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DECEMBER 27, 2004
For the Blind, Visions of Greatness
The National Institute of the Blind is running MBA-style crash courses. The day of the blind CEO is coming, says program honcho Jim Gibbons

MAY 27, 2004
A Win for the Disabled -- and Dignity
Amputee George Lane took his case for a courthouse elevator to the Supreme Court. His victory there is a boost for the ADA

MAY 17, 2004
Innovation That Leaves No One Behind
As technology advances, companies can allow the disabled to benefit with creative solutions that attract the able-bodied, too

MAY 7, 2004
Frustrating Signs at the FCC
The agency regulates a phone service that lets hearing-impaired workers talk with clients. Why won't it help people in the same room?

APRIL 28, 2004
How VoIP Can Connect the Disabled
Internet-based telephony holds great promise for allowing the blind and deaf to communicate much better and become more productive

OCTOBER 9, 2002
New Telecom Connections for the Deaf
Web-based technology is giving hearing-impaired people more options to communicate more effectively with everyone

APRIL 11, 2002
Money Talks -- and So Should ATMs
Banks have been slow to make their machines audio-enabled for the visually impaired. They're being pound-foolish

MARCH 28, 2002
Fantastic Journey into a World of Sound
Since losing my hearing as a child, I've wished for something that could restore it. My new cochlear implant is it

FEBRUARY 20, 2002
This PDA's To-Do Lists Can Be a Lifeline
Cogent Systems' Randy Dayle discusses ISAAC, a mobile device that keeps vital info at the fingertips of the cognitively impaired

JANUARY 23, 2002
Bringing the Blind into the Workplace
Hiring those with visual impairments is as much a matter of having the right attitude as it is having the right technology

JANUARY 10, 2002
A Victory in Disguise for the Disabled
Though advocates decry the Supreme Court's new ruling on the ADA, it's really a boon to employers and employees alike

DECEMBER 12, 2001
Santa's Assistive Little Helpers
Children with special needs need special toys, so here's a quick guide to some neat and nifty gift ideas for disabled youngsters

DECEMBER 5, 2001
For the Disabled, It's Always a Depression
Always the group with the highest unemployment rate, they're all too often the last hired and first to be let go

NOVEMBER 14, 2001
Bring on the Real Survivors
Reality-TV shows should recruit disabled competitors, folks whose everyday lives are a demonstration of how to beat the odds

NOVEMBER 1, 2001
Movie Magic for the Hearing Impaired
A simple, inexpensive closed-captioning system exists that would allow millions to go to the cinema. Why,then, is it so rare?

OCTOBER 3, 2001
Flying the Unthinking Skies
At airports across the U.S., the disabled are being scrutinized and delayed more than ever before. Security is essential, but so is common sense

AUGUST 29, 2001
Psyched about Stem Cells
So many in the disabled community support this controversial research because it could lead to a future free of impairments

AUGUST 22, 2001
Read Any Good Movies Lately?
Our correspondent samples a summer blockbuster in one of the few theaters with closed-captioning technology. Two thumbs up? Not quite

AUGUST 15, 2001
Jean Kennedy Smith, a Muse for the Disabled
The women who launched VSA arts talks about her 25 years of spreading the word that creative self-expression should be accessible to all

AUGUST 8, 2001
New Gear for Disabled Web Surfers
Better software and hardware is making a big difference. Still, improvements -- and lower prices -- are needed

AUGUST 1, 2001
A Special-Ed Software Solution
An Ohio school district and a local company may have solved a nationwide problem, meaning more help for kids who need it most

JULY 26, 2001
Shame on You, Mr. President
Dubya claims to support the disabled. Examine his New Freedoms Initiative, however, and it's obvious that they are being shortchanged once again

JULY 18, 2001
Voice Mate: The Handheld That Talks
This speech-enabled organizer is designed for the visually impaired. But its easy-to-use features make it helpful for anyone

JUNE 20, 2001
Tech Opens Stephen Hawking's Universe
Despite suffering from ALS, the great astrophysicist uses computer wizardry to share the fruits of his boundless genius

JUNE 13, 2001
A Chat with Microsoft's Steve Ballmer
Enabling accessible technology is a growth opportunity, it meets customer needs, and it's the right thing to do

JUNE 13, 2001
Making Uncle Sam Accessible -- and Accountable
When federal agencies meet a deadline guaranteeing IT access to the disabled, the private sector will feel increasing pressure to follow suit

JUNE 6, 2001
Any Way You Slice It, Casey Martin Is a Hero
Just as Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier, the disabled golfer's Supreme Court victory will do his sport a power of good

MAY 31, 2001
Kurzweil 3000: Pay a Lot, Get a Lot
At almost $2,000, this text-to-speech program is one pricey piece of software. Try it, however, and awesome performance banishes qualms about cost

MAY 23, 2001
Marlee Matlin's World of Possibilities
The Oscar winner, deaf since she was 18 months old, hails technology for broadening the lives -- and ambitions -- of the disabled

MAY 16, 2001
The Blind Physicist Who May Find ET
Kent Cullers' search for life in the cosmos involves intelligence, imagination, and both old and new assistive tech

MAY 9, 2001
This "trackIR" Sometimes Gets Lost
ECT's low-cost, no-hands mouse would be a boon for the disabled but for a single flaw: It doesn't always work

MAY 2, 2001
How Ray Kurzweil Keeps Changing the World
The inventor whose amazing devices have transformed the lives of the disabled pursues a new dream: Making paraplegics walk again

APRIL 25, 2001
Waiting for an Accessible Subway
An open letter to New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority regarding the slow progress it's making in opening the system to all

APRIL 18, 2001
Way Cool Text Pager, Dude!
Like all kids, students with disabilities want to fit in. So smart companies are marketing assistive products with peer acceptance in mind

APRIL 11, 2001
Introducing the All-Terrain Wheelchair
The iBOT's revolutionary design could allow millions of users to climb stairs and surmount curbs with ease -- if it weren't so costly

APRIL 4, 2001
A Sound Idea That Still Needs Work
The iCommunicator has the potential to transform the lives of the hearing-impaired, if only it wasn't so expensive -- and complex

MARCH 28, 2001
A Welcome for the Disabled on Jeopardy
Host Alex Trebek, who has made sure his show is inclusive, calls for the disabled to show how easy accommodating them can be

MARCH 21, 2001
A Powerful New Lens for the Visually Impaired
The palm-size VVT can magnify objects both up close and far away. It could be a godsend for aging boomers

MARCH 14, 2001
What Works for a CEO with a Disability?
Andrew Segal, head of biotech startup Genitrix who has cerebral palsy, wants to know -- and we're glad he asked

MARCH 7, 2001
The High Court's Low Blow to the Disabled
A Supreme Court decision that states don't have to make reasonable accommodations in the workplace could gut the ADA

FEBRUARY 28, 2001
A Fairy Godfather for People with Cognitive Disabilities
BEA Systems' CEO Bill Coleman has donated $250 million to create an institute devoted to improving their lives

FEBRUARY 22, 2001
High Marks for Microsoft from the Disabled
While some question its motives, Gates & Co. clearly understands the need for all people to have access to computer technology

FEBRUARY 7, 2001
A Promising Start for Bush's Disability Agenda
His New Freedom Initiative is an excellent proposal. Now he needs to back it up with some serious money

JANUARY 24, 2001
One-on-One with Jesse Ventura
In a Q&A, Minnesota's governor talks about the ADA, paltry federal funding for disability programs, and his own disabled daughter

JANUARY 18, 2001
Cisco Beats a Path to Disabled Workers
The high-tech giant has seen the good business sense of scouting for hires in the disabled community

JANUARY 10, 2001
Include the Disabled on Inauguration Day
George Bush could do plenty to ensure that they are. Here are some suggestions, both for now and for the future

JANUARY 3, 2001
Previewing a Year of Promise for the Disabled
Here's a peek at the slew of products manufacturers are releasing in 2001. They'll enhance the quality of life for the disabled. Too bad many of them cost so much

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