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'Tis the Season to Analyze Gift-Giving

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on December 05

Holiday shopping intrigues business school researchers, who want to better understand consumers. Recently, Bloomberg Businessweek shared some of the research that was born of this interest. Here are a few...

Can Harvard and MIT Make Organ Transplants More Efficient?

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on December 02

Business school professors at Harvard and MIT are using some of the same mathematical tools used by hedge funds to devise a new system for giving away donated organs. In...

Business School: Hotbed of Narcissism?

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on August 12

The rap against b-school students for some time now has been that they're self-centered people focused on money who will stop at nothing, including cheating, to advance their own interests....

CVS and B-Schools Study Consumer Behavior

Posted by: Francesca Di Meglio on March 18

Ever wonder why some people follow the doctor’s orders and others never do? It’s actually an important question. Failing to follow a doctor-prescribed medical regimen is a major public health...

Recent Study Examines Accuracy of BusinessWeek MBA Rankings

Posted by: Francesca Di Meglio on October 22

A recent study of the BusinessWeek full-time MBA rankings shows that business school placement on the bi-annual list remains fairly stable from ranking to ranking. Frederick P. Morgeson, professor of...

Economists and the Bailout

Posted by: Phil Mintz on September 26

The Chronicle of Higher Education this afternoon posted a short but interesting QandA with Paola Sapienza, a finance prof at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. She's one of five profs...

US Management Research Supremacy Over?

Posted by: Phil Mintz on July 14

The dominance of U.S. business schools in management research is drawing to a close. That's the premise of an article by Cass business school prof Charles Baden-Fuller published by the...


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