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APRIL 22, 2005
Baseball: A Pitch for Steroid Sports
Create two MLBs, one for purists, the other for fans of chemically fueled home runs. It would please everyone -- and silence Congress

MARCH 4, 2005
And They Call This Work?
The Olympic evaluation team's tough job: Getting wined, dined, and wooed by deep-pocketed cities hoping to host the Games in 2012

FEBRUARY 16, 2005
Big Ego, Big Ears, Big Zip, Big Goof
Why Fiorina's golden parachute needed strings, a prince wrecked Valentine's, hockey's only hope, and Christo's curtains

JANUARY 21, 2005
The Pepper-Spray President
Bush & Co. -- masters at muffling dissent, smearing foes, and shrugging off their debacles -- should remember that freedom starts at home

DECEMBER 10, 2004
It's Way Too Easy to Get Hard Time
With more than 4,000 federal crimes alone now on the books, you'd have to be Mother Theresa not to be in jeopardy at some point

NOVEMBER 4, 2004
On Donkey-Kicking and Crow-Eating
True, my insights have been less than oracular of late, but there's no denying that Democrats could use a booster shot of Bubba's magic

NOVEMBER 1, 2004
Seven Steps to a Dem Senate
By taking that many hotly contested seats, they have a shot at capturing the upper chamber. Here's how it could work out

OCTOBER 29, 2004
Who's the Cool Guy This Year?
Hint: It's not the candidate squandering American lives, letting underlings do his thinking, and threatening civil liberties

OCTOBER 20, 2004
Of Smears, Deaf Ears, and Pulpit Sneers
Democrats, stop playing the Gay Card. Chairman Powell, give Kerry equal time. And those of the cloth, quit playing politics

OCTOBER 1, 2004
See Bush Debate. See Him Squirm
He looked like a hapless teen called on the carpet as Kerry channeled Poppy and termed the Iraq invasion a colossal error

OCTOBER 1, 2004
Republicrat vs. Democan
Get past the bluster and bile, and the two products of privilege who each want to be the next President aren't all that different. How sad

SEPTEMBER 10, 2004
Chewing the Post-Convention Fat
At a Big Apple forum, the pundits included Mario Cuomo, Joe Trippi, Dick Morris, and a guy who has been there -- Mike Dukakis

This Straight Shooter Is Off-Target
By letting his deft response to September 11 become an obsession with Saddam, Bush went way wrong. If only he would admit it

Sortin' Through Zell Miller's Speech
The Georgian sure seemed to make plenty of sense, but let's listen in as Ma and Pa Mettle go out on the porch and do some ponderin'

Pom-Poms and Platitudes in the Garden
RNC Night 2 was like a high school pep rally, complete with a star athlete and homecoming queen. The GOP may need more than that

AUGUST 31, 2004
At the RNC, It's Popeye for President
For the faithful, Bush rules because he is what he is, says what he means, and doesn't back down. Blutos beware

AUGUST 30, 2004
Jewish Voters: Bush's Secret Weapon?
His strong Israel tilt has won him surprising support from a small but significant bloc. It could even be the margin in Florida

JULY 30, 2004
A Strong Close to an Uneven Act
With the Dems hell-bent on unity and avoiding Bush-bashing, the convention roller-coastered to its finale: Kerry's stirring speech

JULY 29, 2004
Dems Blow the Dark Clouds Away
Talking about what's wrong with America won't cut it in '04. The party is embracing the politics of optimism again -- with a bear hug

JULY 28, 2004
An Issue Too Hot for Fahrenheit?
At a Massachusetts political rally, Michael Moore leveled some well-deserved zingers at the media, while ducking a key question

JULY 27, 2004
The Biggest Chill? From Hil
In night of several electric moments, the one Dem who moved the meter the most was the junior senator from New York

JULY 26, 2004
Time for Dems to Cool the Bush Bashing
The rabble rousers have done their job stoking partisan passions. Now, Kerry/Edwards need to make less strident pleas to undecideds

JUNE 30, 2004
Bush vs. Kerry: Watch the Last Lap
This race will be won by the guy with the best kick. For Bush, that might mean teaming with a new running mate, like McCain or Powell

MAY 12, 2004
When America Forgets What It's About
The world that stood beside the U.S. after 9/11 now shuns the good nation that let its basic values be compromised in Iraqi prisons

APRIL 15, 2004
Blame Bush for What Came After 9/11
The real issue isn't why the U.S wasn't ready for the attack, but why the Administration used the tragedy to invade Iraq

FEBRUARY 25, 2004
How the Dems Did In Howard Dean
The party bosses slipped the stiletto into his back, just in case his own gaffes and free-spending campaign guru weren't enough

FEBRUARY 11, 2004
It's Time for Reverend Al to Go
Yes, Sharpton livened up the debates, but that's no reason for the media giving him a free ride for his history of racial polarization

FEBRUARY 3, 2004
Exposed During Halftime: Hypocrisy
Sure, apologies have proliferated for the Justin-Janet fiasco. CBS would have been better off showing banned political ads instead

JANUARY 28, 2004
Kerry's Calling Card: Vietnam
His service in the baby boomers' war is what sets him apart from Howard Dean and President Bush. Will today's younger voters care?

JANUARY 20, 2004
Dr. Dean, Don't Forget Your CEO Job
Iowa's No. 3 is taking heat from Kerry about a lack of foreign policy and military experience. But when was Kerry ever a chief exec?

DECEMBER 8, 2003
Like or Loathe Bush, He's No Wimp
Though his covert turkey trot to Iraq set the President's critics squawking, there's no denying it was a bold -- and rather risky -- move

DECEMBER 1, 2003
No Wonder Howard Dean Is So Angry
Far from accepting the Vermont governor's possible nomination, plenty of his fellow Democrats couldn't like him less if his name was Bush

NOVEMBER 10, 2003
What Fools These Earthlings Be
Humans are a curious species. They savage each other over transitory riches and which tribe's supreme being is superior

NOVEMBER 4, 2003
America's Unreal Political Reality
First it was Jesse Ventura. Then President Bush in a flyboy suit. Now, it's Governor Schwarzenegger. Here's what's really scary about all this

Memo to Fox: Hire Al Franken
If the fair and balanced network wanted to honor to its slogan, it would pit the liberal gagster against conservative virago Ann Coulter

MAY 14, 2003
Lessons from the Times Blair Affair
Don't blame workplace diversity efforts. Blame the media Establishment's cynicism and the Gray Lady's imperious management

APRIL 17, 2003
Liberation Begins at Home
The war against Saddam was at least partly about freeing the Iraqis, so why is the American right to speak your mind getting trampled?

NOVEMBER 5, 2002
This Election Oracle Sees a GOP Senate
The Republicans need to win six of eight contests to take back the upper chamber -- and that's what they'll do in 2002

SEPTEMBER 25, 2002
Betrayed by the Business Press
Far from coldly eyeing the bubble economy's froth and fingering no-good execs, too many journalists and editors abandoned their public trust

JUNE 12, 2002
Blinded Justice for a Ground Zero Hero
Ritchie Vergona spent months clearing World Trade Center rubble. Too bad growing a little pot earned him one to five years in prison

MARCH 8, 2002
SI: Face the Half-Naked Truth
Babes in bikinis have nothing to do with sports, so the magazine might as well throw in the towel and show athletes in the near-buff

FEBRUARY 21, 2002
How to Make the Enron Gang Pay
Execs who ruin companies need to suffer at least as much as the employees whose hopes and retirement funds they pillaged

JANUARY 16, 2002
God Rest Ye Merry PR Flacks
Before Holiday 2001 becomes a distant memory, thanks for all the lovely Christmas cards and holiday wishes -- whoever you are

JANUARY 11, 2002
Bush's Unfinished Business in Baghdad
Forgiveness isn't high on this President's list. That's why Saddam will soon pay for defying Dubya's daddy

DECEMBER 5, 2001
The Fall of the Rising Women
Since Mattel's Jill Barad was shown the door last year, the tumble of top female execs has been constant. What's going on?

NOVEMBER 16, 2001
The Real Price of Power
Trent Lott disapproves of wealthy politicians. Is it money the senator resents -- or that rich legislators can afford to be their own men?

NOVEMBER 9, 2001
Bloomberg's Secret Weapon: Green
New York's mayor-elect owes his victory not just to the kind you spend, but to the candidate who was his own worst enemy

OCTOBER 17, 2001
Rally 'Round the Flag -- by Serving It
The time couldn't be more right to resurrect a notion that has been in disrepute since the Vietnam War: Compulsory national service

OCTOBER 3, 2001
Run, Rudy, Run
Even after his tumultuous tenure, Rudolph Giuliani has arguably been Gotham's best mayor ever. New York needs him now more than ever

SEPTEMBER 26, 2001
Politically Incorrect Is Downright American
Bill Maher's abject apology for his controversial terrorism remarks is a bad sign: Free speech could be yet another post-Sept. 11 casualty

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