Weird MBA Admissions Interview Questions

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on April 14, 2010

The good folks at Veritas Prep, the GMAT test prep outfit and admissions consultant, posted a blog item yesterday called the Top Ten Weirdest MBA Admissions Interview Questions that was really very funny.

You can read the list for yourself, but some of the questions were real winners. “How many golf balls are in the air, right now?” “What’s the best email address you’ve ever seen? Why?” And my personal favorite: “If they did a movie about your life, what actor or actress would you choose to play you?”

I get why admissions committees ask these kinds of questions. They’re not so much interested in the answer; they want to see how you react to the unexpected. If you break out in a cold sweat trying to answer the golf ball question, it probably raises serious questions about your poise under pressure. Actually having an answer probably suggests you spend way too much time on the golf course. Either way, the committee learned something.

One of the questions threw me, though. “Why would [school name] ever want to admit you?” That question doesn’t strike me as weird at all. In fact, it strikes me as the whole reason for the interview: for the applicant to explain what he or she brings to the table. If you can’t answer that one—clearly and with authority—there’s probably no reason for the interview to continue. If they asked that question first, the admissions folks could probably save themselves a lot of time.

So what’s the most bizarre question you’ve encountered in an MBA admissions interview?

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June 15, 2010 1:28 AM

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