ESADE Business School

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Contact Information
Av. Esplugues, 92-96
Barcelona, E08034, Spain

Founded in 1958, ESADE Business and Law School has campuses in Barcelona and Madrid and a presence in São Paulo, Lima, Mexico City, Bogotá and Buenos Aires. It also has collaboration agreements with over 100 universities and business schools worldwide. Each year, more than 11,000 students participate in courses at ESADE (MBA and Executive Education, as well as bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in business and law). The School’s business park, ESADECREAPOLIS, is a pioneering innovation centre that brings together academia and the world of business. With a clear international outlook, ESADE consistently ranks near the top of the main global business-school rankings . ESADE currently has a network of over 50,000 alumni occupying positions of responsibility in enterprises around the globe. ESADE is a member of Ramon Llull University ( Throughout the years, ESADE has forged deep-rooted ties with the business, economic and social sectors as a platform for education and innovation, as a benchmark research centre and as a stage for reflection and dialogue. What's more, ESADE actively seeks out innovative solutions to the challenges of human resource and knowledge management, corporate innovation and globalisation, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, as well as the solution of legal problems related to new business challenges. ESADE's key mission is to train individuals to become highly-competent professionals fully aware of their social responsibility. ESADE promote education and research through the Law School and Business School with a firm commitment to intellectual rigour, critical analysis and academic excellence. With an approach dedicated to personal development and social responsibility, ESADE boasts its own innovative learning model, a pioneer in Europe, based on the development of professional and management skills and techniques. The two educational areas are: ESADE BUSINESS SCHOOL. Striving towards the leadership of successful, innovative and socially responsible companies, the School offers three study plans: MBA, Executive Education programmes and undergraduate management degrees. ESADE LAW SCHOOL. Committed to university education with a practical, innovative approach and close ties to the legal world. The School offers undergraduate law degrees, Masters (LL.M.) and refresher courses.

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Admissions: Can I get in?

Post-Grad Work Experience
  • Average
  • Median
  • Middle 80%
Admissions Selectivity
83% ESADE Business School 72% Average Across All Schools

Average GMAT Score
More Information
Total Applications
  • Applied
  • Accepted
  • Accepted Apps Enrolled
100% 183
83% 83.0
89% 89
33% 33
11% 11
Importance of Application Elements
  • Interviews Very Important
  • Resume / Work Experience Very Important
  • GMAT Scores Not Considered
  • Application Essay Important
  • GPA / Undergrad Transcripts Important
  • Recommendations Considered
Pre-MBA Careers
General Management
23% 23
Marketing / Sales
22% 22
20% 20
Finance / Accounting
10% 10
10% 10
8% 8
6% 6
Human Resources
1% 1
GMAT Scores
  • All Applicants
  • Accepted
770 to 800
740 to 769
710 to 739
680 to 709
650 to 679
620 to 649
590 to 619
560 to 589
530 to 559
500 to 529
Under 500
English Language Requirements
English Proficiency Required: No
Minimum English Proficiency Score: Yes
Accepted Tests
  • TOEFL Internet Based Test
  • TOEFL Paper-based Test

Tuition: Can I afford it?

$ $ $ $ $
Annual Program Cost
$ $ $ $ $
Annual Program Cost
0 Full Tuition Scholarships
50% of Students Receive Aid
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Academics: What will I learn?

  • All Teachers
  • Tenured
Total Number of Teachers
Students in Core Classes
30 ESADE Business School 33 Average Across All Schools

Top 3 Teaching Methods
Case study
30% 30
30% 30
Team project
25% 25
More Information
Concentrations and Specializations
  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
Top Areas of Study
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Marketing
Requirements for Graduation
  • Students must have attended a minimum number of classes
  • Students must complete a company-specific project and present results to relevant parties
  • All subjects approved
Program Logistics
  • Credits required for graduation 120
  • Average # of months to complete program 20
  • Six-Year completion rate 99%
  • Max time allowed to complete 30
  • Separate Full-Time MBA Yes
  • Distance learning No
Time Classes Offered
  • Evenings, Every weekend, Occasional week-long sessions
Semester Classes Offered
  • Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
Technology Improvements
  • New intranet Myesade ( New virtual office system that extends and improves the procedures online students New Career Services Portal (Simplicity) Migration of mailboxes to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365, so that each student has a 25GB mailbox space. Improvement of wireless network Improving the lines of communication New space to Full Time MBA with 12 new teamwork classrooms & 9 new classrooms technologically fully equipped New space to LLM with 13 new classrooms technologically fully equipped New space to PhD and Research New space for innovation: e-garage Energy-saving policies had been implemented as

Students: Who are my classmates?

No Part-time students have a campus area
Ethnicity of Students
Professional Clubs
  • Biotech/Health care
  • Business Law
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility/NetImpact
  • E-business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Investment Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • New Media
Networking Clubs
  • Partners/Family
  • Volunteer
  • Wine

Alumni: How strong is my network?

14,549 Living MBA Alumni 31 Countries where alumni clubs exist
65 Active alumni clubs
No Individual alumni gift in excess of $10 Million in the last 12 months

Employer data includes graduates and current students.