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MBA Electives That Go Beyond the Ordinary

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on January 12

Professors are offering more and more business school electives with a creative bent. Many of them buck traditional lectures and case studies in favor of experiential learning designed to give...

ForumWatch: The New York Yankees' Business Lesson

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on June 06

You can't always predict where a conversation will lead. A discussion on the Bloomberg Businessweek Business Schools Forum about New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and his refusal to bat...

For Your Next B-School Assignment, Please Tweet

Posted by: Alison Damast on October 06

While many business school students and professors have their own personal Twitter feeds, it has not yet become a common classroom tool in MBA programs. But that may be changing,...

More MBA Curriculum Changes in the Pipeline

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on August 11

By Rachel Z. Arndt As I wrote last week, a post-crisis curriculum—spurred by the financial crisis—is rapidly taking root at business schools across the country. It turns out the trend...

Undergrad Courses to Gain Work Experience

Posted by: Francesca Di Meglio on July 02

By Francesca Di Meglio When BusinessWeek recently asked undergraduate business programs what kinds of unique courses they were offering students who want to stand out with recruiters and get an...

Amazon Chooses Darden as First Business School to Use the Kindle

Posted by: Alison Damast on May 06

You might have heard word yesterday that a select number of universities had been selected to participate in Amazon's new Kindle school initiative. What you probably didn't know is that...

Looking for Courses in Social Responsibility? Think Yale

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on April 10

By Mandy Oaklander The mantra to “do unto others” took a long time to graduate from the classrooms of ABCs into those of MBAs. But studies show that the Golden...

MBAs: Business School Not Preparing Us for Crisis 2.0

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on March 11

By Anne VanderMey Since the financial crisis upended decades of conventional wisdom on business and redefined the landscape of American capitalism, new business grads will be looked to as a...

Curriculum Changes at Chicago GSB

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on October 07

By Dan Macsai Starting next summer, University of Chicago’s top-ranked Graduate School of Business will expand its curriculum. Per changes just approved by the GSB faculty, all part-time MBAs will...

Bear Collapse Focus of New HBS Case Study

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on September 30

If you're thinking of applying to business school to escape the dismal economy, you might want to think twice. Sure, you won't be standing in the unemployment line if you're...

Will Business Students Buy an "Ethical MBA"?

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on September 16

The Washington Post is reporting today that George Washington University is overhauling its MBA, introducing a new curriculum with a big focus on ethics. Unlike most MBA programs, which at...

Penn Law and Wharton Set Joint Degree

Posted by: Phil Mintz on September 10

Penn's law and business schools said today that they are creating a three-year accelerated program that will lead to both a JD and MBA degree. The program is aimed at...

Masters of Fine Food and Beverage at SDA Bocconi

Posted by: Francesca Di Meglio on September 08

In Italy, food is everything. It is family. It is love. It is culture. It is tradition. SDA Bocconi, placed in the second tier of the 2006 BusinessWeek rankings of...

Columbia's New Core

Posted by: Phil Mintz on August 20

Columbia Business School sent out details of its new core curriculum this afternoon. Columbia becomes just the latest school to revamp its core curriculum. A few days ago, Goizueta dean...


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