out its patented family-friendly fare at a budget that promises big returns

NOVEMBER 7, 2007
Writers' Strike: The Show May Go On
The Guild wants a bigger piece of the revenue stream for digital downloads of writers' work. The future of new media is at stake

OCTOBER 17, 2007
Fox Business Channel: A Great Start
The channel has a few rough spots. But it's fun to watch, which may well draw the nonbusiness and younger viewers Fox seeks

SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
Al Gore's TV Power Play
The former Vice-President is matching the popularity of his movie with the success of an interactive TV news channel and Web site

A New Sheriff's in Tinseltown
Former venture capitalist Ryan Kavanaugh has ridden into town with bags of hedge-fund cash. He may ride out with an Oscar to his credit

AUGUST 21, 2007
This Summer's Hollywood Loss Leaders
Think the success of blockbuster sequels to Spider-Man, Pirates, and Harry Potter means that all's well in Tinseltown? Think again

JUNE 29, 2007
The Transformer: From Fan Boy to Producer
Tom DeSanto turned his passion for comics into a producing career. His summer film, Transformers, is generating the kind of buzz Hollywood dreams about

JUNE 13, 2007
Pixar Purchase Pays Off for Disney
A lot is riding on the first movie to come out of the pairing, but in the end the deal is ripe even if Ratatouille simmers

MAY 24, 2007
The CW: Upfront About Its Ambition
By squarely targeting a youthful audience and embracing New Media, the network aims to be a lifestyle outlet, not merely an entertainment one

APRIL 24, 2007
Paramount Gets Its Happy Plot Twist
After Paramount's lackluster first year under his reign, Chairman Brad Grey looks to be turning the studio around

APRIL 9, 2007
300's Lessons for Hollywood
This modest action epic doesn't have any big names and came out in the dead season—but it's a bona fide blockbuster

MARCH 23, 2007
Big Media's Swipe at YouTube
NBC and Fox have a new video service, but they have offered few details on just how they'll compete with the Google-owned powerhouse

MARCH 8, 2007
Kiss and Tell at Disney's Annual Meeting
CEO Bob Iger got a wet one and CFO Tom Staggs got to deliver some good news to shareholders at the New Orleans lovefest

FEBRUARY 26, 2007
And the Loser Is...
The moviegoing audience, which is ignored by the Academy, and the telecast audience, which is subjected to an overlong, overwrought Oscars show

FEBRUARY 21, 2007
Beware the Curse of the Oscar
Ever notice how often snagging that gold statue sends actors into career freefall? Could it have anything to do with their believing the hype?

FEBRUARY 15, 2007
The Academy Should Reward Whitaker
A prime example of one who's paid his dues, Forest Whitaker deserves the Best Actor Oscar for his extraordinary turn in The Last King of Scotland

FEBRUARY 5, 2007
For TV, Sharing Is Good Business
It may seem counterintuitive for outfits like Viacom to allow content on sites such as YouTube. But the practice creates new viewers for TV

JANUARY 26, 2007
Cat Fights on the Back Lot
Donald and Rosie, Simon's Idol ranting, Oscar mania—wherever you turn in Tinseltown, there's a battle brewing

JANUARY 12, 2007
Why Hollywood Snubbed Jobs at Macworld
Most of Tinseltown won't buy into the Apple chief's digital vision until he ponies up more money and gets more serious about protecting content

DECEMBER 29, 2006
Champagne and Sushi With the Moguls
The media elite—old and new—gather for some yearend deal-making, kvetching, and one-upsmanship

NOVEMBER 27, 2006
Hollywood's Holiday Headache
The movie industry can't afford another poor season, but without an obvious blockbuster, it may be in for a rough spell

NOVEMBER 21, 2006
Tony Bennett: In Tune with the Times
The singer has a new hit record thanks, in part, to both a traditional media blitz and Internet offers. Therein, a lesson for movie studios

NOVEMBER 7, 2006
Is United Artists on Cruise Control?
The new production deal makes it sound as if Tom Cruise is in charge, but CEO Harry Sloan is the real star

OCTOBER 25, 2006
Fox's Serious Case of Elf-Envy
Studios have been looking to fantasy books for the next big hit since The Lord of the Rings. Will Fox's bet on Eragon pay off?

OCTOBER 10, 2006
The Many Gifts of George Lucas
The man who gave us the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies gives $175 million to his alma mater, and drops hints about the next Indy film

SEPTEMBER 27, 2006
Scarlett Johansson: A Hollywood Curse Strikes Again?
She's smart, talented, and has an uncanny knack for ending up in stinkers. What's getting lost in translation at the box office?

Katie Couric: From Morning to Twilight
The former Today co-anchor has star power and expertise. But they won't be enough to boost evening news—at CBS or anywhere else

JULY 6, 2006
Hollywood's Hottest Investments
Check out the winners of's new ROI Award, which goes to the actor with the highest return on investment for movie studios

JUNE 27, 2006
Has Superman Finally Met His Match?
It's Warner Bros. vs. Disney in this summer's battle of the majors for blockbuster dominance. And the pirate may best the Man of Steel

JUNE 6, 2006
MGM and Lionsgate: A Love Story?
Merging the two would create a huge, profitable archive, but it could still prove another cautionary Hollywood tale for outside investors

MAY 11, 2006
Are DVRs Killing Network TV?
As more households get digital video recorders and commercials can be easily zapped, it's harder for networks to get top dollar for ads

APRIL 26, 2006
Starbucks Perks Up Socially Conscious Films
The coffee chain wants to be the center of a multimedia empire and is betting its brand demographic will put butts in seats

APRIL 4, 2006
Tinseltown's Tin Ear for Quality
Hollywood doesn't get that good films -- not just trotting out top directors and stars -- boost the box office. Too bad the summer's lineup looks like more of the same

MARCH 7, 2006
Lionsgate's King of the Oscars
Tom Ortenberg, the indie studio's president, took a risk on Crash and then deftly promoted it, achieving an Academy Award coup for Best Picture

FEBRUARY 21, 2006
Disney Builds a Better Mousetrap
Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger eschews traditional business practices to embrace a digital strategy. Will it be enough to bring back the magic?

FEBRUARY 7, 2006
The Right Stuff from a Lefty Trio
The Young Turks and their talk show could be blazing a new career path: Start on the Internet, build a following, then move into mainstream radio and TV

JANUARY 24, 2006
Will Bubble Burst a Hollywood Dogma?
The coming film will be released at once in theaters, on DVD, and on cable. This approach may be just what the industry needs to get back on track

JANUARY 10, 2006
Will Brokeback Mountain Finish First?
The cowboy romance may be the obvious choice for the Best Picture Oscar, but hold your horses. Other films are more deserving

DECEMBER 22, 2005
Help for Moguls Who Lost Their Gifts
After Hollywood's lousy year, Power Lunch throws a party for studio chiefs who have forgotten how to make hits

NOVEMBER 8, 2005
Is MGM Cutting Sony from the Script?
The storied movie studio looks ready to launch its next act as a major film producer again -- with or without its 20%-owner's blessing

OCTOBER 18, 2005
Movie Moguls Need to Face the Music
As the record labels learned too late, digital downloads are here to stay. Now it's the studios' turn to smarten up -- or be left behind

AUGUST 23, 2005
Malone and Icahn: All Talk?
Why do these big shareholders of Time Warner and News Corp., respectively, keep beating up on these companies -- to such little effect?

AUGUST 9, 2005
Adult Comedy Excites Ticket Sales
The success of raunchy movie Wedding Crashers shows its edge over the bit-of-everything blandness that Hollywood often churns out

JULY 13, 2005
DVD Sales: Why Buyers Hit Pause
BW Online readers offer movie studios key clues to why disk sales are sliding. Their top reason for buying less -- price

JUNE 22, 2005
Hollywood Needs to Yell, "Cut!"
Get out of denial, and lose the lame sequels and remakes. Instead, invigorate box-office receipts with originality and maturity

JUNE 1, 2005
Higher Ratings, Uncertain Future
The Big Four networks have been pulling in more viewers -- but not enough to support the notion that their long, slow slide is over

MAY 18, 2005
A Real Tonic for Fox
Thanks to surprise medical hit House, the prognosis for Rupert Murdoch's network is very bright indeed

MAY 4, 2005
The Force Behind Star Wars
The franchise may be getting a little long in the tooth, but creator George Lucas will still make a mint on it. Let's count the ways

APRIL 13, 2005
In Media, Size Does Matter
Because with it comes synergy, it drives industry moguls to keep acquiring. So why does Sumner Redstone want to split up Viacom?

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