By Amey Stone and Sam Jaffe

Looking for timely market analysis that goes beyond reporting the Dow's daily moves? Throughout the week in BW Online's Daily Briefing, you can find columns by market writers Amey Stone and Sam Jaffe. Amey and Sam cover everything from blue chips to Internet IPOs, as well as mutual funds and fixed-income choices. Their ear-to-the-ground reporting and insightful analysis can help you make sense of the market and plan your own investment strategy.

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Dec. 27   A Value Play on Wireless Wings?

Dec. 21   A "Beacon" in the B2B Wasteland

Dec. 20   Some Blockbusters Would Calm Big Pharma's Nerves

Dec. 19   Return to Reality in the IPO Market

Dec. 18   The Baby Bells Pack a Punch

Dec. 15   Why Merck May Need a Shot In the Arm

Dec. 14   Is Yahoo! Finally "Near Bottom"?

Dec. 13   Call It the Sudden Slowdown Economy

Dec. 12   Yes, the Lights Could Get Dimmer at Lucent

Dec. 11   Why Apple Is Losing Its Appeal Again

Dec. 8   AOL and Time Warner: Stocking-Stuffer Stocks?

Dec. 7   These Minuscule Motors May Herald a New Medical Era

Dec. 6   Why Enron Isn't Your Run-of-the-Mill Utility

Dec. 5   CheckFree May Be Ready for a Healthy Bounce

Dec. 4   Boeing May Be Cruising at Maximum Altitude

Dec. 1   A Bear and a Bull Butt Heads


Nov. 30   Searching for Survivors in Networking Stocks

Nov. 29   What Happens to the House That Jack Built?

Nov. 28   The Market's Half-Hearted Hooray for Bush

Nov. 27   Maytag: Stuck in the Spin Cycle

Nov. 22   Bad Juju in the Magic Kingdom

Nov. 21   There's Plenty of Life Left in VA Linux

Nov. 20   Two Reasons Why Biotech Watchers Are Glued to Amgen

Nov. 17   Harley Is Riding High on the Hog

Nov. 16   Net2Phone: Too Soon for a Ringing Endorsement?

Nov. 14   Waiting for a Bellwether Called Wal-Mart

Nov. 13   Will Windows 2000 Rescue Microsoft in 2001?

Nov. 10   Gridlock Is Good? Not for Tech Stocks

Nov. 9   Why So Many Investors Are Checking Out Check Point

Nov. 8   The Allure of Women's Clothiers

Nov. 7   Adapting a Hot Telecom Formula to the Pharmas

Nov. 6   The Paper Jam at Xerox Gets Worse

Nov. 3   When Your Mutual Fund Bites the Dust

Nov. 2   A Danger Zone for Dirt-Cheap Net Stocks

Nov. 1   The Demise of Day Trading?


Oct. 31   Why Ford Could Keep on Truckin'

Oct. 30   That Whoosh Is Cash Rushing into Foreign Mutual Funds

Oct. 27   A Bold Biotech Play for the Extremely Patient

Oct. 26   This Tech-Stock Play Can Keep You in the Game

Oct. 25   Why AT&T's "Grand Slam" Looks More Like a Bunt

Oct. 24   SCI's Leap from Pariah to Pinup

Oct. 23   The Economy That Refuses to Be Derailed

Oct. 20   How Far Have Net Stocks Fallen? The KREMEY Knows

Oct. 16   Awaiting E.piphany's Defining Moment

Oct. 13   Lucent Just Didn't See the Light

Oct. 11   Two Chip Stocks That Deserve More Respect

Oct. 10   Why Therma-Wave May Be One to Catch

Oct. 9   Why Microsoft Is Stuck in Wait-and-See Mode

Oct. 6   Why AT&T Shouldn't Disconnect from Long-Distance

Oct. 4   A Cheaper Bet on Storage Networks: QLogic

Oct. 3   The Proxy Battle Weighing on Tenet

Oct. 2   Bristol-Myers Squibb: Looking for Some Growth Hormone


Sept. 29   A Ticket to Ride Called SkyWest Airlines
Sept. 28   Why Earthlink is Stuck in Low Orbit
Sept. 27   Will the PC Slump Keep Tech Stocks on the Skids?
Sept. 26   Education Stocks Are Getting A's Again
Sept. 25   The Good News in Costlier Oil: A Cooler Economy
Sept. 22   Will Privacy Sins Come Back to Haunt Net Stocks?
Sept. 21   A High-Yield, Risk-Free, Inflation Hedge? You Bet
Sept. 20   Celera vs. Incyte: A Biotech Battle Royal
Sept. 19   What's Electrifying Natural Gas
Sept. 18   Why the Going at Goodyear Is So Bad
Sept. 15 Building on a Solid Foundation
Sept. 14   Is It Time to Board Web-Savvy Southwest?
Sept. 13   Not Many Investment-Bank Fish Left to Swallow
Sept. 12   Why Generex Is a Biotech That Bears Watching
Sept. 11   How to Ride the Rise in Oil Prices
Sept. 8   Why AOL and Time Warner Will Give Generously
Sept. 6   Can Marvel's Heroes Save the Day?
Sept. 5   A Fund That Finds Momentum in the Middle
Sept. 1   Pricey Immunex May Be a Biotech Bargain

August 30   Just When Tenet Healthcare Is Breathing Easier...
August 29   WorldCom at the Crossroads
August 28   How Much Higher Can Compaq's Rebound Bounce?
August 25   Should Transmeta Have Intel Shaking in Its Chips?
August 24   Should You Follow Paul Allen's Dot-Com Bets?
August 23   The Fed's Cagey Holding Pattern
August 22   Biotech Funds: No Cure for Risky Investing
August 21   One Deal May Not Be Enough to Bolster Biogen
August 18   The Sum of the Parts
August 17   Dot-coms in the Doldrums
August 16   Infospace: Getting Better All the Time
August 15   A Second Look at Linux
August 14   Critical Path's Tricky Route to Profits
August 11   Is Cisco Falling Prey to Optical Illusions?
August 10   Primedia's Big Gamble: Going Online with Old Media
August 9   It's All Systems Go at Disney's Internet Group
August 8   Why Hanging Up on Ericsson May Be the Wrong Call
August 7   Why Downloaded Tunes Could Uplift InterTrust
August 4   Blockbuster's Broadband Future
August 3   Amazon: Takeover Target?
August 2   What's Sparking the Nasdaq's Wild Swings
August 1   Beaming in on Opto-Electronics

July 31   Campaign 2000: The View from the Street
July 28   Why Extreme Networks May Be Just Cranking Up
July 27   Has B2B Really Bounced Back?
July 26   Altera: The New Prince of Programmable Chips?
July 25   AMD Is Still Scratching for Respect
July 21   Intel's Giant Steps into Flash Memory
July 20   This Dip Makes Apple Look Even Riper
July 19   A Low-Risk Bet That Xerox Will Spring Back
July 18   That's Good Old Motorola on the Wireless Cutting Edge
July 17   Why Jupiter Could Juice Up Media Metrix
July 14   Thinking of Hanging Out on Digital Island?
July 13   Overgrown Prices for Fledgling Data Storage Stocks?
July 12   A Burger King IPO Might Leave You Hungry
July 11   JDS-SDL: Trustbusters Will Likely See the Light
July 10   Can Uproar Grow Out of This Quiet Phase?
July 7   Eli Lilly: Artificial High?
July 6   A Cheaper Path to Palm's Hot Shares
July 5   The IPO Market Isn't Frozen. It's Just Fussy

June 30   The Two Vs for Veritas: Valuation and Volatility
June 29   Globalstar: Stuck in Low Orbit
June 28   Mobile Headsets Have Plantronics on the Move
June 27   CryptoLogic Is Showing Aces -- and a Wild Card
June 26   Why Zany Brainy Is Counting on a Mind Meld with Noodle Kidoodle
June 23   How Vivendi Could Become USA Networks' Rich Uncle
June 22   What Could Give eBay a Booster Shot
June 21   How the Street Savaged a Too-Silent CEO
June 20   ON Semi: This Motorola Spin-Off Is on a Roll
June 19   Wachovia's Woes Could Be a Boon for Bargain Hunters
June 16   Searching for Safety among Consumer Staples
June 15   Is Legato's Punishment Cruel and Unusual?
June 14   Pity the Poor Online Brokers -- or Invest in Them?
June 13   Are Halcyon Days Ahead for Hyperion?
June 12   Marty Peretz' Vote of Confidence in
June 9   S3's Not-So-Simple Switcheroo
June 8   Will Net Fund "Old-Timers" Be the Wisest?
June 7   RealNetworks Gets Closer to Being the Real Thing
June 6   This Bond Market Isn't the Best Barometer
June 5   What's Making Comverse a Wireless Wonder
June 2   The Slow, Painful Path to Payday in Genomic Stocks
June 1   Why Gateway Wants More Out-of-the-Box Experiences

May 31   Beware of Merck's Coming Patent Headache
May 26   Can iVillage Become a High-Rent District Again?
May 25   Varian: A Wider Play on the Hot Growth in Chips
May 24   Will Gemstar Be Our Guide to the Future?
May 23   Will Dell's Old Magic Work on the Net?
May 22   What Could Turbocharge Tiny FuelCell Energy
May 19   Somera: Top-Notch Profits from Old Tech Gear
May 18   Riding Net Stocks through the Shakeout
May 17   It's a Dirty Job, but the Fed Has to Do It
May 16   Is GE Next in Line to Take a Tech Tumble?
May 15   Can $9 Million Foretell Amazon's Fate?
May 12   Can Penney Get Off the Clearance Rack?
May 11   What's Really Clouding Cisco's Star
May 10   Will MicroStrategy's Slide Ever Stop?
May 9   Sybase Is Moving Up, Slowly
May 8   This Hot Fund Starts with Value and Goes for Growth
May 5   How to Surf the Infrastructure Wave -- Safely
May 4's Strategy Is Starting to Make Sense
May 3   Ma Bell Gets an Undeserved Spanking
May 2   Should You Skip the Next Wave of IPOs?
May 1   Putting a Dollar Value on Microsoft's Split-Up Stocks

Apr. 28   Oracle vs. Microsoft: They Could Both Be Right
Apr. 27   Lots of Reasons to be Stirred by Excite@Home
Apr. 26   Ingram Micro Retools for the Net
Apr. 25   Will Frontline Capital Reward Its Steadfast Fans?
Apr. 24   Why Internet Security Systems' Stock Could Be a Safe Bet
Apr. 21   As the E-Tailing Field Clears, Will Amazon Flower?
Apr. 20   All the Ingredients for a Volatile Stew
Apr. 19   A Fund That's Banking on Russia's Boundless Potential
Apr. 18   Ameritrade Gains Speed on the Road to Profits
Apr. 17   A New Light on Laser Maker Coherent
Apr. 14   Globalization Threatens Workers, Thrills Investors
Apr. 13   Winning the Value Game in High Tech
Apr. 12   Why Bonds May Soon Beckon Again
Apr. 10   Before You Bite into Krispy Kreme...
Apr. 7   "Ultimately, the Market Gets Priced on Fundamentals"
Apr. 6   Oracle: A B2B Rebirth That Few Foretold
Apr. 5   Morgan's Roach: "I Don't Think the Bubble Has Necessarily Burst"
Apr. 4   The Real Threats to Microsoft Are in the Marketplace
Apr. 3   Schwab's Swift Shift to a Full-Service Strategy

Mar. 31   Is Pepsi's Stock Finally Ready to Pop?
Mar. 30   How Intuit Dispatched Mighty Microsoft
Mar. 29   A Biotech Play with Value in Its Veins
Mar. 28   Recognizing Cognizant as a High-Tech Bargain
Mar. 27   Jabil Circuit: A Behind-the-Scene Power in High Tech
Mar. 24   Why E*Trade Isn't Just Another Online Hawker of Stocks
Mar. 23   Why Cisco Is the Atlas of the Nasdaq
Mar. 22   What's Right with REITs
Mar. 21   Time to Catch a Falling StarMedia?
Mar. 20   A Healthy Play among the Bruised Biotechs
Mar. 17   For Every Correction, There's a Counterforce
Mar. 16   Dial Into Globalstar While It's Still in Low Orbit?
Mar. 15   IGate's Edge vs. the Giant Consultant
Mar. 14   Is AOL Just Helping the Net Grow Up?
Mar. 13   What's Next for Qwest-U S West?
Mar. 10   Acxiom: Online Marketing Info, a Conscience -- and a Hot Stock
Mar. 9   Betting on B2B? Better Look beyond the Buzzword
Mar. 8   Can the Nasdaq Keep Clear of the Dow's Downturn?
Mar. 7   Something Solid Vaults Vignette into the Tech Stratosphere
Mar. 6   This Telecom Fund Has Been Making All the Right Calls
Mar. 3   Intel Investors May Need a Bit of Paranoia
Mar. 2   How Flat Panels Put Peaks Back in Orbotech's Stock Chart
Mar. 1   Is Delphi Automotive Really a Victim of the Net?

Feb. 29   A Red-Hot Net Incubator Cools Down
Feb. 28   AOL: What Bounces Up Will Likely Fall Back Down Again
Feb. 25   Computer Associates' Stock: Stuck in the Old-Tech Zone
Feb. 24   How the Net Helps Funds Do Good -- and Do Well
Feb. 23   Should You Flee Exodus? First, Consider This
Feb. 22   What's Adding New Zip to Some Electricity Stocks
Feb. 18   Is It Safe Yet to Buy Cendant?
Feb. 17   Now Comes the Real Test for Reuters' E-Strategy
Feb. 16   Ever Hear of Orckit?
Feb. 15   Second Thoughts about After-Hours Trading
Feb. 14   Tapping In to Conference Calls
Feb. 11   Why Internet Security Stocks Could Be a Safe Play
Feb. 10   All Charged Up over E-Appliance Chips
Feb. 9   Intuit as a B2B Play
Feb. 8   Schwab's Standout Results Get a "So What?"
Feb. 7   How Many Service Companies Can the Linux Market Support?
Feb. 4   "Intel Inside"? How About "Infospace Everywhere"?
Feb. 3   Should You Be Bullish on B2B's Trailblazers?
Feb. 2   The Dismal Scientist Site Is a Joy
Feb. 1   Into the Ring with the WWF?

Jan. 31   A Higher Orbit for Hughes?
Jan. 28   It's Time for a Refresher Course in Education Stocks
Jan. 27   What's Pumping Up Priceline
Jan. 26   Fee or Free: Which Model Will Win on Wall Street?
Jan. 25   Disney: This Mouse Just May Be Ready to Roar
Jan. 24   Does Amazon Mean Endless River of Red?
Jan. 21   Here's a way to play the emerging global New Economy
Jan. 20   Can FedEx Get Up to Net Speed by Slowing Things Down?
Jan. 19   All Shook Up over Excite@Home
Jan. 18   Wanna Bet That AMD Is Back -- Again?
Jan. 14   After the Deal, Will Investors Keep Loving AOL?
Jan. 13   Why Aren't Web Toy Stocks Playing Well with Investors?
Jan. 12   AOL Investors Could Wake Up with a Hangover
Jan. 11   An Investor's Guide to AOL's Bombshell -- and Beyond
Jan. 10   LinuxOne May Be One Linux Company to Avoid
Jan. 7   Investors Aren't So Sure about Martha Stewart's Style
Jan. 6   How Long Will AOL Be the Net's Bluest Chip?
Jan. 3   Oracle as a Lesson in Buy-and-Hold Investing
Jan. 4   How Stock-Price Targets Create a Bull's-Eye -- Then Hit It
Jan. 5   Why Ed Yardeni Is an MVP in the Victory over Y2K Bugs

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