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JULY 19, 2004
AIDS: China Opens Its Eyes
Beijing is no longer in denial. But it still needs to fully engage its available resources, especially multinational companies

JULY 7, 2004
A Question Only Beijing Can Answer
Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement isn't subsiding -- nor will it until authorities bend, at least a little, to ease widespread discontent

JUNE 21, 2004
Fear and Fascination in Cyber China
Torn between Chinese dot-com IPOs with hot growth prospects and a too-hot economy, investors don't know whether they're coming or going

JUNE 15, 2004
Taiwan's Info-Tech Triumphs
The tiny nation has an outsize representation on BusinessWeek's IT 100 list. Here's how some of these winners do it

JUNE 7, 2004
Taipei to Shanghai, the Long Way
It takes all day to make what should be a short journey. Why? Despite the close economic ties, politics insists on rerouting reality

MAY 17, 2004
A New Chinese Specialty: Spam
Despite Beijing's Net censorship, the country appears to be playing host to thousands of the sites spammers want you to visit

MAY 11, 2004
A Global Call for U.S. Voters
Brett Rierson, an American in Hong Kong, has started a Web site aimed at helping expat U.S. citizens get absentee ballots

APRIL 27, 2004
KDDI's Weapon Against DoCoMo
High-speed customers in Japan's wireless wars are flocking to the giant's smaller rival. KDDI's Hideao Okinaka explains why

APRIL 19, 2004
DoCoMo's "New Business Model"
NTT DoCoMo chief Keiji Tachikawa says its new flat-rate high-speed service is just the first step in pioneering new services

MARCH 15, 2004
China's Wi-Fi Wrangle
A storm is brewing over Beijing's restrictive wireless policy, which foreigners say unfairly favors local players in the name of security

MARCH 8, 2004
An E-Tailer with a Lot Riding on Bicycles
Dangdang uses a legion of bike messengers to deliver goods C.O.D. In cheap-labor China, tech and two-wheel traction has been a winning combination

FEBRUARY 23, 2004
Who's Afraid of Chinese Pirates?
Xybernaut's Edward Newman explains why he's doing business in China, despite the country's reputation for stealing intellectual property

FEBRUARY 9, 2004
China: New Plague, Same Coverup?
As suspicions grow that officials kept silent when avian flu emerged -- just like they did with SARS -- hopes of a freer press fade

FEBRUARY 2, 2004
A Trade Row Down Under
Close allies though they are, the U.S. and Australia are having a tough time agreeing to lower barriers on both sides of the Pacific

JANUARY 12, 2004
If China Cools, Will Asia Freeze?
Two economists mull Beijing's capacity to moderate its frenetic growth, and what that means for the Middle Kingdom's neighbors

JANUARY 6, 2004
Here Comes a Busy Year for Asia
From elections in Taiwan to escalating chip wars, the region has no shortage of developing stories and trends to watch in 2004

DECEMBER 22, 2003
China's Dot-Coms: A Saner Round Two
Take newly public travel site, which relies more heavily on call centers, given the country's limits to e-commerce

DECEMBER 8, 2003
Neil Bush: No Saving Grace
Aspiring chip tycoon Winston Wong figured hiring the President's brother would be a big plus. He's finding it's not that easy

DECEMBER 2, 2003
High Hurdles for a Rising India
Yes, the Pakistan standoff could always explode. What really scares multinationals, however, is poor infrastructure and irksome laws

NOVEMBER 19, 2003
An Irresistable Offshore Tide for Jobs
Indian tech giant Tata's chief isn't worried about moves to keep work in the U.S. Economics, he says, makes the trend unstoppable

NOVEMBER 3, 2003
Taiwan's Tech Boom Is for Real
Unfortunately, so is the possibility of a bust, according to some analysts, who think local outfits' stocks are already way too high

OCTOBER 20, 2003
A Skeptic's Eye on the Hu Hype
Foreign observers have high hopes for China's new President, but labor-rights activist Robin Munro fears progress will be extremely slow

OCTOBER 15, 2003
China's Wild Wireless Frontier
Beijing aims to have most of the country set up for service by 2005. The hard part: Which system will satisfy many conflicting interests?

OCTOBER 6, 2003
China Is Getting a Bad Trade-Gap Rap
One big reason its deficit with the U.S. is growing: So many factories from elsewhere in Asia are moving there

SEPTEMBER 23, 2003
Motorola's China Challenge
The handset maker is No. 1 in China, but a new CEO will have to navigate the political waters while facing more homegrown competition

SEPTEMBER 18, 2003
China: Taiwan's Sustenance and Scourge
As the island's economy becomes more dependent on the mainland, the Taipei government sees an unrelenting military threat

Will the Penguin Conquer Asia?
Japan, China, and South Kore are planning a joint effort to develop Linux as an alternative to Microsoft's pricey Windows

A Silver Lining in the Virus Cloud?
Asia was also hit hard by the recent spate of Net bugs, but it may encourage users to purchase licensed software and brand-name PCs

AUGUST 11, 2003
A Taiwanese Win in the Foundry Wars
UMC, the country's No. 2 chipmaker, won't lose its biggest customer to IBM, which is finding it hard to gain in this tough business

JULY 30, 2003
The Quest for Asia's Outsourcing Crown
With home-grown info-tech giants like Wipro and Infosys, India feels it can stay ahead of China. Not everyone agrees

JULY 22, 2003
Too Soon to Celebrate in Hong Kong
The city's protesters have forced the resignations of unpopular leaders and put backers of the anti-sedition laws on the defensive -- for now

JUNE 23, 2003
SARS: Too Soon to Celebrate?
Those who think the deadly virus is a thing of the past are overly optimistic, says researcher Jian Han, whose company is working on a new test

JUNE 9, 2003
Malaria, the Mostly Forgotten Killer
While SARS hogs the headlines and the funding, the mosquito-borne disease still rages in India and Africa, claiming a million lives a year

MAY 27, 2003
A New SARS Symptom: Red Faces
By the time Berkeley reversed its ban on summer-school students from the epidemic's Asian hot spots, the damage was already done

MAY 19, 2003
How SARS Adds to Cross-Straits Tension
Tsai Eng-wen, chairperson of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, talks about the disease's impact on relations with the mainland

MAY 5, 2003
How SARS Is Muddying the Tech Outlook
Manufacturers are boosting inventories in case the virus shutters suppliers -- a trend that makes a tech rebound that much harder to spot

APRIL 28, 2003
No Quick Fix for SARS
On a visit to Hong Kong, former CDC head Jeffrey Koplan offered a sobering prognosis for this new scourge: The jury is out

APRIL 21, 2003
Where SARS Stands on the Disaster Scale
A Wharton specialist says the epidemic's effect on Hong Kong's businesses is akin to a terror attack or earthquake, but with wrinkles

APRIL 14, 2003
Hong Kong: A City in Mourning
As foreigners flee and residents venture outside only when they must, this is a city filled with fear, anger, and quiet heroism

APRIL 4, 2003
The Day Hong Kong Shut Its Doors
An unfounded rumor that the city was locking down was enough to make frantic shoppers -- like me -- clear grocers' shelves

MARCH 31, 2003
Naming This Virus Is No Game
A press conference with Hong Kong researchers who identified the deadly microbe dubs it coronavirus pneumonia -- anything but SARS

MARCH 24, 2003
Hong Kong's Unhealthy Identity Crisis
The atypical pneumonia outbreak in nearby Southern China shows the nearness of -- and the gulf between -- the city and its big neighbor

MARCH 17, 2003
Infineon's "Second Marriage"
CEO Ulrich Schumacher talks about the German chipmaker's breakup with one Taiwanese partner and his new relationship with another

MARCH 11, 2003
China's Dueling High-Tech Deltas
Shanghai's Yangtze River Delta has lots of big corporate names. But Hong Kong's Pearl River region may have an edge in its go-go culture

MARCH 3, 2003
Why Gates Opened Windows in China
Citing cost and security concerns, Beijing has been leaning toward open-source Linux, and Microsoft is trying to make it lean back

FEBRUARY 24, 2003
How India Could Export Drug Deflation
Faced with a glut at home, its drugmakers are looking overseas for growth, and the effect could be like China's impact on electronics prices

FEBRUARY 10, 2003
China Learns to Say, "Stop, Thief!"
Software piracy remains endemic, but industry lobbyist Jeffrey Hardee sees signs that Beijing's self-interest is prompting a new attitude

FEBRUARY 3, 2003
China: Too Fast a Learner?
Cisco's intellectual-property suit against a Shenzhen rival is a reminder that foreign outfits were the catalyst for China's tech offensive

JANUARY 27, 2003
Need a Good Job? Go to Asia
Multinationals say they have good reasons for moving more skilled positions to the region, despite the pain it causes back home

JANUARY 21, 2003
How Ningbo Bird Became a High-Flier
From humble beginnings, the Chinese cell-phone maker has become one of the nation's big success stories. Its financial officer explains

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