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ForumWatch: Which GMAT Test Prep Course is Best?

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on July 15

Recently, Bloomberg Businessweek asked participants of the Business Schools Forum to identify their preferred GMAT test prep courses. In tandem with this request, we also featured a story looking at...

Veritas Prep Gets "Inside the Minds of MBA Applicants"

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on September 09

What do you think the biggest motivator among MBA aspirants is for applying to B-school? If you guessed a salary boost, you'd be wrong. According to a recent survey conducted...

GMAT Prep for the iPhone, BlackBerry

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on June 23

With summer now in full-swing, it's time for next year's crop of b-school applicants to seriously start thinking about the GMAT. In the past, that meant buying a few bulky...

Few MBA Applicants Submitting GRE Scores

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on June 10

It's been widely reported that more top business schools are accepting the GRE exam in place of the GMAT for admission into their full-time MBA programs. The list includes Harvard...

GMAT Testing Volume Holds Steady in 2009

Posted by: Alison Damast on December 17

The dreary economy and weak job market doesn’t seem to be dampening people’s desire to go to business school, according to the latest figures from the Graduate Management Admission Council,...

Testing Glitch Causes Problems for Thousands of Indian Applicants

Posted by: Alison Damast on December 08

Thousands of Indian business school applicants who signed up for the online admission test for India’s most prestigious management schools were in for a rude surprise after the exam was...

No GMAT? No Problem, Harvard Says

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on May 19

Harvard Business School (Harvard Full-Time MBA Profile) announced today that it will no longer require MBA applicants to submit GMAT scores. Starting with the applications for admission to the Class...

Harvard Accepts GRE for 2+2 Program

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on March 25

College juniors applying to Harvard Business School's 2+2 Program can now do so without benefit of taking the GMAT. HBS will accept the GRE instead. The 2+2 Program was launched...

MBA Admissions and the Economy

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on November 06

I came across this really interesting chart on the GMAC web site today that compares GMAT exams taken with annual net change in U.S. employment. With all the world wondering...

GRE versus GMAT Comparison

Posted by: Phil Mintz on November 03

Have you taken the GRE and are wondering how you'd do on the GMAT? The Educational Testing Service, which owns the GRE, has created an online calculator that it says...

GMAT Cheating Scandal: New GMAC FAQ

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on September 09

Today, GMAC officially announced the end of its investigation into testing violations by subscribers to, a now-shuttered test prep Web site. There will be a complete story at

GMAT Cheating Scandal: Drawing to a Close

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on September 08

The b-school dreams of nearly 100 GMAT test-takers have been shattered, with GMAC cancelling their test scores in what is likely the final chapter in one of the worst b-school...

GMAT Scandal: New Cheating Sites Found?

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on August 05

The Times of London is reporting that it has found at least five Web sites, other than, selling GMAT questions. You can check out the story on TimesOnline web...

Coming Soon to a GMAT Near You: More Security

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on July 22

Would-be MBA students getting ready to take the GMAT might be in for a little surprise when they show up at the testing center. In addition to all the usual...

Studying "On the Go"

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on July 18

In this day and age there is nothing you can’t accomplish while “on the go.” You can eat whole meals, text message and now study for the GRE and GMAT....


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