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Maria de Molina, 11, 13, 15
Madrid, 28006,

IE Business School

About IE Business School

Recognized as one of the world’s top business schools, IE Business School, with its central Madrid campus, boasts students from more than 80 countries in its Master, Doctorate, and Executive Education programs and a faculty of more than 400 professors. IE Business School shapes leaders who promote innovation and change in organizations, equipping directors with an entrepreneurial mindset that generates employment, wealth, and social wellbeing. IE students use innovative online and presential learning formats, including the IE Communities platform where they exchange knowledge and experiences with 40,000 IE graduates that currently hold management positions in some 100 countries. In fact, IE is among the most international educational institutions in the world. This is no accident: the School strives to reflect the reality of the world through a diverse student body and faculty. IE Business School was founded by entrepreneurs, and so the entrepreneurial vein runs deep at IE, where business creation is seen as an engine for growth, value generation, employment, and social well-being. This focus on entrepreneurship results in around 10 percent of business school graduates going on to set up new ventures when they leave IE. To facilitate this, the School has a wide range of modules and processes, including the Venture Lab, which supports business plan development and enables participants to pitch their ideas to business angels and venture capitalists. At IE, there is the belief that individuals not only have the power to shape and influence the times we live in, but we are also morally obliged to make a positive contribution to the world around us. This is why we inculcate our students with a strong sense of social responsibility and an understanding of how to apply it to their careers. In addition to an entrepreneurship spirit and international focus, IE Business School has a deep commitment to society. The term Corporate Social Responsibility sometimes divides the business world, with some executives still insisting that a company’s only obligation is to its shareholders. IE is at the other end of the ethical spectrum, seeing social responsibility not as a PR tool but something much more. Business leaders cannot avoid the responsibility of managing the social and environmental impacts of a company’s activities. For this reason, IE students are exposed to key concepts such as social innovation, design thinking, base of pyramid markets, social entrepreneurship, right-hand left-hand thinking, and chaordic approaches.

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My classmates are from all different countries, they all work in different countries, and they bring a wealth of experience from their different roles/industries to the business theories that we learn about. Not only did I learn a lot from them, but also have formed a truly global professional/alumni network. Also the travel to different countries including economically important Brazil and China are highlights of experiential learning.

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About IE University

Admissions: Can I get in?

Post-Grad Work Experience
  • Average 180
  • Middle 80% 144 to 216
Admissions Selectivity
71% IE Business School 77% Average Across All Schools

Average GMAT Score
More Information
Total Applications
  • Applied
  • Accepted
  • Accepted Apps Enrolled
100% 168
71% 71.0
88% 88
Pre-MBA Careers
General Management
30% 30
Marketing / Sales
27% 27
22% 22
Finance / Accounting
9% 9
6% 6
Human Resources
6% 6
0% 0
0% 0
25% 25
Financial Services
18% 18
15% 15
Petroleum / Energy
9% 9
Consumer Products
6% 6
Pharma / Health Care
6% 6
6% 6
6% 6
Media / Entertainment
3% 3
3% 3
3% 3
Real Estate
0% 0
$156,000 Applicant Average Base Salary
Top 5 Feeder Companies
  • Holcim
  • Neil + Massy Wood Group
  • Ericsson
  • UBS
  • Ernst and Young

Tuition: Can I afford it?

$ $ $ $ $
Total Program Cost
$ $ $ $ $
Total Program Cost
Basic scholarships awarded
Loan guarantee policy No
48% Percent that received aid

Academics: What will I learn?

  • Faculty from Full-Time program
  • Faculty with at least 5 years corporate experience
70% 70
70% 70
Students in Core Classes
35 IE Business School 36 Average Across All Schools

Top 3 Teaching Methods
Case study
50% 50
14% 14
Experiential learning
11% 11
More Information
Joint Degree Programs
  • MBA/JD (Law)
  • MBA/MIM (International Management)
  • MBA/MSM (Management)
Top Areas of Study
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Management
  • International Business
  • Leadership
Requirements for Graduation
  • Students must have attended a minimum number of classes
  • Students must have earned a pre-determined GPA/Letter grade average
  • 0
  • Students must write a complete business plan
Program Logistics
  • Program length (in months) 13
  • Distance learning Yes
  • Out of country or special trip/project Yes
Technology Improvements
  • SoftwareThe most important software agreements in terms of volume are that held with Microsoft and Google for IE students, which guarantees 100% coverage of IE Business School IT/IS systems and the

Students: Who are my classmates?

37 Average age of student 74% International Students
18% Female Students
Ethnicity of Students
Student Citizenship
Europe Free Trade Zone
34% 34
North America
24% 24
Non-Europe Free Trade Zone
21% 21
More Information
  • Campus distance from airport 8 miles
  • Pre-program Orientation
  • Types of housing
  • Temporary housing available

Alumni: How strong is my network?

40,871 Living MBA Alumni 56 Countries where alumni clubs exist
183 Active alumni clubs
35% Participating in gift donations No Individual alumni gift in excess of $10 Million in the last 12 months

Employer data includes graduates and current students.