By Christopher Farrell

The fortunes of the real economy and the performance of the capital markets depend on each other as never before. For the first time, more than half of all American households own equities and earn a paycheck. The Internet is fueling both economic growth and securities trading. Waves of investor optimism and pessimism in the $78 trillion global capital markets can overwhelm economies.

Every week, Chris Farrell's Sound Money column comments on a topic informed by the intersection of the real economy and financial world. He does so by mining the insights of financial economists and modern portfolio theory to bring big-picture issues down to your personal finance concerns. Business Week Contributing Economics Editor Chris Farrell writes for BW Online every Friday. You can reach him at Chris is also co-host of public radio's Sound Money and host of public television's Right on the Money.
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December 2000

Dec. 22   Greenspan's Giant Gamble

Dec. 18   Greenspan's Ace in the Hole: Productivity

Dec. 15   Recession? Don't Listen to the Cassandras

Dec. 8   Spreading the Modern World's Bounty

Dec. 1   Investors Are Smarter Than You Think

November 2000

Nov. 17   A Lesson in Portfolio Diversification

Nov. 10   The Economy Is the Winner

Nov. 3   False Assumptions about the Market's Future


Oct. 27   How Tax Credits Push Up College Costs

Oct. 20   Rumors of a Major Recession Are Greatly Exaggerated

Oct. 13   Yes, the Money Supply Still Matters

Oct. 6   Web Trading Could Dent Lots of 401(k)s


Sept. 29   China's Next Big Economic Challenge
Sept. 22   Time to Lower Interest Rates -- Fast!
Sept. 15   What's Greasing Charitable Giving
Sept. 8   Will Stocks Be Your Royal Road to Retirement?
Sept. 1   Election 2000's Wrongheaded Tax Debate

August 25   A Heretical Notion about Bonds
August 18   Memo to the Fed: Let 'er Rip
August 11   Reevaluating Volatility
August 4   Don't Treat Cash Like Trash

July 28   The Internet: Engine of the New Economy
July 21   Why the Burst Internet Bubble Didn't Break the Economy
July 14   Educated Immigrants Are Steroids for the New Economy
July 7  Who Benefits from Merger Mania?

June 30  Bonds Should Get More Respect
June 23  Long Live the Estate Tax!
June 16  Just How Risky Would It Be to Privatize Social Security?
June 9  Let's Stop This "Bubble" Bunk
June 2  Striking a Blow against Child Poverty

May 26  Is Greenspan's Job Done?
May 19  Two Errors That Could Kill the Expansion
May 12  FDIC Reform: Use the Market to Monitor Big Banks
May 5  Fast Growth Is No Cause for Alarm

Apr. 28  What the Dot-Com Stock Slide Really Means
Apr. 21  Are You a Fox or a Hedgehog?
Apr. 17  What the No-Growth Protesters Are Missing
Apr. 7  The Wealth Effect Should Be Hailed, Not Hobbled

Mar. 31  Blame the Exuberance on the Fed
Mar. 24  The Trade Deficit Is Not a Disaster
Mar. 17  We Beat the Deficit. Now, Let's Fix the Tax Code
Mar. 10  Variable Annuities Are Hardly an Investment to Die For
Mar. 3  Campaign 2000: Is There an Analogy with the Markets?

Feb. 25  What if Greenspan Is Wrong -- and the Market Is Right?
Feb. 18  The Achilles' Heel of the New Economy
Feb. 11  It's Time for Your Portfolio to Travel Abroad
Feb. 4  A Little Tax Reform Could Keep the Good Times Rolling

Jan. 28  Inflation-Indexed Bonds Deserve Respect -- Maybe Yours
Jan. 21  Is Today's Merger Wave Sweeping Away Good Sense?
Jan. 14  A Depression? Don't Be Daunted by These Doomsayers
Jan. 7  Could Strong Growth and Low Unemployment Create Price Stability?

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