ForumWatch: The New York Yankees' Business Lesson

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on June 6, 2011

You can’t always predict where a conversation will lead. A discussion on the Bloomberg Businessweek Business Schools Forum about New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and his refusal to bat ninth during a recent game became a discussion about a co-worker becoming the boss.

Joe Girardi, who was a teammate of some of the players on the current Yankees roster, is now their manager. This might have caused some tension between Posada and Girardi. Indeed, it was Girardi who told Posada, who had been struggling at the plate, that he’d be batting ninth.

Most people—especially MBAs—have had some experience with a peer rising through the ranks (or being the rising manager themselves). How do you change the relationship? Is it better or worse for morale? What’s the proper way to confront a new manager, who was also one’s friend and contemporary, when there’s conflict? What can one do if he hates the new boss, who is an old friend? Or what if one thinks he should have gotten the promotion?

Who knew the Yankees could be the source of an interesting case study? The conversation continues. Feel free to share your opinion and suggestions on how Posada and Girardi—and anyone else in a similar situation—should move forward at the “Jorge Posada and the Yankees?” discussion thread.

-Francesca Di Meglio

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