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165 West 57th Street
New York, NY, 10019, Spain

IESE Business School

About IESE Business School

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About IESE Business School

Tuition: Can I afford it?

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Individual Cost
75 Open enrollment executive non degree programs run in other countries 45 Custom executive non-degree programs
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Academics: What will I learn?

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  • Full-Time Tenured
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80% 80
20% 20
Non-Degree Programs Offered
135 Open Enrollment Programs 130 Custom Programs

Top 3 Teaching Methods
Case study
40% 40
Experiential learning
20% 20
20% 20
More Information
Course Title Type Of Course Course Length Estimated Price Comments
Fast Forward -A flexible format of a short focused program 5 $7,000 http://www.iese.edu/en/executive-education/fast-forward/
Advanced Management Program Leadership and General Management Programs 20 $44,000 http://www.iese.edu/en/executive-education/general-management-programs/amp/
Senior Executive Management Program Leadership and General Management Programs 20 $40,000 Takes place in New York and Miami
Program For Leadership Development Leadership and General Management Program 15 $34,000 http://www.iese.edu/en/executive-education/general-management-programs/pld/
Healthcare Management Program Industry Specific Leadership Program 10 $20,000 http://www.iese.edu/en/executive-education/sectorial-management-programs/healthcare/introduction/
Make Innovation Happen Short Focuses Program 3 $4,500 http://www.iese.edu/en/executive-education/short-focused-programs/strategic-management/make-innovation-happen/
Managing People Across Cultures Short Focused Program 3 $5,200 http://www.iese.edu/en/executive-education/short-focused-programs/leadership-people-management/managing-people-across-cultures/
Maximize your Boards Potential Short focused Program, Strategic Management 4 $5,500 http://www.iese.edu/en/executive-education/short-focused-programs/strategic-management/maximize-boards-potential/
Developing Leadership Competences Short Focused on Leadership and People Management 3 $5,000 http://www.iese.edu/en/executive-education/short-focused-programs/leadership-people-management/developing-leadership-competencies/
Global Business: Leadership in a Matrix Organization Short focused Program, Strategic Management 3 $4,300 http://www.iese.edu/en/executive-education/short-focused-programs/strategic-management/global-business/
Class Offerings
Course Title Type Of Course Country Partners Year Established
Global CEO Program: a Transformational Journey Global CEO Programs Brazil(Sao Paolo),USA(Philadelphia),China(Shanghai) WHARTON - CEIBS 2010
-Global CEO for China Global CEO Programs Spain (Barcelona), USA (Boston), China (Shanghai) HARVARD - CEIBS
Advanced Management Program in Media and Entertainment Industry Specific Leadership Programs USA (Ney York, Los Angeles) UCLA Anderson School of Management

Students: Who are my classmates?

130 Companies that ran custom programs
45 Female Students 58 International Students
Ethnicity of Students
School Partners
  • Program Title Partner
  • Healthcare Advanced Management Program Lilly Foundation
  • Driving Government Performance Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • Electoral Campaigns Management Program Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • Leadership Program for Public Sector Management Fundacion Rafael del Pino
  • Energy Industry Meeting Goldman Sachs
  • Banking Industry Meeting Ernst & Young

Alumni: How strong is my network?

11,781 Living MBA Alumni 113 Countries where alumni clubs exist
32 Active alumni clubs
51% Participating in gift donations No Individual alumni gift in excess of $10 Million in the last 12 months

Employer data includes graduates and current students.