INSIGHT: Sandra Lamb

Jon Fine Why M&A May Help Nonprofits

Many philanthropic groups don't seek advice from investment bankers. That's too bad, because mergers and acquisitions may offer real solutions


Volunteer Vacations For Students

Help others while learning about new cultures and environments
Story: Forget Jell-O Shots


Making Connections

A Priceless Experience
Going Native


The 50 Most Generous Philanthropists

See them ranked according to the amount given or pledged, their lifetime donations and net worth

Our Methodology



Philanthropy 101

How much malaria work is funded by the Gates Foundation? Who makes movies with a message? Test your knowledge


David Rockefeller

How to celebrate turning 90? David Rockefeller talks with BusinessWeek's Jessi Hempel about honoring the milestone with $200 million in donations

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    Ben Cohen: From Ice Cream to Nuclear Freeze

    Ben & Jerry's co-founder talks about his nonprofit's goal of getting Congress to shift spending from defense to education— and using guerrilla marketing for schools


    Why a Slavery Museum Scares Business

    The ugliness recalled by a National Slavery Museum gives corporate donors the jitters

    PLUS: Q&A with Bill Cosby

    Who Gave What for Katrina Relief

    A survey of donors in the aftermath of the Gulf Coast hurricanes finds corporate foundations were the leaders in funding recovery efforts

    The Rich Giveth--And Taketh Away

    Larry Ellison's recent withdrawal of a gift to Harvard made headlines, but he's not alone in wanting control over his charitable gifts

    Warren Buffett's Mega-Gift

    The Sage of Omaha's $31 billion gift to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will help it tackle some of the world's most vexing problems

    Buffett's Gift: "A Brilliant Choice"

    Why should one of the richest men in the world give billions to one of the other richest men? Page Snow of Foundation Source explains why

    "Great News for the World"

    With his massive pledge to the Gates Foundation, Buffett is changing the way people think about giving

    "Power Lunches" With Warren

    Warren Buffett's surprise donation to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation should make his annual auction luncheon even more exciting

    My Luncheon with Warren

    Warren Buffett says most of his charity lunch guests want personal advice, not stock tips

    Americans Dig Deeper for Charity

    Donations were up $15 billion in 2005, with almost half earmarked for disaster relief in the U.S. and overseas, and the trend is holding for 2006


    Buy Water, Help Children

    That's the idea behind Ethos Water, now owned by Starbucks

    Muhammad Yunus: Microcredit Missionary

    The economics professor wasn't afraid to turn the rules of banking upside down

    Crystal Power for the Red Cross

    In an effort to give the humanitarian organization equal appeal to religious and ethnic groups, it has adopted a new icon


    Charitable Pay: A Growing Disparity

    The gap between CEOs' salaries and the wages of other employees at nonprofit organizations is increasing significantly

    Drucker's Contributions to Nonprofit Management

    A renowned expert on business management, Peter Drucker also encouraged nonprofit leaders to build community and focus on the common good

    Giving Charities a Voice

    The Center for Effective Philanthropy offers foundations an unvarnished -- and often controversial -- evaluation of their charitable efforts


    Quanta's $100 Laptop Challenge

    The outfit aims to make money building Third World computers. Maybe it can, but alienating Dell and HP could be the price of success

    Help for Info Age Have-Nots

    Companies from AMD to Yahoo are pushing devices and services aimed at bringing cutting-edge tech to parts of the world that need it most

    Googling for Charity

    The search titan's Sheryl Sandberg says the newly unveiled program of corporate philanthropy will fund "what's best for the world"

    PCs Get with the AIDS Program

    In a major initiative, companies and scientists are harnessing thousands of volunteers' computers to speed the search for a cure


    The Top Givers

    Individuals, even more than corporate donors, are digging deeper into the causes that interest them to "fund the solution, not the problem."

    The Devout Donor

    With a $550 million gift to his foundation, John Templeton has this to say to skeptics and believers: "Maybe you're both right."

    A Templeton Grant Sampler

    The financial legend gives money to a broad mix of scientists and priests, psychiatrists and social workers

    Science and Religion, But Not Politics

    Templeton Foundation's Charles L. Harper disputes charges that the group promotes intelligent design and a conservative agenda

    Slide Show: Team Players for Charity

    A star-studded roster of top-name sports stars is helping worthy causes go for the gold. Here are some of them

    Teaching Others How to Give

    Ira Fulton made a fortune building homes. Now he and his wife are spending it on scholarships and school buildings -- and hitting up their friends, too


    Charities Unaware of Donors' Perceptions

    A new report reveals that nonprofit officials are not in tune with public sentiment about such topics as marketing and government regulation

    Not Your Father's Foundation

    Young philanthropists have their own ideas about what causes to back -- and they aren't always the ones favored by their families

    A Major Push for Microphilanthropy

    eBay's Pierre Omidyar discusses his goals for the $100 million donation he just made to Tufts University to start a fund for microfinance loans


    Nonprofit Groups Brainstorm Aging Issues

    Delegates to the upcoming White House Conference on Aging are charged with guiding national policy on issues affecting older people


    2004 Philanthropy Special Report

    A look at corporate and individual giving in 2003

    2003 Philanthropy Special Report

    A look at corporate and individual giving in 2002


    Below are some of our editors favorite charities. Click the links to find out more about them or share your experiences. Also, tell us about your favorite and we will consider it for our list.

    Action Against Hunger

    Amnesty International

    Childrens Defense Fund

    Doctors Without Borders

    Donors Choose

    Habitat for Humanity

    The Humane Society of the United States

    International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

    Proliteracy Worldwide

    Salvation Army

    Please note that all descriptions are taken from each groups Web site. BusinessWeek Online has no affiliations with any of the groups listed.

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