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Exchange-Traded Funds: Three Sample Portfolios
Last year, we asked a group of money managers to create ETF portfolios for investors with varying risk-tolerances. Here's how they're doing

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Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are one way investors can buy into the broader market, a strategy recommended by many portfolio managers to help protect your investments through diversification. But each portfolio manager defines "broader market" differently, and dozens of ETFs representing different areas of the market are now available.

Following are links to updates of the three portfolios that were first created in the spring of 2001 for last year's BW50 issue, along with how they fared in the one-year period:

The first portfolio, designed by Thomas Mench of Mench Financial Inc., was created for conservative investors. It fell 0.79% in the 12 months ending Mar. 13, 2002. In the new portfolio, Mench has removed an ETF focusing on telecom and utilities.

The second portfolio was created by Philadelphia money manager James Kelly of Addison Capital Management for the moderate risk-taker. This portfolio was down 4.53% in the year ending Mar. 13, 2002. As with last year's allocation, Kelly has 80% in ETF funds focused on the U.S. and 20% focused on foreign ETFs. He broadened exposure to Latin America by adding the Latin 40 ETF in place of the Brazil-only ETF.

The third portfolio, for aggressive investors, was put together by Ross Levin, president of financial planning firm Accredited Investors in Edina, Minn. Levin's portfolio fell 5.63% in the 12 months ending Mar. 13, 2002.

APRIL 2, 2002

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