• Annual Tuition (in-state excl. fees)
    $ $ $ $ $
  • Program Enrollment
  • Program Length
    Four Year
Contact Information
1100 Rockhurst Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64110, United States

About Helzberg School of Management

The mission of The Helzberg School of Management is to develop leaders of competence and conscience. In the MBA program, you will become that kind of leader – someone with excellent business skills, abilities, and leadership traits who can make a positive difference in the world. To learn more about what distinguishes the Rockhurst MBA, register to attend our next information session. Students choose the Helzberg MBA for its: AACSB accreditation - the worldwide benchmark in quality for business education. Employers take notice of applicants from AACSB-accredited programs. To earn this prestigious accreditation, Rockhurst had to meet rigorous, relevant and carefully reviewed standards. Graduating from an AACSB program is a powerful differentiator globally with fewer than five percent of the world's 13,000 business programs earning AACSB accreditation. In fact, Rockhurst's Helzberg School of Management is the region's only private, AACSB accredited school. Learn more about the importance of AACSB accreditation. Reputation. The Helzberg MBA is synonymous with superior quality. Local, national and international leaders of companies, organizations and non-profits are alumni of the Helzberg MBA program. As a student, you will enjoy the resources of this broad network of successful alumni. Meet a few of our notable alumni. Academically and professionally qualified faculty. More than 80 percent of courses are taught by doctoral-level faculty with professional experience within their industry. Our faculty members have had teaching assignments in Poland, Switzerland, India, Singapore, China and Dubai. The Helzberg MBA faculty is made up of former business and c-suite professionals from companies such as Hallmark, KCP&L and Encompass. Program flexibility. Students are able to choose the pace at which they complete the program. Helzberg MBA courses are two credit hours and are held in eight-week terms with classes meeting one night per week. Choose the option that best meets your needs.

Quick Stats

  • Selectivity
  • Yield
  • School Status
  • Accreditation
    AACSB Accredited
  • B-School Founded

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About Rockhurst University


Admissions Selectivity
75% Rockhurst University 59% Average Across All Schools

Most Important Admissions Factors
  1. High school GPA
  2. SAT/ACT scores
  3. Recommendations
University Admissions
  • Min. SAT 1000
  • Min. ACT 21
  • Min. GPA 2.80
B-School Admissions
  • Min. SAT 1000
  • Min. ACT 21
  • Min. GPA 2.80
More Information
Total Applications
  • Applied
  • Accepted
  • Accepted Apps Enrolled
2576% 2,576
75% 75
23% 23
75% School Selectivity
23% School Yield
Demographics of Applicants
  • Male Applicants
  • Female Applicants
  • International Applicants
  • U.S. Applicants
Required Tests
  • ACT
  • Or SAT
  • Are Interviews Required? Not required
Additional Requirements:

Please see http://www.rockhurst.edu/admissions/undergraduate-students/admitted-freshmen/admission-process/how-apply/ for additional information.

Total Applications to Program
  • Applied
  • Accepted
  • Accepted Apps Enrolled
408% 408
30% 30
57% 57
30% Program Selectivity
57% Program Yield
Program Requirements
  • Admissions managed by Business Program
  • Are interviews required? Not required
Required Tests

Transfer Requirements
  • How internal transfers are handled
  • Min college GPA for transfers
  • Other transfer requirements
Freshman Requirements
  • Freshman admissions Yes
  • Percent of admitted applicants who are freshmen 75
  • Min GPA required in pre-business courses? Yes
  • How freshmen are admitted Indicate interest on university application
Other requirements for freshmen


More Information
Job Offers Received and Accepted
  • This School
  • All Schools
By Graduation
After graduation, but within 3 months
More than 3 Months after graduation
Graduates seeking full-time employment
Graduates not seeking employment
Salaries and Percentages of Job Accepting Graduates
Area Grads Accepting Jobs Avg. Salary 10k 50k 100k 150k 190k
Area Grads Accepting Jobs Avg. Salary 10k 50k 100k 150k 190k
Area Grads Accepting Jobs Avg. Salary 10k 50k 100k 150k 190k
Salaries for Most Recent Graduates
Internship Employers / Interns Hired
Internship Services
  • Companies that recruit interns on campus
  • Companies that posted internships on school message board
  • Average intern length in weeks
  • Percentage of internships that are paid
Career Services
  • Number of companies that recruited students on campus
  • Number of companies that posted full-time jobs on school message boards
Other activities and career services provided to undergraduate business students:


$ $ $ $ $
Total Yearly Cost
  • Tuition $30,550
  • Fees $740
  • Expenses $9,902
$ $ $ $ $
Total Yearly Cost
  • Tuition $30,550
  • Fees $740
  • Expenses $9,902
98% Percent of Institutional Grants or Scholarships 8% Percent of Full-tuition Institutional Grants or Scholarships
Basis for Grants or Scholarships
  • Need 31%
  • Merit 49%
More Information
Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid Management No
  • Website http://www.rockhurst.edu/admissions/scholarships-financial-aid/undergraduate-students/overview/
Total aid distributed to undergrad business students last year
Total aid distributed to undergrad business students this year
  • Loan Guarantee Policy No
  • Max Loan Guarantee Per Year


Average Class Size
  • Helzberg School of Management
  • All Schools
Core Business Classes
32% 29
50% 46
Elective Business Classes
40% 23
50% 29
Required Classes with a Waiting List
Helzberg School of Management 13 Average Across All Schools

* On the First Day of Enrollment
Top Areas of Study
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
More Information
Business Program Classes
19% Less than 20 Students 0% More than 50 Students
81% 21 to 50 students
23 Average number of students in non-business required electives
10 Different Elective Courses
New Electives
  • Program length Four Year
  • Last change to curriculum 2004
Degrees Offered
  • BSBA
  • All Faculty
  • Tenured
25% 25
56% 56
Prominent Faculty
  • Sudhakar Raju


  • Marting Stack


  • Myles Gartland


  • Are work study or co-ops available? Yes
  • Description of work study / co-ops:

  • Is study abroad available? Yes
  • Description of study abroad programs:

    International Business offers a 2 week intersession course in Spain and the University offers a variety of study abroad opportunities.

  • Is community service or volunteering available? Yes
  • Description of community service/volunteering:

    The University's Center for Service Learning provides many opportunities for students to do volunteer work and community service. The business school offers income tax assistance to the community.


30% Students in Top 10% of High School Class 34% Students with High School GPA over 3.75
26 75th Percentile Score on ACT
Student Body Breakdown
  • International Students
  • U.S. Students
  • Male Students
  • Female Students
Ethnicity of Students
59% 59
16% 16
Not Reported
13% 13
* Percentages are for U.S. citizens in most recent entering class; only top three responses shown.
More Information
U.S. Regional Breakdown
Student Citizenship
91% 91
Other Non-U.S. Citizenship
3% 3
Dual Citizenship
3% 3
0% 0
20 Average age of full-time students
87% Freshman retention rate
Graduation Rate
  • 4 Years
  • 6 Years
69% 69
81% 81


Alumni Donors
Total Living Alumni 5,119
Alumni Donations
$1,096 Average Gift Largest Gift

Most Prominent Alumni
  • Terry Dunn

    President and CEO, J.E. Dunn Construction Co.

  • Thomas A. McDonnell

    Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

  • John J. Stephens

    Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, AT&T