New B-School Dean at George Washington University

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on June 15, 2010

George Washington University’s School of Business (GW Full-Time MBA Profile) yesterday announced that it has a new dean, plucked from the faculty at New York University Stern School of Business (Stern Full-Time MBA Profile). Doug Guthrie taught at Harvard Business School (Harvard Full-Time MBA Profile), INSEAD (INSEAD Full-Time MBA Profile), Stanford (Stanford Full-Time MBA Profile), Columbia (Columbia Full-Time MBA Profile), and Emory (Emory Full-Time MBA Profile), and holds a joint appointment at NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences.

In a press release issued by GWU, Guthrie is quoted as saying he plans to focus on globalization, leadership, corporate social responsibility, and ethics, and that he will encourage students and faculty to go beyond a narrow definition of business and to “think more broadly about the role of the corporation in society and what that means to train our future leaders.” He went on:

I am thrilled about joining the GW community. At the School of Business we will be continuing the process of building a business school that truly stands at the center of business, politics and society. With the advantages of the Washington, D.C. community, we plan on making this a school that educates future leaders in a way that no other business school can. It is going to be a business school that is different than any other.

I find it interesting that GW is now the second b-school that recently named a dean with academic specialties in ethics and leadership in the wake of a financial crisis during which b-schools have been cited as one possible cause. At Harvard, it was Nitin Nohria.

What’s everybody think about that? Is it a reaction to the crisis, and can we expect more? (Chicago is on the verge of naming a new dean even as I write.) Is it the right way to transform b-schools, if you believe b-schools are in need of a post-crisis transformation?

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June 15, 2010 11:24 PM

It's always nice to see big, broad thinkers leading b schools. These days there is room to redefine the MBA experience. Kudos to GWU for making a gutsy hire whose background fits with the school's location and messaging.

Marilyn Hoskins

June 23, 2010 5:27 PM

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration recently selected a new Dean who is a recognized scholar in leadership. Dr. Donde Plowman will be joining UNL on July 1. New faculty in leadership have joined UNL as well, Dr. Craig Pearce from the Drucker School is director of the Institute for Innovative Leadership and Dr. Dennis Duchon will strengthen the emphasis in Leadership at the Business College

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