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Multiple Assignments Abroad Can Derail Career Advancement, Study Shows

Posted by: Alison Damast on November 25

MBA students considering doing successive global stints post B-School might want to think twice before pursuing that route. Employees who take on more than one international assignment for their company...

A Career Fair for MBA Veterans

Posted by: Alison Damast on October 16

I recently wrote a story about how business schools are trying to attract more candidates with military experience through new initiatives like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Yellow Ribbon...

MIT Sloan Raises Money From Alums For Internships

Posted by: Alison Damast on June 26

Career services directors at business schools have really had to rack their heads this summer to help students find internships. For many, creativity has been the name of the game....

The Nightmare Job Market for Undergrads

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on May 07

by Mandy Oaklander If you thought the biggest source of collegiate stress was deciding which fraternity or sorority to join, welcome to a college student’s worst nightmare—the job market of...

Internship Pay: Good News, Bad News

Posted by: Alison Damast on April 01

Here’s a rare tidbit of good news for undergraduates dipping their toes into the gloomy job market. Employers plan to increase the salaries of college students for internships by 4.9%...

Dr. MBA?

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on May 19

There was an interesting story in the Albany Times-Union a few weeks ago about how MBA programs are seeing a rise in the number of medical doctors seeking admission. The...

Do I really need work experience???

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on May 16

Recently I’ve received a few emails from college seniors asking if it’s possible to go straight from undergrad to a top B-school without the “normal” two to five years of...


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