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OCTOBER 26, 2007
Greenpeace Loves to Pick On Apple
Apple's high profile with the save-the-whales crowd makes it a convenient target. Here's how the computer maker could call off the dogs once and for all

OCTOBER 8, 2007
Why I Won't Buy an iPhone
Apple has abandoned its founding ethos of creativity and innovation by hanging up on third-party software developers

SEPTEMBER 20, 2007
Will iPhone Dial Up Europe Mac's Sales?
Apple CEO Steve Jobs is on a mission to secure deals with companies in advance of an iPhone launch overseas—and to drive up Mac sales

AUGUST 23, 2007
Apple's iPhone Learning Curve
Once again, an Apple launch is accompanied by complaints and lawsuits. But the actual number of instances is small—and unavoidable

AUGUST 9, 2007
What's Behind Apple's iWork?
Microsoft's Office still dominates the market, but Apple's new software may signal a tectonic shift in the two behemoths' uneasy alliance

JULY 26, 2007
iPhone by the Numbers
AT&T activated more of the music-playing phones in 30 hours than the average number of iPods sold in each of its first seven quarters

JUNE 28, 2007
Apple on Board?
With both the iPhone and Apple TV running versions of OS X, rumors of an in-car navigation and infotainment system are not inconceivable

JUNE 14, 2007
Bridging the Mac-Windows Gaming Gap
New developments announced at Apple's Developers Conference take different approaches to getting games to run on both platforms

MAY 31, 2007
Higher Hopes for Apple TV
Steve Jobs announced improvements to the device that are already boosting its appeal, and more are likely on the way

MAY 17, 2007
Tuning Out Apple TV—for Now
Apple TV will probably get better. But it will need to quickly adapt the device to keep up with a rapidly evolving market

MAY 3, 2007
Gasp! A Less Than Bullish Apple Analyst?
Citigroup's Richard Gardner is pulling back from Apple. Here's why, and why he might just be right

APRIL 5, 2007
Apple Stokes a Digital Music Standards War
Apple's recent deal with EMI to sell DRM-free songs from the publisher's catalog on iTunes may clinch the iPod's AAC format as the industry standard

MARCH 29, 2007
Is Greenpeace Off the Mark on Apple?
The group says Apple isn't ridding its products of nasty chemicals fast enough. But it may be holding the company to different standards

MARCH 15, 2007
Apple's Magic Touch Screen
The most impressive feature of the new iPhone is the sophisticated multipoint touch screen—with enticing possible applications

MARCH 1, 2007
What to Do with Apple's Cash
Launching a venture capital fund would allow Apple to fund its vision for the future without making awkward acquisitions

JANUARY 11, 2007
Apple's iPhone Rings a Lot of Bells
The new phone will surely challenge rival handset makers: It also has the potential to change a host of other consumer devices

NOVEMBER 23, 2006
Apple's Night Before Black Friday
…What to my wondering eyes should appear, But a magical sleigh full of brand new Mac gear

NOVEMBER 10, 2006
Zune: Falling Down on Cool
Sure, Microsoft's music player will build a base, even among some iPod users—but it can't hold a candle to the iPod in the way that matters most

OCTOBER 13, 2006
The Apple Calendar Conundrum
There's no easy way to transfer addresses and other data from Mac to PC to handheld and back—but there should be

SEPTEMBER 28, 2006
Much Ado Over Podcasts
Apple is doing itself more harm than good by cracking down on commercial use of the word "pod"

SEPTEMBER 14, 2006
Apple's iTV: Bridging the Big Divide
The iPod maker is betting it can do a better job than predecessors in getting digital content from the computer to the TV

AUGUST 31, 2006
Time for an Apple/Google Mash-up
The two titans are drawing closer together. If they would just combine their offerings, they'd pose a real threat to Microsoft

JUNE 29, 2006
Fixing Apple's "Sweatshop" Woes
Apple is probing conditions at a contract iPod plant in China. What it should do is build its own factory and set an example to the world

JUNE 15, 2006
Apple's Growing Bite of the Market
Put Windows on a Mac, toss in many with Intel chips, mix with the public's passion for the iPod—and you've got big market-share gains for Apple

JUNE 1, 2006
Apple Needs to Get Its Game On
It's time for Apple to use some of its superior design skills to come up with a game for the beleaguered Mac loyalist -- like me

MAY 19, 2006
For Apple, Good Things in Store
A New York flagship store proves that the iPod maker's retail operation has been a success -- and may boost sales all by itself

MAY 4, 2006
Apple's Good Fight on Malware
Fresh news reports of nasty bugs aimed at Apple computers have rekindled the age-old debate: are Macs safe? Here's the lowdown

APRIL 20, 2006
Apple's Switch-Hit Homer
First-quarter figures suggest that 2006 may be a very big year, thanks to Windows users swapping their hardware

APRIL 6, 2006
Switching to Windows (On a Mac)
The debut of Boot Camp launches a new era of Mac-Windows compatibility -- but a small company may make toggling between systems even easier

MARCH 8, 2006
Apple: Finding the Root of the Problem
To maintain public confidence in its operating system, Jobs & Co. should consider hiring a security czar

FEBRUARY 23, 2006
Apple vs. the Hackers, Round 1
Recent stories of a spate of Mac-targeted viruses may have been overblown, but the best defense will always be educated users

FEBRUARY 9, 2006
Travels with My Mac
The gulf between OS X and Windows made my trip to the Demo confab a cumbersome, two-laptop affair. But new Mac offerings made it worthwhile

JANUARY 26, 2006
Apple's Tomorrowland
Sure, Pixar can help restore the Magic Kingdom's luster, but it's what Disney can do for Steve Jobs and his outfit that's more intriguing

JANUARY 12, 2006
The Media's Crush on Apple
Jobs & Co. spark something bordering on a lovefest among the press. But as the good times roll, are reporters asking the hard questions?

DECEMBER 29, 2005
Rejoice, Mac Heads, and Stay Tuned
This will be remembered as the year when Apple got the respect -- and the stock price -- it deserves. For 2006, bring on those Intel chips

DECEMBER 16, 2005
Will Apple Push "Intel Inside"?
It sure is hard to imagine Jobs & Co. putting the chipmaker's ubiquitous logo on their gleaming machines -- or in their ads

DECEMBER 1, 2005
Designs on an Apple-Branded DVR
If the iPod maker plans to serve up a computer that records video, I'd like to place an order for a wireless version

NOVEMBER 10, 2005
Apple's Growing Army of Converts
Windows users are trying Macs in increasing numbers -- and it's not just a function of the iPod "halo effect

OCTOBER 27, 2005
iPod nano Lawsuits: Who Wins?
The only real beneficiaries of a class action over scratched screens on Apple's tiny music player may be the attorneys

OCTOBER 13, 2005
The New Guns in Apple's Arsenal
The video iPod and powerhouse iMac G5 are mighty weapons in the battle to dominate entertainment in the home and on the road

SEPTEMBER 29, 2005
Why Apple Won't Up-Charge Downloads
Record execs are clamoring for price flexibility in music downloads, but Steve Jobs is adamant that 99 cents per song is perfect

SEPTEMBER 15, 2005
Apple: A Pocket Full of Movies?
A video iPod would be more about storage than portability, but the device could have a significant impact on the entertainment business

DECEMBER 2, 2004
Thanks, Steve, for Quite an Education
Our departing columnist, a Mac user-turned-devotee, reflects on his passion -- and has one last request for Apple's miracle-working chief

NOVEMBER 11, 2004
The Word on the Next iPod: Flash
Despite denials from Jobs & Co., the buzz is building that Apple is ready to launch a digital music player that uses a memory card

OCTOBER 28, 2004
A "Worm" with Eyes for Apple
The Opener hasn't infected any Macs, but its potential to cause havoc proves OS X users shouldn't take security for granted

OCTOBER 14, 2004
A Bitter Apple Replay?
Apple lost one war to Microsoft by not licensing its Mac operating system. It may repeat the error with its iPod and music software

SEPTEMBER 30, 2004
John, Paul, George, Ringo...and Steve?
Jobs and the Beatles' company are facing off in court again, but don't expect the iTunes impresario to sing the blues this time around

SEPTEMBER 16, 2004
Why Jobs Should Heed VoIP's Call
Apple has what it would need -- including its ongoing transition to a services outfit -- to make a Macphone network work

Apple's New iMac: Skin-Deep Beauty
The updated desktop is easy on the eyes, but if you want sweeping innovation, or even adequate memory, it falls short

AUGUST 19, 2004
My Huge Mistake about the Mini
I thought a smaller, not-much-cheaper iPod would be a bust. I sure was wrong. Still, just how big it will be remains to be seen

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